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Max Robins Tuesday February 12, 2013 - The Grammys

Feb 12, 2013|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube...Big topics today were the Grammy awards and Netflix.

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It's now time for Max robins he is a veteran. Journalist covering the TV industry mainly. Andy is here with us Vermont New York to why answer your questions about the the TV industry what's what's going on Macs. Well I'll tell you -- Well I'm wondering what's going on what people want extremely deliver to Brooklyn. They don't unfortunately Mac O -- grade are you are you -- you're not -- and. Not not -- in -- vote to vote on here we didn't get nearly as hard it is all. But it was like 45 degrees today your probable what could well do we we normally park on Monday and the Grammy -- army made big to a pretty big audience but it was down about 2628%. From the year before about 28 million people watched. Last year it was the second. Because bargains for the -- Actually seems like Max and I know you know I'm out of I'm not into the music scene these days worthy or the showbiz seem all that much but it seems like there's an awards show on every week how did they give any numbers what -- the immediate every week there's a -- right. It is how this -- literally. Referred to as the awards season but. I thought all season I thought I thought all seasons were the war. And it is. It is pretty amazing I was. But the Grammy party you know there. This memo. Leaked out about before the grammys. There's all the performers were to be very careful about buried too much question if you will. And also the patient be forty in the job. Can cut the ribbon you know the political -- There were there were some including Rihanna who. The way -- -- very little of the imagination and it. I can't believe them that the ratings were down 26 or 28%. Well I think it is I think what happened where your you remember why the audience was so large is because that was -- the grammys without you quite after. Whitney. Yeah mine right right and -- in the big Whitney you contribute so. I think that that was really an extraordinary. Of that and so you have like 38 million people like Oscar night. Audience turnout. -- what -- grim picture was actually quite respectable. Yeah this is Vegas -- and I still CC BS advertising it does a number one hit. Yeah I would be surprised to see -- come back I get in fairness she got a bit on the bubble. Witness I'll be rules going to be -- what a joke. I don't know. I don't know. How does it it's just amazing it's. -- -- use of its CR I mean the reviews of it had been sold. So uniformly negative and just I mean I have a hard time getting through -- that it's council horrible. Oh man I noticed the foot of the -- -- state of the whole illusion of reality -- but I. You just wonder where at all and -- we don't know like you know collectively. I want. -- and I might think state house were you one wish Boston a reality show -- should be state house rules. Respect how this rules. There you go I think you -- great. A great idea of the police stepped I don't -- deprived but look bulky to jail. Was that was me answers canceled. With what you owe me answers I don't know what that is yeah I don't know what happened the sons of guns. I think particularly Barack. What happened to 66 park avenue was actually a good show. Yeah I think that the numbers were now what. Let's take some calls for Max Robbins 18774694322. 18774694322. Is Matt -- in trouble mad Max before going further. You know he's got a long term deal I don't think you have any trouble. I know that there's. The -- -- number two in the -- now. If you have made but I don't think that now while I was trouble. I don't buy it. They called the second hour GMA news Max. Mean it's it's it's certainly is an entertainment but it's it's definitely not news either. It's -- it's -- one of equality ABC infomercial. Oh I know what they're prepared for people -- vote like it and that it can and should not -- a lot. You know it's not a whole lot better -- Really goes -- -- second hours of those mortgage showed the case that division the third hour. I mean they're really like we respected the third period service oriented and gossipy. And then. -- what we're working paperwork and -- -- -- audience that would do us. Oriented they actually have these these companies ought to pay. In Fiji I mean they're there -- -- were you know other infomercials you know this is right now Brandon oatmeal. Gosh what a great deal I took it on the Mike yeah -- kids the oatmeal. Trying to lift weights and I'm hearing this stuff Max and I wanna just that I wanted to drop the weight on my neck and kill myself. Don't do that we -- The I think that you're gonna be boat in the in India and information programming and certainly in it and it's scripted programming. More and more product integration and happy you know. All of the different. Like home. Immigration. Apparently meant that secret now -- Just call already yeah whatever we -- -- let's play a lot of what. Shall I. It's really good I'd I would probably really interest in today you know bomb to visit to a particular subscriber networks that are terrific theory. I've got a quick call how to -- And it took about star Kevin Spacey and it it's just real kind of like Washington intrigue and it. Throughout the period corrupt power will be. Congress. He's I think he's in the I think you like the majority whip. And if it's really. A lot of fun and what your quick hit which kind of revolutionary. They've made all thirteen episodes available. Right away. Now you know that would see if -- a model where it's its subscriber. Base but interest do you watch this show to work well