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Obamacare Blues

Feb 6, 2013|

Obama Care is going to push 7 million people out of their job-based insurance coverage. The current tax cuts have changed the incentives for businesses and made it less attractive to pay for insurance, meaning fewer will decide to do so. Howie wondered how many of his listeners will still have insurance.

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How do you think how bad is obamacare going to affect you in terms of your your your care. This is this artists on this story this is worth mentioning just because you know I want to mention this at every turn just to remind people. Especially the low information voters who was who may be getting their and I know their -- to show but they're getting they may be getting their information secondhand may be that low information voters. Living with -- word natural place of business. In 2009 president Barack Obama promised Americans that obamacare would not threatened citizens individual health care plans no matter what you've heard if you like your doctor or health care plan you can keep that set a bomb in 2009. And everyone will have the stability and security that's missing today. But according to new figures released yesterday by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office CBO seven million Americans will soon be forced out of their employer based health coverage. As businesses opt to simply pay the federal government's penalty and -- continuing to offer workers. Private health insurance. Over the next ten years obamacare will cost taxpayers an estimated one point 165. Trillion dollars. The administration is also estimated that the cheapest BM we plan will cost 20000 dollars by 2016. This new information indicates this is investor's business daily that the Affordable Care Act fails like that praise the Affordable Care Act. It's none of the above none of them the words that it's the makeup the the height. It's not affordable it's not care and it's it's it's not acting. It's not working -- not acting. Is failing and all goals making insurance affordable and covering the uninsured. Children are the biggest victims they hastily drafted a law passed before was -- overlooked them. The law says the beginning next year employees with fifty or four more -- full time employees must offer coverage or pay a penalty laws sloppy drive drafting left it unclear. Whether that meant workers' coverage -- family coverage. The law says the loss has coverage must be affordable meaning the employer cannot be asked to contribute more than nine point 5% of the salary. For example. A worker paying 40000 a year cannot be required to pay more than 3800 dollars. What about the kids the average family plan is expected to cost a whopping 20000. Dollars according to a newly released IRS analysis. In this example the employers -- if the employee's contribution district eliminated two is limited to 3800 dollars the employees tab would be. 161200. Dollars on adding almost 740 and power to the cost of that employee. Wisely the IRS announced on January 30 that employers don't have to play paper dependence. The CPO prediction that only 30000 people will be uninsured by 2016 incorrectly assumed troll would be covered by employers. But employers ensuring their network for the first -- to avoid a penalty are unlikely to do that. So how will we can't speak Albert. On January 30 the -- -- law's advocates by announcing that insurance exchanges will not provide subsidies for child whose spirit is government work. These children it's unknown how many millions of them there are will qualify for exemption that means their parents won't be penalized by the IRS for not ensuring their trial. Also exempt are millions of people will stay uninsured because they're state as wisely choosing not to loosen Medicaid eligibility. President Obama promised to help solve the problem the uninsured by making private health plans more affordable. But the law took a different approach making states expand Medicaid. In June 2012 the US Supreme Court ruled the federal government could not command states to loosen their roles. This -- a disaster such a disaster more than half the states are refusing or undecided vote to governors gamble or Greer Arizona and John Kasich of Ohio Ohio. Roland that this week even so the impact on the an uninsured could be eight million double the CBO's. Initial estimate 18774694322. How bad do you think you're going to be screwed by obamacare. You make -- I mean that world going to be screwed I'm sure you know -- of one of the beautiful people ushering congress you better plan on being congress for the rest like duke has. What shall leave congress a year and I can be covered you're gonna be covered justice grappling has all the rest of us. You know -- soft luxurious leisure as long as you live forever and are elected to congress should should be okay. Other than that you're probably it's probably going to be quite the mess for you. The biggest setback is that it is that a majority of states are refusing to set up insurance exchanges and exchange will be like at the MP office web site and toll free number that sell only the government mandated plans. Like a super market that sells only cereal. Import its exchanges are supposed handle enrollment handout taxpayer funded subsidies to most enrollees. That's great we already have a version of that Massachusetts always it's called on the -- is that working