Obama Phones

Feb 12, 2013|

Last year the U.S. government spent over 2 billion dollars providing free "Obama Phones" to so called low income families. Unfortunately a large number of the people who have recieved these freebies haven't proved they are eligible to receive them. In the first place. Howie felt this was just more welfare fraud.

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I saw this story today on the front page Wall Street Journal -- and that's my 3 o'clock hour there is no way I would ever touch anything other than this for the 3 o'clock hour. Durbin Obama home woman last year. Chris you have Obama awful woman around but -- much she -- Obama as he gave an Obama phone. Current moment. -- a front page story in the Wall Street Journal today. The US government spent about 2.2. Billion. Dollars. Last year. To provide phones to low income Americans. But a Wall Street Journal review of the program shows the large number of those who received the phones haven't proved they are eligible to receive them. The life line program. It's a great when the lifeline program. But the the welfare line program begun in 1984. It would sure the poor people are cut off from jobs BM police and emergency services. They ever had this problem before that they they have -- W if you if you have an apartment building you use the -- you use the people's phone downed the end of the hall or you -- one phone and they -- party lines if you lived in the in the specs. The Obama hole. I got a problem. It all black man president you know you have the -- didn't model car but he did your phone. And have been -- you'll bulls then she loves loves Jack didn't feel bad -- it on the. -- what's on the run again Romney is up. I didn't run in there yesterday Cleveland. Unfortunately. The chief turned on Obama later on I don't know what happened if she lost or Obama phone couldn't get a new winner what happened at a later on I guess she. She became I don't know which was ever right -- port -- She became disenchanted. With with the the the man who gave but the phone was named -- reaching their free kitchen or something maybe that was an idea that could be true. Suspecting he would pay outs to -- under the program have shot up from. 819. Million in 2008 as more wireless carriers have opposed -- regulators to let them offer this service. So it's gone last year bush was 819 million on the Obama phones. Now we're spending 2.2 billion on the phones. Suspecting that many of the new subscribers weren't eligible I wonder what led there -- suspicions. The federal communications commission's pike commission tighten the rules last year and were acquired carriers to verify that existing subscribers were eligible. The agency estimated 15% of the users would be weeded out but far more were dropped a review of the five top recipients of follow Obama phones support. Conducted by the FCC for the journal showed that 41%. 41%. Of their more than six million subscribers either couldn't demonstrate their eligibility or didn't respond to requests for certification. The program is open to most people who meet -- federal poverty guidelines. Or are on food stamps Medicaid or other assistance programs and only one white -- subscriber is allowed per household. But of course you know it doesn't. Doesn't really matter because they they don't put down how many people are in their -- you know the guy the father of the kids she's not married to do to mom because then you'd have to pay. For the kids rather than having you would meet today so he's in a separate house sold for the purposes of government. So you know that doesn't mean. The program which is administered by the nonprofit universal service administrative company can all but that's but that is just the idea paragon of efficiency. Has grown rapidly as wireless carriers persuaded regulators to let people use the program for cell phone service. It pays carrier's 925 a customer per month toward free or discount wireless service. Americans pay an average of 250 per month per household to fund a number of subsidized communication programs including -- point. Sort of torture paying for -- well for -- New York paying for the -- you know how you're how you're paying for you're paying for through all those. All those bills though almost taxes that they put at the end of your -- at at the end of your your bills your phone bills whether it's cellphone bill borrowing online bill. It's I I don't even -- -- warts too -- the pressing them to think about. Oh my goodness. Let's see here a Verizon spokesman said the vast majority of the subscribers will move from its rolls didn't respond to eligibility checks by me if you for this one before. This is kind of like the 191000. People getting EBT cards who who didn't have a who by the couldn't find and it turned out it was in 191000 it was a 47000. I think I know what what what. Deval Patrick would say these are