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Getting Away With Murder

Feb 6, 2013|

A Massachusetts man who was driving drunk when he crashed a stolen van, killing his passenger, his best friend, was sentenced to 20 years for manslaughter. Tyler’s blood-alcohol level was .14 percent, above the state’s legal limit of .08, and He allegedly told responding Boston police officers, “Dude, I’m drunk.’’ Howie wondered was manslaughter enough.

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If you're a sentence I actually agree -- here if there was -- just handed down today. A Dorchester man who was driving drunk when he crashed a stolen van killing his passenger was sentenced to twenty years behind bars. Twenty years. Behind bars after he was convicted of manslaughter in Suffolk Superior Court Suffolk County district attorney -- -- -- -- today. -- Tyler was convicted yesterday of manslaughter and more vehicle homicide but judge Geoffrey walked dismissed. The motor vehicle homicide charge -- technical legal -- senate's Tyler are only for manslaughter. Jeffrey lackeys the he's the son David formal state senator from from -- Wellesley that's good congrats Jeff that's at Madison. That's great. -- 47 was behind the wheel of a stolen -- It had to be it's tough when -- and -- -- it is Massachusetts. Who what are their kind would he be but what other kind would it be driving. He was behind the wheel of a stolen BM when he crashed near Harrison avenue when he's Berkley street in the south and an area quite well. He was he was probably very near the old series king -- program. The big Narragansett sign up for a it's been gone for many years. But I remember. Around 122020. AM on January 7 2010. His passenger Johnny Williams junior was killed on impact. -- blood alcohol level was point 14%. Let's just a little -- double the statement. The State's legal limit is point 80 wait according to -- leaves office he allegedly told responding police officers. Dude I'm drunk. Police also recovered vodka bottles inside a bag with I was personal papers. -- impose the maximum on tea -- allowed by state law twenty years' imprisonment after hearing a victim impact statement from William's brother. Jerome Williams according to -- Lee's office. Nothing in this world right now could make me feel any better than him being here William's younger brother told the court. He was a strong guy we always ran to him for help he was always there for us. He just happened in the stolen -- that night and with this guy who was double drawn but. You know what this I'm in favor that -- I I think you know I don't some murder. But he he did kill somebody by his. By his. Negligence. And so often these people get away. With nothing they get they get away with just. Just you know. A slap on the wrist there it just they just a few weeks ago there was a story about a real estate agent and in the in Cambridge and he's each year kill this woman he said he wasn't even to rocky was. He is this woman she was a state won the first female state patrolman and and he she was pushing it had another car pulled over and he slammed into the rear for par. Made are basically a vegetable -- she died ten years later and they already done two or three years in the -- another gonna bring him back for manslaughter -- -- -- I've been punished enough I didn't know this was gonna happen to me the idea you you know why I'm sorry I'm sorry you know I'm sorry that you know he walks all as a all of his appointments his were his role of state. Sales calls. And you know he has said he he has a staff that's counting on him to keep the office opened for paycheck. But you know I mean this woman's dad that this this state patrol. Trooper is dead because of this guy and you know he he did two years in Europe -- two years that sent. You know I mean I don't think that's quite an off. 20/20 years is is is about right I mean I'm sure that you know this is enough for the Susan federal courts or doesn't mean he's gonna do seventeen years but it. Probably means he's gonna do seven to ten years I think that's about right. I think yeah I think they ought to punish people for wrote for for driving for driving drunk in stolen cars. What do you think we immigrant try to give away some of those are bitter clinger T shirts here for a little while. 