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Dan Winslow Throws His Hat Into The Ring

Feb 7, 2013|

The first republican to throw his hat into the ring for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Secretary of State John Kerry is Republican State Rep. Daniel Winslow. Dan joined us to kick off his campaign.

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Joining us now on the line is the first Republican Canada officially in the race. For the US senate seat for formerly held by John Kerry and that is a state representative Dan Winslow for -- Norfolk the end thanks for being with us here on how -- our show. Thanks for having me on -- I I wanted your you let her know that they're the first -- first blisters and I have thus spoken to on the radio. He would share the news tonight. What's right you know we knew you set up exploratory committees that using Manger -- you're you know YouTube. You're you're gonna get AM. But you only have I mean look this most common YouTube got basically you're gonna have basically twenty days to get twenty about to get 101000 signatures that's a that's -- that's not an easy assignment. So we're hoping to get about at least 40000 -- signatures but what we did is that we put a thousand feet into the field. The -- ahead of the storm because all of the supermarkets would just jammed with people going to get supplies to begin tomorrow morning before the worst of the storm comes along. There's the special town meetings all over the state step the next couple of weeks. So we're gonna hit it hard with everything we've got. Now tell I know your background one that you tell people what which her background is in the state government. Secure idea I started out as. As a judge and state government for about eight years who you appointed by I was appointed by bill well. In an idea during the last that this the last fiscal crisis they stepped off the bench I quit that job. He would join the Romney administration that the governor's chief legal counsel to help be part of the turnaround team with the fiscal crisis. I -- helped Scott Brown get elected there's his lawyer twenty and then. -- ran for state representative and twenty and I won with -- -- 70% of the vote just under 7% of the vote for Obama selected with the democratic opponent. And yet yet you work you were part of that sort of the that that's the tumbling dominoes when Scott was elected that opened up with -- that opened up senate seat that opened up house -- you you count acumen that way right right. I hope the house seat that Scott Brown once -- And I was part of the -- the a group of freshmen that the double the size of the House of Representatives we went out that summer we knocked on doors and we. We won the front -- debates. Now he just you know hubris sometimes they're right read about two in the paper and you're you're you've you've been with the -- governor on a couple of occasions haven't you. Governor the governor Romney governor -- out of -- a few times but you know. We have to we have to work together when he's when he's when he writes I you -- what he's wrong I I I whack him for example the about a month ago his budget chief said that it was no -- in the state budgets and activist Philip block from the state budget idea I'll show you. I delivered its pace of flop guys have blocked these with a suggestion either how to save money in our state budget. They didn't they did that to calico but it was a productive discussion. We then get a lot of complaints from my techsters about shut down the MBTA at 332 tomorrow afternoon that's I mean it's going to be you know people people out there who don't work for government have to have to work tomorrow within an hour the got to get home. Absolutely I idea. And like you know my hope is that that people. Heed the advice to. Get off early if they tend but absolutely the MBTA is fundamentally important to our economy we got to make sure that it runs as long as possible. Now was it so why now -- Telus your take on the Ed -- he's from LA I assume he's the most likely nominee. I you know remarkable form but it. Matters doesn't -- we already know who the democratic nominee for of these at this seed is we are you know it's going to be an entrenched. Congressman who's been in Washington for years he's been part of the problem not part of the solution. And if you send one of those two back it's going to be exactly what we already have. And so people who like things the way they are just go ahead vote for vote for the Democrats but. If you wanna change things if you wanna move things forward if you want to end this. -- this crazy political tipping point there were about to fall over and and satellites is -- our grandkids with debt for years to come. We've got to take this economy by the -- get people working again. We're talking to a state rep Dan Winslow from Norfolk and he's he's the first Republican candidate to be officially in the race for the senate seat that has just been vacated by. John Kerry after all these years. Now the other taught the Democrats are talking about raising up twenty million box for a four for a marquee in particular Marcus he's the establishment right it. I mean how much how much money are you going to be able to of two race our. -- gonna -- this all that I have with everything I've got I'm I'm in the 210%. I'm gonna put a message out of my message resonates I believe that I'll be able to get support and we'll do whatever it takes will you spend whatever it takes to get the message -- the good those -- Is that Republicans have figured out a way to spend less money and the get a bigger bang for the buck so we're gonna take those principles in the campaign just like we wouldn't government. And I remember telling Scott in you know 2009 you know -- so you know I doubt I'll vote -- -- Scott but you know we all know you're just you know planning to run for attorney general or something like that in 2010 against -- Coakley. Error against her successor in that play at that point and our -- you what does this say is this just they get acquainted or Massachusetts for you. Lump iron in it to win it in fact we're gonna be running a different kind of a campaign a mobile campaign. People contact Dan BA and