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Lifeline or Scam?

Feb 12, 2013|

The Lifeline program started in 1984 to ensure that poor people aren’t cut off from jobs, families and emergency services has morphed into a government rip off for free cell phone service - Howie remembered the vote for Obama and get a free phone lady during the election who thought Obama was paying for her phone from his stash.

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Now. Now we've all got the Obama -- back in our at least 50% of the people go. How we how could someone be on welfare for ten years ago at 6000 dollar tax refund I you know I don't know the ins and outs of I don't know the ins and -- -- -- basically what I know about welfare of -- learn from callers on the show occasionally. From a letters that I get at The Herald courier at the radio station exploit people explain it to. I don't know but I have no doubt that that what she was saying -- stroke. One common law marriage should apply -- taxes. -- I I would I would agree. I I would agree you know what but the vinegar to claim that what common law means you lived together for seven years no I know we've only been living together for five. Leaders are for yours or three years. 18774694322. Are you kidding me the woman from Maine makes forty K I pay for her stop by making half that working one of those jobs Americans won't do when we pay a 125. -- week in child support. What the heck happened to dignity in America all silly me from 46 year old white male. 18774694322. How we are just watch the Carson YouTube video can this president be anymore probably too deeply he just looked bored stupid. Kind of like in the first debate humane. He was probably PLO that Carson was a better speaker than himself and actually. It made sense. 18774. Before you're back to welfare arm I'd -- you wanna talk about some more money being wasted tonight tonight if -- old city by the way what is the the if you want to warm. If you wanna listen to the show on line you can go to how we cart dot com click on the live audio streaming I have a new website now. And a few ports are confused about it but it's how we car out that AT. And not email doesn't mention how we car AT rifleman dot com that's my new website -- got a link on how we cart dot currencies can just go away. And and that's where you can see my new book and by the way if you like one of those new Brothers Bulger magnets the three Brothers together. You're gonna go -- you can get one of those by a just sending a stall speed up self addressed business size envelope mailed manager PO box 12330. Wellesley mass 02482. PO box 812330. -- castle two for two. And tomorrow -- tomorrow evening we're gonna have -- fickle area and Jerry O'Neal on the show at 6 o'clock there the authors of the new book white. Which is wearing -- column yesterday you saw. What the the woman the turned in white applications you can call. Was apparently good friend appointees until one day she happened to mention her unabashed support for a Barack Obama. Why the flu and two way. You'll pardon the expression white rage. And was screaming and yelling -- -- never spoke to were again. He would often throw the N word around with this guy Josh Bonn two was the maintenance guy at the wisest for an this young kid from the U. He -- often through the day in work around with Josh on it was from Mississippi and and finally Josh wants it please please turn. Four that was his name trolley ESCO. Charlie can -- -- -- network so much and and why he says. I'm just old school I don't leave the race should mix. Well the authors of this book it's a great it's a great new book out it's called Y eighty. And it's being published next week by crowned and they'll be with us tomorrow night and that it will blow up some good. Some some good talk I like 11 of the things. Well we're far more about it later brought it to the -- I want to get for the electric car mistake. Really admirable but tell that Tesla model S that's the one that's built in Finland and Marie during sandy. They had the they had they had the they -- in a shipment album from from a -- And they were purported New York. And that the title but the path the waves the big -- -- tidal -- but they were in serious waves they went over the deck of of the transport car. And they got into the Telesis. Group that has us. And you know what happened. Because those caught fire. Gradually they said the -- the test was exploded. These are cars that were turned off and they explode. And -- that that the president of Tesla came out and said that would like to correct -- apprehension that the that our cars exploded when that when water went over the they just caught by -- They didn't pics below. So anyway they're trying to they're still trying to recover format so