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Chump Line Friday February 8, 2013 - Deval's Biggest Fan

Feb 8, 2013|

Our favorite message from today's chump line was a reference to Governor Deval Patrick's press conference on the blizzard yesterday in which a female staffer stood behind him fanning herself.

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-- Everybody now be available for Apollo. And accurately. -- -- And now I don't even tried. Question is this the -- district court take -- BT cards you know when you get your 500 dollar fine. I don't wanna -- at a time. And now. It's 7 o'clock this is what are going to be. Just with just caught up in my town which I won't -- which town doesn't give a bleep there too busy with other stuff. Well I hope while. Officer mark Yost -- got the badge I gave you yes officer -- still two of the -- budgets it's it's in it's at my desk at home. Good to me a lot of good there. That it is good. Vijay what are you laughing about you -- -- sure for road for ten years ten years. The eight you know the global written a story about this like -- -- but this driving home last night about what a -- she was. With that -- -- -- mother when it started out former Republican injury occur brawl made a fool out of herself last night at the state house. Well. This -- my -- I would love canal. So you know the cap the cost -- the -- that. Come on up don't they just -- it won't. If he can roll this. Leo it's nice makes redecorating was done by the Secret Service on clay and put on our path. -- -- word that we can take it the nice nice comfortable retirement home for. The president after after all he did for us. -- You know. How we the exemption for driving tonight includes members of the media I hope so I hope so. I better take a copy of today's herald with me from on the front page you know. India's. He's going to be closed down and out quietly walk alone no problem. -- obviously. It's it's. Bewildering how many -- have Downey you know until nine. It is now illegal to be legal in Massachusetts. Now. I am not going to be a story about you have an athlete but -- Where there via phone Booth -- at the police station. I don't know I mean this is you know this is like one of those things so -- suppose we do get stopped right in the eighth hole way the car and handcuffed me and they take me down. -- -- You know how my supposed to make bail I don't have might be hard on me. But the mail room manager can't come down because it's against the law for her to travel -- car right I may just have to Wesley there. May have to sleep a -- I may have to sleep it off and I haven't -- I haven't even had a drink. -- -- my -- yeah aren't that Smart but I think it's 78 -- let him around here but it was still cowboys. You know and and and what they don't vote no -- harper says it's out -- -- embarked. You stuck up. Probably thought -- your that match. -- go on fox for. Two minutes misses the -- -- yet. -- ever said Martha more than once or twice it was a true story about the cars they they they took all the stolen they've they've -- -- in the big. Eighteen wheelers giant eighteen wheelers and they dumped it into the harbor because they could still do that back then and and sometimes there were some cars in the in the snow. And then there with and they didn't have all these models back in these guys were brochure in the dark twist some people didn't know there was a big storm. -- I wonder if it is going to be any drone strikes by any unsanctioned travel. Two days after the emergency four. I think I'm starting to change my opinion of the drone strikes. -- review I've certainly would be an easy target to hit -- and I could be too many out there and by 7 o'clock tonight. I if the go through. If you go through three moon -- communities Boston Newton and and Wellesley. We will work who do city of long ways we'll be called burden. And news if you go to your local. And you'll -- Goes through. Do you. They. Room. There's -- game. You -- He's. Some birds do you. Saw little. Yeah emergency funds to hire hire new. What a surprise. Whatever it the ball -- We could beat today. The national and I don't know some. Highway department in the book titled live. You know this independent. What what we call is because I -- -- that we ever give that they were article linked up to the website about when I'm working on come on C and he that's that's the vets have to do any parents that that's the best video of the of the week I can't I just can't imagine what must be like the people Idaho that are just you know. Cruising around on the weather channel and they see this. They see this guy you know giving out the supposedly. Important information behind him there's this crazy woman waving -- Mean it's just it's it's money -- -- it's on YouTube as it's on the state website and it's also on YouTube but we'll try to get will try to get something up on. That this debate as to who I don't know if that's so when it comes with a colleague -- -- ideas like more sensual always would you know it's a bit and request in Cleveland on Monday and Andy is here. Although with this we'll see that it's you know we're and. So don't be here either so I guess we'll have to wait for the determination. Yeah sorry about that I -- you put a lot of thought one but it didn't quite work. Hello yeah -- really good pick who broke. I'm looking forward you have to implement this new book. This. Was writing a book. So you don't. You'll like it believe me you'll like it we'll go over pictures today to get some nice pictures. -- -- bloody pictures. That was your last -- line message thank you for calling out retired U. All right that's it for the chump like that a chaplain is the recorded voice mail message service from Howie Carr show you call leave a message in any hour that day -- -- including weakens the -- when number delightfully such messages. 6177793469617779346. Month. What a surprise. Whatever it the ball the with the beat today. The national and I don't know on the highway department in the book I don't let them. -- -- pessimism is what what we call it is -- I -- -- --