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Don't Look Now But We Are Recovering?

Feb 13, 2013|

In last night's State Of The Union Address President Obama declared that the nation is stronger “after years of grueling recession.” He also advocated some initiatives that he promised we could afford. Howie did not agree with the President's assessment of the economic recovery.

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I must say I kept my promise last month I didn't watch -- thing I think my my daughter Charlotte. Is becoming a real political junkie every every night 8 o'clock she goes up and watches via the O'Reilly Factor. Which I don't line users were sometimes what'll that -- there but at 9 o'clock -- I think I'm going to bed so. Screw. So she went downstairs and I went in the living room and turned up the turned up the sound I was in the I was in the kitchen just -- worker whale might cut lines on the board the captions in the book. And I suddenly heard I was trying to -- -- analysts missed two good detective show our audio in the war but -- radio room -- US he -- a drag -- The saint or something like that's opened -- something really relevant to today. And they and all of a suddenly heard Barack Obama's voice and -- -- Charlotte listening and should Charlotte turn that damned stuff down can't -- get. So she turned it down and I couldn't believe she watched it in the ice and how was it Charlotte which came out at 10 o'clock and she said. She saw I saw Orrin hatch a couple of times and cut the cut aways. T -- for teachers is is weren't Hatch's son went for favorite teachers as Orrin Hatch's son so -- she almost watches for Warren hatch. But eight you know I didn't so today I went back -- that everything and. I you know what I didn't -- general -- -- there I didn't it's and it's the usual -- you know I mean he's he's he's not telling the truth. Mean who who was he kidding with this stuff. Who who is. Barack Obama kidding when he talks about working together we've got to work together. And believe in working together. After years of grueling recessions are businesses have created over six million new jobs. -- So. -- the low point in jobs was reached in February 10 2010 and since then there has indeed been a gain of about six million jobs but the data all shows euros since the start of his presidency about one point two. Million jobs have been created in the number of jobs in the economy is about 3.2 million lower than when the economy. Went into recession in December 2007. After shedding jobs for more than ten years -- manufacturers about it about 500000. Jobs over the past theory. Obama is again cherry picking jobs numbers. Okay the low point manufacturing jobs was reached in 2010 and January so there's been a net gain of 500000 jobs since that. But. The Bureau of Labor Statistics data show that the number of manufacturing jobs is still 600000. Lower than when Obama took. Office in the depths of the recession and one point eight million if you work than when the recession began in December. 2007. The president claimed we've doubled the distance our cars will go on a gallon of gas which isn't remotely. Close to being true right now. Not remotely. Close to being true. Working together means doing things his way exactly. That's all means. Obama would didn't improve anymore and being honest about the national debt to -- he barely mentioned national -- in his speech. That episode got eleven mentions five more than wrote that before the speech the house tried to argue the deficit control has already been largely complete. Completed by BB says that's a fantasy in the Obama's -- that commission knew it. Just hope it's -- -- It's. All BS. 18774694322603. -- I'm appalled at the support or -- -- be burned more crisp. Those are those -- Obama voters I'm surprised we didn't wanna have a moment of silence for a storm. You know me Boris is kind of guy dormant doorway in that manifesto was talking about what a great president it was was having. You know. Then that was right about time we said he was sorry was gonna -- because it was gonna miss hang over three right. 18774694322. How about this -- is that this is the biggest one. The biggest the most audacious -- the American spectator. Already the Affordable Care Act is helping to slow the growth of health care costs. And the got -- wrote this says I know orwellian has now become rather hackneyed but there's simply no other adjective that better describes the statement in his mind merely a lie it is the precise opposite of the troop. Is just as absurd as war is peace or freedom is slavery. The Affordable Care Act -- is helping to slow the growth of health care costs. How was this how is this possible. There -- number one they had none of that none of it's even gone into effect as anyone is anyone paying lower prices now for their health insurance. Now that the now that the -- now that the Affordable Care Act this is. Barreling down upon us it will be in effect that will begin to be in effect next next year. 187746943228. She misspoke he didn't double the mileage he doubled the gas prices. Where is the new urged their last night. I didn't watch either. Was that he was -- Ted Nugent there and want to tell. Same -- and everybody else there Sheila Jackson only about delay of almost sleep through assault on top of Obama to get him to sign her copy of the of of the state of the union gas after the speech. That was actually pretty funny. -- You know it's it's it's -- if you read your history books in the slaves used like -- these hobbies of you know collecting autographs. You know close then she is a freed slaves so. He can understand that -- One. Border took Ash Wednesday to a new level. That's pretty funny like that winter blend of -- gives me ten miles