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Banned, Banned, Banned

Feb 8, 2013|

Howie's alter ego Biff Buffington weatherman extraordinaire checked in from storm central ...this time an unnamed open toll booth on the Massachusetts Turnpike. While Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has banned all vehicles from Bay State roads as of 4 p.m. today as well as declared a state of emergency as Nemo the Blizzard bears down on New England. Howie gave a shout out to a fan serving in Afghanistan.

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Snow thunder smile that's what we're all about what bells going on around here. -- you did just hear their -- polls today what about the children -- what about the children well you know again what has been upset. If -- I don't allow anybody to drive after 4 o'clock in the afternoon what does it matter if they are shutting down the -- votes. And by the way I was watching the TV this morning in the they talk about what to do in New York City. They're having double trains on the Long Island railroad double trains what are we going. All we're shutting down the T three -- Soul so what -- real job I know this is a tough concept for Deval Patrick. Or mumbled Menino to one. -- -- But what are you supposed to go if you will have a real job and you went to work and now now -- telling you it's against the law to arrive after 4 o'clock in the afternoon. So worst accurate count things -- I'm not much stock my driver bailed out on -- -- He's uses uses desertion under fire. At the call cap to be here at 7 o'clock am not not -- in the caddie in this this mass. Her elbow Padilla he -- came out here no I didn't take a cab here at -- might tip the caddie here in the caddie is now seat and seat in the garage. I don't wanna cover with two -- you -- in getting them how. The cap. You really -- can't coming Q yes they can. Got a -- -- Coming here to the right after our nose in on the -- you know who says it's legal if your it got us in this situation if you're helping the situation he said. It's okay by the way yesterday said he wasn't a business. Is that we've never you know we haven't had a problem in the past you know what -- That the clear an emergency and tell people can drive. And then. What was that you know twenty hours later he announces old driving your -- henceforth be legal after four claw. I mean so what what exactly are you supposed to do your war. You know I mean not everybody and not everybody governor works India works at a university -- 150000 dollars a terror on. You know and all the people you know work and nonprofits or on profits like the Boston Globe. But. You know people have to go to work and make a living what what are they gonna do the -- eyes everything gonna shut down at 4 o'clock it's. It's is it bad bad. -- If -- us. Call our hotline once again it's a -- set 7635. Or 500 but the and eleven of its -- -- emerged they only call 9/11 tournaments are. Is that more Agence France and more urgency. Well from him. And how Abu cupcake left a message in my cellphone and he's happy coming gets you it's avenue if you -- to that's OK I am also televise appreciate that but that's that that's that's OK I got but I got -- Capcom. It's going to be fine. 18 -- media is okay to be Alice says governor after four yeah I mean that's -- told the sky was -- me opposite IC -- picking me up. But you know and if they if they you know they stop you just say do you know I have exactly. Exactly but he was he was frightened I don't know what that -- problem. -- Deval Patrick and prime my steering wheel and my air fifteen for Michael that audience how you fooled yes to everything will shut down after four. The driving -- is not for the beautiful people you know that's that's what it boils down to. The scoop the ball -- cabs are included in the -- I'm not -- that. Yeah it governor just told aids WCB Biggio with the media was exempt just -- herald that. The tee here's the thing I don't want to I don't wanna take the I don't wanna take the caddie home because the other two cars are in the -- in the base. I I do one thing I do remember from India. The blizzard of 1978. Is that the it's it's not good for four car -- car to be under that kind of vibe that that much now. And I don't particularly feel -- them all -- dig in and out tomorrow or might not even tomorrow. You know. Tomorrow night and Sunday morning before I leave for Cleveland so. -- take the Mets -- -- with the cap the capital me it's -- -- a minute I'm beat the idea you know. You know why have -- strike that's right through blow. The cabs are like the post -- issues to be you know through sleet and snow and everything else they they -- here's a snow emergency personnel aren't the state police obligated to help you. I I don't know -- they are I doubt I doubt there are obligated how recently after when I wrote about their their boss Mary Beth have -- -- Now. From officer mark is that Jim can polar Robert pinheiro that was about Jim Kim -- was he was I. I I thought -- -- -- Jim Ken town's past there you know he's had -- Jim campgrounds had forced no ponders I saw him on YouTube this morning -- -- And that now now Beth has had five snow cones on snow spy excuse me snow ponders