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Is Chris Dorner, the hunted cop killer, a hero?

Feb 13, 2013|

Why are people cheering on this guy? Chris Dorner is becoming some sick hero.

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Boston bulldozer. That's the greatest man hunt. Millions in the wild. Ended last night. In big bear lake in California. XL APD officer. Christopher -- Five years ago. Was laid off was in fact fired. By the Los Angeles police department. For filing a false report. That accused his training officer. Of kicking a mentally ill suspect. Do Warner alleged. Is that he was the victim of a cover up that he was the victim of revenge. That the LAPD department. Essentially. Fired him for being a whistle blow. He then spent time. As a navy reservists a marksman shooter eight pistol expert. He was deployed in Bahrain for about six months between 2006. And 2007. In his anger. At being fired by the LAPD police department. He went on -- killing spree. And he posted a rent a manifesto. On the Internet. A 21 page manifesto. Where he accused the LAPD department of being racist. Of being retaliatory. Of destroying his good name of destroying his career. And then. If you read part of the manifesto. He talks about how he has been inspired by President Obama. He is a supporter of Obama. He rants and raves about the white power establishment. He talks about how he's proud to be black nationalist. In other words. It is the manifesto. Are they left Winger. It is the manifesto. Are they black nationalist. It's in many ways a political document and not just a personal document. And then finally after threatening if he would get his revenge. The man who represented him at the disciplinary hearing. Former LAPD captain Randle Kwan. He said he was gonna go after him because he felt he felt that he put the Randall -- the captain put the interest of the LAPD department. Above that of Chris Horner. And so Chris -- in cold blood. Killed -- assassinated. Shocked. Captain wants daughter Monica Kwan 28 years of age. -- college basketball coach and her fiance -- Florence. And then as the manhunt increased. Due Warner went underground and he went on the -- He then ended up killing several other police officers and shooting and wounding them. The LAPD was desperate. They put a million dollar reward for his capture. They sent drones to try to track him down. Almost the entire LA police department. We're stretched thin looking for this man any furious desperate manhunt. Christian -- Made his way out of Los Angeles and into eighty miles east of LA a big bear lake which is basically your resort town. And in the forest he hit out. He then saw a couple in -- cabin. He kidnapped them -- them up stole their G store truck forgive me to be accurate. And he tried to escape but he was spotted by several -- When she was spotted they called in the police they called in law enforcement. And they vacated cabin. Do Warner then barricaded himself. Surrounded. By a law enforcement. They brought in armored vehicles. Destroyed the windows. Began to destroy the Waltz. He shoot out occurred to. One more police officer was killed another gravely wounded. In total four people were killed because of this madman. Many others wounded. They then heard a single shot inside this cabin last night. And then and the LAPD does not know how this happened law enforcement does not know who started the fire. The entire cabin went up in smoke. They have found one charred body. They believe that to be of Christopher Warner. They believed the manhunt is now over and he is dead they're gonna do DNA tests to get a positive reading and find out if he's actually the man. Who pairing looks burn to death it looks like it's over. Rick this drama unfolding. Has this man has killed innocent people. Killed police officers. Wounded others. Many in the black community not just in Los Angeles but across the country. Including. Many Liberal Democrats. How I've been perch rain -- Warner I kid you not as a vigilante hero. And they're saying. He is a symbol of the white racism. That has been victimizing blocks Indy LAPD. He was a victim of the Los Angeles police department he was falsely fire. His good name destroyed. And he was another victim. Of the white power establishment. And so on Twitter on social media there has been an absolute explosion. Of people. Expressing support. For Chris adorn her as the manhunt was going on. As she was killing people. And so let me give you an example these are just isolated tweets. It goes on by the thousands and thousands and thousands. Let me give you a couple of -- so proud of Christopher Warner fight the blanking power. Christopher -- or should blast fight the power fight the power. -- -- they're trying to kill you for a reason go down fighting and call it what you want but if I was a cop I'm not going after him. This is retribution. For war in Rodney king's rear end I can't see the the vulgar word and on and on into ghosts. He does not end. Too many. Key is a hero. He is a vigilante hero. And there is one person in the media. -- I know I don't mine a big fan of Chris Matthews I don't care for Ed Schultz I don't care for Rachel madcow. I don't care for many of these flaming moon bats. Peddling their marxism and socialism. And their worship of Obama. But Roland Martin. -- still mean one of the most and I'm choosing my words very carefully he is one of the most despicable. Disgusting. Rep re handset commentators I have ever seen he is one of the worst race bidders. This man is always fanning the flames of race. Why CNN keeps this man on this to mean beyond me and they should be ashamed of themselves. I've never heard anybody. Fuel the fans trying to forgive me fanned the flames fueled the flames of hatred and bigotry. Like Roland Martin does on a regular basis. It's a close fight between him and the non Reverend Al Sharpton. So here is Roland Martin on a panel. In which she's actually saying. You have to understand. -- Warner. You have to understand the frustration that many African American child with the LAPD. You have to understand. That for many African Americans. The Los Angeles police department they're tourists. Here is Roland Martin in his own words -- talks. First of all if you hold them as a vigilant but at the vigilante hero for me you're nuts. But in talking about a dog owner. We have can't act as -- what he had to say should not be discussed why can't we talk about vote. Why can't we can damage him why can't we say he is paying this for what he -- but didn't say wait a minute. What is he talking about as a relates to. Police officers when you don't talk about the rampart division when you talk about the history of the LAPD. The pinnacle where you lip. You see them as being terrorist and so what I'm saying is disgusting that. Does not somehow validate him. Does that say yes stamp of approval those people are nuts but we shouldn't act is that we can't have multiple conversations. Nobody on the panel said nothing. Frozen silent. -- Warner Music cop killer. Warner is a murderer. And when you start referring to police officers as terrorists. -- reporting a target on their -- you're saying their illegitimate. You're saying their evil you're saying it's OK to shoot and kill him. And so my question do you wins. Do you believe -- Warner. Is a vigilante hero 6172666868. Mike Europe next go. He had -- -- that works I can't talk liability it is not a Democrat or liberal thing got conservative public FaceBook post and I support Chris and -- bigger than just up politics is bigger than color race so I really wish you -- have vilified and demonized and I -- mixed although police. We see are what make you support Chris Chris -- Yeah I'd deploy -- I support you looking into the situation and I support you I don't I don't stand by don't supported him. Going Ellington -- we're not playing now he's thinking that this situation be looked at investigated. -- adequately investigated I mean he. He's shooting up people he's actually get music killer. Right -- the discharges the road I think that would say that this situation he'd call now it is should we let guys who were sent. -- don't get that. Mike do you think -- terrorists. But I think right now but I think again they can take their own agenda I think -- vacant. They have the power to arrive at absolute power corrupts absolutely so I I think there's some things you should look at that what we have investigators and that -- saying like that we just look at it. I but I understand Michael look at what to look at the fact that he killed all these people. No the -- and you know you're such an idiot. Look at this situation that he's -- now look at that the problem that -- that -- started this is where I'm talking about. -- what did he was let go five years ago. My plan that you know -- -- my let's just say he was dismissed wrongful let's just say he was wrongly fired OK just for argument sake that justifies going out and shooting people. You know I don't know -- NSA at all I just got to tell you that -- really -- -- he's going to be different targets were already dead. -- push to ensure yes we can one not what are you doing here. It's a little startling. I might not with theories -- what your cheap insults when you can handle a simple question. -- legitimate listen look my god this it honestly does this the elevator goal of the top four people are dead. Others have been wounded so many more debt my mother made so many more may be dead OK they may -- this man goes on a shooting spree because. Because of what happened five years ago that he may have been on -- on unjustly and unlawfully dismissed and you're supporting him. Are you calling me a moron. And it's clear that the situation is gone allied to play the investigating the problem and oh lead and the company green you -- investigate this. There are opened up the case to show that he thought there was nothing wrong with his dismissal but the point is he's already dead. It looks like his body is charged and I think I celebrate I as a hero. And I went out and how to fire started. What's yours but I don't know on the right up to date that China already said this is people are my god it's right -- around the circle to join on your FaceBook page we -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't have. Have time to deal with people like you on my FaceBook page I don't know. How nice -- thank you thank you unbelievable. Look at these countries coming to. So let me here let me just go hide hypothetically hypothetically OK he was wrongfully fired. He was unjustly unlawfully fired OK there was a cover up. And they got rid of them okay I believe me I -- to me is definitely possible. I know there's a lot of corruption and police departments yes. But does that justify murdering people. Does that justify murdering a cops daughter and the fiancee or completely innocent does not justify going -- pumping. Does that justify putting all state then a whole city in the state of fear that he's worried about how the fire fire started are you kidding me. Get another job do some think. You can be a whistle -- not kill people. Just the kitchen saying Steve Europe next goal. It would just wanna jump onto a -- you can get an internal affairs that's what are a year and I believe he was probable lie about an allegation got to get colleague. What the police also -- They import in the depression anymore it's you can't do you. Once I and you can't be a liar you can never testify against -- dot net ridership canister record that's what you get fired. That it's the end that there is no one that the -- -- horrible call he deserves what he got and the story. Thank you so much Steve is Chris -- her a hero 6172666868. Is the number. John Europe next go. You're good -- because there. Hunter. A bit longer -- I am very very well you know it Herbert -- followed it up. You know it we see. You're a lot of utility. On you'd be back. There are filming that he was telling the truth is -- getting -- -- especially it'll turn out to be a liar or could be a liar you get -- improper and hearing. You know we won't be careful because public for the president got lucky if they could be at a proper it would look like -- -- -- -- -- that call John. Is Chris -- her eight year old 6172666868. Is the number you can also text us at 686 say any. All of your calls right after this break don't touch that dial. -- 6172666860. Days. You can also affects the -- 68680. And they are coming in fast and furious. This is from 508. I'm not saying I agree with what do Warner did. But the LA police department is crop. There -- surveillance video of an LA cops shooting a guy running away. In the back seven times saying it was in self defense. This guy is still on the job