1877469432218774694322. A maturity thing as a deterrent you know cute wanna be drunk you're going to be drunk you know economic and you're not thinking about what happens. But if there is if but if there is a possibility of a deterrent this is a deterrent. You know twenty doing twenty years you know anything can happen in anything can happen when you're behind the wheel period it's it's more likely to happen if -- -- And if there's a chance what happens is gonna end up giving you twenty years maybe just may be slow -- down. But it's it's certainly not previously announced Tuesday. You know we're gonna while we're gonna make Q1. You know put the put a walk on your car on the steering. And you're going to be to drive for two years I mean how many every weekend you read stories. On Monday you know seven time W -- -- -- caught again right every every week everywhere -- all across the state. And and you know and most of them don't even have licenses they they they you know they picked it up from the illegal aliens they they don't care about -- You take -- their license forever its market into it. You got a portable way. 1877469432218774694322. I'm sure that the you know -- but there are probably -- appealing in this case but you know sometimes a sometimes it's good to at least that win round one Paula you're next with our car or have ball. Ali. Appeared -- and it goes on appeared. -- people would suspend relations sometimes. Four. They don't work and making it out short sentences people use. This generation of people and they used to take responsibility. But the long. Lawyers. -- read it much easier it's. I'm not responsible. For my child. That very well. Or or you get a lawyer you don't even need -- phony baloney excuses like you need if you kill somebody you just get a lawyer he shops around the case I mean there there are all these cases. -- Actually the globe that a good story about last year they. They had these certain certain warriors who whereas some of whom happen to be former judges. Go up in front of certain judges and the judges who let go away if they if they jury -- the trial. 99% of them get off and they just go right back up their costs five grand to do what but it it beats not -- driver's license for a few years doesn't it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right hold on Paul you're -- -- tee you're gunning at T shirt -- bitter calling a teacher. Mike you're next with how we cargo ahead Mike. We highlighted today guard. But I one of the -- currency of one point you're really slim and he's aura of that a misappropriated and lots -- -- There -- documented. Excuse me excuse me yes. But darn important. I have a lot of questions go back but so -- so involved in the news. Willie Horton. -- Now why I. I don't think so because he you know again his his lawyers are on the right side of this thing they tried to stop at it's it's this crazy a Republican judge mark wolf who's. Who's who's made the ruling in federal court that he should -- that he should get his you know what we're most. I used about just an hour ago. He's now a network brother bill he worked I mean that you. I mean I would agree he's been in -- since like 1987. Nurse somewhere in there. So I think any judge that has had this sort of lifetime tenure for a for more than a quarter century. I think they just tend to sort of get liberal. You know they've there's nobody that they don't have the worry about being reelected they don't have to worry about today the the the yeah. They're fellow judges are all liberals may maybe he's become a -- But he's got -- I I think everyone will always blame him. On Ronald Reagan because Reagan appointed him vessel that's just the reality of politics I don't think I don't think that this is it that this is not idea. A black mark on and Deval Patrick. That's the -- of -- I was really open it would be. Yeah well what let's say on the an approximate and fire. Yeah he's he went to get twenty you don't -- used to work for you worked it worked for bell well. We it was a bill wells first assistant when bill weld was the US attorney. I don't have a under the -- Okay hold on give -- give up Mike you can have a T shirt 21877469432. To display other -- to blame them Deval Patrick for. You know one of the things are looking for this in the in this new world appropriation that they got to do his weakest thirty million bucks for this site in need to care. Mean that's talk about the tip of the iceberg that's going to be hundreds of millions of dollars she's the one who changed all of the while all the drug samples around I mean all the all the people are gonna sue are gonna sue the state for that. And I think you got the a compounding pharmacies. That are you know that there were not -- properly overseen by the state that's going to be another giant that's another giant disaster on. On his watch. He's got up -- easy answer for. 18774694322. Menino says carpet business serious crime even -- it's a felony. He did he did say that he took -- back the next day he took could be that's one thing I will say form when we gave a bunch of crap and everybody give a bunch of crap for saying that he hears he rescinded that comment the day before. How -- wolf had no choice the DOC did not appeal and time. You know he seems awfully interest in this case for somebody who was just you know had -- had to make the decision on a technicality he -- always ask he's always bringing him back in the case. He distorted in the just -- -- 700000 dollars of our