anecdotes these are anecdotes. Whilst Brent found that some of its subscribers were no longer eligible -- -- found that many others didn't respond to person familiar with the carrier's operations said. So we use in these phones for a throw doubts they use these that these are rough phones that that they use for John shall use and for drug deal to a lot of these people. -- tell right senate confirms lifeline eligibility but -- been difficult to verify the one phone per house shall rule. They're not now -- if yours if your rotten I want spouse does not of these people Mary. If you're if your significant other the the baby baby daddy. Is in prison now this he still -- is he still eligible for an Obama phone. Which you know one of the one of the actual children can use or does he get to -- the Obama phone into the camp. Isn't this great isn't this great. 187746943221877. Pletcher the Obama woman one more time the Obama phone woman. I got Obama hole. I got no problem. Get all black man president you know -- -- the -- did double our buddy give your phone. And -- -- you'll bulls then she loves loves Jack didn't do that now it's gone. There was -- Romney and Romney he's. Cleveland some nice place they got a they get a new course casino just opened -- a -- and -- and then abandoned department store. It's very classy place. I saw -- we saw some people outside the the casino who I think for probably. Probably speaking on Obama phones. How we AT&T will now be called AT and EDT from Paul he appeared this guy. My brother and his wife have both have both have government issued cell phones with 250. Minutes each nobody checks. It's one well phone per addressed not -- counsel when I was unemployed I couldn't get one because -- guy at the shelter -- using my address. 1877469432218774694322. Is -- -- are you could talk about this or rubber welfare fraud that you see going on I mean this is one -- This is one all by the way I I should say what is we do a you can listen to the show -- the. And on our our run. On our or rise eat. Our web site how we cart dot com how we cart dot com click on the live audio streaming. Also what how we cart dot com you can take part in our daily Internet poll questions anyways today's poll question one of the results thus far. I either wash system mean -- and not unless somebody breaks and puts a gun in my head. 95%. Are anticipated the same issue that you might have some good for us and I planned tonight to -- to keep the door locked. Plus I have my watch -- so no I will not be watching it not under any bleeping circumstances. One and then into it if he was gonna if they set a -- Obama tonight will announce a crack down on welfare fraud. Including Obama phones dynamite match. But it city's gonna talk about how committed he has to the economy -- Even -- even though the unemployment rate -- just take two groups decide is an example. Women and blacks is -- since she came in office even the 08 point five million people have vanished from the job. -- Eight point five million people appears from the -- on five million more gone on disabilities and the the Obama phone program has twice as a triple in the cost. In the last four years yes things are going swimmingly here in the United States of America. And and Tom Harkin says we're not broke 18758. He's he's he's right I'm glad he's not running for reelection. Out your next with how we cargo ahead now. Well I ultra edit are I have recently that it could happen Obama on and want to pony up an extra 1999. From want you to get data plan. And broad spectrum they have well if you can afford data plan won't want to get full service. -- why would you get the far why would you get the phone service -- they're giving it away for free. Well what they operated if you get the free telephone. And pony up another box they'll give you data unlimited data jail. -- that the banks -- -- -- all for free which can afford twenty bucks on district twenty bucks into the vault. Because why would you -- I repeat why would you turn down something free. -- -- -- that is you know what -- that no American white why should you pay for anything when you can I get eight when you can get people with jobs to pay for. Absolutely but to show he's still should be able to get the data or be at fault sorry shouldn't be able to get to that point -- more because. Is just at that point -- just a spectrum. Of -- -- -- Obama administration makes. Now you've now that the scales have fallen off your eyes. Thanks for the call. 187. Where -- one or will be were arguing about of course it makes no sense if you've got 9220 bucks for that you've got when you've got twenty bucks for a phone. But yet but why should why should anyone pay for phone it's like it's like why should why should drug dealer I have the papers on bail when he's got to -- BP car. Jog your next with how we cargo ahead John. LA auto show thank you. Just got our you know our