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Chump Line Tuesday February 12, 2013 - Shovel Ready

Feb 12, 2013|

Our favorite chump line message today was a swipe at both Mayor Menino and President Obama. The message was that there are shovel ready jobs here in New England digging out from snow.

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-- That the thirty years I don't it. Is pretty so. My security it's pretty so my tactic. Is dying and I'm good go. I didn't do it do. She's only on temporary relief. For ten years. Targeted triage and -- -- please make sure someone is videotaping you while you're watching -- Bosnian. -- -- -- How about up to one of the what are what are the column to karma but karma -- Suppose you're a karma Fisher out on the street. This Friday left that out on the street or in the driveway you can even have a garage. And again covered with snow like every other hard now. Do you think the harm would catch fire like these the ones did in the port of the work you sandy and during CNB. And we think it was probably pretty good chance. That's really hard you have to have a garage. -- similar ideas and a quote from small group while trying to sell out from under pig in the -- The price of course but I reading from older but it -- flaps his wife Carrie but I can go. Ted Nugent is supposed to be there tonight as the guest gift that I guess the only congressman from Texas. I I hope they'll I hope thoughts and cut -- to Ted Nugent when he's talking about sensible. It's always good so that's -- that's that that's Leah -- focused test group. Focus group tested -- Sensible we need sensible gun control laws as opposed to in sensible or on sensible. Bob -- -- that it brought it. I don't that month. Really got me that the Washington Post last week -- -- to read the story we ran out of time but with a blizzard. Washington Post had a story about Menendez of scandals. And and by the way these prostitutes the underage prostitutes -- just one of several scandals feces and all that. But they like your reading down as -- use it like to do is read them or read the story. Two -- tell you about it and tell you and they buried the lead here in the sixteenth career for the 21 paragraph about the underage hookers. I read that whole Washington Post story and it was I think over three pages. Print that out and there was not one. Single to. Ward about the underage truckers -- -- -- the -- he he has many other scandals of New York Times is now all over like they were with the torch torso like. But. Aren't the underage hookers the the salient. The most important point here I mean isn't that isn't that the the the part of the story that. Everybody can understand even the low information voters. Mean you're talking about you know he we didn't want the did these these these drug scanning. It's scanning. Upgrades at the -- port of Santa Domingo because they were undercut. One of his campaign contributors. The machines that he was selling. Even though even though the new government machine was better than the campaign contributors machine. I mean OK that's good that's good but that's kinda -- humility even if it involves drugs -- underage hookers. Hard to beat. It's picking up but they thought they might help would be -- taught me. I don't know what I need to get a 78 was expecting. It. And that Richard you know -- -- now your stock incentives I don't even think essentially personal life more. I think he's moved early he's moved to beautiful people -- He's probably he's probably running a bungalow for much Shirley MacLaine and they go out and see the flying -- together tonight. -- Claire and know what I guess I. It was on my -- -- What. -- I think they've given up on the that price of one coffee one hamburger that just that that that never played very well I don't think. How we are looking into who interpret that lady bacon forty the media gets it. -- credit yeah. The seems to be the general consensus. Maybe we should save that wants him just to have around. Say what one. The what the call from Ali she's gone he's been -- Arnott associate bodies being -- okay so if you missed bodies -- she's from northern Maine it's just. It's just what the -- said this last caller says he's -- Obama finds a backup just in case right in her -- she'd been on welfare for ten years she got a six greens you believe in limitations on out there and that's what I said well how long have you been on welfare she's at ten years. -- Ali Khan and there's no way and then the -- in his state of the unions and I. But a -- tomorrow criticize those things I just listened to. You betcha that's right you've hit the nail on the head. You know why have to listen to this garbage and no I don't because there's something called the Internet now there all his financials and give it their all. Fines of up places. What Internet sites the will be with a will be cherry picking the worst examples. About his. His -- story. And and we will be playing them tomorrow. Yeah you have to like the city is a big announcement. -- -- So whether some people of Salt -- techsters think there's going to be some pre Obama -- Offered tonight. Ladies and gentlemen it is up I would think you'd expect to fly jetBlue realized. -- an outspoken Cleveland international airport and that got -- is back on his ideas. It's Hopkins. Cleveland airport GA by the way. And it. I worry much about what. They proposed a so -- So easily hurt so I knew what the third one was. -- what happens in Cleveland days in Cleveland you know why. Because how it happened in Korea and. -- pointed out that a male manager coming back yesterday. -- There's the there's the river that caught fire. She didn't even though the river caught fire. At least double file we have a great job yeah but not -- -- -- -- out you know. Mumbled Menino ought to be the one to deliver that message. And goes right yeah official bird had difficulty. Go ahead and that's that. That would slap -- blank message thank you for calling haven't tired you shout. OK that's it for the let's have the jump like that a chaplain is the reported voicemail message service Howie Carr show you can call leave -- -- -- any hour that there might including weekends. Chump like number if you would like to leave such a messages 617779346. Mine we may or may not play your message at this time each week day. That is why we have a great job you know -- not that he's been called -- out. No he shot.