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Former Mayor and Ambassador to the Vatican Ray Flynn on Pope Benedict Resignation

Feb 11, 2013|

Pope Benedict XVI is to resign on February 28 due to his "deteriorating" health. He will be the first head of the Roman Catholic Church to resign in almost 600 years, with his departure expected to leave the post vacant for around three weeks. The 85-year-old German's resignation letter said: "After having repeatedly examined my conscience before God, I have come to the certainty that my strengths, due to an advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine ministry. Former Mayor and Ambassador to the Vatican Ray Flynn joins us to discuss this resignation. Were you surprised by this news?

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Welcome back to the Cali cartel unleash on the -- we head mayor Tom. And -- an -- as the 1617. Years we had. Boston air raid plan he served as army -- bused in from 1984. Until 1993. That was the -- that he was appointed United States ambassador. To the Holy See. To the Vatican by President Bill Clinton. And we are very grateful to have mayor plan ambassador land and joining that's right now about this Pope Benedict bombshell. Because it's sad mayor that this took everybody by surprise what happens at the Vatican to -- Pope Benedict. Welcome to show our -- Good I'm still very good thanks perhaps in the on the program on the -- in an affront to be yards than. You know I'm always cheering. The bleachers so. Even though -- bought from South Boston you know we still can kind of like each other. I would Ellis not all that demand -- at TI stadium itself he was playing safety. I think the world you a year ago. The stadium outside of that you know I don't want -- yard I know you get a lot of -- to -- spot in the I'm just not gonna get into who won those games -- post are we. -- -- Well let history remember those. -- well what is it about rivalries you know that there is a lot of rivalry between some of the victims. And the Catholic Church scandal. And the Catholic Church itself. There are a lot of people who are a little cynical and I'm one of them. You know Chris tonight my producer Chris and I am ambassador Flynn -- airplane because so many prestigious titles we weren't quite sure how to address you. But for the sake of this interview because we are going to be talking about the Pope ambassador. We used prized as it seemed everybody was by today's announcement. Michelle Obama commonly referred to now as a couple of so but I you don't have to come -- Papa. I did try it up but I do like that you have that's beautiful -- it's gone out. It's up was quite surprised well you know I don't summit -- know -- -- but I study the the Vatican I'm writing about it again I've written a couple books already. Let them try to do another book and so I keep my eye on the the news coming out of the Vatican a couple of things up my own Benedict the sixteenth Joseph Ratzinger -- -- years. Long before it was before he spoke. In fact that was syndrome in. When he became -- I will just before John Paul just have to John Paul the second passed away. And. So I I know I'm feeling well. And the other thing is so often heard him say. That even like we hope the -- the Catholic Church. As long as the air guard get them help. Them -- Now having. Put those two things together in knowing his personality. You know I'd sit around -- the ball on something. A lot of different people. President concluded. And they usually very very ambitious and seeking out opportunities. And so themselves and so forth as the culture changes. Live Joseph Ratzinger was -- warm there really fired of these sort of -- say it is more -- -- I -- colonel Peter. -- you know one who is very satisfied with contempt and content and the leading a Europe tire for. You know work regular life for Borough of a priest -- -- and not looking for a center stage or being the big the other. So -- being. -- how he catapult. Rosie catapult it into a position and this is interesting and I know you know a lot more than I do around with. Former mayor Ray Flynn a longtime ambassador to the Vatican who says it this shouldn't come as a surprise and he's interesting to hear. Talk of the the past apple. Position that he how does a bureaucrat you would rather be a bureaucrat not strikes me as odd especially considering that he plans to retire today a beautiful waterfront. Summer retreat. That the -- is is a lot of news I mean it seems Anita that's kind of back a grandiose plan OK I'm all got here and I'm gonna go. Hang out at the beautiful waterfront mansion. Well -- like -- -- interestingly enough I'm adamant it would come Sunday. Before he became Pope book before John Paul the second kept away. He was looking colonoscopy -- And we we went and body cappuccino. It was sitting at the table parents -- all right so that the myself this man is really not be ambitious. In terms of wanting to aspire for what grade does -- And yes he sure influences. And I got the implant an apparent that the release of this but I got the impression. That he would be content to be happy. We tiring going back to -- -- was his problem or might not a couple of times because I was also looking up the breeze. And -- news study in the player. There were believing it right that you know some people are accustomed to some people got out. Not everybody's cut out to be here. A