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Chump Line Wednesday February 6, 2013 - No E-Mail On Saturdays

Feb 6, 2013|

Our favorite message on today's chump was a note for low information voters that when the U.S. Post Office stops delivering mail on Saturdays that means e-mail as well.

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God now what the minute war was about to dormant Chris Matthews welcome. Obama did social. These guys these weathermen have definitely got a tingle legs. -- -- -- Can't work without -- eight -- -- -- sell us the tender administrations of his coupon Bernie Madoff to take care room. I got I got them okay today I got that I got plenty of stuff I got I got lots of stuff here steady do you have enough you wanna -- does like GM's -- I'm fine thank you -- you -- for the influx of cold medicine borrow whatever or the in the -- -- Listen I've got a got a bunch of stuff all kinds of stuff. I'm ready to go to. Or even by almost bought some Vicks -- Paul -- Yeah new world better players we don't want any of that spill like this where it. Except I would deposit one right now. Well. Before they always they always remember when you go against them just because yesterday I was -- I didn't have -- problem with. Barack Obama and Eric Holder in the CIA blowing up these al-Qaeda terrorists who were American citizens in in in foreign Leon's. I don't as well stick by that -- -- I'm standing by Valerie there was good story about that in the in the New York Times today about what they've been doing in Yemen. They've they've made a few mistakes you know -- because -- you know that the couple times there's been these al-Qaeda people have been. Debating anti al-Qaeda people. And that the drone has a really hard time discerning between me and ties that probe al-Qaeda people and they've they've just blown up everybody. Including a camel in one case. -- -- -- -- -- -- UNC phi beta kappa right. That's right -- that -- that's the dunes and mastodons. An informed vote. Days of the would replace. -- -- pretty good. We've seen that. All hour long for the days when it wasn't around upon you to go through mortal enemy. Yeah that's a great it's great you guys always you treat people visiting the studio -- just semi front page -- from Vijay today. The Boston traveler. Weeping nips here Hirohito. Wow but that move product off the off the street at the park street station. Regulatory in the mail is can guarantee you have to. In the United States if they had hoped. It would cost that it's more. Well I don't know the they the they do okay for what they. For what they do and not that not the worse today they are by far they are far from the worst government agency in terms of efficiency. Our debate but it is actively. Might get killed that goal. -- -- was told eyewitness Cindy was filming last -- let's -- -- -- stick up your nose with the but -- -- yeah. But most now it's just like it's just like a but hasty. And you you what you just -- you got the cherry flavored that's what they did get the cherry flavored and then I just you know at once it's gone you can't drink anything for fifteen minutes. And that's exposed we -- tropical pretty fast like I do feel a lot better. The big deal with a deliberate. -- my. If it is. I -- of those stores -- -- for the they figure find they find like you know five tons of of an unopened mail. Underneath some expressway bridge can put belief that Britain guy in the news I just went crazy they couldn't take it anymore. That's what I've -- let's holding what post offices about that book I was thrown about by Charles how's he everybody goes nuts eventually having to would deal with this this this mail it's like. It's it's it's it's a flawed that never have never ends. They'll pay tax advice who -- for the long weekend right now. -- Yeah we we think the announcement is gonna come tomorrow afternoon it probably gonna come from. The valves Cadillac as he's making his way west on the Massachusetts turnpike towards Richmond. His is mansion there. He's the key is the ultimate non essential state employees. That all -- And and as for and as for tiny Tim is no need to leave tiny Tim at the the barker either and in Framingham. We've. I don't want I don't wish to be on on route nine so when -- chemistry to make his own personal way back from. Premium to west -- on Friday night. Well I just told the Huffington. Those studies till -- and that the samples over there that have. Don't worry about -- Washington he has he has. Robbers on that arbor. Totally. Howland oval well we -- substances. I -- I was. It was then what happens when you talk about. Well. It would you'll figure was gonna take Linear algebra this year for Christ's sake. I thought I told her eyesight was a I was just I was a junior at the age of at the age of eighteen I was a -- that the -- was Sissy I was a scene knows a senior the age of twenty. -- almost almost a draft that I was so Smart and. -- paperback is out in paperback. -- Right. Yeah that is on paperback the paperback is out in paperback and you get a Stop & Shop. And most of the great now. And picking up one when you're on your way to by your last we'll read your last well -- last. Last gallon of water last you know moderates -- seller. Pick up -- copy of we cars paper just out. Hard -- That was your last -- line message thank you for calling haven't tired you -- OK that's it for the child born today that troubling is the recorded voice mail message service about how we card show you call and leave a message and any hour of the day and night including weekends. The jump -- number feel like to leave such a message is 6177793469. 6177793469. We may airman a play your message at this time each week day. An informed vote yeah. -- you know probably play. Well. -- --