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Did you Obey Governor Deval Patrick's Driving Ban during the Blizzard?

Feb 11, 2013|

Gov. Deval Patrick lifted the statewide driving ban put into effect before the snowstorm on Saturday. The ban ended at 4 p.m. Saturday and was meant to keep unnecessary drivers off the roads.. Was Deval out of line and overstepping his powers?

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I have to ask this question. Can legislate. Stupidity. Allegedly stupidity because -- little people like Deval Patrick constantly try to. They currently try to pass these you know knee jerk a lots. That well -- stupid people for example from driving in the middle of the blinding blizzard. -- all for keeping people off the -- how difficult it is for the fire department to get down. Snow covered streets. Never mind if some other radiate is trying to pull the area of Volvo a lot of spot in the back bay how difficult that it's. It's a typical process -- I think we need to keep people off the road absolutely. But at the -- driver. Was a year in jail. Except car driving. During a travel ban. Well let's raise an eyebrow especially considering that we have a Bartley fox like -- Massachusetts. That's supposed to be giving the young gang bangers a year in prison if they're caught with a Guidant. Never. Ever. Ever imposed. So do you think a year in prison if you drove your car was appropriate in do you really think that that read what's going to keep knuckle heads. From going out and thrill -- So I you know it Governor Deval Patrick got a lot of credit. For imposing this travel ban. From Friday into Saturday at 4 PM. And I know that it's certainly. Helped emergency responders I know that. Look we need to keep people off the roads but the idea that we have the ability. To modify. Entire laws. At the -- of Governor Deval Patrick I think should -- that's not all would you agree. 877469. Boy at 322 that's 877469432. To. Now did you travel you attempted to travel. In did you not travel because of the BN the snow band. All I did not travel because at the stupid thing did you know in a blinding. There. What does the white -- and Friday into Saturday. That's. The world wanna do it well and schaeuble. When -- get pelted in the face with icy rain hail and sleep. The last wanna do is go out and try to. Maneuver. Other morons who wanna drive downwind to -- drive so they conceded big waves crashing over the seawall. That's the last thing you wanna do is be on the road but those people. But it's still frightens me to think that Governor Deval Patrick and snapped his fingers and guess but now it's against a lot of driving car. I wish he would be that. I don't know steadfast. What a lot when it applies to people like Nicholas. Who mind. Who murdered. On Milford 23 year old named Matt Udinese and is about to get a Whalen did. Maybe just maybe we should influence those driving laws first but forgive me I'm just a cynic what do you think -- next on how we cartel with Michelle McPhee. You are right on line. Shot Gujarat -- that I worked out and it was a good idea what he did. -- think. I'm not you know been -- have been keeping cars off the road of course she need to keep cars off the road the -- different reasons why. -- keep cars off the road but did you have any concerns with ten. Being able to impose. A sentence like a year in jail and a 500 dollar fine. You don't have any consequences. And you happen not going to get a lot of a lot of -- nobody was arrested. Ready to fight it won't -- pulled all the. -- out here is the problem but there's an and I think -- I'm taking it personally because I know. How devastated the family. -- Denise when the illegal immigrant. Murdered this time dragon for a quarter mile -- from trying to flee the scene and that guy is getting. A slap on the wrist if anything. It is why just got locked up for driving on the very same street with meant when Matt -- right. So all laws and not impose at all but about African announcing OK -- you gonna get Aaron you know pick out drive and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Why exactly and that's my point oh ballots like what you do if somebody impose these Willie nearly laws. They don't really doesn't have any impact at -- -- -- in the first place. No way to do it out the better way to deal in army out. -- that are more likely get. Credit jumped -- -- it might. OK well now they get away and I mean I credit keeping people off the road I think it's a good idea and it isn't I don't want. And that's one actually might need some money for the commonwealth so they don't have to keep jacking up our property taxes. And every other attacks here in the commonwealth. If -- keep a dumb enough to track. In creating hazardous situation and they have to be rescued by police fire and make them pay for just like