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Potentially Historic

Feb 7, 2013|

A "potentially historic" blizzard is set to slam into New England tomorrow night. Howie was not impressed by the level of hysteria generated by the local weathermen. Howie asked the callers if they were "hunkering down" and what they were doing to prepare.

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How we I stopped on the grocery store on the way to work you'd think it was the day before Thanksgiving give me a break. I know I I you know they were saying all I heard I heard today they were run. -- -- newscast one of was saying at. Tomorrow of course will be the big day at the supermarkets. Tomorrow the supermarkets are gonna look like -- don't like those areas the French tanks have been rolling through when the desert up in the North Africa. This is the supermarkets are going to be completely up picked clean they haven't been picked clean already. Via the the guy on channel four said I know he's a good guy they've which he said. Beat potentially. Epic -- -- potentially epics. Okay. One. -- -- Menino has warned about the storm I know he has were were looking for the sound cuts right now I -- some of the -- -- driving and that aside in case we should see any polar -- attacking attacking young children early Tuesday. This -- special outfit called line 11 thank you thank you knew there was a number I couldn't remember. Could remember exactly what it was or today. Got the fix for looters the dreaded day ar fifteen who Behar 57 feet does that one foot for each state. Yeah I don't know the house to house where have we been able to reach Al Gore to ask him how -- how globe how this figures into how this plays in the global warming. You like you talk about this is going to be the biggest thing since since the blizzard of seventy to -- as the winners or whether -- on net on net and named Matt noise or something like that is who was silly to me was on -- like news or. You gotta be pinched that 178 this is gonna make a blizzard of seventy it look like nothing this is. This is gonna put the blizzard of 78 back and be back in the record play back in the record book. By the -- -- do you remember the blizzard of 78. As he goes no I wasn't born meant. He could be an expert it was so if you. Warned. Wife waited a half hour to get us now. I know I gotta say I laughed and laughed but despite you know what I feel the car start ups are -- appeals to cast. And I also -- I also went to the supermarket yesterday like two pounds to finish the committee on some. And just ignore it was and I -- because. It points with Harry wacky accountants it's at its. When -- when I lose power. -- along the -- there was open up a back door and stick everything in the snow. Let him live from -- -- that concerned about about losing. Losing power except for not having in the it India. Internet connection I even about I even have -- -- have they -- -- radios don't give me radio last -- -- -- like put batteries it's almost I can even listen to the radio although you know what are we gonna hear on the radio except. And new. Do you heard that eventually only coming back. Now -- Okay. Did the ball pick up his yellow awfully spark up from the dry cleaners yet you know he's gonna do what I'm hoping. I am really hoping that that when the 4 o'clock news comes on or maybe the 5 o'clock news they'll build it well have a press conference live from the the the mean by headquarters Massachusetts emergency management agency so that I would I have to decide drove by this morning and treat it the TV tracks RD up front what they -- you know I wanna hear alive but the that the no on. The employees with that was I guess that was grieved in in in many union -- union negotiations because a bad bad bad damaged self esteem to be called -- nonessential. Of course April it would agree that if they hadn't if they hadn't been given all of the day off on all these blizzards. But now they are called non emergency. You know. I mean committee -- or if you're if you're driver's license expired in you can't drive around all weekend I mean I would say that the it's an emergency to get to the registry of motor vehicles. You know. You want close on the house. I'd say it's at the -- saying it's an emergency to get to the registry of deeds but we're gonna find out tomorrow that these none of these are really emergencies. It really it really does tell you if you if you wore a an essential employee when you when you come to work tomorrow. All right BC high has already been canceled is that right they were. But that you traded in your car when the tank was low -- the liked I pitched a trade in my car when the oil light comes on the oil light comes on after 5000 miles only about 2000 miles on this one it's it's in perfect condition. I don't want him to do tomorrow night because they got. I have and we I got the two cars you know one for the kids in one for the mail room manager. And I got my own my own caddie is so we got two base in the garage. So -- why you know I don't