out I believe achieving the entire state budget. That's why -- twenty trying to raise taxes now -- middle class seems to be revolting against. Kevin you're next with how -- -- ahead Kevin. But now. -- who days. Literally twelve days after the election. I got a letter in my mailbox from my primary care position announcing that after long consideration. And soul searching with his parents citizens family and children. He decided to retire from that for missed practice do you blame you. It's here -- -- do you blame them. Don't -- -- -- so I think that was it for emperor and other it. That's what you relationship what -- more popular. -- -- for awhile but it was just very solid scandal and political like FaceBook you'll stage just -- all my friends and stop like yeah. You know -- -- -- all. Mario and you know the medical center where I go to you don't have all my work done in -- physical or not. And I -- -- chosen new primary here position and I would stop ghost or between two doctors that are out but woman. What her opinion would be -- it was just basically like guy. It doesn't matter it just triggered doctor ticket doctor wecht. They don't like what -- it's a big decision it's it's and well fifteen year commitment and she well. Because it was telling because she knows that. You know she didn't say anything but -- strongly insinuated that they're not going to be irrelevant and while it's genius or just stick a dark during and just hope for the. Do you think this guy who's too young to retire is just going into war boutique practices is just gonna take people and you know the -- you have to pay like 2003000. Cash and then up front every year and then. He'll take cash recycle a deal with this giant bureaucracy that's gonna be such a pain in the ass for everybody concerned. After talking to being arrests or the woman on the sheet after just a couple of minutes she relaxed with nick she could tell we were from the same ride. And she told me that this doctors -- -- to Florida. But he's very busy and he's not the retiring are. Still a -- is split open flat this probably out. Write stories like he's just not even gonna take any government money he's just gonna you you're gonna have to pay money up front and that you can get right and to see him. You know you have like a conservative he can't retire he -- sperm are. Type type type of people to get require the. That's there's that's -- way it's gonna base you know if you have money you're still going to be able to get -- good health care meet again this is this was a supposedly put in there to help the middle class. And it's it's gonna help the middle class of Europe the pop into the middle class and you can afford these you can afford to pay besides Jordan these boutique practices but he can't afford to pay. -- fall right into the lower class only and and you're not even gonna be treated as well as the only illegal aliens thanks for the call Kevin. 18774694322617. How we don't worry only 22 or three or four. A two only two or three of our doctors here in Brookline have become concierge after the election and these -- the Brookline lips. -- exactly. You'll think that you don't think the liberals we're gonna put the money -- tomorrow -- creating more than representative for Costner is. Think we're preserve Custer she if she had lost the election was she running against the past due to chip lost an election she wanna pay the taxes hello. 18774694322. On our car. 187746943221. 18774694322. That's the toll free number about how -- car show was 603 says my -- doctor charges as patients 3000 just for the option to see them. Guide from. You know I've heard about -- -- -- -- that's the way it's gonna go that's the usual price for a for months years policy is like three Korean that's I mean that's up front and you have to pay. You have to pay more -- -- -- -- some idea some guys make a joke he's gonna go see -- the on. That's up to go to medical school than dent the vet school I don't know that the school but that they they they and they they know what they're doing. But they -- thing pearl had an ear infection yesterday and and that we just called up -- Mean if had been one of the kids have an ear infection doctors amicable and and trader. You know. How we can at least get a picture all the children in the state I'm gonna support with with obamacare Feed the Children was -- only cost me sixty cents a day. 18774694322187746. Line of people already pay in the EC people party used to paying around here. The used to pay him for the the via. The penalty. As a guy says he's -- he's argued for six years she's been in 14100 dollars a year. As it is it is official penalty that the state. That's the that that's the way. That that's the way he's dealt with that and you know eventually you're -- -- -- -- gonna start with low. Wolf on advocates like when he 500 for -- for woeful but wolf lines if you don't have any help insurance. But consumers sooner or later it's going to be moving it's going to be. It's going to be moving Mike -- 978 my doctor moved to Switzerland and in January. They're not exchanges I had their marketplaces I don't want any of the illegals listening to lose anything in trends that translation. Well again I I thought one of the reasons we put in from the cure the illegal aliens to pay their own medical bills I've been I haven't seen any of you know I haven't seen it. 207 my children's doctor retired as well last fall he was great doctor and upset to see him go but I don't