New Hampshire does when people get lost up at the mountains they make -- people pay for their own rescue. I say let's do the same if you have to send the track. Out with fourth firefighter is not charged and for the time what does it cost of 45 by his -- you know an hour. To get somebody off a flooded roadway what do you think -- next on how we Bartow. I've -- you know on this one in Iowa and new interests and go on record as saying in. I heard about the driving gain of 4 o'clock in emergency. -- I don't agree with a lot of government regulations. And you know I don't mean any state -- I read on this one on one -- to agree with the governor I think it was the right thing to do. I don't think -- It was no intention for anybody that you know what do we year in jail but -- that I qualifying. I think clearly tipped folks off the road now. I'm a former snowplow driver in state of Massachusetts in. I can certainly tell you. That by having no vehicles on the road that don't need to be on the road it makes emergency service and vote clearing. Heck of a lot easier than it does when it would just doubt. You know doing -- in the parking lot -- not been able to do I think they all. While I'm with you stay home but he is a bigger issue Harry how much of that had to do with DPW and state workers with plows. Being the only ones with access to the roadways which left a lot of guys with private -- businesses in the dark. So I do think that need be this spirit and a lot was to protect the state and city workers not necessarily have a problem with. But at the same time there was no caveat the people who are out they're not going to help a little old ladies and -- Dorchester. Actually I think the I think you're wrong on I think it was all nonessential vehicles or you're out plowing snow. You know you'd you'd be out on the road but back in the -- -- -- which mean I was old enough to remember it was in my twenties living in Lawrence. I've never -- in minerals. Called people went to work towards the end of the week while the state of emergency was still in it in writing you're allowed to drive. And I may be wrong on this but I think. That. I know they brought into motor vehicle it was on 28 coming north and southbound whom Malden mills. State grab Malden mills for a thousand dollars for each vehicle that was on the road and it sounded. I think in the Malden mills date for the -- impounding of all the people. And not turn out to be the only standup guys if you remember there -- a national example of doing the right thing by their employees. Right right I think you know it edit in European it was. It's what many years ago and. Glad I did -- going to listen this is the bigger issue I don't have a problem with people being capped off the roads I think that's the right thing. The bigger issue with the idea that a guy like Deval Patrick who really likes to boss people around who is a control freak. To the highest degree. He -- a guy who has the ability to modify law at his win if we let getaway holiday in the snowstorm. To say hey if you get caught -- never know you could be in jail for up. Raleigh here. If we allowed to get away with at this time our freedoms are being stripped away from us one at a time. And that's the larger issue. Well I mean it could be true Brit -- here again when it today. Disasters. You know cite national or you know local state -- I think the -- have you and their right to enact. That type of legislature and you know why not be able to -- forced. Iowa thanks Eric for the call me I think the governor had put that into place because the crash Mario mean not just me. You want the lieutenant governor out there rates of around this is -- up by the way to say driving home. From every two western made me -- criminal. -- all on Friday. So that's what I what do you from Tim. -- even larger issue though. If to -- Patrick can make it illegal. Peter drive -- car I am all for crying out penalties. Make it a registry issue take it like is the way for thirty days as another taxpayer. Suggested. You think this is scary Tim I see happening. -- -- fantastic I don't mention how great to have. Not a -- pick. They dope tactic they're -- seat away that would keep everybody say. I don't like doorstep brother all you idiots that -- -- jogging and I didn't like it on the roads. You know what there are more of it but it -- car driver around -- -- -- put back crap this out -- and so all. -- how -- the wrong turn out like. HM really you think that the police might be a little bit busy I mean I'm pretty sure that harmful as -- aren't out yet and I'm a lot this guy up on the dragon -- -- and fingerprint and implement the system I doubt. I -- it's ridiculous. It's ridiculous earlier. All right the question neighbors but what you talk about it Eagles killers on the road. Just I let you know what Ecuadorean extended