tax dollars to be paid for the warriors. Further for disguise his wife killer probably be dead. Wreck your next with how we cargo ahead -- It's a little bit outrageous sometimes arrogant toward you that's -- good side. Go to guy on the papal he'll step that yeah this other his mother who was married to the guy he held. It's no doubt that I got a way it would driving truck I went to draw I had and drive. The judge gave -- probation for killing -- that debt in New York City jail probation and deprivation telling that there. But he at least a money at the abuse -- spoke Detroit could never drinks were up for a month or so god almighty. I only did -- back to me is that it stated that drug problem that was only for the -- having an app that abrupt pullout and well. It's outrageous. Yeah it is outrageous stuff that's that this is that this is a good start this is a lot better silence obviously. But -- -- -- -- getting a teacher 1877469432218. Summit they say it's particularly outrageous -- -- -- judge shopping -- which -- there was -- view -- you can have a jury. Trial. Or you can waive the jury trial and just go before a judge and if -- if a lawyer knows the judge. Then you're also -- courses more expensive because you got to buy a -- that lawyer. And it but it's again it beats it did beats either a losing your license or be. Going to war. Going to jail not that many we're gonna go to jail but at the very least you're gonna have to go to some kind of by you know program. To war about drinking and driving in nobody wants to do that I'm not when they can you know get good and liquor and often go to C a football somewhere. Mike your next with how we cargo ahead Mike. I always -- -- Figures are I mean what you stop and think about. All the people that have lost their -- or be DW -- charge. Not once but twice. And they still continue to drive because they think they're bigger. And the La out there and -- you know what I have to work our sport our families so what are they gonna do you know got slapped me on the hand. Until they do kills somebody and I don't know anywhere around I know I'm New Year's. A some -- -- brick companies now have installed. Besides just. If you look at all of also told her vehicle all. Yeah I don't know you know there's going to be a reason but I feel like that sentencing because that's that's -- western mass. Yeah it does -- does he uses this so this will be -- descendants will be remembered for along time. I think at the it all the thing is to -- much as 1234. It's. Again I think the last three weeks is meant somebody who was who was arrested -- 789109. Times he got arrested for drunk driving been convicted of drunk driving. -- the -- you -- you can tell by looking at the mug shots that they have ruling cleaned up their act you know what I mean they look like Ted Kennedy. Which particular looks like -- and there are a running office a Xerox machine of Ted Kennedy Ted Kennedy faces hold on Mike you're getting a you're getting a T shirt. 18774694322. So this. This guy killed a -- killed his passengers driving and a stolen man in the south and at 12:20 AME the first thing he says to the cops is dude I'm drawn. And he's got munching empty vodka bottles in his in a bag along with his personal papers. And does so today he they get sent some twenty years for manslaughter. By a judge judge -- John John -- Jeffrey excuse me John John is his brother. 18774694. John is to join -- a lawyer then there's Dave and just to -- to the -- -- art or judges diving David. I think his brother David is also award is also -- judge. 18774694322. Mike your next with how we cargo that might. Great show for us on -- -- -- You know I think you're right -- static one -- it's about time I mean if you think about it kill somebody vehicle like it is murder. You know not right he can get done now and here you're wrong or not should somebody else on murder so what difference if you put up. A -- and armies to deliberate you know I'm beamer you know -- manslaughter is when you fire got up in the air on New Year's Eve and the bullet comes down and kill somebody I mean. The -- is murderers you know saying that bad guys also money for me or my girlfriend and you know you just point the government pulled the trigger that's murder. Yeah but yeah. Some might back in 1980 not high schools open Carl Goldberg calls from got -- stated. And I don't think even the year. -- -- law I mean they just -- look at it it's our situation right now. Herbert -- to what the guy the woman that that Joseph Kennedy crippled not to joke but that's not the congressman but the congressman's father was a congressman -- He crippled the girl down on the -- talk that he I don't even the year -- -- -- I don't think he was wrong I don't know when LC -- -- -- on maybe something else but he was he wasn't wrong. He he he decided to gore on this car on on this target you know they have little cut ups