blame them. Bruno your next with how we cargo ahead Bruno. There -- always a while but I just participate. -- -- you look at the news today in this morning the postmaster general says no more Saturday. Actually going to be down to two day usually -- -- -- Although retirees that there lug it around other health care system -- think those folks are dull and it's sort of they turn 62 years older adult Kamal on the government and rockets -- -- -- won't it won't. Why do you think -- GM and and Chrysler went broke -- was -- wasn't. Yeah exactly it won't with the what was the joke when they were going under the -- a that they weren't a car company they were a health retirement company that just happened to produce cars right. Was absolutely one of the best stories I ever saw on TV was -- it was General Motors. They -- what they they pay off the UAW. And the UAW is taking the year health care program back from the company and so there's -- there's person outside the gate. They stopped this gentleman. You know minority worker and they said to have -- that what you think. And it says I'd rather have the company managing my health care of and that's that's because you're right there. It has had those Bruno thanks to a call 18774694322. The worst insurance I ever had was through the union at The Herald a -- war -- when union was -- it was and it was an AFL CIO union. Because everybody who it's like anything else anybody who can it when we -- skip to be -- why everybody that's got to -- out leaps. Right. So you know anybody who was married to it to somebody who had a job but like fidelity or Harvard you know one of these places with good good plans. They they -- they immediately dropped out of there are plants will be arguably got live you'll -- we left on the barrel plan forty old timers. We're people who would who would who were were did the sole support their families. And they which is costing an arm away again in -- in the higher went up every year to more people figure out ways to -- now. And it's it's just going to be sending me issues like. I can't believe that they would that take the they take the best health care plan and in in world history and and I know the problems obviously there's still. But they the senate trying to fix some they just they just have blown -- trying to blow for the entire. The entire system in which is gonna make it worse I mean this isn't -- them like yeah. You you know one subsidies for soybeans you know or Euro. If you know war no flush toilet I mean this is your the animal life. At stake here. Chris and then that the guy just saw a headline no one to. -- left that behind it was Paul Krugman. You know big liberal. The US needs death panels witnessing I went and I've done that we're going to be any death panels that that was -- payload scaring everybody now now death panels is not a dirty race. Chris your next without -- cart or at -- I just wanted to say that I think that Obama cares. About helping people about it. Health care costs lessons about controls about bringing this enormous. Portion of the economy. Under the control of the federal government and -- have so what annoyed at this particular it. It is by creating this bureaucracy. That all the congress people saying all get party. Contributor my brother watch out there and what you're concerned that are hurt Democrat. You've got east I used this. On -- the Internet and tensions in the -- First that you know but Chris that's for stop like the Department of Labor you know or something that doesn't really matter. You know I could -- these other people if you don't you pitcher he gets her cousin a job but at the at the agency that is is not gonna come to work on Friday because it's gonna start snowing on Friday afternoon. Mean you don't you don't mask what's open as serious -- health care in -- -- I. I got a a you know I have this I have to say in and its you know it's it's not -- it's -- my saying it's a very conservative saying but it truly -- in this in this time. If it ain't broke don't fix it. I agree completely and and I. And it looks like people who have no clue what they're going. Billy don't like a lot like trying to fix the machine they're fixing the what you know -- loans that day and sticks to just breaking everything. Thanks for the call Chris -- in your next with how we cargo ahead Marianne. But he might -- sure. I am a senior but it's been my Medicare. And I haven't really really good appointment so I can't yeah. I think think think that letter from my primary care act telling me that -- -- is going into one that was. Accountable care organizations. Yes. And that's really scary because we need to expand that power. I think it's my cancer to control what kept him at all yeah. -- -- It means we'll be able to provide you with access to chronic disease and wellness services. And improved court -- up here. Immune system -- he we -- Olympic team you will shift from how many there is we provide I Q how well he liked doing. Anything more important on the quality of hearing you beat the heat as opposed to that -- circuit. I don't blame you for smell a rat that letter remain -- It's happened rebound we need to be rewarded. For providing you with high quality and put a couple of candidates -- that want to -- Next to decide just sounds to me like they're they're gonna be you're gonna get less service for sure -- robotic kickback but it's definitely sounds like the last service. A look into one of those concierge. -- -- -- -- -- -- --