they give us so 'cause what gives a give it gives say it that has -- model S electric car. Two while one of the New York Times automotive writers. But the New York Times John Campbell -- this has happened from the Washington Post reported Friday that that has what model S electric car he was test driving. Repeatedly ran out of juice partly because cold weather reduces the batteries range by about 10%. -- trip turned into a nightmare including a stretch with a clocked out car riding on the back of a flatbed truck. Tesla chief executive EU on mosque. EU on mosque. Elon Musk. Fired back on Monday tweeting that rotors were port is a fake in the vehicle logs show we did actually charge to Max and took a long detour. That's there excuse he took a long detour. But is better as the -- excuses saying it didn't exploded just caught fire. Who wants a 101000. Dollar car that might die just because you feel like taking a long detour. President Obama repeatedly declared that with enough federal way we can put a million electric electric vehicles on the road by 2015. His administration has invested about five billion in grand skier and keep loans including 465. Million for as well. And tax incentives to buyers -- mentioned this today because if you watch the state of the union you're gonna hear a lot of the I word investments. Federal billions however cannot overcome the fact that electric vehicles and plug in electric hybrids meet you -- any of real consumers' needs. Compared whitbeck gas powered cars they deliver inferior performance at much higher Kostis is the Washington Post. -- -- Nor do electric cars promised much in the way of greenhouse gas reduction as long as they rely on a power grid that is still -- mostly fired by fossil fuels. Let somebody else is finally said that you know the minute struggle tribe would bite reactionary like myself. That's why call these things coal fired. They are coal fired. You know it's it's a joke but it stroke. As for vice president Biden's 2009 forecast of billions and billions and billions of dollars in good new jobs. The electric car factory at which he made -- that statement sits -- today. Did all the taxpayer -- Michigan factory battery maker LG chem. Two Energy Department funded lithium on ion battery makers have gone bankrupt there's simply no denying. That the administration's electric vehicle policy was a mistake. But the bottle is a case study and unchecked righteousness the administration assumed the worthiness and urgency of its goals. American should want electric cars and there are -- they would appear. That's the Washington Post saying that. 187. Punto is better than has. Most is how we the ones -- CNB worked this harmless I'm -- that has what Fiske or get more confused. 18774694322. How we Carson made Obama look especially -- by speaking without a teleprompter. You know if what you're talking about you roll it on the teleprompter. Now I understand you're you're making a big speech in front of the country or the 10% of the country that's gonna watch this -- you you have a teleprompter but. If you if you know your if you know your subject. You shouldn't need a teleprompter. Why should I mean issue should be able to speak extemporaneously. 18774694322. I didn't see too many should be -- while tooling around this week and I wonder why. Okay all right catching fire. Or rather than exploding that's very reassuring I know I don't I certainly thought it was very reassuring. All right 18774694322. We -- back to talking about the welfare abuse. And the suit brought on today by the front page story in the Wall Street Journal millions fraudulently claimed eligibility for federal farm subsidies. Well meaning but perhaps overly this is a rewrite from -- hot air a well meaning but perhaps overly ambitious perhaps overly ambitious federal assistance program that offers a taxpayer subsidized benefit. And does not have a rigorous eligibility requirements was fraudulently taken advantage bought -- by millions of people. A pause here for a moment to what you recover -- this destroy your faith in the American welfare state under -- under Obama. The Obama administration has engendered a terrible job deprive the economy to which one of their proffered solutions is simply expanding the welfare state even further just check out food stamp growth -- grief. But with more federal assistance in the accompanying bureaucratic expansion and administrative cost of more fraud and government waste. All at the taxpayers' expense. The B agent again we repeat this the agency the FCC which which we've conducted the lead the the audit. The agency estimated 15% of users would be weeded out but far more war dropped a survey of the top 5% -- and so lifeline support that's what they call like point. Conducted by the FCC. Showed that 41%. Of their more than six million subscribers. The -- couldn't demonstrate their eligibility or didn't respond to requests for certification. So that -- 41% -- fraudulent. 