really want only one of the cars out because it's gonna make number one make it -- plowing is -- is hump when the at this -- -- now. Something I'm gonna leave the caddie. Vehemently the caddie in the garage sheer. At the radio station just I get it right home get someone to pay somebody to take me home. In Ramallah in the interest of both cars in the garage. It's and this crap. You know I do remember the blizzard of 78 and it wasn't fun and it was it was if people. You for your people can back on that -- they talk about the blizzard of 78 like it was one of the highlights of life you know. Oh we had so much fun we did not go to work for a week. And really remembered lesbian -- on I remember putting a Maia might. My gremlin my dog yes gremlin. The it was parked on powerhouse boulevard and it took me took me most of the -- dated to get out. I don't think about it out like Tuesday. And the as -- told jurors were told you before the the that the radio -- talent they saw said that you know the little things that came out of that car. The radio and tunnel was the only thing you could see of my car and somebody has something handle with honest that accent spot but that he should he should. You know. Complete the tableau by making everything be below snow story ripped off the antenna and threw it out into the street. One ran over brokers there was nobody out on the street. I went to the -- be today at at 9 o'clock those hacks don't start didn't start till 10 o'clock. It's eighty here in Costa Rica says 50 wait. My mother let the dog out -- that blizzard I had to go find her after the war after the worst part. Well fortunately my dogs -- block. They don't have it well fortunes -- there there not that the not that not that they can get lost any work is that not going anywhere they get it that is -- they get a all of the of the just put -- -- gonna put the deepest UCL let him go into the garage just to their business in the garage and deal with it later but. The garage is going to be full of -- cars. So -- Roy bill. I'm against your kids turns out the driver where they have to shuttle announcements dot com and right. One of whom do you think my kids are gonna move their car. Cindy c'mon well maybe if you say move your car you don't get to use a car. Today today -- today the male manager -- let the youngest kid drive to school but for she had to move the car out of the garage which is probably a wise thing to say this you know. Save the set 500 dollar thousand dollar deductible on the us on the smashed. Smashed car getting out of the -- national that -- he's -- style garages the cars and the cars artists I mean I don't know that you think the cars were bigger in the old days but they weren't they weren't necessarily not when -- when you drive an issue -- even smaller QBs. How would you pick up your milk bread and batteries yet I gotta I -- radio that has about it that needs batteries and that's all sat. I don't drink milk and I really don't eat that much bread. I got -- -- on the behalf of tuna fish that's my that's my big a sports a trauma that's what's gonna get me through the weekend. All right 1877469. By the way officer Marcus Robinson -- is up and now I'm up in Concord. And but he tried telling an out of the area well that's good I'm glad he is yes. 187746943221. How we get a bigger dog. Like -- smaller there'll -- problem when their -- your are your -- affirmative action -- no they're not affirmative action. The Japanese politics by Japanese plugs or block. -- you be on the air tomorrow. Yes I will be on the year more. I will be on the air Monday I gotta I gotta go to Cleveland for us some problems don't but I'll be I'll be back Tuesday -- just be out one day probably I'll be Euro will be here tomorrow. Don't you worry about that. Why is it -- telling me that they're white what are these people would -- these people say this that this guy is listening on the in the and in San Antonio. It's 75 and bright sunshine excess and the guy from Costa Rica. No like 76 in Houston now we go to the market and get -- Remember we already had two feet on the ground from the January 20 storm yeah I do remember that that was a bad that was a bad -- or Mercury -- just -- just moved back from North Carolina when that's more. And I I was getting blown I was will be an east Cambridge at the time with some friends -- I was getting I was the wind was blowing -- and to the and to the buildings was so it was -- step. And I thought. Has the winter gotten worse since I've been away for. Eight years is I don't remember I don't remember -- forms like this -- I was like twenty that was a twenty incher right there. And that we got the the blizzard seven the -- in the in the third when kinmen and it was only like thirteen inches and everybody says hole. We go lucky we got lucky on that one. The -- there was snow on to the under the bridges and Tomei -- here. Where remember that TV crews were occasionally go obviously when they were still looking for snow in in May. And they they could find it was that's how that's how -- but that's how much watched. Fortunately than you can competent harbor. There were no EPA regulations against that and or plenty of snow feels you can use is mumbled what's. I heard Joseph Biden talked about the blizzard of 7080 says he watched that on the web he probably -- dead. It's eleven in Maine what's more like that's more like it anyway 1877469432218774694322. If you would like to while listened to -- if you like to pick up a magnet of the Brothers Bulger. The 1960s I just us and the stamped self addressed business size envelope. To war two. -- manager. Box. Eight PO box 812330. Wellesley mass 02482 PO box 812330. Wellesley mass or 2482. If you want Ellis who show on the Internet and and some -- a tropical climb. Or some not a tropical climb. You can always go to war on our web site which is how we cart dot US or you go to the other web site which is how we car dot com. And I click on the live audio streaming -- also what how we cart dot com you can not take part you could not take part in our daily Internet poll question. -- was today's poll question and one of the results thus far. I didn't media under playing the star. I'm gonna say no. Channel seven much of mentions. Thunder snow at least for a time as any two and a half minute segments out. I agree reviews are 100% of people taking on audience. I do love fenders now. I potentially epic as a good is a good phrase to potentially -- -- Did you see how many you know try to be funny at the storm press conference this morning gave Sherman from 25 some excess body was so at least all the milk from the I we gotta we gotta get a populous press conference I was I was I have to went something else we we yeah I. I heard it this you know what I actually heard it on a national blood newscast that they they were playing on national -- -- mumbled as the statements on national newscast. I kept waiting for the -- the mumble cut to end in the reporter or the anchor to come back and say. Will you what the mayor said was in case you didn't understand I mean it was see he was he was in fine -- -- today there's no question about that. Has the ball last for disaster fund -- Yeah. Yeah and now. Listening and Arizona 72 today global dropped to 55 on Saturday we'll let the Willits -- will take a few calls on this we're -- who were gonna talk about the -- label will play a few calls for the first a few minutes here and let the people of the people wanna see any -- I. I still wanna know a building giving a giving the TV stations us some more video why did they -- that put on the emergency. Still a blizzard warning last night on -- idea. On the big electronic signs on the state highways -- what was the point that. You know -- it was win this that the storm is coming in. 480 it's not even gonna be that bad they say in two goals late Friday afternoon or early Friday evening. And yet 48 hours before the storm they had blizzard warnings. Music is really a good good thing to to do mean if you -- how can you not know. That there's that it this isn't like that perky and 38. When it just came in and you know kills 400 people and nobody knew what was common man. Mean if you don't Null. The only way he can't know that there's a hurricane is that you you're not only have Null Null. Media. Exposure. You also don't apparently it you know I -- -- I assume you -- media exposure you're not a car. So. You also don't walk by. A supermarket or a liquor store where all this mayhem is going on and people are were coming and and that and get biting everything up it's incite. Patrice from Arlington told me today issued she went to -- she went to Trader Joe's and they have cleaned out everything the only thing they have left was something called -- -- -- was so what were -- -- spot about buying it even though she did not want it was. 18774694322. How we got my magnets yesterday one for me in my two kids my son baby sat -- idea Plymouth correctional facility thanks we all of them. Some for another wanna give give one the Y eighty did give one to Y eighty I want what I when he should have won in his cell want to thank. Given something else to look at besides the snow falling he used to be used to it used to have a lot of dealings with snow on south -- now. -- you're next with how we cargo ahead -- Ali I hope I heard you wrought by. You really debt the issue got a -- he would daughter it was felt like since. No it all the mail room manager debt. I've still got. Why I don't like alleged use of itself. We shouldn't go she's got a permit she just got the permit like 23 weeks ago. I am making excuses you're. Able. Right no she she should be able to handle everything but she she didn't she didn't I mean what can I say. I mean it's do you think do you. We're viable way of by what I would seem that intelligent person if she had smashed into the into the side of the garage and now I was looking at like a 15100 or 2000 dollar bill. If you look for the the end which I think guys should probably wondered. Should be crying that come -- -- you know you know what -- Reality and reality -- You get this thing is just to -- Eric. You know it may lead currently no cling to beat up the reality. Dick do you have kids. You have kids. -- did you do have kids. If you and you may you would do that to them you what you would let them smashed the car you would let that you would let make them dig out. Two feet of snow even though even though you had a another place you could stashed a third car. I get access their accounts now he. When reality strikes I take the money. Thanks for the call -- 18774694322. We why bother shopping wait till after the storm and screen for Obama to deliver food and water yeah I want hot food and water. I'm gonna scream for -- -- -- screaming for the ball -- the ball was a lawyer for the some prisoners rights group and the -- they sued in Maryland because the sandwiches weren't hot enough. The were being delivered the hot Turkey sandwiches that were being delivered to the of people in the in the super Max in Maryland there was a Democrat governor down -- to a real liberal at the time. And he was added that the balls one after that that the CM we're hot Turkey sandwiches were hot enough in the chocolate milk was not old enough. Joseph your next with how -- -- ahead Joseph. Hey how you think -- manager was right I want them my wife and be part of the garage. I gotta tell you one thing it's really annoying the hell out of me. I will not be responsible for my actions if I ever hear that phrase hunkered down again. Yeah I'm getting I'm getting sick and tired of hearing it. Yeah how about how -- -- -- hatches. And action that's -- that's modest common but you're right it's it's right a the hunkered down as the worst one. I'm I'm tired of it probably hearing -- on the weather channel. The huh. Well -- PO CO energy 0187746943221. This is 617 but that -- kids will enjoy picking his nursing home. Blizzard signs take place take place of newspapers and AM radio. Come on. The old saying that. 18774694322. You tell me that they are there -- talk on the going to be talk about this on the on the FM model he even on the -- even on those crazy music -- in channels via. The hip pop stations. And your next with how we -- ahead and. How -- you just wanna tell you I really enjoyed the blizzard of 78. We lived in no well we never lost power like a little island there and the whole neighborhood just partied for the whole. All kind of just noted it was awesome cook -- -- I didn't about a house till about two to 2 AM on Monday morning I was out all night I was I was partying all -- I went to the placed the there was an all light that diner in the Davis Square. And I used a he's a last my goal you know I didn't think I didn't think anything of iPods are the bank the next day in my shoes last might go to -- greasy cheeseburger. And I walk up when there were all the snow. It was there was a lot of the almighty my husband at the time was working for the Boston Herald and yet where those emergency passed -- he had to get the newspaper -- He was a printed there and he came home in its PRX. Celebre -- Well that they made it's a product of -- my parents' house and that might bite buddies help picked it up and put it on national bank and it stayed there for the week. Now my favorite -- from the blizzard was there was this guy in the he disappeared you know the -- is is spam we reported him missing he disappeared on a guess on Sunday night Monday morning. And they date that it -- is no word from whatsoever and like five days later he turns up. And he claimed that he had been kidnapped and and taken to -- taken -- garage in Roxbury. So way you know and and held as a as a captive. And the knowledge and his story made absolutely no sense and so so the cops started you know sweat them and said as to ask him were really happened. And he finally said OK I am and admit that I I'm. I'm gay but I never acted on it I was married kids and but you know I decided this was a good time to. You don't get rid of my inhibitions and go home with somebody I've been thinking about for a long time he'd been he'd been holed up with his gay lover for five days. And tried to blame it on Roxbury. Thanks for the call them 18774694322. Workings -- for gas company we awhile when everyone goes home. One more person asked me if I'm ready for the storm made eagle postal unless of course it's Saturday that limit the way to go to Mondays ago postal. Well idiots do you sort -- the the end of Saturday -- regulations don't go into effect analogue proceedings go go postal on Saturday day of your next without -- -- -- -- -- -- where this storm has -- and other weather channel quiet. Winter -- well. -- -- -- what does that mean mommy didn't know nothing positive there no man. Yeah well that's I mean originally ya know I know what yeah but it regionally admit that yet Nemo means the official was swimming around in the super ball at the back on the backs that. -- -- -- -- Captain -- What are -- -- -- out of your call or go all the records now. I'm not privy to those to those important decisions they've been only one or the other