family that killed -- do anything continues to drive around Massachusetts that's not the CER. -- I don't think those people are voting base. But I don't want quick question for -- I happen at least -- about is not a good idea. That's a great idea at him -- she -- about a -- zantops. The right into. It's ongoing attacks has done so all. But not quite -- I was stalled so. Well that's the whole thing you know what I -- that mistake last night you're going to shoot into the north and and grab a -- Dee -- Allen and I got there I'm like. Because you can't park any need to feel lucky by the grace of god if -- illegals but it's not. I'm gonna drop -- walked off but I'm gonna drive around Atlanta site people want and so. That's all I got to -- Well thank you Tim for the all the luck with that Manny and acts on how -- -- on the court -- how the garden. I got pretty you're growing your candidate right. The final of the year. Well sir what is body up in the White House ought to change the law without. Checking account to the super. -- any finally somebody understanding how slippery slope and give the -- in this wet weather right now how slippery slope this is. If this guy just say hey it's -- now. Where can impose travel ban because we don't want anyone. Getting -- and bigger. We. Without enforcing the laws we have I always have an issue with and that's why I like I'll come on to you can make it -- -- A criminal offense -- how many years in jail to drive your car when you make it legal and. I mean you know what you have to straight year in jail I don't buy order are. -- -- That's what I say -- fine on if you if we don't get you could you so stupid you wanted to check out the waves as. A text -- and march field said all these knuckle heads went out to look at the waves in March they'll find him. But it's making a criminal offense to drive car when people have legitimate emergencies and you put through the system and you -- -- make him a friend at all. That's what we should be drawing a learning universally. As residents of the commonwealth the what do you think Mike and I just. You know crazy to think that this might be a little bit too much power forgot like -- Bob Packard. Yeah actually installed -- under rewards responsibility accountability and consequences he doesn't apply them to anything else. EDT fraud welfare fraud -- illegal aliens teach -- where the people it everyday. And act like a man. And Mikey that's right in so many of us have an issue all really so if my father has to get my mother to the hospital for some reason he's a criminal. But if now you know that pour -- I keep talking about this because it's infuriating if you didn't hear the news the illegal. Who killed -- Udinese. Who continues to work the system to get coddled. His why was also here illegally got locked up for driving on the very C street when -- -- with Carol. An -- unrelenting don't know about that. Here. I beg your about a guy that Mike but I -- this thing you know -- six -- seven says. He sacrifices. Liberty the security soon we'll have neither is found the nightmare. I believe that and Franklin and I might be wrong Elizabeth the next. Welcomed. Well. Here we knew it -- it here you know. Thing is that even -- world -- involved without need. The end I was considering driving. On Friday because I thought that it was a win win situation for me. I have to pay 700 dollars a lot from my insurance but I think it. If I thought I could get three hot and caught three in free health care. And when he get out of jail -- -- -- EDT card to. That's right and you compete BL EB ET card when you get out. Yeah exactly but I didn't like because. You know and they'll do but the local bank and. That is the whole thing on your brain a good driver around when he can't see an end to party of phase when ice is flying. And trees are ending in the wind and there's snow all over the place and -- cloudy and a drive if you do -- donkey you should be. How responsible -- Absolutely. Absolutely and by the olive oil in that happened to elaborate but no violence now out there. You can't side that mark but turns into something else that went against everything else that everyone -- work so I. To make it into the. It worked against them. So let me get this straight Elizabeth you and I pay taxes right so we pay for the roads. But it's illegal for us to use them -- Governor Deval Patrick makes some sort of declaration illegal feed use the roads. But I don't know what these illegals ridiculous people. Well it's illegal for them to use the roads they don't pay for the roads. But when they get locked up and kill people on the roads then we have to pay for them to argue that there mentally defective they can't -- trial they need. I taxpayer funded attorney I mean it's just the hypocrisy. That is staggering when you have Deval Patrick making it decree