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Rebuttal Madness

Feb 13, 2013|

Sen. Rand Paul’s rebuttal speech last night to the State of the Union called for 2 changes: a new bipartisan consensus and a new sustainable path to prosperity. Howie liked Rand Paul's speech better and continued to take reviews of both Obama's main address as well as Paul's and Rubio's responses.

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Doubles couple stories before get back to talking about the state of the union message this from investors business daily. Obama up -- a dangerous speed and the -- about the depth about the debt crisis. Fiscal policy President Obama says that ripped up the problem is all but fixed so we can stop all this unpleasant talk about spending cuts and get on with government spending. Maybe as good policy but it is reckless maybe it's good politics but it's reckless policy. In the run up to the state of the union speech Obama was running around telling everybody how we've now cut our deficit by more than 2.5 trillion and are now more than halfway towards -- four trillion in debt reduction. But economists -- say we need to stabilize our debt. But they're just two problems with -- Obama's claim first despite what Obama says the debt crisis is nowhere near fixed as anyone who's looked that the report Obama's own debt commission now. That report opened with a spark statement our nation is on on sustainable fiscal -- out. -- -- these moon bats they -- they wanna they want everything to be sustainable whether it's agriculture for automobiles. Aurora or or new new housing. It has to be sustainable but they have no problems whatsoever with an unsustainable fiscal path. Left unchecked. And checked the the Obama debt commission said the rising debt will put America at risk and continued inaction is not a viable option. Says true. The -- also made it clear that stabilizing the -- would require huge long term commitment to spending restraint at every level of government as well as an overhaul of out of control entitlement programs. When the commission filed its reported 2010 the national that was nine trillion. About 63% of the nation's GDP. The national -- today is over twelve trillion and has -- respect surpassed 76%. Of GDP. Meanwhile. -- mainstream media is going after all the critics of of Obama. -- we told -- Barry Marco Rubio he -- -- guy just needed a bit of water didn't have a place to put the water so we reached overwrought to get the water. Off the chair. And in -- it's been showed hundreds and hundreds of times. Since that like he was the like it was the best play of the evening on and and then it's on sports -- In BC's allow more grills Boehner over harsh words for a bomb up blames him for division and animosity in Washington. In the first part of any interview aired on Wednesday's today. Today cohost Matt flower interrogated house speaker John Boehner are over saying President Obama lacked the courage to stand up to his Democrat base. I don't even do it is that how could -- possibly be controversial. He he never reaches out again when he talks about working together so as somebody said the first hour. He means agreeing to his position. There's no there's no outreach from the moon bats side. Have to have any of the the four liberals on the Supreme Court ever voted with the conservatives. Have they ever. Grown in office so that they might be able to see the other side. The whole amount expected to grow -- office only Republicans are expected to grow and office which means fought for by the way. In the areas okay that this is that while our -- to Boehner and by calling the president of the United States out and such harsh terms today. On the state of the union and dressed. On the day of State of the Union Address I think a lot of people are going to say. Here we go that same old division same -- animosity. Don't they have a right to say that. Boehner began to reply no less than the president might get along fine we have a very good relationship while our runnerup at. So this is all politics these questions you raise today. Boehner continued. The American people on Election Day gave us a mandate a Republican congress and a Democrat president and the mandate was to find a way to work together. Find common ground. While more than declared that one area where there's a glimmer of hope of cooperation was immigration reform he urged Boehner to abandon fellow Republicans on the issue we bring a bill to the floor of the house even if you don't think it will -- a support of all of the majority of people in your party. But if you think that with working with Democrat shall get -- accomplished what will you do that. Room. One what to what sports I -- to when that happens when word wait -- when athletic -- she still long enough through the end of the week but the he got whacked today. Probably won't be the last one either. Around here they already whacked via flash war from the morning show earlier this week they. He went in on Monday morning supposedly in decided to quit the spend more time -- this family which was about as believable story is the as the Red Sox winning pennant them in the World Series this year. Which it's what they're going to be saying very shortly overrun over and -- well. 18774694322. Is