18774694322. What's the over under on how many times -- uses the word fear shared his speech tonight. Well I I wouldn't I I don't. It'll be at least separate I would -- I would I would say I would I would go 88 as the over under for -- share. For investments. It could be up around twenty. -- -- -- -- he's he's talked about the economy you know and in week if only we make more investments. In things like has -- and karma car camera karma Fisher's. And these these battery these these lithium ion battery. Case where -- world will be just fine and ever agree. His his body Deval Patrick's. Wasted. Fifty billion here in Massachusetts. 18774694322. Okay -- can your next with how we cargo ahead can. -- -- -- sort of -- my navigation works and mental hospital. Not cheap. She apparently one of the patience is running around with a soft or. And -- -- -- of what I want I don't know somebody that works there. Cut out this guy about you know made a joke or something and probably culinary -- girlfriend or whatever it's I doubt that that robotic arm. Now you -- he has apparently. Only that -- available. A land line. And not -- and that's not a problem that's an issue the calculator that's that's it that's like calculator into an all out assault -- -- doing so well on his arm. With a calculator I'd kind of a calculator and that's what really got my own. He's he's in a mental hospital and he's got an Obama phone. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I heard today somebody's I heard the -- somewhere that -- is somebody from the -- or somebody from New Hampshire said. But they were out there were rod just walking down the street in Boston or some city urgency down here in Massachusetts. And somebody just came up dormant and solicited them. Two to take an Obama phone. -- just like you know like -- you you're likely also comeuppance when you sign my petition to get on the ballot you know. Now they -- now and now you're not not an outside a petition the on the ballot they're signing on the petitions to get on the ball. Essentially different areas that that got one of these things and an LC got to follow him on that then and that's OK let's that's you know if you want it. This is activated so whatever if you don't send it back like. You know -- gonna -- to send it back if you don't wanna do and what they don't just you know what else are used to people that they think would you know. I don't know how this woman got in in on anything but what it is just -- followed them all if you don't want to send it back right Boca. But it's not -- Embed and Tom Harkin says where we don't we have plenty of money we appoint we could do this week and we -- -- it why don't we send everybody in the country as a cellphone. It. Everybody's starting with Bill Gates and -- Warren Buffett you know everybody deserves a cellphone. It's they it's they it's they were right it's a human right. I wonder if if you -- our effort our allies wonder I was wondering if you could pay for that data plan what you're EDT card. The apparent tension I mean it's an injury became a -- -- I mean that's that's crazy that you don't even Massachusetts's crackdown on the beer. Supposedly you know yeah I and you just go across the street to -- -- ATM and get some cash out. But you still you still can't directly pay for beer or cigarettes. With any with a BBT car where is in New Hampshire you can don't be something -- gas Maggie asked him about. You know that's me and there -- only as. I know I it's pretty bad when Massachusetts when Massachusetts is more conservative than New Hampshire in any form thanks for the call -- 18774694322. Apparently they the the cops have -- Exchanged fire with that crazy guy out in California I hope there I hope they're close in on. 187746943222. Amazing that he's been able to stay ammo on the -- Hamels -- as he has. 187746943221. Nationally it's such a great regrets it's a great thing that you know but the reason I mean. I don't know the woman in in nicely and that that new. The new while -- and Catherine Gregg would would not turned -- -- should CNET if -- sold noxious about his though Obama deranged when syndrome but it was she was certainly a lot more rock more. Motivated. To turn to turn the guy yen after it stopped talking to weren't yelled about Obama. 1877469432218774694322. How way I work my ass off and pay my bills at least wackos -- at least -- yet. -- Like it generated. 