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Did the news of Pope Benedict XVI Stepping down Surprise you?

Feb 11, 2013|

Pope Benedict XVI is to resign on February 28 due to his "deteriorating" health. He will be the first head of the Roman Catholic Church to resign in almost 600 years, with his departure expected to leave the post vacant for around three weeks. The 85-year-old German's resignation letter said: "After having repeatedly examined my conscience before God, I have come to the certainty that my strengths, due to an advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine ministry. Was this surprising news to you?

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How many of you think at that resignation was about the pope's health. I remember. Many of the prior popes have been very very ill and carried out. There responsibilities. Their people responsibilities until they took they drew their last breath why wouldn't Pope Benedict. I think that there have been some devastating documentaries including -- on HBO right now I believe it's called me -- Devastating. Right hand of god. They can get on PBS. And they and they take it very hard luck. At their criminality. That occurred when Bernie is -- around Boston so do you really believe the Pope resigned for health reasons. Our use of the same mind as I am health reasons for the Pope is like spending more time. With the family for disgraced politician. Same lame excuse the real reason -- scandal what do you think Robert you are on. How -- car show with Michelle -- welcome. -- -- -- -- -- Yes -- different aspects I'm wondering. -- thing you want. The -- Obama here having opposed to come from you know the Americans who north or South America. Two that thinks so -- move more bigger. And a -- please step further at this point because it's a total pitched battle. What do they take this opportunity to change their position on letting their -- get married. Well I got a very good question because Robert -- do something very drastic and dramatic. To bring new followers into the full -- you her break plain talk about the changing face. Of the Catholic church and now as evidenced in the idea that the Catholic Church that was built by telling the hundred years ago was shut down. While the church that caters to Hispanics -- where a lot of masses aren't Spanish stayed open any ski. I think that that is a signal of a lot of changes but they need to be more dramatic changes if you wanna bring new people into the fold. I can tell you never put a -- in the basket until they come out clean. About all of the sex abuse in the cover up that moment. What do you think that -- our entries to get married -- is significant. Shock it was changed to look up you'll reconsider. So really if you had people I mean I'm not suggesting. And all freeze up at a files by any stretch of the imagination they're a very good -- out there doing very good works. But the idea that there is sex scandal but the sex scandal that has. Has really dominated. Any sort of -- got to the Vatican around the world not just aren't Boston not just in the United States and around the -- There have been -- sex abuse scandals that have scarred children. Her you know -- I would imagine for a very long time even though the media has only grabbed on to the story very recently. Well they understand the order of people who were who were married. And decided to go into the priesthood. Older age a -- to get. To become priests and still stay married because they're very much against the wars. And it just seems to me unreasonable that most men and test them that this all of us further lifelong it. Whether it's. An unnecessary children with them in just a good looking woman. Well thank you Robert for the column at the -- I mean we need to do something dramatic. That women become priests that married couples. A married couple then something Tom what do you think what that health club wanted something else welcome. I think it's -- -- -- all -- and all these so all the people looked and holiday take our majority like to bed all of these people out of all of the charger would be the church. What opportunities and in the crawl up into you -- -- the church and to make fun of the church and there's no question. That the other churches as committed. I guess in terms of column in terms of such abuse scandals and things of that nature but they are working to do things better -- Mike. And I don't I don't that's coming from because certainly air -- Speaking. Up it's registered Mary Mary land. Impasse in the attic in her five years he has a handle on it on -- great opportunity bashing the church here. But all of you. Maybe -- you don't -- nobody -- -- all of solved all of -- on the Catholic Charities this battle on priest get married a good start drug people into the church. Because the cabbage are happening in other parts of the world all the rhetoric -- -- happening at other parts of the world that because the Catholic Church or state sure to its conservative base. -- have a -- still preach the gospel Jesus Christ. The cabbage -- just builds rooted in the structures. That's there's so that I hear and a nighttime hit a liberalism the -- -- America what it as well as cost it -- space here thank you. I think the liberalism is not what has