see somebody wrote about -- on the on the -- heck are they. There's a lot like apple product W Lee. Probably. Yeah it. Throughout it there's this whole scene we're the congressman's wife. -- where -- over anybody who watched it could. She's involved with the kind of you know. Downtown New York based you know good looking hipster photographer with the British accent. And got local law that looks like some you know photo shoot quail ocean. And it's really interest in the the whole whole relationship with him. Doesn't. And we can move a spot on that much Italian -- much but it is like get editorial for Canon camera. Uses K Cameron. These children -- all the destruction portrait you can be candid printer I think. I would that they don't quote are in the piece that they can pay them from the but I got that break I got it they. The money changed. -- It's just more open than ever lets face and calls for rough for Max Robbins -- the are next with how we card Max -- go ahead Andy. In but certain actually missed a softball let's 666 -- part to have a bit deep six. That app that you you know what can I tell you it. With all the climate change I -- in my area. -- functioning of the -- -- about -- rage and I'm ashamed to say that I watched bill that was with the American vote for the grammys -- broke up a couple of things there at the end of the show they did a they did a pretty good tribute songs that the band which -- -- -- they do because those guys a role. That's that's I'm surprised though. Yet they did let you know you get sick of one thing after another but I mean there are a lot of -- considered a base saying the weight and that it's about that it'll be glad. Memo I don't think it -- got a she looked a bit more like he would be surprised about. -- -- -- -- -- Like I don't agree or. Thanks for the -- might be the Biggest -- And be oh boy EJ the and he certainly got to feature each froze his words carefully for their radio theater of mind we all of the pressure now. What does what she looked like. Robert your next. You're trying to be patient -- -- would -- -- Yeah yeah yeah whale now way over Canada yes not just another pretty face. Hello. -- I'm a big fan of red eyes on -- that there are still on at 3 AM. And not created any chance if they are quite moving up to eleven. But I can get and I thought. Hit it and I don't I don't think so you know I'd been out awhile. Spot of the country you know trying to. Though -- were younger but still you know keep. Got some perspective to respect something I mean they kept it on the year I don't see them up. Robert who's the guy on that show who's the main guy. Oh yeah Greg got the way I did better with him and in Palm Beach over Christmas he was -- Ann Coulter -- He was I'd I'd mentally. Drop named Ares I mean. Yeah that was it and -- -- -- and he know me from somewhere -- that he got busted by. -- -- Geraldo Rivera back when he was in college. -- I was -- the invited me along toe and I was just sitting beside him and horrible as it's a you're never you're never drink much to you -- heard no no no -- never -- So we got some pictures we wanna show you when he was like stumbling around drunk. An -- Barely remembered -- and he says he's an all was remembered the words you you said to me when week when the show when the segment ended and we were leaving. And so what I say and he says it. You said to me you've got host kid. He did and he's he's a good kid though he's a decent kid. Yeah I am right now wait a second -- call Serbian surety bitter and -- -- -- -- -- Wonder did you actually see anything there. She she cooked steak cushy way that we we went over to our house it's fairly close to where we live. And we we went parent Greg Gutfeld was there and some other guy in the one of her friends came and and that we had steaks were real basic stuff Americans stop stakes baked potatoes and I agreeing beings. Good to me yeah ocean and it. You know she delivers -- Acosta. What would this super markets close to what man. -- -- -- No no doubt that I didn't part well the big spread Asian food habit and you don't go about it here on. Away and you know what it would likely. About Mike what about my tuna fish do from Evans belly and marble that. Well that Toby you're next with how we card Max -- -- Toby. -- -- -- outcasts just took out the other. And PC from Karachi -- -- my -- both of these are getting better off just doing and which is -- to -- at the cable dispute erupted in the video over the Internet or is cable apiece. And it it would be content that. You know I gotta I gotta target yet I think didn't give. Firstly it it depends on -- what's important to watch and GB I mean it and I -- a lot of people who have digital TV sets. That are hooked up straight to the Internet and it the court to cable to all the local news stations. They can get all the broadcast networks. Plus you know fire any of these services Hulu Netflix Amazon and apple TV. You know you can get a lot of stuff beauty get a lot of it might be it might be doing it might be better off. However there -- people like me for example are like all the local Aldridge chip on your watch if fighting is part was my -- it was New York one. I also won't be able to get. You know HBO or showtime some of these premium channel. I won't be able to see my alma mater get -- ass kicked this year UNC now that they're having a down year. There you go it's like it's like -- whose public you know I've been. You know we've coupling him beat Michigan and as -- -- -- interest rates without help wonder you know he has DirecTV didn't get big you know against the. I don't boy package we can watch -- -- -- -- their Macs -- run out time but thanks for coming on and we'll see you next week. Okay how we look forward -- talking about how we.