you -- but you could do you could -- about it bet on that thanks for the call. 18774694322. What Mitt what do you think the odds are that some emergency storm funds will need to be allocated for extreme BT Denny's. How many people are gonna how many -- people are gonna say next week I I was trying to dig my way out. And my EDT -- felt fell out of my pocket and I can't find that's why I need an emergency. And the emergency room. EBT cart. Well about -- definitely happen. Biggest difference between now and 78. Every every other plow pickup truck in the state has a plot I want it. And they start plowing in in and salting the minute of the personal flight. Yeah I think they -- the blizzard of 78 I think it kind of caught people off -- cart certainly caught me off guard I mean what to expect and be like as bad as the ones. And I because a lot of people off guard this -- Arctic -- -- that -- and if something catch you off guard in this side in this media environment. Julliard -- with how we cargo ahead Joseph. Yeah just got a call from my sister in law she wants an oxygen on the weekend at a post she's afraid you'll go to get out of the house. Their husbands on a business trip there and California I think Arizona -- some. What does she what does she disabled or something. Well well what she's she's disabled but not physically -- you know I've added that he -- you know I love -- but she's she's just not all of -- in Poland. As a price said -- diligently -- and national you know a -- closing its schedule we live two miles away. You know she says well a straight up you know on the watch in the news you know and an -- the government go to get out of my house and what a kick out of my house in in power it would of Sony to congress. Why did she why did she need to get out of her -- by way. That's the other thing I tested -- and she said. Well I could have emergency rule what are my pets or could. In -- you know also in other words the pats are coming through. All know Ali yeah she had a. I don't know if you remember -- Our priority number. Well yeah I had that I had to get into drugs and minority sister well over here first element of the game. Home she does she and Porsche is gonna come right there's no there's no two ways about it. Yeah -- I mean it's either that I have my my wife he. You know done. Some red scarf or something and you know bring some -- a longer. Error couple bottles onto one a couple of bottles of wine you know some attention she's she's got -- you know. Make do what I mean you know she's got to pay for room and board doesn't treat. Are you kidding me of if you get a pomp and I don't going to be -- -- for the government woke up. In the and everything else that goes along it. And what just one quick story about the -- disseminated I was sixteen years old. And -- job and a little convenience store. And the owner of the store the morning -- the storms started. 6 o'clock in the morning comes back -- my total amount that gets me out of beds has take a positive wanted to build a store. They've done it to restore hope he gets me also reprises his lead generator in the parliament so that the cities'. However -- and you know I'm gonna get don't want these guys -- like I gotta get some sleep Obama. The most horrible day. And adding a sixteen year old kid hit try to explain to the panic people I don't have anymore -- batteries in smoke. All of it on Saturday. Now at least the did the least become back the next day. -- the next day what I don't know forget that you're -- it's -- it's. People talk a part of what's such fond memories I don't like to remember that auto birdied eighty year old ladies but I don't. -- I don't remember to be in a lot of funny either and noticed that it did and you know everything got flooded and yeah it's certainly when a lot of fun if you live near the coast to those most places got ravaged. Actually. Absolutely that they Harold The Herald photographers won the Pulitzer Prize that year for -- the best from the best photography and and that was because it was all storms stopped it was in and mostly it was. It was people down on the -- short on the nor short just try and you know they weren't they weren't icy water up to their chest. Polling trying to poll their belongings with lemon or you know people teetering on the edge of how most it was about the fallen to the ocean on on the South Shore it was -- -- of an amazing pictures we still got some around the office. 18774694322. Will walk will keep going with the sport while I'm now car. Terrorists remember the -- from. Had no way Bristol publicize. -- many years. Then McCain met to discuss. How best prepared to respond to this winter weather event. We'll have a no school tomorrow expose important out. I was here are also themselves most school. The forecasts. And National Weather Service divides us the public display port after -- known time tomorrow. There's a location to hunkered down at random times stated no more fat and -- snow becoming and I stayed home and not -- -- That matches. And he mumbled like get up pothole on my bike and went boom like -- all yet you know those you know what really this all this is a that's another thing I forgot about the the the splendor of 1978. They had some humongous. -- site a year when you have a blizzard like this it leads to. It leads to -- -- bumper. A pot holes. Lot of people calling in saying that they had babies at right after nine months later in October October of October November of seven the date. Yeah you set -- marbles. 