little radio talk show host -- May. Movies you know some people wannabe. Just simple look at long and two big jobs would be happy with himself -- it. Achieve what they considered great effort that has not been here for. You know peace of mind and I got the impression that that was Joseph Ratzinger. And then of course the papers he's got him because her the most logical person to succeed John well respected. Because he had that in the atmosphere where the Catholic church and the experience. In the credibility so okay I don't think the police the papers for commercial and at the tape speaks sought him. You come -- like two -- to the position because he was so qualify for a -- as he's out there that the goal obviously is the best because you fear that so many times. -- -- -- of in this position or longer it's longer god gives me the help and the about the about being here. And the European notice tonight followers on a daily basis -- -- -- he's been saying we Pete -- -- Britney's become -- people being here scramble. He's not in good health so nobody in this manner not gonna hold onto which that he doesn't think that you saw a 100%. On top of their game. So how much of a role do you believe that the sex scandal played. And this resignation because there have been critics who have loudly. Demanded. Pope Benedict resign and their reasons. Are I think extensive you know there are sex in physical abuse scandals. And in virtually. Every country including his own native Germany to the US. He added pressure on him when he took this position when he took over this position there's no question about it some of the most. April -- parks and some. Can apple exit name Marley and -- you know kind of last year and that is the essence of the church. It because -- because except to -- scandal that is the capital you know. There's -- kind of no question about that -- the you know there was this bureaucracy the year when he had to work I would let bureaucracy. Plot in new people. We look at somebody people not geocities appointed possible worlds. It's been more debt that the more people. In -- -- they -- considered to conformity with equal to changing secular culture. In many many respects. That's the same time maintaining the traditional caddies principles of the of the cap the -- without compromising. -- You know. You know the show it's it's it's amazing I travel quite a bit. Over the years after the current partner. -- -- Nairobi. Most central Latin America Mexico. Oftentimes which -- public sector. And he left of that is yes and an excitement before of the cap the church of those two areas. He is absolutely extraordinary in Brazil the growing number of Catholics a growing number of young people that are -- -- entering the religious like book women and -- And Mexico Mexico City had -- -- -- -- Nigeria. It's unbelievable. We don't see it here at the united -- all we see here in the United States -- church and I think it's becoming more and more -- -- becoming more to. -- -- And I think that's -- Joseph Ratzinger is looking at Benedict the sixteenth is looking at. And New Year's new era of hope for the Catholic Church didn't particularly in those areas that have not had to. Powerful representatives in the college of adequacy. Well we're asking this -- style Orion with former mayor former ambassador to the Vatican Graceland. 50 -- is asking us. Past thirty handicap the pope's successor because I think -- fear that is making its way through Boston and I think -- can put it to bed pretty rapidly. Is that Cardinal Bernard Law. Would be considered. To be elevated to that seat and it seems that you think otherwise. No he's not he's not eligible in fact because of he's not even if I don't even think he's a voting member. Of the college of partnership to be eight years of agents and -- but I think they are are Americans that that are in the wee all the site. Fought that for that -- awesome position of responsibility. But Michelle. Who opposed to the American -- Europe Laura let me I'm as I mentioned whereas the strip with the world from the Catholic Church. It's in Africa. And Latin and Central America Mexico. There. As a pitcher -- the church. You retired in some regards like the president lying presidential election you know -- see the growing the people communities see it growing. Black community is seen -- -- a new decade the old rules don't apply. Anymore this particular picture of growing church in new church. And it's not wedded to you know sort of voting constituency of the past you but -- will maintain its cherished principles. It is certainly church and ensure that -- a period of Pope -- the -- this announcement people so what would you take this opportunity and make this announcement by express -- for years in Rome. On the just before rub before lent Ash Wednesday. It was like the most exciting period time that I can recall go to work on the -- church Dominican church where it went to college. And you know he was the Pope would spend time you're out there with what young priests and a lot of young man. I mean it to answers -- -- -- for hope and opportunity and I think this is by each time and its without the consultation and there. Is senator an -- it's bikers and that's why it's catching people by surprise I hope that people will reflect on what. Joseph -- did today. He really ports here -- this year aside and indeed he did something that it's in the best