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Woman writes farewell note to kids- because she is trapped in the snow storm

Feb 11, 2013|

The woman was trapped on a highway, during the blizzard. She became so upset that she thought she would die.

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You wanna talk about the end of self reliance. You wanna talk about the loss in the sense of personal responsibility. Or even of maturity. Is basic adult maturity. There is a woman down in Long Island. -- many of you know New York we sit with a major blizzard just like we were in the New England area. And she gets stranded your car. And she stranded in -- car and of course the snow was coming don't. Now. If you're stranded in your car near highway. And the snow was coming down. What's your first instinct. You have a cell phone call 911 on or isn't Mayor Menino would say as mine Gemini and I would say 9/11. Greg you call 911. You call your husband you call your -- if you call your kids you call somebody a canal -- -- I am. -- my cars not running I'm near the highway called -- please can somebody coming gets me. What -- friends family members here I am coming get me whenever you can I'll be waiting in the car. They worst case scenario -- nobody can come in yet she'll. Your whole -- your car and you go home and let me Ryanair hitchhiker or whatever to the nearest exit. So I can get help and stay indoors and stay warm. No not in our society panicked. Many couldn't be freed until Saturday just came to complete standstill. For solar Reno was stunned for twelve hours stranded overnight on the highway she began to -- which she thought would be a good drive letter to -- children. What's the first thing. -- Are good good leader. Our goodbye letter. I'm very I yeah I mean people on the people on the front lines in World War II world goodbye letters. It's indeed were coming up big invasion coming up. Hundreds of thousands of people could be -- is invasion. Hi I'm I could be killed here I love you I love the kids if I don't make it I don't want it and all of the love in my life that -- it's that Iraq. Stranded any car. Near highway -- With all the modern technology and conveniences we have in front unless. And years -- desperate. You're sold child Blake. Here so I'm able to have you sold dependant you're so I'm able to help yourself for think for yourself. Priscilla Marino was -- for twelve hours stranded overnight on the highway. She began to write what she thought would be a good drive letter to her children. -- Coming -- protocol that does say anymore. Apparently. I mean did you drink -- I don't all get out of her car and walked to the nearest exit. Calls somebody. Yeah they could think he'd actually made all options are on you put the heat on for ten minutes you warm mob you blow into your hands. The turn at bat off. You turn on the radio all you say holt not catch corner from here I don't think that gambled let me try. I mean it's like. I mean -- is it just means. Or are people lost all common sense. And fortitude have people lost all sense of self help and self reliance. I mean look at that she's panic in the burden here is your first -- when you're stranded on a highway when Iran a good -- letter because I'm dead my days are numbered. Nancy Europe next welcome to the coroner report. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that's not enough not enough. -- Changed them has literally. Educated the common sense out of everybody. I -- that they don't teach -- -- Or are they try to squash it L back I want the kids parents parent teacher I can't. You know or can't do how to -- the nation's salad so. Actually yeah well. We don't change combat skill anymore. We teaching kids to Wheaton call a teacher there's a problem that teachers don't conflict resolution urban teacher -- -- didn't contributed to be better. -- -- We -- you don't do what they care schoolyard. -- -- you're completely right I mean that's you're right that's the I think we're fostering upon our kids. And somehow they always think if you noticed the way -- conditioning now. Our children and our society is some external power usually the government but some authorities some external power. It's gonna solve all your problems for. So push a button and do some thing call loud and all your problems will be taking care of. For twelve hours stranded overnight on the highway. She began to write what she thought would be a good drive letter to her children. My dad used to go hunting with a guy called George. And George was literally product of the common system of Eastern Europe from Danny was is she didn't have a self reliant bone in his body. They go hunting is I mean my dad -- me these are these like ten times it was so funny everytime. They go hunting is four of them Georgia's one of George gets lost in the woods. But as they were driving down to their campsite. It's near a major -- road where one mile down one mile. He's a multi hell. And George says to -- that. Why don't we just stay at