18774694322. Just keeping them on working masses happy instead of following in the chaos. I mean again. In the old days you could chip the spot in the movies I don't think it's -- I know what's in the movies but it's I think it's a way things -- there was like. If you know if if you are fewer than a tenement if you look at it in in a in a port area. They admit that might be five families living in the building where at least one of the few and we would have a phone so you get -- emergency cheer the phone right. Or you know there'll be one that be a pay phone at the end of or you'd have one phone with party lines. Why does everybody in the world need a phone amid I want to have enough phone I have a cell phone and landline like like almost all you do. They pay for a. I don't get I don't get I don't have an Obama phone. You don't have an Obama phone. While most of Dan your next with how we -- go ahead and. You haven't noticed -- abroad all the television it's just a cup of coffee. If you look at every single being who you ask this several cups of costing it. Being look so called bill it's too including on line so you got two kids -- -- that's ten bucks like this. But you don't want to incapable. Of its. Go to school I'm not been tapped into it at home resisting not -- but look kindly to that still doesn't -- -- -- Man who works at the 101000 actually cups of coffee gonna have to fight just helped kill all under obamacare. He was back in the taxes yet. Yeah go go away have you ever stayed in a hotel in New York City -- That's the biggest that's the biggest ripoff I've ever seen. Hours yet you can't blame -- it's just -- messy -- and a wealth redistribution call. I I don't you have you have a you have a city state tax. City tax. A room tax. And I don't even know what else is just it isn't just astounding how many taxes yeah. And then they always -- like the weather policy in the Dallas and Boston -- you know they put at least have a attacks -- have attacks on motel rooms is just -- and which disposed of paper mass convention center authority and they say while it's only on people out of state. What what they're not Americans so mean what the -- it's not gonna it's not to be passed on to what the other route to two while. To Massachusetts people don't nobody from Massachusetts stays in these hotels. And then another way they had to pay for the convention center -- have a special packs in Boston on rental cars. To get what -- -- people go across the river to Cambridge to rent their cars so there's no packs over there. Thanks for the call them 18774694322. Border fled in stolen car exchanged gunfire wow. He they got to be closing in on him I mean nowadays you know they got all this high tech -- he can't be getting away he's not Superman. You know he's he's not a he's not a a a CEO he was a navy reservists you know. Mean me debts he he's not any any was -- it was a good allegedly crooked cop. 18774694322. Kevin your next what how we cargo ahead Kevin. They get we can't just leave the ball out of it by the way it would just getting shot at I mean. Because they resembled the officer -- All I know these aren't they had two women were delivering newspapers are they -- and they just that the the peppered the car with gunfire last week. They -- we have in the East Coast of any event. I'd talk about the deficit if we without a teleprompter. Delivered this speech about Iraq. So Benjamin constant. -- writes from Johns Hopkins. Eloquently put it said that it would take the spotlight times. All day all night if we would -- 08 to count to sixty they have trillions. Almost 600 years it would take us. Just. To reverberate now sixteen and a half million the second day Ed hockey in my Iraqi. For all that hidden cost of black exceed the 08 -- reform bill. Hello what do adult I. All of us were old enough to remember him holding up those remote controls back in the seventies and expect a -- none of us will ever vote for the guy. -- might draw. I mean even mention it did feel a lot. Exactly exactly Stephen Lynch may he may be a not not exactly. That the perfect candidate. But compared to the marquee he has absolutely. Thanks Kevin. 18774694322187. Says he was allegedly a straight cops surrounded by crooked cops yeah that's what he says. That's why he. Why kill three people because it was so long past you know. Be -- hotel taxes only paid by out of staters unless there's an emergency and say 400000 people are looking for warm place display exactly. They -- that The Herald staff stayed over the west than that across the street across the street from from from our overall offices. You know there where they where they out of state people know what they got that with the out of state tax. 18774694322. Adored her not too bright now we only first owned personally three roads on a Rafa now on a drop big bear mountain. Non negotiable for -- Trace. Berry told Letterman that that was only 101000000000006. Trillion off no clue whatsoever. Yeah I don't think he doesn't have -- -- he doesn't include 