start seeing your quick. You know -- -- more authority Julie. Yeah I was diagnosed with a bad -- -- Asia that are supporting. Our work session Jean in that. You know I've I've got -- order garlic Connecticut in the back RG well and I doubt I'd get settled out of -- What my answer that I hear a 140 about -- upset about it deadlocked. In -- and I have worked so spirit being involved they'd been in the system can grow up in the air with the drug well my hero and problem. Every entitlement that there was and the book. Every entitlement eight net not any heat. It was like there was color coming out of there. Well lets you know what drug this is the last day that he was ever gonna have but he does this was the end of his. A up his problems for the entire rest of his life right he was set for life you know they have lottery ticket they called -- life. Mean what are have a bigger what can get bigger set for life been going on welfare at the age of twenty. The gender our nation -- that she says there are a bit wanting you to -- it out you can do it. I SNL would have less than that you are gonna get our senator don't -- -- did the twenty areas and thousands. Yeah and then they realize that you weren't really a team player you didn't deserve an Obama phone John. I'd -- called issue -- at 1% now I've got my you know as I would take it. You abruptly when he might set -- -- our act as an overall. Thanks for the call John I appreciate your -- 18774694322. He Betsy he's a part of an ever dwindling minority of Americans certainly. GA you're next with -- cargo ahead -- Yeah I just wanted to -- that last caller. I've actually seen people. Victory -- -- cards. Actually and heard you know bunch of food or. Red -- is really the thing and then go down the street and sell it to a bodega. Take the money and buy drugs. Red ball -- It used to be it used to be baby formula now it's red ball -- there. Yeah. So bread bowl is so -- I never understood these attraction of rebel maybe it's that maybe I'm too old but it doesn't taste good. You know I I'd rather if I want something that's gonna Jack me up I'd rather have some coffee. Thanks 18774694322. How many phones get returned after the no longer need the transitional assistance. It's well known it's well known fact that people on welfare paid well over middle class working class taxpayers there's Melancon of -- to get the job. 1877469. Were three to two. How we only be on assistance two houses down for me as a fifty inch TV the best video games etc. this crap that's the stop. 2207. Says I'm waiting for my Obama gone. Is supposed Cleveland will vote for when the takes them away. 18774694322. And Eliot. My idea what was 8 o'clock Morgan relieved to go to on -- -- book publisher and in and the mail room managers at. How commercial but how come there's -- here during rush hour traffic this this is rush hour. There's nobody that there's nobody here. They seek its Cleveland OK it's Cleveland the understand there there rush hour it's like rush hour and more parents. Starts around new -- Known the true. That's AM drive on a -- radio station is it is. One to fly -- your next with Howard cargo ahead Russ. You know Ali watch certain Barack Obama in the state of the union speech. There's a problem a lot of people watching an infomercial from -- steady use. I was gonna say fast Eddie's fast -- pawnshop money Cologne. All it got what Punjab you know -- -- -- -- can do advocate for got -- only one flam man and I mean. I'd love that it probably. Yeah. -- know that you're used this George C. Scott before implement says that he -- wind -- -- remembered. He said let me tell systems sun started attempts -- Sarandon. You can't cheat an honest man. And you know what I think Barack Obama knows. You catch -- And but he but he understands that fortunately for him. Just a little over 50% of the American voting public is. Not honest in any stretch of the amassed by any stretch of the imagination and older -- people Ross. Those -- the people who want the Obama phones. -- -- -- That's probably all we grow up and out of time this great country that we have been. Yeah I know that's another thing that sort of depressing about the flam flam man you know it's looks it's back the old days speck in the fifties in North Carolina. And you know however and most of the people are pretty straight it's it's it's a good movie you ever have a chance to see it and that I would be a nice night to see it. But it really wouldn't be counter programming for turner classics to put it on -- when it. Because we're just one flam flam man against another -- and thank -- space with a call nailed it like they like to do counter programming you know when you're going up against the big big event or an allegedly big event I don't think it's going to be -- big event. CJ your next with how we cargo ahead CGI. Yeah Ali -- I think it would not try to do is try real time that what