per gallon less. If the president had a brother he would he would look like border border border. Not not really. I'm -- George weighs 270 pounds like -- dead. Border shorter I didn't you know he may have been no laid off or fired from his job at the only PD in 2008 but. I don't think you missed too many meals after -- after he was a separate it. From the thin blue line. Yes he was there jeans suit coat and no -- By the way I eat it did anyone see if they make you how much of a big. Stink if they've been making about the fact that Mary Marco Rubio had to have a glass above water. While he was making his Republican report. They were treating it that this morning on MSNBC is there I was I was on the exercise bike at the at the health club somebody at MSNBC on the we're treating it like it was BO winning. Touchdown a disputed a disputed touchdown play that won the Super Bowl they just kept playing it over and all over and over again. He was thirsty what are you what are you wanted to know. What was she supposed to. Be ridiculous. 18774694322. He is the wizard of laws tenacious do was I say not as I do nothing to see here folks move along. All right let's take some calls here on the state of the union message 18. All the poll question yes -- what is the idea at how we cart dot com you can also listen to the show on the Internet powered cart dot com. And you can always take -- click on the live audio streaming and you can take -- daily Internet poll questions in -- -- -- poll question one of the results thus far. President Obama said last night the economy is recovering. You believe -- ago in 93%. Do not see evidence of this. OK well that's the -- that. It's pretty players in the 1877469432. To your -- BB was laughing about it this morning. You what you would think -- you would think he had a can of beer. I don't see those who worked you know what else try to look at it what if it worse -- I don't know why shall -- Who was who's reaching for the war there's no one will make that no one would make a big deal about it you get past. But you know he's a Republican so. The doesn't get pass 1877469432. To John your next what power cart or at -- I don't know and good a job your -- -- we caught some of the speech almost all the -- couple -- I have to say. -- -- There's absolutely correct is -- must be the one that he dedicated the list or have to be absolutely accurate that Obama won. Two elections where that. My idea seconds when I guess or make -- to be real picture don't you might check point is these are Republican Party lost a ball -- the Democrat. Media they don't everything. -- there running around ups and the third thing I'll say that that. Some people are looking -- in the congress to Democrats and then maybe some Republicans are nothing more than traitors to our constitution. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Make sure I wouldn't say that the victory is permanent you know I mean again you look back over history it's often seem that that that -- heights were. In actual weeks sweeping out of one party and sweeping in the other and few years later it was totally turned back around media and so I'm not I'm not saying it's all over just the Republicans have the better their act together. The frank wants up. Polling group after focus group after the after the speech on Sean Hannity show. I was however kind of depressing from it for about it these these were armed at Romney voters. And they were asking them how much a you know you've supported in the any of these programs that Obama's talking about you know. And of course they said no no no no no but do you support Obama -- yes yes we support Obama I I don't understand I mean they are they just afraid that they're going to be. Via. A lot of us as Ku klux Klansman if they say they don't believe that that Obama is the answer is that it that org or they just solo and formed. That they can't see a connection. Between. The failed policies of this regime and be leader of the reading. Mean if you if if the -- if the policies of the regime fail. Inevitably as they do as they have. Then you've got to have no confidence in the leader. That's why in in Britain they have these no conference votes you know Fuchs rock too many times they have a vote and if it if the if if a majority. Including people from your own party go against you they have another election. You know -- there's that did the American people seem to have no conference in the sky but they. But they. Had a -- I don't know what for opted to -- is it like that that they like this guy. They support this guy don't support his policies we know about. Belliard next what allowing -- ahead bill. -- -- I did not what my term let's listen -- these are garbage that the about -- power that I just called what else except you know. And -- add a comment opera. Or so ago one masses for a bump shot up. Is -- Communist rule enjoy and -- it -- flat -- I hate this guy and I hated all of these to call them front and make me wanna -- and what I don't on this. And sound like you know what you sound like -- Whitey Bulger bill. But. That they but. I mean I am really Lori and Matt and Adam Warren met at -- second term. -- war map of this idiot and it it by the white Ali. Stop. Condoms do not -- is very much on track. Is a comedy. He is will he work rules for radicals. He was -- -- -- problem Meryl Davis. Country and what he wants to do what it is destroyed -- and he says wolf all he has to do what qualities and so. Shell will serve -- -- vegan diet that you try to shove down my throat and. Yeah thanks for the call bill 18774694322. -- -- last yesterday was in Chicago by the way the that the for the funeral that the fifteen year old girl. Who was it took part in the inauguration last month and then she was gunned down. In