the mall -- instead of setting up camp site. My guess is -- pretty emotional experience a -- is the Gordon analyst set up a time and sleep on the floor and go into the woods and land set up a campsite. OK so listen up on a campsite Georgia is not happy. They start dispersing to go hunt deer. It's 5 o'clock in the afternoon George gets lost. The rain starts to come bound it's about October. It's now 6630. They're looking where's George George has lost. So my gut says him in the other two wonders -- George George or yelling storage storage. They found George. And about 6:45. In the evening. Huddled beside the tree shivering. -- king might venue -- like a sixty year old man. Crying. And crying and crying. And they -- George what happened. And he said didn't you guys hear me I was shooting in the year I -- -- in the air and I am the only magazine clips I emptied everything. And it goes I saved two bullets. Struck. Her -- saved two bullets. One. Was if there was a bear that was gonna attack me and -- are -- for whatever. But there was another bowl and I said in case by early early morning hours of nobody rescued me. It was for -- itself. -- And I was looking out of in my dad's I was just stunned I said George. There's a bloody malt -- one mosque built down the road -- Kirk -- they're. You're you're half a mile away from a major road which -- did you almost well. One -- just go to the road you moron. It goes all I can think of that. Does the same thing with this woman does -- they didn't thank the lord Jeanette MacDonald. World's. One bullet for the intruder but one bullet for my self doubt fleeing Europe mixed welcome to the -- report. Good morning thank you -- -- the problem there are no personal responsibility when you say that to another human being they teach you what it had like that beat. Now you know take ownership they aren't actually be responsible for yourself but no -- have to anymore they -- I am the Internet for all of their troops. You know -- that Wikipedia -- -- like really get out and I eat everyday at work at the airports are they locked the door the great bulk up the fact that pat. They're yelling and screaming at you know why did you let me do that grown adults -- No I don't Kathleen when I saw them -- my son. My two year old son. When we went up to show him to his to his relatives up in Canada. And their frisking them and they're jacking them and they keep going again and -- testing again and it does thing again. I just look at the Michael does this kid is blocked and haired blue eyed kid I feel like did. Is this two year old looked do you like -- body. As you look feel like a Paris. But they're checking and double checking and looking adamant. Joseph looking behind New Year's -- doesn't take your shoes off the shows off or not worried as you caught us. You caught as it's right there that the bomb is in the show. -- -- Doubling the world's going to his. You know unfortunately the -- you -- animals like public wanted to keep us safe. The government the you know -- that I can get deep satisfaction when you're in the government to keep you safe. He blocked it right there. You know the Kathleen thanks for that call. 6172666868. -- Europe next welcome. -- walk from the Boston new -- not a rich son guy -- another New England winter -- Let happen to be reading the biography of Andrew Jackson right now for those who don't know he was the president and -- on the tornado itself. But not its Brothers -- mother was pregnant with them. His brother was killed by the grips and a course standard that's in the famous story of British officer told them that China's boots and you refused and was cut by a Saber on the forehead and and and he carried a bullet -- chest for the remainder of his life feel we've got a car off. He was six foot 140. Files and you have to be serving eight years old lean toward zero. And I'm reading about the founders -- what they went through when you're looking at people relatives with no metal whatsoever with no ability just. You -- persevere. Through anyway the -- by crowds grew up in the yet depression and I've heard countless stories. Just unbelievable. A -- the character of the country has changed but in this are not -- look forgot about it -- it's beyond now. No common sense is beyond leaving your head at the door is beyond no metal. You're driving in the car today. You're you know you've got you -- all modern technology all modern conveniences. The seats are heated. You're big seats are needed you got a cell phone you're right near a highway. This is Long Island were talking about I'm not talking Omar number outspoken. I'm not talking Wyoming. I'm not saying all I'm in the middle and his fields all around me I could freeze to death this is Long Island you're right beside a highway. And your first instinct is when the -- your car is stranded by the side of the road. The snow was coming down is to write a goodbye note to your children. He. -- this is beyond all metal but this is pathetic. Jeff corner on the corner report.