on all on -- like shots. How could mumbled shut down the MBTA when it's serves many other communities as well as Boston. What you know what mumbled doesn't shut it down it's that guy did that Richard Davies shuts it down the the transportation secretary. By the way somebody told me yesterday that we -- we were all too shocked after -- injured balsa. -- 3M performance yesterday but somebody told me that after the ball. A step back from the podium and turned it over to Richard -- that he says he said something he whispered something to one. -- is something -- sound that is something that looked sharp innings and you know when not knowing what was said something that looked sharp to injury -- brawl like. Like what are you trying to destroy in my press conference war. The you've got to see a po -- from this more you know the last -- in this morning if you won or watching some of the network newscast you know that the -- in the wrap ups of you know Bloomberg says this and you know -- says this in the. He mumbled yes while. I just got a phone call from mr. acts who works for the MBTA yes. And even though their service to stopping at 330 they're making all the drivers command. They're making all the drivers command -- So voters don't know him like going to be in the busses or trains to war two to drive. But they're making them come in even though it's a -- according to the ball it's against the law to 21 could be an automobile after four walk and that's mr. -- it was I don't know accurate -- -- like one of the beautiful people. Publisher one of the beautiful people. They mumble I need to write home as a driving -- -- off at 430. It's a mum. Just left restaurant in Halifax bar packed down here. Mumbled not to and that you -- that the mini me not to one popular. How we amid not to refereeing college basketball game in Farmington -- matchup the rough. Hey how we work I find the cut the kind of mumbled saying two to three inches my mother doesn't believe it. Which got that lets -- -- given that if they if they want that well we've got well we -- all these cuts. I always Jim Karen Torre of the weather channel Jim -- Torre I'm sorry Jim camp. Or to forecasts the National Weather Service divides us the public to stay port after known time tomorrow. -- a location tomorrow. They're -- -- times stated don't move because there's no will be coming down to North Korean church. Your mother didn't believe you did did he said that. Your mother doesn't spend much time appearing more apparently now what else what he's 18774694322. How we this is hilarious they are showing clips Menino and the interpreter looks clearly it looks incredibly confused. A mail delivery canceled tomorrow canceled a bed of for a key. Called Beverly -- letter carrier yet -- from Chelsea said he thought they weren't stopping Saturday delivery until August. Now they -- now they make the announcement suddenly the suddenly there's no more Saturday delivery. The heck is going on here. Can you continue the entry a brawl stories in because to -- via this the story as education didn't see it she was which she had a -- Choose -- issue was us standing right behind -- And of course she's about five he's about 56. And she she must wait twice as much as he does it she was in one of these addresses that look like at tenth and she had this Spain. Odd she that was being herself the entire the entire time he was speaking chief the end she did the same thing at Roxbury Community College when grainy Warren was sworn in as a senator couple weeks ago. So when it was all over what I'm told it's because I didn't see it we were we were all shocked to to period we were in on the air. And that we couldn't believe that you -- it. And apparently -- the ball step away and he knew what was going on his legacy could I guess you can hear the fluttering behind him. -- must've felt like a butterfly or something wrong. There hovering around his back. And eight and in so he stepped away and set something sharp -- but I don't think she corruption put on the fan or not. All right they announced trains are running only to keep the tracks clear but no writers according to your friend Marie on Fox25. How we devolved. Devolved and Sainz driving BM made Roger under nanny state worst -- way Al Gore today can be reached for comment loving this global warming. And now. Where is Al Gore. He was in -- a couple of days ago Concord, New Hampshire where is he now. OK we have a we have a we have a a storm page for a W -- Kay ago. The you can go to www. W war Kerio dot com back slashed the warm. On this page we've got a weather widget WRKO programming information links to storm researches. Emergency contact numbers point to school closings delays latest news and more OK so Leo. This this'll work article failure electricity goes proportional. -- will be -- In 25 years this is the first time the PO said not to were not to report tomorrow not to report to work tomorrow. 