the in a park in about a mile from where the obamas -- for where their houses in Chicago. And you know here it is a Chicago as the top gun laws in the country and these. Young men as the one of the newspapers put it these young men who were persons of interest. They apparently had these this guy and end one of the guys who shot -- or Rosa allegedly charged with shooting this kid. Who was a you know -- a gun -- took part in the inauguration. This guy had had committed three crimes while out on -- -- while out on bail from an earlier time. And you know maybe. If they handle a little later. Justice. System in Chicago that -- girl would still be alive today rather than bad. You know in New York they have this up policy where they lock you walked if you haven't registered god it's -- of course tested denounces as racist that terrible. But New York is has gotten to a point where they have the and eight -- rate of murders it's only half or may be less than half of that option city of Chicago where they have these supposedly onerous gun and gun laws which of course. They never enforced Jim your next with -- -- ahead Jim. Paid -- we just answer the question you posed. Beef before a couple of calls ago -- said our people -- not be Klansmen or they just stupid yeah I think it's the first one. I think people to look at them the year and say there's open minded guy. Given -- so I mean its old self destructive Jim you know. I I still think that -- I mean you going to vote and you can -- yourself moral superiority. I just had a short when I saw the other date did you see the ceremony. When that's Sorkin got the medal of honor yes it did I miss here. Or did you hear the president say short people. Well you know what that's a good no I didn't hear him say that you write about would be great when -- have -- -- really -- so I'll -- you know -- the president of the United States Jim you know and that this is really racist observation you know make. But I'm I'm going to I'm gonna second that and say he probably did say Sharpe now. -- an addict and I don't and I don't think goodies army by far he's not stupid the board discusses don't know. Don't you get the feelings premium that GM. I mean he's he he's I don't know who's pulling his strings but he's he's not terribly bright. And if you saw today you know George Soros is obviously one of the sport strings. With the and Winslow on the other day the state rep from Norfolk. And he's running for run the senate and so one they went down used to be on the planning board. So once Soros and some of his private -- down there to the it to the town of nor for that town hall. And they did what they were looking for Jim. The planning board minutes for like the last ten years. Claiming board minutes. Like the one they did they think Winslow spoke up and see it and said that. You not like two like horizon in support of this McDonald's because I was just given 101000 dollars cash bribe money that's. Mean do they do they think they're gonna find that. But this is how much money they. They got a big they you know George Soros is is a guy that's -- good but this -- You know that the talk about the Cole Brothers and how terrible they are the Coke Brothers produced. Energy they produce energy to keep you warm at night that power your car in the date in the daytime. That that you know what produces the electric energy it's for your for your -- -- harm -- override your -- whatever allies or your Prius you know your coal fired cars. What does George Soros -- he produces. Speculation. He's a paper -- for he's a money changer and yet he shrank to wreck the country thanks for the call Jim look for the -- -- you look for that's MD. Search for. Sharp. Sharp now. 18774694322. I heard that too but he did correct themselves as they went seven while a -- I don't care to correct himself or not we wanna hear it. Joseph your next with how we cargo ahead Joseph. And how we if you get hit by shrapnel do you have the a spokesman. Yes. Yes you do -- out -- -- if you're in Austria you better be able to speak Austrian -- Munich -- where you're wounded. -- I'm wondering when MSNBC is going to start referring to Mirko abuse streak as Watergate type. That's that's the that's another thing. -- that this kind of -- open network. And that's spends. Minutes and minutes and minutes on a guy taking a drink water when the president of the United States get give the state of the union that has probable. I would not life. And the role in this country economically. Think it's a free pass -- sergeant choked up there talking to -- Talking to Nancy Pelosi. And in question was what did you think of this brilliant speech. Did anyone compared to Gettysburg address last night. Known that -- but that's skull I don't know if that's necessarily the right thing to do day Abraham Lincoln -- was -- Republican. Well I don't know though that the big how many times as Chris and this comrade Chris compared and Obama's speech to the Gettysburg address. Frequently frequently that's I mean community that any speech this one has got to be -- got to be compared to the Gettysburg address. Yeah that is that this is just the situation now where I think the country's in serious trouble if this guy keeps giving the isolation that is giving. I'm actually that the Republican out there they can. That it can take this country back or even bring it to some semblance of normalcy after that. They can't they can't keep printing money like this -- without without -- the -- disaster -- broad. It's gonna happen sooner or how we -- later you're right it's going to happen. The thing is worse still the would still the strongest economy in a very weak world. What I'm saying -- once once you get the once you get inflation taken off I mean remember have been a harder when inflation took off nobody nobody can survive and I mean I don't. I don't care how politically correct I don't care how I don't hear how black he is he's not going to be able walk away from hyperinflation. It's over once inflation takes over with this in depth that we have now. That's that if the economy is overnight here just what worldwide. And up -- for the call -- 18774694322. But I mean you know that's that's a tough tough thing you know you're saying. Well there will be an end to this. There will be a global depression there -- there will be a they were there will be a complete economic collapse around the world that's the that's the solution. Is that the I. I I don't -- who wants that to be the solution but I I think. I'm afraid that's the only solution terrorists. 