interest of the Catholic Church. Catholics in the world like community -- this country in the world. It'd take the middle leaks all across the world you need strong moral voice solidified their self. In increasingly Mort Mort. Diplomatic -- to certain whether it's potential -- -- -- unique voice and reasonably certain morality. And it's not it's not the Pope who. Well that's the I think that that's a big issue for a lot of our Catholics or former Catholics as I consider myself. Because of the sex abuse scandal because of the cold. Blooded way in which a lot of these beloved Catholic parishes where shuttered. I mean a lot of it was very mean spirited we -- right -- Fossum and our lady of -- Carmona Arctic ice is coming in and simple -- the door shut. From little old ladies who -- going in -- to do the rosary they kept their church alive. The seven year -- and it just to watch something like that flew in the face of everything -- been taught as a child when I went through the holy sacraments of the Catholic Church. Here there's no doubt about it you know that it's left a bad case in a lot of people's smoke -- particularly Catholics take. I know exactly how they keep all -- pretty -- and -- -- friends over the air who have worked very very to build a church and to keep it open and keep the -- work. So you know that was very painful for me and capital and everybody else you'll. To see that church clothes and didn't get the support that they should have to receive extra outlet you know having said that you know you could look back -- -- look forward. I prefer to look forward. And does not forgetting the it is the mistakes of the past of the course -- -- -- -- the same time you know we're. We look forward we have to do what we can to contribute to a better society. To a bit of country to that church. At least that's how I feel about that Hillary. There is a text -- from Springfield who wants me to askew is an -- think the next Pope will be Peter. Turks home from Ghana. He had other you know I know -- -- -- that the cardinal archbishop of -- very very well. You think he's a serious candidate. And and I think that. See the other people from mount Brazil. Colombia. Mexico. Nigeria I think there's a lot of strong voices. That a marriage. To some of those growing developing countries. And I think -- would be excellent leaders of the Catholic church and -- and I I feel very hopeful that very optimistic I mean that it might days where it. Kind of shook by -- the saint Jean what's happening here to the church -- love and admire. That this is one of those days Michelle that I really feel hopeful and optimistic that this is going to be due date to the cap the church and I think Joseph Ratzinger. -- shock not shock to us today that he's willing to put aside political ambition. Glory and power. In move forward and say I'm turning this over to somebody who's stronger healthier. And will be able to more effectively run the Catholic Church I'm hopeful about and I don't think it's I don't. Optimism I think it really is -- agent in infected. While we love to hear any sort of optimism coming from the Catholic church and certainly audio expert you're an expert on another thing -- which he has been just a minute. -- -- I watch about two seconds of stealthy rules and may be wanna get out my eyes what -- chopsticks. I don't know do you have he had news show but at that it's abysmal I mean I -- -- take it I also -- ask you as I know you have the inside -- honest. At the lifeline -- -- resident. Those kids not even from South Boston -- Now EP and not in you know it's like give peeking out you know everybody. Everybody speaks for itself -- and -- Speaks a rub people I don't know what they just can't pick up the phone and call out people who we know enable it lump and it was there are plenty of people well informed. -- well intentioned you know not everything is negative. It's a wonderful community. Working decent people was an extraordinary tradition. And I am proud they -- so for us than them might or might recently and I walk the streets and so Boston at least single day. And I get people coming up to me in asking the same question you asked me. About this so called movies TV series. And the question do you live up there any other people that could write these things that they -- the people who. Mary these sort of an influence on the lightly he'd call we get people from Hollywood writing about a. While it's a very good question that's why it's a good thing we have good writers like you and I write their plan. Well that's it we had a team up by the way I know we get a good from the aren't aren't we -- beat you and I had a team up right. Write a book and it's see how you talk about rivalries that came together. And in in its traditional way and can help build this city and that's the Irish and Italians East Boston insult bought them. And we were friends all year long except one -- Thanksgiving -- I love it I am with you on that well I'm -- breaking news right now because I've made its argument anyone who will listen. That those bozos and that -- -- shows LT rules are not from South Boston you heard from the south the expert right here in the Alec harsher. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- God bless you -- you want curtain air -- playing. He ambassador the former ambassador appointed by Bill Clinton to the Vatican had a great deal of respect for rate plan B.