their fight it before it -- aren't a lot. Collapse -- -- -- in -- Michael will be your apple. So you know it says he's commanders are aren't sure -- -- -- Sort yet it is -- I guess retired number. From yard dreaded friend that the -- stop that -- -- take that in mr. -- at. For years and six months. Under these civil service -- as the -- you know what I'm. I'm out of my mind and so on go back to work part time I can I can't beat it not work how is interpret wrongly. No I will. You know CJ Iowa's used to think I did I get out of the first moment and and but now I think no I'm with you -- I mean I don't know what I'd do if I didn't. You're hoping you enjoy a day off unless you have -- much you've had two while work for a few days right. I had to check and triple and two weeks I mean I get a fairly decent and Doherty. Every car and that's a car yet because notable for a very there were moments -- -- you know -- narrator -- shortly should be getting. -- brought back to where our air or lined up. You know these people get help on. What -- Our driver yesterday -- or was are bright and -- -- the book publisher sent a card down together so we appreciated and the driver was a retired employee from the state of Ohio -- he said exactly the same thing you did CJ -- he was going knots. Do when. The -- going -- much rather. -- shouldn't have not been nicer than cabinet. Another couple bucks a pocket for days lower unbelievable. Thanks for the call CJ 18774694322. -- what's the best when he five minutes of YouTube I've ever seen last night the Benjamin Carson speech. Seeing -- squirm was priceless. Now for orbit if I were Benjamin Carson though I'd. I hope peace I hope he's as clean as he appears to be. Now because if there's any dirt on that guy it's gonna come out because they you don't get away with dissing this I mean this was worse than this was much worse than -- what he went up Paul Bryant did to him. You know. Or were or oral -- the news on the Supreme Court saying that's not true you know I mean this was a guy who was flat out or lecturing him. And and and he had no comeback. I I would die you know hopefully I I really hope I really hope to -- something bad about that Ben Carson in the next few weeks. 18774694322. Joseph your next with how we OK we go to break. -- -- -- But 7469432218774694322. That's. -- -- I want to assure you like to join us quickly about this this latest. This this latest. Disaster in the welfare system this is this time it's -- The federal disaster. The federal welfare disaster. Of Obama phones Obama phones. As you know have been passed out that just about everybody. In the and the in the Obama districts. And that no -- been doing any checking and when they start when the FCC finally begin doing some checking last year according to a front page story in the Wall Street Journal today that found out that. 41%. Of the end of the people who have the free Obama phones. Either. Didn't show -- When they either didn't respond to when they when they were queried as to whether they were eligible. Or just plain didn't exist apparently. So let's start to that's about average for radio for Obama Obama -- welfare program and the you know what he does care in the league east -- -- it's grown with the Obama. Phone program has gone from. 819. Million. When bush was last president in 2008. To 2.2 billion dollars sorts almost tripled in size and in three years. But then. Shouldn't truck dealers have have. Free phones to make their calls don't drug dealers -- cellphones to know why should they have to. Why should the drug dealer after -- or illegal -- have to pay for his own phone when the taxpayers are willing to do it. 187. Obama beer and Obama's cigarettes coming soon. -- Let's see. 18774694322. -- your next with how we cargo ahead Joseph. Well no idea. I loved that show than any I've had micro Diet -- was able to achieve on the it was this stuff she yeah. As one of those homes that. At the end users just for urgency should at all it's not such a big bill you know. I don't know -- -- kind of. They have to provide. -- will have to provide a -- fall for for everybody in the country Joseph and me well and what's next you know. They checked people who need help and -- well it's. There are some people out there to help you know. But I you know what I'm saying is you know that that I was kidding but you know what's that what is the difference between an Obama phone and Obama beer. Or Obama's. I think drinking it means. I don't know -- you're right. I don't like you know he has it's there. Aren't. How about a normal plasma TV you know what Obama fifteen -- you know it's just war. I'm very fortunate and am ready this year regular Taiwanese TV. You know it's not. We'll -- -- -- -- -- Got a house injured trying to maintain patent. -- just we're gonna bite off there -- -- kids. That could block important stuff and it's gorgeous here and help it. If you're