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Chump Line Wednesday February 13, 2013 - Blah blah blah blah blah

Feb 13, 2013|

Our favorite message on today's chump line was a renactment of last night's State of The Union Adress - blah blah gun control blah blah recovery.....

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In the Obama was thinking about having a spirited cigarette would buddy. You know that and. Yes Al Sharpton you know I don't think I don't think terminal was drinking too much -- right now because he's okay. At one of the enemy machine teams and turned out. Rocket propelled grenade exploded sending sharp at all shrapnel into his -- Clearly Nancy Pelosi cut to for Monday I was away in Ohio. All of this one. That's but so this one Monday and IE -- Chris for months from Cleveland. A week sweep of now the First Amendment we stand with that and say that people have a right haven't gone to protect themselves. Time their homes their jobs wherever and that day. And their workplace and that day for recreation for hunting and who has actually not questioning him. They're entitled to do that. From telling -- telling your kids. Don't take that first shot about talks. Look what look what it's done it's not just Nancy Pelosi look what it's done to John Kerry. Can I give me a hunting license here. It's not good for you. This is your brain who -- of myself. This is your brain on both hawks. -- -- that bad it's OK yeah who went under president but it announced he's trapped. Plain and incredible how would you. Two. -- I think that cut around and use those that vote. I went back I was wrong with you back. I'm speak in four hours a day. I guess I eight I make a few mistakes I admit it. Shrapnel although I use -- award I've never gotten wrong I don't like. Just like I know how many states there are. And I know how to pronounce corpsman. -- If people reported did you. That my -- deal. They do to. Extremely scary and -- -- I. Is what she's saying simply that John Kerry has never given a tip even when he has a 198 million. It's a very good point point point well taken IE -- I withdraw my comment on 101000 this just chump change how about that. Where you know by composing room are at right -- and went about my paper submitted and go. Wanted to -- com or Benedict won't be how we ought to edit. They tell me these guys are very good they worked very fast. We can turn around and in a -- It had the book as a matter -- -- -- -- spent that. You're going to be as well. Don't don't know -- Now they're just hate setting of books that Americans can't be bothered type setting after the type setting is behind. The plates were -- or whatever they are used to -- plates anymore the whatever it is will come back to the United States and then it will be printed. Somewhere. In the country I don't know where I think they have one of the one of the appliances and -- -- matter fact. So. It's it's it's the globalization Novo printing and the price is amazingly. Low. Holly new book is being -- that in India. And they have to read it and -- No it does not and you as you may or call for. Preschool base in English is one of the official languages of India believer. And so English is a pretty common language. The the the book manager who's putting it together says sometimes she has difficulty understanding them but most of the time it's it's okay because they. Communicate through emails. Can't really. As somebody said he gave new -- gives new meaning to the term Ash Wednesday. -- Let me record. -- what about bubble it is. And it is great things for. You know. Things may or. Or is thoughtful. During. No I haven't. It's so unfortunate he did that but again listed that would be really be such a a major issue if he would. If he had been a Democrat. McConnell like Tom Harkin you know he. He claimed he was of Vietnam. Fight era fighter pilot it turned Ali was flying transport planes. Many times have you heard that story. Not too many right because she's a Democrat everybody gives him a pass. But George Bush George Bush of Texas Air National Guard story. Fake but accurate. I'm. Not a bad accident. What is. Sheila unchanged. I stand here at the free slaves. Because that's congress came together get it now I got it now -- -- freed slaves. Like -- like to be in Houston for that debate this year between her Republican opponent. Congressman congresswoman Jackson what do you remember most about your days. In slavery. Give us just two or three of your -- Memories. Of those days in the in the balance out. The confederate states of America. What they. Read the opposite of last state of union these. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah it's -- legislation blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. And these legal immigrants blah blah blah blah blah blah blah raise taxes. Blah blah blah blah blah blah. It. And one where you left out of lovable global Bob -- blah blah. Carbon taxes. Recovery. Why don't -- for. We. Oh it is. -- always in the at all I don't even think there's -- there's a there's a chocolate -- there. More like a melted. Melt but Hershey's kiss. Two papers one on the web swap line. We really did -- market and that up. Did you see the did you see the story of -- this is amazing before he before he was a state -- and I guess before it was a judge. -- -- -- -- I used to state rep from Norfolk he's broken front runner for the for the Republican nomination. He was he was a Judge Judy was legal counsel to war well but he was on the planning -- -- for so yesterday. Some of sources minions. His private -- come cocoa down to North Africa town hall. And they ask for all the minutes of all the meetings of the planning board that. DN Winslow. Attended when he was on the planning board who -- what do they think is that what they think they're gonna get there. -- up madam speaker I I plan to vote for this I plan to vote for the zoning variance because I've just been paid 101000 dollars by the developers. Do they think they're gonna find things like that wouldn't. Can you imagine going through the minutes of -- planning board of years of planning board meetings. Is George Soros must play pay pretty well but then you make a lot of money when you -- we knew what we -- currencies. And and and countries that rely on currencies. Oh. Again everybody else well. -- numbers -- speed dial 91 wide receiver is that one wants to get a job. I can tell you they you really only -- to put that first one on there. An Obama phone. And it is quite good didn't have agreed. Jack like that blah. The Bobby Kennedy -- -- guys acted like he never about anything but it. That's because he hasn't. So Ali did you audition go to Cleveland. Trying to get that kill it dead or -- -- hot in Cleveland. Your fairway he'll be there. -- to be made sport of. -- -- all -- here today read something good. And really get our future. -- okay. This Sheila Jackson only sing really seems to have you flummoxed she's saying she's free from slavery he sang a camp for religious persecution from England and. Oh okay IC okay. They're taking him more seriously by that apparently I just thought it was just another Sheila Jackson Lee. Idiotic statements. That was your last -- blank message thank you for calling have a car you shout. That's -- the -- wind today the -- line is the reported -- mail message service Howie Carr show you can call and leave today. Recorded voicemail message -- Any hour of the day or night including weekends the -- playing number -- such a message is 617779346. Mind. 617779346. Time we -- -- play your message at this time each -- What they read the opposite of what they've beaten these. Blah blah blah blah blah blah it again legislation blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Is that these legal immigrant blah blah blah blah blah blah blah raise taxes blah blah blah blah blah blah.