1877469432218774694322. I'm now car. 877. 469432218774694322. For once as a true global depression five to eight years will lead to be Republican White House's fault or dare I say it'll be George Bush's fault. 603 inflation may not appear until when he sixteen in the in the GOP will be blamed can you say George Bush. It what you got to remember is that the mainstream media as it's presently constituted is is not going to be around for much longer. The the the big globe is probably going to be sold this year the the New York Times is it's. On its last legs basically. Via though the liberal media. It's as shown by the I know and I do know that that Comcast finished finished buying the rest of NBC. Today for a sixteen billion dollars Dinka. Which is some sixteen billion dollar. Transactions in the media over the last few years one of -- was clear channel being bought by Bain Capital a few other rock. Two other companies and the didn't really work out well now this is and probably not that -- to be spending sixteen billion dollars on. On some networks even though there even though a lot of cable -- of the broadcast. I just don't think that the by the year 2016 of the year 20/20 a lot of peace a lot of these a rump swabs and thrown snipers like the people -- -- warning GO. There's not going to be around that -- they're going to be they'd -- going to be I don't know where they going to be but then -- got to be on TV. Because TV is is is is -- out. 187. I mean there's going to be TV but it's gonna be it's everything is gonna beast is splintering in the smaller and smaller pieces whether it's newspapers or radio or TV. It's like -- -- -- have this kind of power that they that they don't have the power used that. 187746943220. How we inflation is the only way to pale parred that we will pay off those third sixth sixteen trillion with the inflated daughter borrowers those with savings kitchen -- those with debt getting kept. I know I know that. It says it's bad inflation is inflation is is a terrible terrible thing. And I whenever you have you been with through Weimar republic a lot of us have lived through what Carter style -- inflation and that was terrible enough. I -- your next what how we cargo ahead Dan. AIG. -- boats fired up deception -- he kind of made use several XP from Montreal. -- I got it but I got a question about -- for gun control -- accurate that Obama has the stones throughout the push to see it through to fruition I mean last night what I heard there was. He wants to have a vote on and then he clarified that by saying. You don't even have to vote yes you can vote no I don't care we just gonna have a book that -- -- five they are lining up against -- -- He's not he he knows that he Kia -- gone fight. Now there's going to be I would say that the people with like guns nothing to worry about. -- normal round the day the edges don't try to make it harder to get -- -- thing but the that -- after guns. They they say they've lost -- bet that's one big reason they lost the 2000 election. You know. Cross they they lost. You know Clinton told on this afterwards he said he said gore should have gone in -- -- set ups -- it was in by -- On it to Tennessee on his home state on at Arkansas Clinton's home state. And just campaign does that can I get via the license here. A guy in and he might have been you'll point out but the that you lost he lost his own home state Ross Clinton's home state because ago and central. When George Bush lost Edward Morse won New Mexico in 1988 you know why because it was for gun control and it was it was against gun control excuse me. And Mike Dukakis was -- and for everybody could just see working Mike Dukakis that he was four and spot gun control is not his money winning issue in states of America Dave your next with cart or day. What's frustrating about listening to the people and that's up focus group alliances that. Most Americans listened to what this Skype says and they believe as opposed to what he is actually done. And just a few examples he talks about his administration being transparent. Yet he invoked executive drop privilege. When it comes to that the period it doesn't -- is whole administration. Come caught -- -- story about how some video from -- on the health care law you got -- fast -- -- -- find out what's gonna go back it's a few weeks there. -- -- about one from last night immigration. We're gonna make them go to the back of the line. And I mean. You know -- good. These people put the word that focus group they they believed. I -- a big -- to opt in in solitary confinement for the last fifteen years. And they just came out that's the that's totally. Unbelievable. And it just makes me so angry bears got one woman in there who says. All right like the weight are the bipartisanship. Trying to rule app republic temple and -- are you kidding me. I know. -- at what price it is it is and you know what. They've both were the people voted for Romney. -- you take these. So these are the people that you