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Should Cop Killer Christopher Dorner be tracked with a Drone?

Feb 11, 2013|

The ex-LAPD officer and former Navy reservist who posted a 14-page "manifesto" detailing his plans for a revenge-fueled rampage across California is still at large, with the search expanding into other regions. He is a suspect in the shooting deaths of three people, including a member of Riverside PD. Should he be tracked using a drone?

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It wasn't bad enough. That it's not -- There's XL eight. Named Christa and the winner. Is okay. Who college his victims. That. Hours after he he killed his daughter and said hey should've protected or better. This psychopath. Is actually being held up as a hero. On FaceBook page is in by some in the liberal media. -- and that animal. You would have heard this story about the fugitive former LAPD cop who was wanted to three murders. Is the guy who I just mentioned called the father of one of his alleged victims to taunt him about his daughter's death. His name is Christopher Jordan. The Warner he's 33 is old. He shot dead Monica quine. And her fiance keep warrants. Accept punishment. Against her father Randall -- Now this Flacco has a FaceBook page that he continually updates and there are things that -- Arab. Absolutely mind boggling about this case -- -- That this case has fans. Has gains. In fact. Theory that FaceBook page out there. Saying that Christopher Boehner is a hero. For murdering those LAPD cops you know for wearing them. In the PH has thousands of alikes thousands like 500 knots. 5000 I'm -- matter right now. 5549. Nut cases. Have liked this cage. That says and I quote he has the cons. What's yards. And this character is a mammoth -- than a hero -- real rebel with a kinds. This man standing up for our 'cause he will be remembered he's trying to stop cover option. Now okay we don't dismiss. 5006000. Wackos. As being just that -- close. -- heating law enforcement despise seeing lunatics. That's fine you can dismiss -- Is the bigger issue for me. And this is why I am so disgusted. So today's the only times. The Los Angeles Times has a story. How about how. The police department. Who fired. This ex cop who's now like killing Rampage. They can't find him. At eighteen might hijack a plane because he was an able reserve officer who has taught how to fly. There's been sent to drone after him and he -- the drone. I kid -- not guy is a complete lunatic who is evading police is a one million dollar reward for his capture right now. But the part of the story that's bothering me the most in this comes to the political correctness about it and I can't wait to hear from you 877469. What 322 that's 87746943220. Listen to this headline. Christopher daughter who has murdered three people. Murdered cops murdered woman whose father was a cop. Concluded. That Christopher and -- was lying. When he said his training officer. Kicked the man carrying an arrest but it's not so clear whose testimony. Should be believed. I am not. Making this up LAPD. Has re opened. The investigation. Into whether or not Christopher -- Warner should have been fired. I'm. Okay of those fuel are stacking guessing -- LAPD's. By airing a -- adorn -- Need Aaron I did you guys -- killings spree right now either ninety daddy killed a woman. And then caught the woman's battered says you shouldn't pretend. Or this guy who has killed cops and now we concert to pull. Up politically correct nation. Now we -- re opening any investigation. Into whether or not this guy should have been fired. Validate key key. How we don't community police -- Really. You'd think I would worthy of wearing a badge. And now thousands of supporters -- saying that he's a hero. What are you -- a new one that's 87746943220. That's 87746943220. It's any view that now they -- blaming the victim because of victim in this case at the LAPD. Because this. Lunatic Christa we'll have manifesto of his. Pretty to rehab his manifesto. And so finally in California. Plus and right former -- -- and -- an MPLA now you know how he feels there's. All right well. -- -- -- Sweeping manhunt yesterday and allowing us and -- my former -- Yeah. We didn't manhunt is. So on the Oregon had a drought and now he's out of college prepares to restore order. Reporter Christopher Jordan Georgia. Okay that was very creepy the president -- essentially put up this manifesto worries like. And Barack Obama this cockpit this include third. -- not appeared more and you guys. Rock keep doing what you doing and how long is liberal the jumping to his defense -- Keller Christopher. There is a hero. In nano. In the suspect alternative and the LAP is actually heating their cries of these crazy liberals applauding this murderer. I re opening the investigation into whether or not that I should have been fired. -- can't he has murdered three people. Yet they maybe just maybe. He