something needs to be done out there are 50 wait I agree with you. -- and I don't think it's just the LAPD I think there were problems and other police departments. But. Not to me doesn't justify a guy going on a shooting spree. And frankly the more refining about his dismissal. I think he didn't have much of a case but even if he did. What you gonna start killing people Lebanese are unfairly fired Gary be -- or unfairly fired every day in the United States they'll pick up -- gone. 617. If Chris Horner was unjustly fired you should've gotten a lawyer -- -- 617. How much do you wanna bet your route first caller wants guns are banned. But this incident is justified. Another -- and 603. If Chris Horner was white he'd be declared the antichrist. Yes. And notice something else. When they'll get your calls right away. Noticed when you wore Colorado shootings took place. We didn't know any thing gave the bodies were still not even cold. And right away. Brian Ross from ABC is looking up -- James Holmes and trying to find the linked to the Tea Party you remember that. Is pleased that there's a Tea Party connection blame the Republicans blame conservatives blame the right. Same thing would Jared laughter and Arizona with the shooting of Gabriele Giffords. Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin in fact here is Brian Ross right after -- or shootings broke -- If so when that -- we -- we don't know much about him an earlier report that that I had was incorrect and he was connected with the Tea Party in fact that's a different Jim Holmes feet. That's how that's how desperate they were dependent. Who writes in manifesto. On the Internet. He writes a manifesto. Sick calling himself a left Winger a liberal inspired by Obama. Not caving the police behaving authority. Blaming white racism he walks himself. In the ideology of socialism. Liberalism. Obama Islam and black nationalism. And yet nobody talks about his politics. Nobody wants to link fish to -- dear leader. Nobody wants to link this to -- content nobody wants to link this to the Congressional Black Caucus. Nobody wants to link -- to the Democratic Party. -- home the mainstream media they're quiet. -- all this was an act of our personal despair. This was an -- of a mad men. Of one men. Only had little political links whatsoever. How dare you even suggest. Thereby yes and hypocrisy. Could not to be more obvious. Bob Europe next gold. I hi -- I I don't -- I get. I'm through time golf's leadership all that light to launch an -- I have a daughter and -- so I'll look to socialist she might step out a little -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was in the military -- -- And I have a lot of respect for the police above -- this gentleman out of California or gentlemen I shouldn't say that. This person now in California. Deserve -- got. Yeah I yeah I'd take you arm sent right what you're saying your first call are going to be it -- yet. Think there's just vacation what this guy is done -- what happened I had capital was on -- But there are so -- church in this country now that. When I was in your military and am -- the only person who works broke within Stewart's 69. And I stayed away this country's -- and the Obama writes a rewarding that we will be Communist so -- you know like and if pop I'm truly disgusted will what is I'm proud I defended their country back in my ears but. -- we're in our country back I'm telling you they're pushing too far things are getting out of hand progressive -- does not work. It just doesn't work. And so it's destined to collapse. Look at all these people -- supporting -- Warner look at Roland Martin trying to justify and rationalize. Would -- Warner stands for. Now look at many cops today why do you think it took so long to get this guy because now a -- -- -- lawyer. -- search if I was a -- now have a lawyer accompany me on everything. God forbid you showed somebody you need a lawyer your career is finished doesn't matter there was self defense or just killing and Arnold you'll need a lawyer. So here you have a guy shooting cops left to right and center shooting innocent people left right and center and the LAPD is paralyzed. And nobody wants to talk about the fact. That large segments of the African American community are cheering this guy on. During this price we have to have an honest discussion enough is enough. Anthony Europe next go. Thank you aren't just so I don't look at its current -- early yet but if you had a piece of paper right down the middle make a column right column Colin -- Colin hey great that this is not who went up on people and all the -- -- okay fine. That all of that one side of the column that's -- you would just got. And all the particular who what where are. Let's go the other side of the -- part would be well at an electronics issues and we we we we noticed guys that we that we need to position throughout that. But let's put some. -- items relevant to this group of people where incredibly he opened some find police option got less touchy issue but not a trouble getting wood about torch. You go to people don't has increased to such a -- regret that we -- star I'd read I ignore. Own particular -- can get into. Aren't so -- does -- and and and there are people who and it's in the fight about it from the military is everywhere which. We can't excel racism -- it's part of our re -- Our end and in -- historical reasons and all the rest. Yeah there are calling the cops racist. Well I'm headed for example would not a whole will. -- blow you out there individual sister quickly and they will be in the cart I think being in the site. We've solved slavery. We -- we've ended segregation. And what I don't understand is why isn't that everything in this country now comes down to race. He happens to be a black man he goes out shooting white police officers. And everything is back to racism. The legacy of police racism. Segregation. And Selma Alabama. Slavery. Look I'm tired of it. Were all Americans -- 2013. Stop whining about race. Then that African Americans are well represented in the police department and Los Angeles. Most minority neighborhoods are opposed a police by minority cops. Enough is enough. So this constant playing of the race card it's gonna destroy this country. And this man is a cop killer he's a murderer. Full stop that's set 6170666868. Jeff corner on the corner report.