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Chump Line Thursday February 7, 2013 - Biff Will Tell Us Our Fate

Feb 7, 2013|

Our favorite message on today's chump line was an ode to Biff Buffington, the bravest weatherman to ever report from the Stop and Shop Parking lot.

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So in the world -- and and most are from. -- I couldn't. There's no matter is threatening. Know you could Joe's -- -- you -- some -- ninety proof cops are too was that too was swig down. That's right is the term bomb sickle now politically incorrect yesterday as it's always been politically incorrect but especially now. Well shiver me timbers and I'll bet yeah actually. -- My husband will be so happy into. Fifth that wasn't a red phone it was a blue phone she wanted to do to stop at the package. Just like how we -- to sell the -- cut out the middleman. You know. -- takes a long time I. I ordered apple locks for the Brothers ball two they were after me for a year to -- I finally finished it in if I finally finished it late last year I sent him a picture of Y eighty coming off the helicopter in the picture of -- the the picture of him in the local schools you know with the blog here with from a Merrill a couple of times. In and it is just bit and I said can you get it can he get the picture I get the picture. To some globe reporters were doing an idea of a biography of why. Don't ask me why but I figured I'm I've you know I've used that I've given it to ABC news or use in the -- I said I said go ahead take due you can -- and pay me back a favor somewhat pot. So -- So I gave the picture to my own publisher and I said can he get the -- can he get the epilogue on line. It's been three months it's just been sitting there no one has done anything with the -- for three months. It's like I finally call my two -- I gave the I gave the picture to another book the other book is coming out and April do you think he can have the -- The the picture of Whitey on the on the e-book version not the apple it's like c'mon an apple -- in a platform just gonna come out on the eve ball. It's a no one no one ever get back to me. Sandy you know you were there you saw how are I'd I'd put -- and that epilogue in months ago. Absolutely not months I never hear back from. Ice in the -- and you make money went out right and we say you know we. And base they say you know you gotta get permission to use the pictures like I said I bought one of the -- -- -- the little rascals picture that's my picture. And I got permission from The Herald. To to what to use the Whitey white picture assembly -- and the releases one signed by the -- once -- by me send it to. Still not that it's like it. I I don't know why I don't know what's up with these publishers they you know I think you know I think I work and backward industries newspapers and radio but -- book publishing may be more backwards from the other two. -- built the -- Explore the bread. They've -- -- They expect very -- marijuana check -- some of the so commodity let's not go. It's gonna make sure you have matches for that marijuana you know. We're gas stove additional lose gas so soon give aghast over your store today is more either rolling papers. And power it does no good. And there and see. You know. Is there well. Yeah and you. Will experience things inclement. Weather speaks -- are complicating. -- -- The what the global warming is Ryo. Thank you John Kerry's. -- He recorded that before he left Concord last night apparently they were they were gushing all over the moon bats and conquered this. Moon bad gushing conference that they had up there. And he was talking about -- believe it or not corporate greed it took it would take an Al Gore that is part of -- greed with a straight face when that mean the guys -- a hundred million dollars. He just so he just sold the an American TV network as this -- it was. Two way he two to an Arab group that's that it's run pro terrorist pieces. On a mirror on their channel. And he says it's a good thing is because Al-Jazeera is is good on climate control. Why do Elizabeth -- -- and it you know -- About Altman. But it. Yeah -- -- yeah. How we show in -- no guess. They're running out yes not view this. Go out basically I stepped up. Through next in the Buick there won't don't hop off -- gas. That other people have a chance at the gas to assume they'll be telling us this. -- -- You're old -- not. And -- prudent mobile yeah. Maybe it was maybe they've routed over the summer goal line was federal distillers Leo I know was on it was in the east Cambridge but it would be could've been crossed the line in the -- well. They've they've proved they put up some -- they put a lot of coffee brandy like drinks. I don't want to know what came out we portrait mode bit and show what what will report it. Fortunately I was able not to walk around his work. Boy anybody who thought they could just go to go to the store early tomorrow and get what they need is it's going to be sadly surprised. Now in there and it was a 78 it -- -- when you're up against the building. I tracked it and yet at. Having come -- to be made sport you know I was pretty strong have the -- in the -- -- let me tell you I was making my way to -- Total Leach Mir station. Capable you know that it did. You know thought about it it would you know redneck. I thought you so. That. -- the dogs don't care what you saw a huge care. But try to get -- right now in the ninth. I'm gonna try to get him outside of that Saturday morning what'll happen is they'll they'll they'll -- they'll be coming down in what I'll do is all alone from the door. The snow will come into the into the house. And then they world they were refused to leave him and I will pick them up one by one and I will throw them into the snow. And then they will get the impression and they'll do something in in the comeback yep that'll give me time to was shovel shovel some woman. Little side area. The you know throwing your -- into this narrative and then walk away he actually. That's my point you know Vick could suffocate from credit -- like five inches off the ground and they -- suffering case I don't think so I don't think they're gonna suffered. They saw if they start whimpering -- well. I'll coming got a but I'm more concerned about the that there coyotes out in the back in the conservation land behind my house we're going to be mighty hungry in the snow -- just looking for a little more horse will be tossed over the -- that the offense is pretty high but environments very. Bigger if -- if we really get five foot drifts like The Herald this promoting right now on this pouting I should say on the go on the web site. We use the -- could be a lot easier for the coyotes to jump over the fence this this could be a problem malveaux -- about it. By the way -- and if we got my TV apparently -- herald web. It's going -- now I was I did did a half hour on the Republicans. The Republican House. With -- that failed today at -- We what do you mean you missed it how could you missed it. They didn't tell me I was gonna do with a 705 last night as you could -- me like you know two hours ago I could've told everybody. A bit of fuel cousin -- -- the case remember they have got to -- removed from Iraq reconciliation. The -- huffington's cousin Bob Livingston. These and it's placed -- it's a place to run too if you could speak to get down there but no one can no one will be moving except me. -- live here is every way. The border -- 78. Just look at the right here don't you don't. They're popping well fellow policy. That's right exactly and appreciate these nasty attacks are coming in about about the questioning his media -- logical credentials. He's he is. He's -- many degrees. From degrees from it for a dollar university. -- -- -- speed jumping on this side of the golf club away race -- did in years gone back. It put the stuff. Number now he would nonetheless there's really some kind of wheelchair that sort of -- he's not he's not nearly as he was never is that John I was raped one. Reform was a was a pretty good basketball player is that he could he could jump. Mumbled so no. 617 reports fist fight with blooded Abington Stop & Shop gas station. It's getting bad out there this death watch it. They I would wonder they have but that -- triage setup of the Abington Stop & Shop. Which can get a copy of my book my book hard knocks is c'mon paperback this weekend. Super stop and shops that there everywhere in the super Stop & Shop with the with the book book sections of them so you know -- they. So what if they've run out of food. You can still probably picked up how we are hard knocks paperback just published. It's just all gone at Central Bank workers. You're ordered to pay your workstation for extra kindness Thursday afternoon. And returns Saturday afternoon to complete all work that would have been done on Friday during the snowstorm. You were doing well until you -- all worked there would have been completed on Friday during the snowstorm that we're planning on doing any work tomorrow anyway that's going to be there excuse. Always it says that that's what we've been -- problem. -- media these -- Get your mind I got a broken right. We're workplace in the end of time here at the end of days and all you can think about us. This. Contraceptives. That was your last -- blank message thank you for calling out retired U shout it.