there are saying that if you can't attack the idea here attack the person that's what that's what happened the rubio. Russia the Doris Kearns Goodwin audio where she confirmed o's planned to work from the inside for 2014 victory and to get the last two years with total control. I happened to be sitting today on Mario I don't control via -- control TV on the exercise bikes one -- -- their. Oral care or -- -- agrees click through war rather read than watch crap TV. But somebody had -- on mine so shall Doris Kearns Goodwin was on some station a plagiarized. And then on MSNBC. They have Mike Barnicle on pointers. So these these -- these were people who were there experts people who. Literally steal material. From from other writers in the imported in their own works. And and it's it's not a it it it's not a mortal sin apparently to these networks -- if not a purely liberal anyway it makes it's okay it's located steal it. 18774694322. Wide -- map while alive ask Harry Reid. Will you ever bring a budget from the floor of the senate even if your party will not vote for it here's the phrase of the week now. Marco Rubio Marco Rubio drinks water media says Obama walks on water. I believe the proper term is evolved as an art at first I was against gay marriage in my position has evolved. Get that may be a new word I use the old word which -- were -- Mayor Ray Flynn has grown in office. We're hearing that somebody's -- office you could not feel feel free -- yourself I mean she sold out his constituents and somewhere another. It evolved is that guys that techsters right evolves does the same thing. Someone who's a vault that evolves the disease it means someone has flip flopped a politician has flip flopped. In your direction. He sold out his constituents. Well for behalf on behalf of usually almost 99% of the time beautiful people. 18774694322. They -- the new flash guy says Patrice yes they did. He wanted to spend he IE he is why -- they they said he walked in on Monday morning -- often you've often walked in on Monday morning -- your shift and then quit right. That's what they said -- happen. But that they have some good -- sources the globe that or I must say has some good sources over here and they they had him being fired and then later on the the station had to that the jocks -- had to release a statement saying that he had didn't. He when he was he he couldn't handled the dual responsibilities of the job at ESPN that the so he decided to -- You know take time to smell the coffee of roses or someplace. And I he's gone so that two people gone so far this week at the and -- but nobody thinks the this is the end of this is the -- oval line. 1877469432218. It's you know they they the big. They just you know they used to be enough to have the fifty year old guys. Who live in their mom's basement that was that was their claim to fame but now there's another station here. That has thirty Euro guys who live in their mom's basement. And so they're they're row that's the station that's on -- now so now now show bill has got the try to try to get some of those thirty Euro guys living in the basement to go along with the fifty guys in the basement. 1877469432. To leave your next with how we cargo -- -- -- -- What's been going back to the state of the union message yesterday I wanna do what I wanted walking nobody asks the question from the report you've probably heard about it. That they released that. The only group that is really progress financially is congress. There of their earnings -- anywhere between 35 and 40%. All the nation's average per average people outside of Washington can have gone down. Fourteen -- -- and so they're able plus 35 to forty arrests and let's go down minus fourteen. We can't you be have you been to DC lately. It's like there's this huge this huge building going on you you would think it was like the the eighties or the 98 weeks. You know. It was like the rest of the country the eighties -- the nineties they're building all these new office buildings they're gonna have them all these new. Places to put all these up pencil sharpener and paper shop -- You know that are going to be hired under under the so called Affordable Care Act. You know all the lobbyists are getting you know they're moving into the city -- Washington -- the market. I think I think what is -- four out of the six most prosperous counties in the United States of America our our around the beltway area. Yeah I don't talking about the individual members. Congress didn't Wear it. Pelosi has been got a fifty million dollar. Stimulus. Bill that she was delivering to a that it took part Angeles and San Francisco. And the Utah supply not too long ago how to -- Kerry. Okay up with 193 million dollars in his bank account and you can't count make the ketchup queen get into it because she doesn't trust in itself. I -- and she's got great and she's got kids in grand totally she wouldn't go away the money to to this gigolo I don't know how we team up with the Diem money I mean it wasn't some written about though wasn't there some book written about insider trading in Washington a couple of years ago when he was one of the he was one of the primary examples of by insider trading I remember when they used to flipped condos for John Kerry and he would