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Police Blotter Fax Friday February 8, 2013 - Road Trip

Feb 8, 2013|

Our two winners for our police blotter fax friday contest were a mother of the year who pulled a gun at Chuk E Cheese and an elderly Belgium woman who got lost driving to the train station and ended up 1800 miles away in Croatia.

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Friday my name is -- At least a lot of things brining ladies and gentlemen. Story is true. Okay at this time every Friday where there are whether people are on the roads or not. We do police blotter fax Friday we asked you send in your funny items are stories from your local daily police slog. Like local daily or weekly police log police blotter -- public cops call their column. Or could be a standalone police stories and you can facts and to me at 6177793467. Or you can emailed to me how we car at W work -- dot com. At this time of the of the week every Friday night we read the funniest ones on the year. And the two best entries of the week get a get a nice -- we don't we don't know much time tonight -- I know it's for our our friends had. -- sportswear from -- -- he's the one who's always supplied our wonderful -- a lot of facts when a teacher it's it's you can only when you cannot fire right but you come by -- killing a teacher Japan which interest groups just have thoughts come this week. This is from the Dutch harbor telegraph which by the way is from a -- and Anchorage Alaska. Who supposedly doing the blizzard a drunken man phoned police and said he was naked cold and exposing himself to passing vehicles and in need of assistance. He was unable to name or describe dislocation opposite surged to the common and not -- common content naked trying to. But have not found the man in question it was totally got it if you're gonna act that way in February it's better to be in Key West and Alaska. That's for Hampshire. An animal semen wielding menace is on the loose and -- kingdom and animal semen wielding man animal semen yes. A strange rain is approaching eighteen I just strange and smearing them with white sticky little going on their clothing turns -- it animal semen. They don't understand why -- how it's like and these kids like walking with their mother. You know it's like -- their -- there was it was was -- Disney World now this is an England well. Exactly I'm glad it wasn't at Disney World I was gonna say that's -- kind of publicity money can't buying now West Palm Beach authorities that a woman. Rented out her neighbors from empty house through Craig's list and collected more than thirteen thousand dollars before the owner found out. That's easy to do down there and anything can mean considering that half of West Palm Beach is empty. -- the other part the the and indeed the much of the other half has been imploded south -- Massachusetts a track originally believed to be stolen from a home in south bro was found in the neighbor's -- off. A guy called and I his missing -- thought it was stalling and then and neighbor called and said excuse me there's a truck and my -- They figured out that it was a stick shift and the track -- succeeding ADRs downhill because the -- The emergency -- -- not the pipeline. Okay we'll go right to the what will correct the winners. The first one is the first one is from Newington. A mom who said she rediscovered god -- -- crack cocaine addiction. And for surgery do you have working with children was arrested Monday after she was accused of brandishing a handgun at Chucky cheese. Tawana born argument another twenty -- have liquor licenses and look at the problems we got now. They got into an argument that Chucky cheese and they both -- to argue you know sweeping Hank and so to one's not so much on the road repair anymore the other winner. Belgian worst pizza that Belgian woman Bliley drove 900 miles across Europe as she followed a broken GPS instead of 38 miles to the station. She took an astonishing 18100 mile detour through six countries. After her car navigation system went on civilian morale had intended to drive to Brussels from her home in -- decided to pick up. A friend from a train station which is at 38 miles which -- catastrophic wrong turn and end up to 900 miles away in Zagreb Croatia -- Despite crossing five Porter has Chucky cheeses in Croatia and seeing multiple language traffic signs she did not stop to question her -- out until two days later when she realized she may not be in Belgium anymore or right. Our car.