would think would be a little more. That's been the big the real low income the real low info voters who just you know just looking for the Obama phone. But he could apparently he can pull one by that the Romney voters to do. Our jobs summit here in the world that god but god -- he denied that he's still -- won it against crack in. He's he's all against all of permits on. Federal land -- privately at that statement that he made yesterday about energy production Indianapolis country it's inspired him. About the jobs thing too that was nothing that's going to be my north's far. And -- that the last time he said the jobs or his first priorities since then he's taken 57. Vacation days. 57 vacation days he's gonna work tirelessly. Well okay he's gonna work hire some. Well he's pretty tired. Scott you're next with power cart -- -- Scott. Livonia cannot declare out legislative action in not having more austerity in -- So we are -- bottles of what could foresee weed out that the -- Yeah well SK it was interesting I gotta tell you that you mentioned this they got a story here from. And and Scalia on the state of the union message as well as colleagues got ready to go to the capital justice he hadn't Scalia stout sat on a stage across town and held forth about why for the sixteenth consecutive year. He would not be joining them for the state of the union he doesn't go wanna Democrat as president he stays away when the president's Republican. It is turned into a childish practical and I don't want to be there to win dignity to ski Scalia said with a certain amount of mischief. That's sounds perfect in May right. He's he's. Yeah our politics on the decision not. And so I hope. We. Really don't like. It. Bye bye he instead he instead attend -- -- talks sponsored by the Smithsonian institute in moderated by national public radio's Nina Totenberg. One of many public appearances by the justices during their -- recesses. Lest anyone think the timing of his talk was anything of a coincident. Scalia try to put those thoughts to arrest. I didn't set this up -- I just upstage the president said the state of the union is not something mark on my calendar like east for you on a war. -- Clint you're next with how we cargo ahead plan. Bigger they are -- on today. Good you know I want to they give you some like question rush in the dark about. You know you have hope for the future but -- you know put a finger on it and not 37 and I keep right -- Well the country and the way things should be into a lot of people out over the last five years to a woken up and and started. I did actually care and you know our government a comic it doesn't take a majority of people wake up and -- that -- take that. A small group of people. And it spread out and try to get other people informed him and it makes it different that it's not gonna happen bat so I I understand that I think that there is. -- kind of overreached by Obama budget thing but it kinda causes the backlash on you know. Yeah I I I think it does but you know other dates these these voters seem to be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt even though he has screwed up the economy so -- in just a whole country's amassed. You know. And and the fact that the majority of the people say that the country's on the wrong path and yet they still in yet from a majority of small majorities say that they support Obama. Mean what does that tell you what tells you that their bid they're not thinking things through doesn't. Yeah I'd get. That's right but I I think both people are also gonna wake up when when things get bad and I unfortunately I do think it's that bad. I think all of us realize that the that are that are actually intelligent and be logically that this is gonna come to a -- -- -- crash and but I think -- -- not people who I know what to do and did know what street Jack I mean I guess I guess that's just. My whole part of our I just think it's dark. I think a lot of people are forming their children more than they used to they used to think the schools in the -- and they realize that that's not happen and you gotta do this by itself. Thanks to a call point Ferris your -- with how we are going to Paris. If Paris. -- on bond your next with how we cargo had gone. Yet this is just two quick things here a colleague Christoph. This you're right -- and does not smile he's been manipulated his soul Korea. How does the guy door and the trauma club -- and plot. Getting to Ivy League schools did is it just doesn't happen you know and yeah high school years. I out stoned and then get good grades well enough to get into the university's. But secondly this insulation think people do not understand how great -- again and 1986. I was in Bolivia. And inflation rate went in the matter in very short time get three million pesos two wood off. I just think on that for a man if you see that kinda inflation in this country that is the great equalizer. Because everybody's support. Just imagine I get extremely involving -- bank and I -- and that's now worth a doll that will wipe out everybody the only people with a win of people like Soros. Who have the ability to buy hired items. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't care what you -- do what you've done you wiped out they can't at some point people have to look and say this. Is intentional they can't be doing. On my does anybody but really believe that the stock market is as good isn't as good a shape as it is they're trying to make it appear. Think he thought yeah. It can't -- The stock -- in this in this economy the stock market cannot be doing this well unless somebody is artificially pumping it up. 18774694322. Now -- 51 -- says waterboarding has nothing over an Obama speech. That. Truer words sell weapons program I'm Howard --