like you are criminal. If you get caught on the road past 4 PM on Friday. I -- and the public as they sell bottled -- And I put it that our criminal. It really does not the gravity of it not illegal to be legal in Massachusetts. Not all we thinking it's not illegal to be illegal but it's illegal to get new car and drive down the street. Re need thank you for the Kyle and and you are on how we are -- open. I was so how are you are actually calling from your own kind of flexibly and you look. My name as an antennae and actually a freshman at Pittsburgh state university. Nineteen years old when I. I got a phone call from the global on Friday Emery as a caddie asked me about my -- On the traveled them. You know we can talk about whether or not Governor Patrick. Has the authority in the state constitution to make continued to our president like this. But it really doesn't make comments. You know we really gonna say what that book that Governor Patrick had his way. Every police officer was talk on the road would have reasonable suspicion to detain them for those 24 hours. So there's a mother lets say you went into labor after 4 PM. And her husband was driving her to the hospital. It's Governor Patrick had his way. He would have local law enforcement stopping her mother forgetting to -- That's all I haven't I mean there is called common sense and apparently the government -- tell us. When to be heat in a way that is rational and reasonable and frankly I don't need mini me Deval Patrick. To tell me how to behave rational reasonable way. Any idea that he at the -- to do that in a storm having waited that palace star -- stop. It's a very scary precedent for the executive for sure. And can continue wise it's scary what could happen next because if he can do this in a snowstorm. And you remember it's Massachusetts. We have started canceling. School in this case it was completely appropriate. But we we have these forecasts of blizzards and they start canceling school two and three days before a single flake of snow is even -- You know it -- -- -- but it's all politics one in various securities article on Saturday in the -- She opened the governor Dukakis thing about Patrick did exactly the right thing. Exactly the right thing. And the next counterpoint to the nineteen year old freshman posted which says something that is that is way more. You know common sense pickle then then what -- former governor Chris sang and it scares me the game of politics -- -- taken over the one party system in this state. While -- used at a very well thank you very much for the call. By the White House says I'm -- sick that day in civics class but I thought the governor's office was executive. Not legislative. Exactly. 207 says needing drag being you know problems. Finally once again law abiding citizens have the air -- stolen because of the foolish actions of the funeral. My favorite six point seven Michelle. Is it illegal for an illegal alien to drive in the storm. How crazy it is my friend down in Quincy lost her power was 36 degrees in her home. Her husband she added I think you know three -- -- -- all huddled into her car it's a long. Of course I would say yeah I see already EST I have heat. She's not not to county. -- Thirties. Rather than time. Stay and a healthy. Warm well maybe not healthy but warm certainly warm environment and EST I'm Michelle -- this is -- our show 8774694322. Welcome back and I got -- on the seventy. Guy ill be back tomorrow 87746940322. Funny people who want to applaud Deval Patrick because he did the right thing okay he did a job in the storm knocked it writing Nat. I'm not arguing that people should be able to drive around in the middle of a blinding blizzard no but I. Seems that this is an abuse of police now are when you say. And I love this tax because this cracked me up. He's the only governor to impose a parking ban in driving BN at the same time what am I supposed to do what Mike. You know what other brown but I can't drive it off the road exactly. And another techsters says hello. Pretty soon drones will be shooting motorists on the road in. Why this is a problem. When the government when I liked about Patrick. Can tell people who live on Salisbury beach or insinuate Massachusetts. That got me Victoria evacuation order. Really. I don't think so many sit right -- with a few towels. And it's ninety. Before I leave my house -- you. So how do you wanna be among the chorus. Of applause the Deval Patrick. On the author of fine if you're Donny and you line drive around in the snow. By jail time. A criminal record poll leaves Brian what do you think you are next on how it our show lock them. Emotionally -- I can't -- I think huge overreach -- -- what it's been buried now and I go up and Salzburg. And I've gone that would be much. Basically every storm -- mine I felt like. But EU was