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So, God made a liberal

Feb 12, 2013|

Here is the definition of a liberal.

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You can also practice at 680 sixes. Do you remember these Super Bowl. Promoting more ram trucks. And it was called the American -- And it was using the voice. Of Paul Harvey. Well somebody has put out. And absolutely. Side splitting spoof. I'm talking gut busting it is funny it is all areas. It is called. The American liberal. So god made -- fairly awesome god made a farmer god made a liberal. -- on the -- days. Got still some coffee and an angry because amendment got -- -- liberal. God says I need someone willing to get up at the crack a new initiative please -- in between miles things taken them borrow money from their parents and stay out all night drinking and perhaps ironically exploring bath salts. And then one to eliminate. So god made little. He said I need of a person. Stay and take a thriving community entered into -- debt ridden coastal -- -- -- welfare state. I need someone who thinks meat is murder produces reason grocery -- -- can't fix a flat tire or change your own oil. And then winds forced to finally get a job as a Teresa and makes you -- -- love -- -- Angry Birds on the iPhone and then takes his union mandated two hour break. So god I -- liberals. God says I need somebody dumb enough to believe in global warming and deficits spending get arrogant enough to look down at heart. Are working full because they don't have a worthless Ph.D. seventeenth century don't do lesbian studies. It had to be someone that would Texans ensue and and -- -- in the flow legislate from the mansion fast and I'm ready until. A person that would take a story of American success and turn it into a lesson in injustice. -- got me the liberal. It had to be someone who line themselves and others and and be successful. Someone -- whine -- demands creation screen sexist intolerant xenophobic homophobic Islamist movement racist bigoted. There could be some one minute at the end of the navy could go home after -- recoup part of the country with divisive race and class war and -- would laugh and inside. With mocking sinking. If I had an imported All My Children -- probably -- they want to spend their life doing what what dad does. So god made liberal.