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Chump Line Monday February 11th 2013-Pope Benedict XVI Resigns

Feb 11, 2013|

Our favorite message from today's Chump Line was a caller wondering who the Pope tenders his resignation papers too.

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Base that -- too -- independent who votes. Evident pride in the private sector. One didn't see Jamie Foxx called Obama our lord and savior Barack Obama. The fact any thought to knickers rock all -- my father. Our father Martin have been. They have it that is a potential name on the list we should've asked mayor plan why Barack Obama's name wasn't on the list. I guess -- typically -- about how we. Manipulated but those people just -- -- I think how is gonna stay out of NE YMCA. Steam rooms where their. Potentially could be Village People. So when this but I did not have -- -- cut out to be an ambassador horrible radio's popular vote. Within minutes you -- you have no matter -- there. The very good question don't think that didn't breeze through my own mind when he said that Chris how about Leo you think that bus stand. Brooklyn accent is what he was referred to. You know well no I didn't. And we each other that guy but that's the southeast -- rivalry never dies does it. And they had people working still -- revenues are now. I thought somebody. There. Yet they did and then the Botox -- the house back up. That's global problem. And that's great maybe it overall. This. We've coups and at all. Well and Mays -- golf goodies and will do. With big. Good down although. Maybe. Prisons. -- -- And I think that guys get invited to the CMA awards anytime soon. But you know what I -- for me made a very good point about the driving -- But I was griping about earlier. Was who was trying carriage a sleigh. Is that on the banned list because I didn't mean needing have to have a travel ban -- -- Almost all -- the -- shocking. To many people of Maine have their own brain. I -- now. And I have a drivable hole. The -- pajamas on what you should know who's on -- that Arabs. Get that 400 computers that'll let up for you know. I -- that -- our regret. Did you notice to married and drive to the South -- -- -- -- -- -- -- could damage today. That was beautiful. Yelling in the best about the crash marry crash. Was the fact that he told everybody went out by the Harold. And hang months later when they finally released the pictures of the crash from the state police there -- pages of the globe in the backseat. Liar liar pants on fire crash. And pick up how -- -- it very. So what's called 911. Now I heard how we say was the latest car in the garage and take like a high priced axiom that he. What do you make you drive -- -- no he tries he tried have a tax and pick them up but since the ball well and that driving and they they called back and had to cancel on him. Because it now I think it's 7 o'clock you would've been a criminal. CNT would have been a criminal and weak but definitely already -- a criminal by Deval Patrick we are all criminals when he got home with his caddie. Did you we went out for Christmas some reason I don't pick you as the law breaking outlaw all I broke the law. And I wish you had a video of that I didn't see any cops in the way home either. He didn't while they were told not to drive it was a dark and in several fifteenth when he cars but no costs. Yeah a lot -- you gotta love a state like Massachusetts where they put in a driving ban. Which. Could make you a felon criminal at the very same time they -- mandatory evacuations. But this -- to put their belongings on their head. And wade through the puddles. To evacuate their beachfront -- Very interesting question wasn't it. Hey guys speaking up you know how -- get to spend Friday in the mobile. Why don't attach studio. Quality that great couple identify a tall order won't beat the hell. While I -- he was the rebel. I was a rebel fewer rebel what I love I love seeing you as an adult that went -- -- he's always been a little bit of a rebel secretly would you agree with that -- Even in the -- right. Oh. I'll move. -- -- -- How old and old. -- that Patrick -- do what it used needles. Need to. Not all of those. Yeah. It. I'll move. -- -- Yeah and the war on mere presence. -- The game down. To be -- hand. Clearly people have a lot a lot of time. On their hands this weekend how many games of -- can one play tense these fantastic. There -- getting for the tabloid. And it's -- noon prayers. And good to have this food here though. It did. It and I just wanted to say a special guy. Hours. Why don't always hiding. That around it or. Global warming. Is real. You can run as cute kid. Eight. But actually happily if he was Smart would have taken the first flight at a Boston. Right to west on the narrowed. How he. Is hard at work on his next book which we are all. Waiting for would be address. Going to be great and it's going to be -- nothing to be too many details I don't know how much is revealed to the public about his new book but I know that's why. He is out today Chris and I read on acted I reveal too much. Not until well some talking going on. They have K here's the cash register ringing in his -- Chris -- we have one book signing this week to pump up significant change. Just mention your book I have five books are available for sale stomach speed dot com. Is that enough I was -- I think outside. Apparently it worked on my sixth. It doesn't get -- Deval Patrick. Everything point to keep our eyes. I've established a new law. Anybody they talk badly about it on the radio. We will be it's 1000 dollars. -- life will be suspended. And then -- -- -- feel. If it does not accurate. Everything's going to be. -- Reynolds did that mean that's garments that -- and it goes the other person and about Patrick's cross hairs. And I are absolutely going to be subjected to Deval Patrick has banned. On -- mean spirited things about him. Keeping cynical. 500 dollars. In we revoking driver's license each time drunk drivers -- sign illegals. Who killed people are all set. But if you're mean spirited talk show host as cynical things to say about me one year in jail. So appropriate -- that he tendered his resignation as. -- -- -- Pretty good question I just got his visuals Pope Benedict frail -- Going down on one -- got. -- -- But somehow. I believe only gonna talk about this just a few minutes that perhaps somebody just somebody bellowed -- hired. Donald Trump like instead. -- quit for all. Bubbles bit quiet but a lot of them pot smoke -- so everybody. I do like it did anyone notice that the -- Indian Madonna -- show off what about Patrick. Patrick decided to leave crash sorry. Back at the Statehouse or at home probably you know probably the latter and took senator senator Liz Warren. The South -- instead. That was your last jump line message. Thank you for calling have a card you shout.