18774694322. On how are. It. 18774694322617. Sizzle but -- T -- -- -- -- were merit -- by April. A museum if you've seen via television pictures of the of the people that are riding around on the free group -- in and in LA. They have they have on the back of their cars gold border ago. I mean he's he's killing people. I mean doesn't mean anything to anybody any enemies if he's he's not. Have -- read heavy week. Have you read his his manifesto. But guys as big a fruit cake is as the unabomber. BCE's admit OK maybe is not much -- it's more coherent -- the -- -- bomber but basically it's the same it's the same stuff these these these him megalomania. Paranoia. And you know we got fired he -- you'd think people get fired and made the they lose it in the sky I lost that. One why are they calling -- border homegrown terrorist. That's a that's a rhetorical question is and it's 617. People people will look like corner art homegrown terrorists only people who look like Tim McVeigh are homegrown terrorists even -- and -- the order is. Homegrown. 18774694322. Even your next with power cargo heady and. -- there is just stuff brought up the -- terrorism subjects. About the Obama for. I wonder how long it indicates the well known fact that -- terrorist. It used. Prepaid cellphone you know you haven't been behind. Right and and Whitey Bulger same thing gangsters use of drug dealers. And just wondered how long Obama phones you don't have to have a name -- -- -- person to get on how long before a terrorist attack happens -- someone uses one to detonate a bomb on us soil you know. That's a good that's a good point -- and I'm sure I'm positive drug dealers have been used in these phones aren't that there's no way that you can have 41% fraud rate and not have and not have some of these phones fallen to drug dealers hands. You know. Yeah it's and it's just it's just I mean all these all these ways the all these welfare programs they're they're basically. I mean I know some some people who use of a legitimate but there there are ways for criminals to two wide get around the law. I mean can you imagine now now criminal doesn't even have to go to work. You go to a 7-Eleven and buy one of these phones they're delivered in the mail -- yeah. Some amazing thing. And they say and they say that the US mail services Postal Service is outdated I don't think so not most wanted delivery Obama phones. Thanks to a colleague and. 1877469432218774694322. Why does Obama have a drone fly over and -- border since that's legal now. I don't think it's legal in the states I think is just legal outside the country. 18774694322. -- doping -- is going to be alive very much longer wonder he's even going to be alive when the show was over. Chris you're next with how we cargo ahead -- And how long -- many times. You know like I had to call because they heard the woman from northern. About trying to get gawker saying you know -- site to live in north Brittany. And I drive literally three hours eight to go to work. You know and -- -- for over twelve years. And whenever I need extra money I've got extra -- you know delivered papers in the -- washed dishes that it would overtake. Just so that she knows what people like -- excited called but this girl but I think he -- in the term taxpayers. -- with you you know I mean you hear whatever you wanna call -- status I'd like to put -- state. You know are seen as he took that ball what she said was I didn't like in my trachsel. Well you know I like -- -- that she's taken. Something from my daughter. You -- -- and I mean anybody that I earned it just taking it from my children and so respect guy's girlfriend. You know what I was its people Welker got welfare she's. It was a statement to leave we were -- recently we lived in the projects in Massachusetts. And I wanted to get that -- law but because of all that in all the guys like -- -- -- -- -- everyone of them gone out the world and made something with a polite and everyone says the same thing it's because they didn't want to live that way. It's now there's no stigma to it at all. Everybody that I know -- thought well -- they -- Smart bombs they have been noted that Smart -- -- aren't as Smart phone you don't have. Some sort -- was -- he's gonna he's waiting for the Obama iPad become. -- credible or anyone. Cynical lawyer so maybe he can answer this but it's it's a guy is a nut job like this. The starter chase in California goes into a bar and 200 people see him shoot someone but then he can't -- they can't find a murder weapon. What they call that 200 people's testimony anecdotal. Because there are thousands of people who could testify that Welker -- thousands and thousands but yet they still call it anecdotal and -- And now and now the -- got a new name for it he he says that the only this at 41% of