18774694322. Howie I'm going out in my truck mini me is an idiot so glad -- fled to New Hampshire what does it. What the church here in New Hampshire you know you don't what kind of statement you make an error mean the idea of the democratic governor apparently hasn't lost her mind up there. In a friend of mine who works in Munich while some last night first the first that represented the law camera and the story and -- will be open to mar fifteen minutes later. The next guy coming as no will be closed tomorrow. One -- he was referring to two to three inches an hour while he was referring to two to three inches an hour he should've said. Two to three inches an -- -- shouldn't. -- mean we didn't say two to three inches an -- of snow -- down towards Korean church. Definitive spirited in that sentence I didn't I didn't hear and a power. -- one. How -- his best ever taken a drink under extreme social pressure Yancey adds yes. But never an extreme professional -- never go what do I never allow it you know Paula bears I would when the -- for an -- Never never about when he's he's on duty. New Hampshire roads are closed at seven today -- you know seven seems more like it. Sat 7 o'clock seems more about what you let 90% of people get home. If you don't just you know it's the only way -- jumped on the roads of 4 o'clock just as a fait accompli and you shut down the MBTA at 330. Is if you've never had to. Rely on its ticket to a job where life in India. Yeah yeah what's on his watch and Keller is the bunker. Always in the bunker I saw the ball has got the ball looks like he's got a new jacket this year he's got a every year you have to have a new jacket it's it's -- you can go with last year's mean Mimi jacket yet -- one of fast this year. Best. 187746943220. Seek a Bravo anywhere around him know I think a brawl. And now she's. She's off the dance card for very long time after that thing. Dave your next with how we cargo ahead day of. Capping and I get -- -- -- any chance you can the witness protection program how -- in the one major wars and. I I think you have a solution as to why -- train driver of going in that got to be -- cutting Union City contract that says. If they come in on the on emergency elective they must -- some kind of triple overtime but they actually get go home to come in for a little while and go home and get paid for the 24 hour period. I wouldn't be surprised you're you're absolutely correct is this is this no this we're now in the snow or an official snow emergency right so there's got to be some some of clause in the union contract that calls for double or triple play. Hey listen I get who are getting it down of the packing my Tennessee funny with you which forms. Good luck. 187746943221. Baby -- mumbled spot the -- snow was going to fall two to three inches from the sky. Martial law has been declared you'll be arrested -- 500 dollar fine now. Injury is the hall's biggest fan. -- meeting and is she gay you know he had the ball gave her the gave that nice job as public safety secretary she wanna be a church being -- a top job that you couldn't handle it. And then -- gave -- -- assistant -- her rather -- her smoking body. Steve Tompkins the that the job he ages -- he's a PR flock. No no law enforcement experience no management experience just a flock but he does have one qualification seeping guess what it is. Jerry your next with how we cargo ahead Jerry. Yeah I don't Connolly two things are quite quite quickly. That he would pick a browser should look like one that can't talk grows -- Dutch city in the western. Oh man fight if I side injury occur brawl and Dodge City I'd be one angry cal Paul. Why -- -- -- -- if somebody gave me some bad whiskey and it's a branch water. Well my take if I could quickly I'd like Bob Moses you -- the agency -- -- You know nine elevenths I think dubbed iPhone and -- common -- but I couldn't find the eleventh congress. Let's say that again hold on. Here let's. -- If it -- us. Call once again it's -- once 7635. -- apartment. And eleven of its emerge served emerged they only called 9/11 amateur. -- -- -- -- What emergency could there be it's only two to three inches that's what he's at right yeah -- wait you can't even get all artists them the opportunity to read all say thank you Jerry. 18774694322. Moon bad Maggie has some -- -- issues roads closure order at 7 PM. Okay what Howard what's this story about the Boston Police commissioner's son being arrested for -- you why when he -- that and we read the story yesterday I'll read it again it's. He wasn't arrested that was the problem. He IE EEE came out of the the parking garage at that TD banknorth and there's somebody called 99 elevenths. So we called nine elevenths. And and said that it does a guy weaving in the coming up the coming up in out of the garage and a soulless cop -- waited and pulled them over. And the son basically said what did the sun basically says Chris. I am. Let's don't don't know why have them. And the cops said one that you just parked the car somewhere again -- no parking spaces in that area we assume we went to and we went Roger cross the street. In the -- getting off duties who's gonna give him -- ride home. But somebody -- up pops and others of the investigation -- The internal affairs is investigating a cop this topic at the days investigating. The key dates it to it's a big mass New Hampshire I'm sure. Commissioner Davis is extremely happy. That is blizzard going -- so in the wants talking about this except -- us. And just like the Boston