18774694322. I don't understand what people feel they have to move if if -- you know if you are not disabled something you have to leave your house. You know if you is especially if you did -- really mean boss makes you go to work. It's the smog this candy this most warm his money even going to be getting -- -- until 6 o'clock tomorrow night. And where will we be at 6 o'clock trying to be here you're you don't live you I don't live far from the far from the station and you live even closer to the station -- -- -- What's the what's the problem I mean what is that there's hope they're not gonna have a problem getting home tomorrow night just like come -- -- have a problem getting home tomorrow night. They've already got the power lines up -- in in places they're big. The biggest danger right now is it is that you know you have a leaking gas tank and you gonna hit one of the sparks. From one of the blades that's now and it's gonna blow up your car. That's that that's the that's the only danger facing motorists right now on the highway despite that despite what you're gonna hear on the yet. From a from army and -- and everybody else. Thank will marbles. What that mumbled some Mayer mobile say at them at the today at the blizzard new news conference will. We -- more than that don't know when this guy thought he was given some grief to -- your caddie to in the we anymore. Were recording the rest of it right now we'll have more as the day goes on 18774694322. Terrier next with how we cargo ahead Terry. -- Mickey are next with -- how we cargo ahead Mac. How he they're gonna fail quickly my guns and -- I would suspect in my home defense weapon. You know that it's so that there -- rapidly -- -- -- -- about -- way. I'll be prepared forum you know. And someone asked him a stupid question like wind is colluding start I mean that it always starts when the lights go out right that's. Let's start this certainly starts right right under its credit for. I got a great story is a blizzard. But it road where I was I was stuck up in it's in the York where I was bonus pool. While it up there aren't fortunate fact we've ever had a wild week is that fortunate -- Out here. A -- in my that Bentley solid city at one of those big old by Graham. And into the C -- A fact he. And so the well there. Indeed bring it back -- the -- that he was on -- so anybody would buy it made it out of money it is the real ones aren't proper car. Obama all bought one point eight everything that shut. They are ridiculous don't -- and what are. Right that's. Like I should that your kid that anymore. And every so. They don't vote renewable. Obey. With this well and all I'll. Those were some pretty amazing photos back then of the of the cars on on 128 it was just like a normal commute that everything if you really get a movie you know when. But it does the space aliens come down they freeze everything in time. All the cars were just they are they were just on the road and they they would there were some in the post summoned all three of the different planes. And each direction and the they were just spot. They were just stop. Four points I guess it is four points thanks for the call Mac 18774694322. Am global warming. And of course this will exhaust the snow removal budgets has officer mark yes officer mark thanks for sending the story about Al Gore has some good reading a map for and then in the next hour Al. Al Gore is very concerned about corporate greed he was in Concord yesterday -- I'm not getting your Al Gore's -- What why would you ask Al -- about anything except except global warming if these -- in going on this week Camby are next with how we cargo ahead -- Well for me. -- -- -- -- You 49. Yeah. A little. Yeah. By the -- -- you. When I. Cannot. Read and be back. And yet. Think that an app. App but not all right -- I. Noticed that yesterday -- -- by filled up yesterday -- -- paid 375 which was sixty cents higher than the last time I filled up. Today I go by the house which is a place say in in Austin which is where I go to buy cheap gas it's 375 there too. So I can only imagine that the mobile you'd usually go to a must be like 38539. Now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Exactly. Exactly -- the kids were asking me today you know what do you think the schools will be shut down lights at first they said no this is viewed will be home before it gets bad but the -- You know once once Boston shuts down the schools you know they're all gonna shut down schools around here -- You know. Our front right I I know it's it's a ridiculous the -- -- how we guard.