these phones are going to people who were fraudulent or don't exist. -- calls that. That's -- that's leakage. -- Independents like you said -- there is no reason for her to have and I'm not trying to pick on this one particular woman but it's like they don't think the but they don't realize I don't think she realizes that she is exactly what we're talking about. -- welfare for ten years. And that figure some -- -- and it more artists and the person. Next year but that is exactly the -- 6000 dollar earned income return. That she's -- talk about her income which is welfare. -- -- -- That -- -- 6000 -- welfare check in the ear and out like Kurt know that are your -- and taxes in. Attacks checked myself that's gonna cover that you know I don't are. And in a hundred years ago it like there's gonna live on my arm. That they would it's a -- aren't -- it would help my wife with the house. They might not had a lot of money but they would have a roof over their head they would -- every day you can now want to hear those same people. Stay home and watched it forties plasma while I go to work and still run Mike Bartrum and so you know the world has gone upside down. In capsule we it's in use you -- your expressed it very well for us thanks thanks for the call. 18 sevenths he's at these -- exactly right -- you know it's. It just it it started you know immunity again it's good intentions all these programs aren't as good intentions you know oil would you -- SSI a classic example started. Forty. Forty little over forty years ago it was for widows and orphans literally widows and orphans. Now it's for everybody in the world who couldn't sneak over here and get in here and as never paid into the system. It you know Obama phones I mean can you would imagine Arnold muffle. Giving way phones to people. Because their life lines. Again. Who who lives in in isolation. A few people -- but not many you can what why can't they don't extort -- the phones aren't that expensive. They eat up money for a -- new car got money for a new clothes against a -- while the new clothes that's another welfare program for kids. You know all this -- all this money come in and our Jiri BT card you can expect -- you can't buy a phone how much is a phone costs cost nothing. These days. 1877469432218774694322. Hemorrhaging is leakage through. Yes it is bill your next with how we cargo ahead bill. -- Out of here to do that sequestration. Is that's all the way to get shots. -- get rid of all we lunches. And what else subsidies you know I don't know. Yeah well how they were portrayed sequestration that would be you know all. Mrs. mr. -- mrs. Jones that find some white family with blond hair and and three little little abnormal tow headed kids. Mr. and mrs. Jones have had to move firmly into a into a welfare shelter because the evil Republicans have cut you -- -- and you don't know what that's what did though. We actually we're going to get better at all. -- it would not at all. Yeah I. I just want. I the only way you can get the -- you know what I think it's gonna just take the it's it's gonna take a a collapse to get the cuts -- mean. So our so our military and they want more out there they want more Abrams tanks but they probably got. The military -- a lot. About all right. I know and I know. And now it's not a it's not a it's not a defense program -- patronage program for some some powerful congressman and he could very well be Republicans as well as a Democrat. Thanks for the call bill 1877469432. To a point guards. -- Somebody says this you know it's helpful that doesn't work stilts and still supposed to work if you wanna dial 911. They've got at the that's been set up that way they're they're built that way. I don't know that I know it'll dial 9/11 four as a mumbled would -- -- dial 911. So in other words. All you have to do -- give him a broken cellphone did this why is there a need to give them. CA. 88 fully functional cellphone. If a 911 cell phone won't work. 18774694322. Jonathan you're next with how we cargo ahead Jonathan. I always a friend of mine had -- safely -- I don't know if that's not how the Obama phone or not but one of the deal is if she doesn't use the minutes. She loses it stopped working they take it away completely. They shut it off. So they're trying to encourage them to use. You're asking you to consume me. Taxpayer minutes or you lose the power and so much for being at -- phone. Right does that mean does that make any sense -- and computer. Yeah I mean you're you're encouraging people to waste taxpayer money. Your second guessing if you were gonna punish you quite taken the phone away if you don't waste money. And so if your thrift feet. -- -- What what a screwed up country this is an -- -- who wants to make more investments. Give our fair share I'm Howie -- --