but the worthy of wearing a badge to protect the public. Hint hint a real rebel with a 'cause. Really. At this how far we have -- now. I mean it was the right Winger who love it Tea Party Rush Limbaugh the mainstream media what have continuous. Orgasm over it. I mean this guy is. I'm -- left Winger loves side but the silence on that point is all you he here. So -- just said I new reality show extreme. Disgruntled. Employees. And just what I want to understand. So CL APD. Currently reopening in the investigation into whether or not this guy should have been fired. Friday he was a growing asleep fired. As he did bad back with back pay. Is that what's gonna happen because that's how well this country has time. Did he see not cases are bullying no way that we've lived. In this guy is being heralded as a hero. Time you are next on how -- -- welcome. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Either probably use this thing. Promotion. You know I find hysterical. The very same company expects pumping it permission to send out after. It was gonna kind of be the first American killed by a crowd and and -- going to be era. -- all the people that -- Stop a war against the government or at least create chaos at the site. And I'm actually gonna have a kind word for Barack Obama right now and say he did the right thing by saying by any means necessary. Take as I -- volatile cycle the streets. Yeah right -- that -- actually approving use the ground to try to got him down before it kill somebody else. -- -- -- Most U mass murders are you know liberals order -- liberal family I don't people know that work into it it's very true. Yeah I mean thank you got for the column as a Texan just said. I'm waiting for Barack Obama to come out and say that the LAPD behaves stupidly when they fired daughter but that's not what's gonna happen. Because he actually sent a drawn out -- -- which is commendable. Well and reopening the investigation and second guess people who fired him. I mean that is just beyond any sort of reason -- rationale. Real me -- didn't second guess the people who fired this guy who is currently on a murderous killing spree. Indie sound like just a second grade -- protecting our name -- it doesn't. Yeah I mean I don't Michelle ally -- Our AM I got more information on this guy and if it's set a lot of light on the situation. In -- in 2005 -- shot himself in the -- that the state Utley. And. I never should have been. Given a bad in the first place in. Exactly that reason he was given a bad lies that he lacked in political correctness has run a -- to get people special. This guy is mentally unstable. Out Telecom market stopped on the start that's erupted but it wasn't -- Of what this guy did Jew reporter whatever so he he just heated angry black guy in the never should have been a cop. Well -- like it I'm not at all that are in but I will say that it if he didn't have extra points. Affirmative action points is no way they would the past into the academy -- -- Charles W handled. -- -- -- supplement and think it's up. You know allowed to have complete the academy -- strike three you're out he later. I don't. I mean that's the whole thing handy and now the DR Peter reopened the investigation and second guess the people who fired the guy. Well we should be second guessing that police academy instructors who actually -- promoted him. Into becoming a police officer patrolling the streets about -- He was -- not -- -- they may not know what -- -- departure from. This is how the government works nobody wants to test these people and there whacked out early in people get murdered that's out goes. And guys just Indy he's being celebrated as a hero missed police. Matta Max if you will you are on the -- art show -- Michelle McPhee welcome. Hi Michelle how are you well I mean how little fat. Today which -- -- the art and I had a -- last Thursday. That. Unique system. Did this can be kinds. It was unfair. And he should have never been fired. And he had no choice. But just to get it -- I would lower. OK so you are talking about it reacted to don't Pelosi count as we don't want to get you in trouble by answering only admonition. -- tell me that this the police -- are Massachusetts who's among the thousands. Who are now supporting this not case murderer. Because as saying that the system made him murder an innocent woman to punish her father. The sit in the meantime the murder victim's dad -- phone call like well. You should have protected -- better this system -- -- pull up to a cop car at a red light in open fire on the system made a new law that. Yeah. I mean you absolutely flabbergasted by that point of view in a glad you shared Arafat actually we have to go up to a break they keep for the story. I'm Michelle -- 877469. What 322 that's 877. Four or 69. Fought 322 was so I guess any higher costs should just shoot some people who never I don't get get jobs back yeah. This is a highly -- now.