with a budget Mary -- -- aren't the Arab yeah. Boston money now that that would cost you that would cost money wouldn't. -- -- -- -- -- I don't know about our -- -- All the candidates are pushing she went there are probably come off additional assistance stuff. All right yeah I was so -- -- -- you would you would be on the clock for the kids. Well no I think at the that you disability. Cute yeah. It's called yeah. But she would know -- -- -- certainly lose some of that this about some of the payments if you want if you mayor. Has she ever has she ever thought mention marriage to New York about the question right now. -- know we've talked about -- past you know it's not a money thing. Iran is definitely. -- joke like you won 8774694322. 18774694322. And I. How we even if doctor Carson is squeaky clean -- -- make something up the smear him. How we want to just make them get more land lines instead of cellphones no address no phone John from Hyannis. I don't. I don't understand that either I mean wouldn't you is left is only I'm blind Mora. More fraud proof. You know at least you the land line would be in a in a place where they can always be tracked down to see if they were there. Mean is it is it looks like they're just grabbing the phones and just yeah you know -- just claiming just giving and giving phony names and grabbing the phones and then selling them on the streets. Urge again just using them for a for illicit transit true transactions. Where they can't be they can't be really at tracked down in anyway -- your next with how we cargo ahead body. Hi Larry hi I -- -- and well that's great with how long do you -- Obama flown. I'll probably about. Who who gave it to yet. I am assuming that the taxpayers will. But nobody who who you have that's a that's a good assumption Europe's correct. You know that my favorite travel he and -- and well there. Who how did you would that somebody CQ loud and and recruit you to have an Obama 400 did you CNN that. Something in the mail I think we got something in the mail we used to get a bit. Regular plan might sound. And you can you do want to update you thought it might get a discount there or you can get -- alcohol. And he can and Amanda and that -- is that they sent us. You can upgrade to correct it much thought as he audited 300 dollars but it doesn't like people. And right now I think it's something out rate like 800. -- thought every month. You have to tell you that I used to have a tax on myself and got tired of -- not every and we clearly isn't well hardly ever Wear on people we don't drink -- -- I'll read you know we're a little bit believe we take -- care -- gambling. I am that we need help and in payment has been graduate you well. But if you if you if you don't need to phone them. Big mural that's -- you're not getting help you're just getting you're just getting a badly can that tell you don't need. Yet it's it's good to put safety for our. -- night is it's ninety habit for emergencies. I guess that's. That's out of the benefit but you're right it's that -- -- would be -- does -- say forget it I don't want one anymore. It. -- it's a good idea I probably yeah I think it would be an idea. A talk on the phone means we get to beta eight actually today I went down to an appointment and -- might -- paid for. I don't say it I asked while I was there and I asked and my tax return that I got I got. Arrogant and credit and child tax credit and did some shopping. I think Erica I think they got over a thousand dollars that's -- apple. And I am bragging about I think. -- have a ginger how much juror feel we -- question are all together. Under 40000. I want it to say it's -- -- 3230. And you go back six in the about 6000. From ago. In the you've got all these other benefits. You feel guilty about that. It about you get out we're over 300 hours on her food stamps and we live in northern Maine. You know there's. I we have a joke at my kids because when you stop that lady was there about a -- from Cleveland. We get a dedicated good thing that we had to file in this state. And now Iowa younger people around her out and say I. Don't you know it is -- -- I think I think -- -- as a joke I think that you should be. Drug tested. And we would be able to -- other -- because we don't get it out but I think it should be at -- does that. Should be mandatory. And I think that there should be a limit on how long could be on. -- content on. Probably ten years. Content coming up most of the women. Most normal limits are like to the most you can be around here for instance in Massachusetts supposedly. -- get a hardship. Waiver is two out of every five years. Ten years as an awful long time to be on the -- -- I would like to be confident I have been graduates of -- it. I ensure that there will be some sort of transitioning but it will it thank god that the department of people. Thanks for the call money 18774694322. On our car.