those those CNB cutouts. So he goes he's in a Jeep Eagles on the -- and he cut out and the Jeep that Jeep that side flips over and he cripples this girl pro life. You know he's it's happened in 1973. Mike she still crippled her life like me should not bad light was -- was that. You know it and he didn't get. Any time not them and always a Kennedy and all that but. -- not sure about -- all. Yeah -- but crippling somebody is is pretty damn lies pretty damn -- -- you know. Knowing the people when people nobody's nobody's coming back from that. Thanks for the although I'm right you're gonna get teacher 18774694322. On -- we -- 18774692432218774694322. Way. Drunk driver who -- it was also leads drivable stolen van. Where should just sense that twenty years and they in a Massachusetts court I know it's hard to imagine what that's that's the reality at twenty years. After being convicted of manslaughter I think so I think this is really good this is that this is a good. A good sign I know it's probably an aberration it won't happen again for another five years but still it's it's it's good to see somebody take area that fall for something like this I mean. You know you have the police -- how many how many times the people. Kill somebody. While driving drunk. And that they they don't they don't they don't bit only not get twenty years they don't get any time like that guy on the cape. You know. You manager Jim your mother says one sorry killed by my husband but he was even -- that I was so that's why he took took the wheel. It's quite a -- quite a parental like guidance. 1877469432. To wonder if an illegal we get special dispensation like a slap on the wrist and a new Social Security number. Well well who will say you know they let the the guy out enough Milford who killed the the motorcycle driver Matthew Denny's. He he he's and he's still in jail but they they let the guy that was in the cab with them off the truck the and other illegal alien they let him go on my ankle bracelet because she wasn't the only where each -- -- wasn't. And the first thing you there was eco plot caught a plane back to Ecuador and no one's seen -- cents. So -- a lot of times illegal aliens kill somebody in a car in the next they destroy trait to Logan Airport and just go back home to work. Whatever Third World hell they came from. 18774694322. The guy knew the driver was drunk when he got in the stolen -- he just he's just as fault as if it's not as if if the guy rip somebody down on the street. Yeah that's that's maybe true maybe if you just run somebody down on the street maybe should've got thirty years but he did say he did kill this guy and you know it's it's his fault he was that he was the driver he was driving drunk and he was for in a stolen -- so. In the -- and in twenty years. Victor your next with how we cargo had Victor. How we do you think what Bob reasons to first horse wants them just this government storage. You know edit in in no my brother in law was killed over ten years ago on New Year's state by George driver. And it no insurance no war. You know places in the make it worse if you music illegally and so it. When I guess that he what did he didn't get any time at all or was just sent home. Well guess what he's used -- south of the border but -- ago I. See our partnership this I thought we view and edit it in by the way coasters in the garage. Thank -- much doubles shortly for this big storm coming in so. I was sort of being laid back in the -- here. But here's here's what I suggest is. Debt when someone gives the -- drunk driving citation. That we should submit and -- a law that they go to jail for seven days that the county jail. Into automatically once they're convicted because can you imagine that the corrupt magic got pinched. It goes to the county for a seven and it locked up and -- say it was a core midget or into here used to work seven days. We don't know the -- I mean look you saw the story recently on the South Shore where the the connected lawyer ran the big New Year's Eve party for her daughter buried the story. And end and she comes down the stairs and as soon as the cops come minutes like you know toward turning over an Intel everybody's running me all these directions they find. All these empty beer cans wine bottles liquor bottles plays reeks of marijuana there's a kid passed out downstairs. They didn't even did the cops and the DA wanted to press charges against her ended the clerk magistrate would even -- is short complaint. It's amazing I -- to do recently the government was to -- to protect the -- distance. Are in that over the Ottawa one week locked up would do a great amount of compensation in the communities could -- yeah. With what I'm saying is that book collector midget or the script connected lawyer that they're the ones would never go to the -- it would be it would it would be people who weren't connected to the would end up