school system is very happy that you know they've lost another -- had -- there was being who was arrested. Yesterday ought to read that story as well never got around that one. 187746. Does -- to get his weather forecast from Spinal Tap. Is uncle Omar covered under the driving -- I don't think uncle held an uncle Omar is an illegal alien that's a stupid question. Illegal aliens don't need most -- in driving bans. Chris you're next with our car -- -- -- But are -- -- together I -- -- -- it that it won't like we see you haven't heard not -- -- governor PSA. I yeah I yeah I use it with everything update -- said. They aren't saying there was so it was always -- governor Bobby kind of blew that op. At 3 o'clock comment on the state -- you're out there at least despite I don't see down there. And now what I thought was now at 3 o'clock so we we do appreciate -- expect. Lets -- And I don't -- it down it was opened at the end that kind of aren't just I didn't just. Yeah you got more than us in you have noticed -- off. Not. That that's just people that it appears they -- without -- vehicle and everything out Lagardere wake up I'll drop onto I 95 those guys. Wow also wrote one more to what I -- the works. Yeah okay I'm glad I'm glad you're getting off early thanks wegmans a banned alcohol sales and -- is buried in mass store. That doesn't seem very Smart -- you ban not on some like he -- -- and I mean. Seriously why I don't know I'm just reading what's coming in the right that's pretty that's pretty silly a -- parking is at a premium at those rest stops along the Mass Turnpike. That's scary to even think about that being stalking arrest pop overnight. Yikes. The B we Alec yeah I would be one to why now I know where that guy in the New York Times one of a gun but she's definitely wanna go on if you were stalking -- up and am in in -- anywhere basically. But especially Massachusetts. 187746. Not what -- mr. Emery heading -- the survey the storm damage. While I don't know what I don't know when he's gonna speak at -- I don't know when he's going to get out there now but the you know now that the the wegmans shut down the big Pataki. Did gone to make it home look at it. Yep Garth made at -- 18774. What -- what is good time to start the storm assessment I got -- mighty coffee might herald and my bunny slippers on. You got to be got to make sure your -- you can your can your cargo up to 108 miles an hour that's what you gotta ask yourself. Yeah. Much as anybody. Can be lieutenant governor timber and by the way where -- government to wait where is lieutenant governor -- even with injury -- brawl. Missing in action today at the -- press conference there's still no sign. Lieutenant governor Tim tiny Tim Marie Ted your next with how we -- ahead Ted. Hey how you I appreciate it they're -- Mike called you know and I just wanted to say that there's serious threat level at the bell is not satellite every single very. -- you know because you say most of. Knocked. It on most weekends though Ted you got to give them that it is she doesn't know especially in the. Right. Yeah I have to let me say this my daughter and -- she called -- this Mormon. Just it's like to -- some things up Brooke this is working reflected throughout -- the house at 530. Which I'm going to do anyway but in the risk you know what he would do well what are the people erupted -- -- to go home and spot you know that being held up till six what would -- that it -- 4 o'clock in the afternoon off the roads are up to -- an adult ticket. -- -- I you're you're asking the wrong guy I don't know what I'm not I'm not big -- you know I mean. It it seems to me that you know if you're gonna do something like that you would do what it's 7 o'clock when you know most people. Our home -- Most people can get home and then you're good go at. As silly as the order was to shut down the MBTA at 330 he did yesterday so people have a chance to -- to decide whether they were gonna get to come into work or whether they were just gonna work after a they just do this in the middle of the damn days the weather report hasn't changed for the last 24 hours as it. At least. Yesterday wasn't good he basically said he wasn't gonna -- Chris can you quite an act cut where he said we did that we've had no problems in the past with people not. Not not though you know going along with what we want to do so we probably won't have to issue an order. Yeah go ahead Ted. They said they had been in the bucket for the last two days I don't know what they've been doing -- -- Barca. I get these people sort of look like they've been dead for about five years and they all Wear it like navy -- -- -- -- checked it off. I know I'd like to see the line item and then again they have a new they have a new one every year. Amid Caribbean they -- the administration for two terms you -- aided these damn things one for every year. Renting I mean that we want to ask god that they'll look at my spirit that the military generals. Also a good month of opposite openly admitted Lebanese people. Go big political always outgoing message -- -- walk. Mostly if you get caught a 500 dollar fine now on your. And on your -- lice on your insurance your gonna you won't they won't be really going