cost the Catholic Church its base. It's criminal actions in the ensuing cover up is what prompted the Catholic Church to lose its base the idea that we have shattered. Vibrant church is like our lady of knock -- on so many others across knowing knowing the fact that those charges were shuttered. -- I mean spirited way -- last used that term again is why the Catholic Church laws followers. Now volume Paul but I am open to any sort of spirituality. From any sort of organization. But I think that time a lot of trying to suggest that the discussion -- doesn't need to include some changes what do you think you're an axe then he Howie -- show. -- -- that's that's stumps on the strike and he just epitomize what aggravates people like mule accounts it's okay. I'm I was all the boy I have five problems with twelve more patient don't -- K. So the sex scandal. Fortunately do not in my fear. But what anybody is trying to explain to me. How pervasive it once it was all which just limited to bought that a child now wait it's in the pockets of Philadelphia. This basic obvious there was bishop up in reaction McCormick. The -- locations the Catholic Church lost his credibility granted. And it does so much for charity in -- multiple life. In the traditional marriage. But it became another corrupt bureaucracy. And I ask all the get it -- a deal with the Democratic Party in other words -- -- polite person and I want helps single mothers proliferation. The vast majority single mothers and he would approach you know this section eight housing units EDT cat and I don't mind it temporarily. Stored it becomes a lifestyle. The Catholic Church is made that deal with the Democratic Party just this Pope here. Unfortunate Pope John Paul is not a say they're trying to canonize him because she was just saying some. I think about a year now although if you let. Pope John Paul had such an impact on people I know I was a little girl when he came in the first time in. It's still a magical feeling the Catholic church's past that magical feeling that you used to have. When Pope John Paul drove down and you know. Arlington street in downtown Boston right. Well bombshell report somebody got the lesson of putting up on this point here he was a great hope -- of -- let's face the facts. If he's in touch with god. How are we allowing and let's face it it was adolescent boys will be a molested by natural -- flat glass to women that it is well equipped to -- walls -- While I like how you a lot of -- -- can you believe opposition -- -- -- Yes I can't believe it that's why it happened all over the world and was covered up thank you welcome Kyle. On the -- on the fetus into Howie -- show. And I and the and I. -- Welcome back to they have Itar shall unleash -- might -- in a highly. Our top line is open 6177793. Hours 69. We are honored to have former -- -- -- Who spent five years in my -- as ambassador to the Vatican appointed by Bill Clinton. He's back and self spots and he said that there is some good news right now for the Catholic Church because it maybe this is a signal. That the people position could be taken by somebody young -- but the other good news. For those of us who -- from Boston. Is at those all of those and that shows healthy rules. Are not from -- in fact they're not even from Boston. So excited to discussions. Which team is better news to you personally. I think the south -- rules. I figure out what how to present correct. So I ask -- 8774694322. That's 877469. 4322. Carol lottery tens by the Catholic Church is failing now. Not the least of which of course is a sex scandal in the ensuing cover up. I think there's an argument to be made. Like 603 up in New Hampshire -- text. Attendance at church of any sect of christianity has decreased because -- ridiculed the public schools. Eight. I think a lot to be said for that spirituality. Has found a line. And the government. Is held up to the scene esteem. They're organized religion once was what do you think Jerry I next are in the Howie Carr show with Michelle McPhee -- What are you I was just gonna comment on this sub thing about. The Eric your threes I don't know what wanted to hear with listeners thought about. Conservative but. Priests not being carried only go back from the Middle Ages system are now back to queries priests were married up until about the year thousand. I did not know that Jerry that's an important information and then we go back to that. So I feel like what other reason that church is equality is that we don't have enough breeze and nice see our priests and archer getting older and I just think. If we don't do something were going up in the sale. And Kerry Edwards especially when you -- I -- our first and I know we keep mentioning has been I was absolutely appalled I was actually hurt her. When I saw how the archdiocese treated the people in my Paris or -- among Connell I mean it is just despicable was like thuggery. The -- they stole their church open minded people who attempt at a lot. They were the descendants of people who had built it under years ago it was very sad to see that at all deny. So that they could sell this at a lucrative price and a nice real estate market any -- I've been agreed that the Celek what the pay out some of the claims on the Omnia lawsuits do. Yeah Abbott Jerry