is 68398. To be able to get the latest updates and to join a mobile campaign we're going to be running. Basically a guerrilla political campaign against the machine. And we're going to be bringing the case the people to bring the people came to Washington. A guerrilla campaign against the machine like that that's brave talk we're gonna break all public now. It's not so wise so so -- you get a UDU gonna debate -- you're republic I mean I assume you may get a Republican. Yeah I expect we'll have a primary and on the GOP -- that's a good thing you know everybody. Always says that there's no competition in the GOP we're gonna have good it's good day competition good choices for the voters in the primary in the I've worked -- work hard enough and made the case well enough. And I have earned the nomination I will bring the fight to the democrats' right to the day of the election on June 25. Where what -- -- enough Springfield obviously WHY -- 9 AM flight sixty. Toll if the people in the western mass often feel like there were they're not collect that you know on the current senator -- Elizabeth Warren thought there was a seacoast there last year. As you know and he had looked at all the people -- western mass what's your row which would what you would have been put in store for the tour. Sure well. I'm one of those people on in in and the state government that does not believe that Massachusetts and at one point 89. Know that because I grew up. In -- was born in North Hampton grow up and hammer. The idea and pro western mass my wife's family still in western man. And I don't believe that we actually had a US senator in the states. For more than a century maybe ever from the western part of the state. And you know we're we're different breed people who come from western Massachusetts. Little hard to -- little harder working a little bit more plenty of that from media from our our work ethic and I'm gonna bring that work ethic of this campaign nobody can -- work me. On this campaign and -- the try to earn every vote from every corner of the common with the looked like from. I'm my wife is from Emerson won't shoot that great behind me has -- -- -- school. Also yes you are what you wore a local boy I didn't even know that when I asked that question don't you know. And to Europe from old Yankee family at all. Well -- actually. Mine you know part Yankee and that's that Cuba but -- -- the Red -- them and actually half Italian. If Venice or Rome quarter Harrington I'm I'm I'm not I'm just sort of a bit of a much. And you know my family came here and different -- we work hard basically the middle class family from western Massachusetts and we we were targeted good valued teacher. So you worked so you got the Yankee last name which earlier quarter Yankee quarter Irish and half Italian. Right OK that sounds pretty good so and so okay so what people -- while getting kind -- you got your unlike Ed Markey a -- -- he's only been in the race what five weeks general fees as web site up yet or not you know first things first what is your what are you have you that your web site up yet. We'll have a -- page up it's that Dan went -- dot com but in the meantime people can text can be AM to 68. 398 that stand the AM to 68398. We're gonna be running a a mobile campaign if you do that on here. Cell -- your iPhone right now you'll automatically be up to the database can be kept informed as we go where we go when we go and appear in the area you can join us. We'll be having rallies across this state I'll be putting up position papers we're gonna bring this we're gonna bring the people's case got to Washington DC. Don't trying to drive and and today I was I was trying to count on my fingers the number of -- Massachusetts judges who have ever resign -- at least in my lifetime that idea came idea eight and finally ran out of fingers on one hand but all I can come up with was five or you are are -- -- including one a -- want the high school way. And but are you so are you ever sorry that you gave up the that that's cynic here. You know every every day is a new adventure for me I have served I'm one of the few people with -- and all three branches of state government. I believe in limited effective government you know let's do those things the government needs to do like. K through twelve education or helping me -- did the intellectually disabled kids. You know let let's do those things well and let's leave for the private sector and entrepreneurs and then innovation those things that the best left the private sector. Dallas afternoon Governor Patrick. Urged non emergencies state workers as he call them to -- work from home tomorrow what would be your guess as -- how many of the non emergency -- workers will be working from home tomorrow. Well my my hope is that people have electrical power tomorrow because in the last the few storms via the electrical monopolies haven't exactly covered themselves in glory what we've all been covered -- -- Well that's good that's good you didn't fall for that trap you -- you get in a good campaign message for central especially for central mass through. Okay. Dan -- it's been good talking to you while -- the state -- and value we hope to have you on the show are regularly in the run up to the primary -- the -- -- the general election as well. Wait a second wait a second -- isn't very liberal counts as 413 no US flag that's right they don't have it they they talked about the important -- putting down the US flag and putting -- the United Nations -- -- a day you know at that time in the and the folks there who are fighting that by spammers will tell you this at that time they reached out to me. And I back him up back then then they I know I can count on their votes. They're on April 30 Soviet general for the primary. So we're we're gonna bring this site and we're gonna work hard -- and every vote. What one last question now one another text or wants to know what part Cherokee here you. Accept that -- the comments so. Well actually I I have to say how it might like my dad always told me that we remember the. I doubt he's trying to. OK Dan -- thanks for being with us we appreciate it -- -- by excessive state rep Dan -- the first Republican candidate in the race for.