away for six years you'll be -- on the -- being a surcharge for six bleeping years. Just went by clothes liquor store with a sign on the door. Don't be mad at us we closed at three to be home by four be mad at the Governor Patrick. Call me and steam engine -- You imagine if you -- really you really have a thirst -- -- -- -- so great it would cast a shadow. If you would and today you and you were just gotten off work and have a white knuckle drive and you just I just needed a you needed a couple of comply or yes he get there and that the liquor store is closed because of governor Patrick's. 4 PM. Off the road order. Mary your next with how we cargo ahead Mary. -- -- -- -- I didn't want it tell you kind of storm related story that's my son called me last night some -- the end and he. At eat we were chatting and I said well what happened -- split and he said now. I heard I was able to get is busting in on my computer. I had my earphones in and everybody around us but what I was not that was flat and -- And so he's just that you don't get to how we count thank you for the Atlanta. Okay what's his name. Jesse. And admit it their way and what's his rank. Well he backed it while he's in the airport but. I ask him all the time what you do and he said. Ninety anti -- what I felt I don't know how to I don't really know a lot about it complete engineer at Whitney. Okay well listen you all hold on we're gonna say we're gonna hold out. Let's go to Jeff let's go to -- on 128. It's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah you know. You -- it. This is it something that you are dealing with a. Q let's just say. How recent news from. Thank you I thank you -- and a best suggested that Jesse and thanks for up thanks for his service we appreciate it. 18774694322. Easy executive order revenue now it's all about the money safety I don't think so. However a bartender in New Hampshire I'm in Manchester, New Hampshire I'm going to I'm going into work now. Let's see if Saturday was the first of the month you know the mail would be delivered dubbed the -- would be insisting that the -- be delivered if it was the first of the month his -- his constituents would be up in arms. Tom your next with how we cargo ahead Tom. Good afternoon Natalie has our report from the middle that Kate Brighton center built right next Diana. Got to walk being. Quarter it just know. On the ground it's really dreadful out here. Oh man how are you coping with this -- -- You don't win a second this is you know this so are you expected by the same 4 PM. Traffic curfew that we are up here. -- -- -- I don't know but you know this any accumulation -- and and in regards to the press conference last night outside devolved get right to -- diplomatic -- -- -- that Andrea. Did you brother's opinion dance museum somewhat semi a link to that. I gotta we gotta put that link up their Sandy's you know maybe entry can go to are on vacation next summer teaching go to European dance museum well. Everybody can realize the Red Sox and decides spring training very shortly and this is just this short term. Incumbents cholesterol yeah. Guys some troubling tells me they're not going to be enforcing the 4 PM travel ban it in and sensible county today that's just -- -- 18774694322. -- -- -- Question about the old ball and. 9/11. What -- just keep look come on your phone don't expect any help from me. It's gotta be if he said that you called 9/11 to call 9/11. It you know I can't help but if you haven't got one of these fancy new phones. And and that's emerged -- emerged the only. Called 9/11 of answered questions about national -- of emergency can there be anyway there's only two to three inches of snow league east today yesterday. I read it already seen in -- economic times after rated. You got if you want media storm page there's a storm page for W war KOW work failed dot com slash form. We've got to weather widget W work GO programming information links the storm resources emergency contact numbers links to school closings delays latest news and more. We give you attack an Olympic bought their angry that they that there you know the gonna become scofflaws. Suddenly at 4 o'clock. It's. What you do. To -- me -- mr. Davis's. Body got a everything will work out okay. Then it a matter -- you've got a few pops just tell me your commissioner davis' son. Will move from -- once in a war are what they know Obama shovels. Yeah I mean you don't expect Obama voters to go out and you know. -- out there he BT card by fashionable for themselves yeah. Mean I don't expect -- to shovel here but if they do decide that tickled to shovel mean we've got to get them some Obama shovels. One as anybody checked on me at these at Tony. -- -- 18774694322. Always driving to the liquor store considered an emergency I'm not a beer that the problem you're gonna have always that the is that. A lot of these stores are closing because they are frightened not just liquor stores but. All these stores are closing because they don't wanna get arrested. On the cape where they have it where they've had a couple inches this crisis that. He's he's he's he's. He's got two inches of snow. Where he. Where he has two which is Islam just given up here you. There -- two inches