comments that he can't see you don't go at that point. But it looks to -- he'll walk away. And if you don't end up fire department police department has to come get -- stupid or Randolph. So -- street and it should be a big penalty for that are driving penalty. Not a criminal penalty. Because when you look -- this sort of -- media are doing is creating a police state. I repay a white -- cost that they -- -- -- it that your responsibility. You all. And that other thing I mean time you know you like you and I we both grew up in New England I've seen a lot of snow. I've seen a lot of snow. But the idea you have Deval Patrick couldn't even get it heat up and running 24 hours after the last flake of snow had fallen. And this is the same guy wants to give the -- in the billion dollars of our money forgive me if I'm just a little cynical. Now I called what -- the pizza Friday night in everything was well I want store opened the first thing is that what. You realize that it driving their response that you realize I don't care. You know somebody it's tax he would say that he he went -- -- on Saturday night and edit and add about -- -- just to be like -- scoff law. Because that all there is a great quote I think was Nelson Mandela. He said when you cannot live I'm looking out when you cannot live. Within the confines. You know whatever idea when am knee is denied the right till -- in the light people leaves and he has no choice. But to become an outlaw. That while I think it's outlawed because how dare you tell me. That there's a mandatory evacuation and I have to leave my house pilot on the beach. How theory you'd tell me that I get locked up for a year for driving we early on the road when you don't even impose that seem. Statute -- people who aren't the only driving on the road killing people. I mean there's this gray matter between -- let us use. Exactly and that's the whole thing you cannot legislate stupidity I am glad you recognize that -- next on -- our show welcome. Errant shell. Aaron chills me -- now has been a Republican. Period one viewpoint that we we are not exploring and which it is fitted by. Well being added I agree with everything necessary equipment believe -- -- -- on -- road or not one that would go under or two out of the -- spot. One bit merrier it -- McCartney and -- all that. What I did know it was every lawyer. Besides certain air employees on and that's where it sucked in great implement broad. I don't know too many people I ever heard any record one bluntly state get arrested or did get that aren't better but what I did not immediately actually went. On lawyers for a guy go always go your family go Hillary needs to act but in the end yeah that was pretty good eight. -- could it be able. You know medical emergencies. I tend to think that the -- police are the way it used comment about 13. What did they state eastern prepared just to get employees home and get things you know. In that can order. Do you think the way to go about that John because I agree with you and you simply saying at this point you know. Hospitals can't mandate that everybody get in. I think it's a little bit more -- way of people who work on Saturdays and Sundays and that's fantastic and that those people could stay home. And be safe. However. There was a way around that. Was civil penalties that didn't notice the threat of criminality because attorneys think we that this time we also okay it was a good idea nobody got into an accident. We had sadly a few carbon didn't carbon monoxide deaths the little boy in Roxbury and then in the second victim. But -- and that it's and you know a fairly clear storm and Hulu Deval Patrick. -- to stop -- the next time it's raining you put in a travel ban to protect people. And you're absolutely right it's like say I don't like it. Anyone ever think them I'm really defending the case I didn't I mean. Besides the one -- like as a parent and we are called everyone wants to paint themselves as one non essential players people won't buy and -- unfortunately. -- Don't think of it that way -- he retail and they say you know what we got beyond their competition in this long waited a little notepad aggregate in the same show and I I am not employed at. You would any other way. I'm what it can't thank shining just -- back -- -- judges said. Moon -- don't want you average people driving a vehicle area by the way we didn't enforce it cabin -- Thanks -- I mean this really crazy aunt Michelle who is a big Boston Chinatown got to be crime and there. And this is just and nightmare I think David because it has the potential. To become so much worse if Deval Patrick has this ability to modify the law at his every went what do you think David -- next. Obama shot right into your place it's been a long time. That fact you talk to myself and believe it or not it was three years