affect anyone like me who has visited the Vatican and taking in their riches in that field. Yet you just can only -- Iraq -- when you consider that the Catholic Church could pay off. Some of those civil suits by selling one of those priceless works of -- Instead of destroying entire neighborhoods and communities that was centered around a church. Yeah well I helped to build the church and the school and a New Hampshire and they ended up selling a school for the now. Later closing matter in the church is pretty well close now to what I just felt like. I personally put a lot of work in the building that's -- along with people who might alien people we know when. Now they just decided though that doesn't matter who -- Yeah and seeing it in my argument is -- that use as part you are part of a community that built the church so you have ownership stake in it. But that's not how they archdiocese has viewed it -- many of these arguments of thank you for the call -- on how -- -- show let the stomach be welcomed. O Leo how I am I can strike as a major -- I wrote outlawed. Look -- sure there were an Apollo amateur. And you know everyone is trying to find something wrong about it and you know probably the reason. She's seen it yet done. So agent help. Cardinal shown -- combo. Will help him become. While I mean you've heard -- slang talk about the bureaucracy. That goes on behind people's walls and it's interesting to hear about the politics of the Vatican. Are no difference from -- -- that all of or know of arts of expecting to hear him describe the pulpit saying look this guy's Smart you are very funny. -- -- I said that I was brought up Catholic yes. -- -- out an object and I thought it was amazing in the current spelled it -- we would say he would be money I'll be your of people you know collecting you don't say about them all -- Our man and now. What I said about not giving a dollar in the basket because I don't want to participate. In the paint -- of the sex abuse scandals that could have been prevented if people like cardinal law had taken him seriously. Rather than cover up the crack that's I -- OR. It wasn't just cardinal are mean it looked accurate or yours. I want that a lot of people -- it's unacceptable mark and I don't understand how you can possibly defend the indefensible. -- -- I mean I -- tiny charity work doesn't have to be within the confines of the Catholic Church I give any of my money to charity. That's certainly doesn't have to include the dollar in the basket that's going to pay -- High priced fancy lawyers in the PR representative to put a spin on what the Catholic Church did. To engage in criminal behavior I don't know do you mean a cold hearted. B word I think it just makes me realistic. -- -- -- point here that the Catholic Church who's done more help everybody you know nobody you know if you're obese people. These -- popular -- about that as a UNAIDS noted that more. Pay off roses -- the aperture. OK mark thanks so much the way and let's go to Paula -- while you're on Alec our show with Michelle McPhee welcome. -- Yes yeah yes. There whatever he's either own opinion in what it is guaranteed -- have been regarding. He was topics such as this is you always can count on -- same sense and facial of them. Or speculation about why someone has done this certain that or the other thing and it's no different regarding her all the political Benedict sixteenth. Armed secret stated as to reasons why and I believe everyone should give him the benefit of the doubt or his reasons. What does -- mean think that he did as I was. Because of the nature of the environments that we are in in history. And it benefits. Aperture to have someone. Take the -- And -- the church in. Positive direction. Birds. -- daily -- indicate because it did quickly changing times and that sort of thing it's very difficult for a man of his age. To be able to keep up with these things it's -- -- Obviously it has had to -- hillside near earth you know hasn't had any impact on his health regarding the unfortunate because the sex scandal. Little to remind everybody including yourself social who has the Catholic background. Is that. It's Catholic Church. Is the divine institution. That has been putting the care of man. If you go -- Senator you are getting I don't blame god for their -- confetti out fault of the Catholic Church by any stretch of the imagination. Payday I don't need to participate. In what I have viewed personally firsthand as mean spirited I mean -- flies in the face of everything that we were taught as kids. About doing to others. Well I saw how they did on to the people who are. Holding vigil on some of these churches and frankly I was completely turn off and put off by it. As -- so many other people and that's Paul win they need to get on the front lines and see these people. Like you just heard the guy call from the cancers and how we helped build the school and in the Catholic Church sold an open minded the very people. Who bill. How second -- Foster. A spirit of community. How is that going to bring people in that drives people out I mean there are -- some changes need to be made. Isn't Catholic bashing in anyway this is reality. Thank you for the -- did you on the fetus is -- Alec arch show late 77469. Point 322. That's 877469432. Q.