of snow or work a mile from my house have a four wheel drive for. In this league -- all -- me off the road so he knows them out of trouble there's going to be revolt in the near future. Okay -- we well I do a lot of -- a lot of book signings on at the blacksmith music Smith and Orleans. -- among my new magnets. You know which by the way you can still the magnets are still. Historic thousands on this to order a -- And a box with music Smith the Orleans discover a an email from cherry who works there Matt cherry on the place. One over alas sales was hit man and mass market than we had to lock up people pulling on the door and it's breaks my heart. -- losing sales. And they're losing sales but that's OK it's not like we need the business to help pay for any of the extra taxes were being hit with in this -- and in this wonderful economy. Thank you -- is there anywhere in this state that our elected officials have brains. Gotta -- don't want to get arrested for driving home. 18774694322. World and -- drivers get 500 dollar fines to it's not even snowing here. I saw that on the yen on the weather reports this morning they said that up. -- Nantucket was gonna get the only like 16 as much as as Martha's Vineyard in Martha's Vineyard wasn't getting much compared top here. So why is why is personal -- and on Nantucket. Is there one. Despite martial law being declared Luke's liquors is open until six on in the world slickers as but that's it's that's. It sounds like a place after my own heart. One -- is a Paul Revere a liquor mart in Somerville remaining open I think is a as a blow for freedom it should be. Paul Revere liquor mart the coldest Beers in town Paul -- stop there earn his way when he cut and through the and they cut cut across into the Middlesex village and villages and farms. Officer mark your next with how we cargo had officer mark. -- got a few things lawyer you know you might be it was a few books sales today locally but he finally broken that at lucrative Kandahar market. But what good for I wonder from a morning drive in Kandahar. Yes it is -- that this Kimmel all returned on who formed. I governor Maggie essence you might be a move that but she did not issue would -- -- or threatened anymore with jail time or fines. I'm reading from -- quote. Based on the advice we are asking and urging all citizens to be where they need to be about 70 am -- -- it was a good she's not threatening anyone with with any. You don't you know what I need to give remarks because I I -- was sorry which was elected but that's the way it should be handled right I mean where where adults it's like mumbled even mumbled yesterday. You know that it's only for not it's only for essential people you decide if your essential you decide you decide if you withdraw its got a it's not that bad out there right now in its author and. -- went by my house and the other thing we've got going -- page -- this weekend on Lakewood of the cycle we've got the big rotary fishing -- there -- so law. That's still on the ball as I know all that was we like to call placed drink it. Yes yes a guy here I heard about that I I heard about the -- was that the new the new Weis ice bars that are being developed. There whether it be like putting putting lake small was small trailers on the ice apparently. Yep they drag it right now we also have an airport on how often -- play -- -- in in the snow they set up a little airport there be a lot. You know it's went there what do you -- what does it yeah you've got a lot -- I don't know but should -- be talking to you across state lines. Yeah -- and you know you're right that this could be some kind of federal drug violations officer -- Statements. Stay strong. Stay strong what's the frequency cabinet. Thanks 1877. Force there's there -- half financial Martha's Vineyard this is absurd. If I say I -- a community organizer will be -- BO OK now if I'm driving not even snowing in March field. In your arm of zero inches it's pretty much raining get off the roads. Just drove by a cap peace on one north Malden boarded uptight. Man that's a huge liquor store let's put a lot of people let's go to a lot of people on a bad way Brian you're next with how we cargo ahead Brian. And Kevin I think -- have a group that didn't hit for -- -- catch up. Sure -- budget to exhaust. Well yeah about it that is yeah absolutely. Yeah. -- it is they're gonna force so I don't know off the road would be delighted read it is. In -- to count the number of smoke clouds possibly the bridges are you with that while while the media. I know I know the you know what they have it under control -- brand right now they have it under control you know I mean they they don't. There's and there's out there there's nobody out on the roads to begin with so they can keep it under control if you need to be out there. Yet to hear a little bit and got. We're going to be okay. Do we have we're going we going to be okay. Will be just fine. Yes. What's only Meehan my dog vendors that they they are now my wife can't get home from how -- gonna be fine. We're going to be fine hands -- in church. How about what's -- page saying anything or page sent everybody home at 3 o'clock this afternoon. All right 18774694322. On how we --