civil but it was -- -- -- -- twenty so. Elop talk and -- out into the teenage kids. He would blog about it such did you buy. They're playing devil's advocate I went on it was a behind and it's also we slope idea that government should not be able to wrap this -- -- I think the -- becomes evident that it is at the criminal thing. I think nickel a lot that we find all the fact that if you can't pay the fine and yes object. Triple the I am not jail because you -- yet again what you yet because I -- one -- that might side Kuwata took a while. Trying to -- you -- out flat but -- not. But we're not gonna face -- and that he could stop it coming home. I would -- -- it go and finally catch and say that you know that it is not constitutional what awaits and that it if I acted Kamal but I think it's meant. What are all right at it -- but David that's the problem wallets Nantes. But yes it's still a lot and it just becomes a slippery slope it's just like Barack Obama. And hiring all these are so -- doesn't have to go through the legislative process doesn't have to go through congress to make these higher. Their guy he is acting like a dictator. And that's we -- this I think has the potential to be slippery I mean -- heard Avant does that fit urged college students saying it's it. It's about principle and civil liberties and if we allow people to. Take away our civil liberties while as Nelson Mandela very articulate -- said. If I can't live the way I want outlive them to be forced to become an outlaw. In you know why -- I mean believe me I could relate to the guy -- -- he went and drove around on Saturday just to be like Nan Nan -- and governor. Because you wanna be an ally David de -- the -- I -- his son is doing well rates. I ratio next on the Howie -- show. Have you people -- an -- -- I want it. But the problem ineptitude that -- of -- -- thank god. I had no -- now and -- -- yet it's the the problem is is they don't want it have any common sense to know and I think that there's no other ring period. And then. We had a -- 78 it was not enough to stay out of the smell I've beaten up -- Don't cry a lot of people just didn't know that's gonna be that bad and that's why so many people -- and highways and I understand. There's an urgency to make sure that that doesn't happen what people against stuck on the roads. And about -- remember correctly had that embarrassing. Incident where he told everybody go home at 3 o'clock exactly. And then catalyst on the roads in I was. Is it that it -- towards socialism that it Adam what happened is this is America. That's a problem yeah that's an IPO raised that you can't thank him but I think -- -- -- this -- America what's going on the other ethnic black country. I'm what they want under a sad day Q -- -- congress so much. Kevin is Ron finally said my says his friend got a 500 dollar ticket for driving Friday night on cape. If she gets -- did -- get -- -- economic and tackle head. The fact that they did not enforced the ban -- at Nate says is worse it -- sit subjective. Based on the whims of law enforcement implied needing me. -- this is the whole problem with declaring these sorts of modifications. Says no luck. -- by getting an island Deval Patrick that's sort of ability it's creepy. Dave wedge from the Boston -- without in the snow all weekend long game my first question PO and is. What would they knew. Public safety secretary -- -- brow beating herself like -- larger failed. At every press conference could you explain that to -- -- -- the -- abroad in the fan and every need a press conference. He a picture's worth a thousand words let's think Cheryl and the. She like she was about to walk -- the red carpet with Gianni Versace congrats and so. Well controlled it was it was warm and -- but apparently it was possibly art from the -- secretary -- safety. Ridiculous -- There's a lot of people that would agree with you -- and the you know. It was a little hard you know -- first. Her first -- You know really emergency she's dealt with should she get yours -- got -- job -- two weeks ago and it was kind of a bit of spectacle. In the. I did the right up against the break we have one minute you're out there in the -- on I mean you've heard my argument that this is a little far reaching to say get my car off the road. We have a parking and we haven't driving -- so if you car to a park -- you gotta get locked up facing here empaneled the 500 dollar fine. I mean it would have been a catch 22 but honestly I think you know the government the -- call and answer it the right call. And it you know but what what I -- what it really is despite all the efforts and and the -- go to on the job. Did the TPW. In this state and the city hasn't done their job is still streets are plowed out. I know what today's did they -- so much for the calls are a lot this is a Howie Carr show.