in the -- How -- you right now tell -- my brother and I were both Vietnam veterans enough. I -- -- we so both -- -- Marine Corps and in this back in the seventies my brother needed cocker -- -- retired from his car so. He just checked up a card to the real often get caught important in the county lockup for twenty days in you know what it's a change his life. He said I'd never. Go back to -- They always do this storm has -- occasion. You hold I give Victor a teacher at their sandy who won 8774694322. -- your next with power how come I enjoyed knowing it could be the end of the world as we know cal are next with how we cargo ahead Kathy. How how violent. -- I don't. Celebrate the thirtieth anniversary. Of my day. At the pedestrian. In -- but. I got he got me in the to. What. About that. And he. Eventually. That you get there I think. And yeah just keep our. To a man. And drunk driving accident where somebody in the injuries. Injuries. Attempted murder. Yeah but he I mean he's gonna say he didn't he didn't tree wasn't trying to kill you he was just he was just -- drunken alike -- what happened dorm -- -- Oh let me he country squire station -- that would go Palestinians. I was sitting in the parking lot might look at it. Yeah yeah. But what are what to what happened to him after he. Nothing. What. Job action and I are pretty light name. It's so that no concession. Yeah absolutely nothing to -- How -- -- bringing. It pretty young when they were just -- recognized and I think at being at issue. So you gotta slap on number. Yeah well I'd say they're happy you didn't read I don't want. While diablo -- the ever I think generally answer but that he ever apologize to you. I went back and read and don't let it later by accident good luck in an accident. Although. Don't get -- out. I'd like you're kind of me right now I'm like I'm not one you good luck in the -- the. Which. To which she responded. It. Oh my god hold on Kathy you're getting the teacher 18774694322. -- you know you know you gotta be a professional drunk driver when you put everything in your wife's name you know just as you know that the you know the sooner or later it's gonna come that time when. Everything you -- you alone is going to be on the on on the table Jerry you're next with how we cargo ahead Jerry. Clearly Gary you know Ali I really hope that twenty years really -- for -- story and because we really need to stir acceptances for all the nonsense but -- I have not been able to this past Friday. They had some operation in traffic stop in. With the state police local police -- sheriff's department and then then arrested eighteen people -- Well eighteen people 12100 no license that could be why. I mean they don't do thought that they need from stirred scented in to the stock well. Yeah I hate it but you know people would know licenses I'm gonna guess since April they were mostly illegal aliens weren't -- All most likely here you can interpret art and recruit and re open at least for me holly and they. It is big storm wind I mean -- saw -- on essential employees have another. I would say sometime probably late tomorrow boy -- policies that they don't call they don't column nonessential anymore because I was just. Most of pejorative you know I was make him feel better was damaging their self esteem. Now they're known as non emergency employees. What would be a -- announcements in my when it mixes talk that they have a -- com it often try to. I well I well well I'll mention that the Beth. -- will be up out after the news again he'll be back out it's is this is -- this is of this is a giant storm he uses them like the start to the day before but this is this is something special is gonna get. He's got -- -- of him as the news director of powered car -- How we cart TV we I've decided to what I put -- -- on the street or early Joseph your next with our cargo ahead Joseph. Good up and our -- -- sharp points from the analogies between automobiles and gun control yeah okay. Virtual -- some of these things assault vehicles. -- that's a good that's good that's. It would get them actually speed limit is 65 miles an hour what do we oil fight in sixty horsepower twin Turbo. Cable what 200 miles an hour and don't forget fully automatic transmissions yeah good point. Now we -- we could limit the number so I'm just before after I wouldn't you know let us well for. Right exactly that's a good point that's I don't know -- or else. You know one do you like that to -- her probation on -- OTC firearms. You have multiple be allies in -- arch support. The other thing is about providing people with mental problems from obtaining licenses. That's that's their arguments. They see you know that you're never gonna get the four you're never gonna get very far without you can -- her forward that would plug guns let alone let alone automobiles. Okay say a whole lot of jokes you wanna get a T shirt I'm Howie Carr.