make ten greens. And that was a big score for him and most days and grant. And a and now a 10983000010. -- -- a tip. Who who who who mentioned this what's going thought is anybody ever question what would -- they're asking us to pay more. What they wanna cut the debt takes up and get what they could cut the debt -- Right what's -- like that taxes -- I mean look at look at -- I mean again we come back to the the old example John Kerry. I mean he wants everybody else to pay higher taxes his wife's got all their money that's not an Heinz Ketchup stock enough. Municipal bond funds in the when he gets see you don't when he gets a flat out tax bill like from the common man pocket. Or or the state -- a you know upper excise tax or for the state of Massachusetts for sales tax. He just doesn't pass it he just puts a boating and in Newport, Rhode Island. Now they don't they don't wanna pay. They don't wanna pay their fear share of the -- that there's something wrong league win and win the country when the the most when the most. Prosperous part of country is is an area that doesn't produce anything. Well and and the other thing and it's very strange where where we fought a revolution. Against against the king we're aristocracy was always inherited. You know if you look at this. This aristocracy is in a blood line but as of political and it seems to be inherited and they seem to be totally. Unaware. Of what the rest of us deal out here and the thing is they don't care. Now now they don't care because they know they have enough money they -- gonna raise enough money with a lobbyist for on TV ads to fool you into thinking that. That that they care about you're interest and you're gonna you're gonna reelect him facial Macaulay won 8774694. 4322 -- you got yeah you got sharp. -- -- What's your sharp at all. He took aim at one of the enemy machine teams and took out. Rocket propelled grenade exploded sending sharp at all shrapnel. Into his -- I know we corrected himself but. -- shrapnel was at that powerful word. I think most Americans know the -- -- Well they. Most American -- certainly know -- shrapnel. -- -- -- -- -- Q you mentioned now. Let's let's imagine George Bush had such sharp -- We think that this would be the first time many of us -- including myself would ever be hearing this sound cut or would we be hearing it and -- There -- fillings. That we would be it would be -- being used so much by the lame street media. 1877469. By the way and it's a -- points what does a machine team. What's here this again the machine team. He took -- at one of the enemy machine teams and took out. Rocket propelled grenade exploded sending sharp at all shrapnel. Into his hip. The machine team anything like a machine gun. It's got to be right. How -- -- wrong BC is the largest producer BS in the US. Yeah because you've never mispronouncing the word now. -- think I've pronounced that I missed pronounced many words when I've never pronounce mispronounce shrapnel. Did he need AF corpse man after being hit with that sharp -- 1877. He said machine crew left the gun out so. Enemy machine teams. 187746943221877. The procedure was Joseph Biden taking notes last night. Oh my god. That's particularly in the green ribbons for last night entering her green ribbons on -- top and those were four gun victims. Let's you know one of those one of those things. I know that CNB I'm not gonna be the next Rick Berry. Now remember Rick Barry. You armor that story. That guy Wayne Williams was killing all the black kids in and in in Atlanta. And he was it there were like twenty black kids had been murdered by blackmail kids have been murdered by this guy he was a real Psycho. And so they were -- I think it was green ribbons and so while they were doing a game from Atlanta. And everybody in the everybody in this the stands was what was wearing green ribbons whites blacks everybody. And and Rick variously. Collar guy the -- on the and NBA. Broadcast team he goes. But let's put these green ribbons. And I think he took a lot of crap about that lack. Allison you're next with how we cargo ahead Allison. He Cali I even know shrapnel is the fact we've learned about -- there -- Vietnam War I want to where everybody -- I called him because -- editor of Rand Paul's -- a five year plan. I don't know the whole plan that part of that is got the crowd corporate Jackson asked a 17%. Flat flat tax. Income Kelly I heard that yeah. Sent letters and stuff made in -- it probably won't go into effect but at least made that we can -- -- about the you're out. -- he was pretty impressive do we -- about some of the Rand Paul speech from last night some has is a response he was good thank you Alison. And he was also good though when his when his father Ross sent out -- real the it's marquis tweet after Chris Kyle was killed the you know number one sniper in America who'd killed 105 the terrorists. And then he was he was trying to help out this guy Ian Miller another military veteran. We're trying to help out this guy who what I had to post traumatic stress syndrome and he took he took about the idea. To the training it took the gun range and in the guy yet turned his -- on Chris -- the group the world's greatest piper and this other guy killed. And you know Ron Paul. So it is set out some some. Tweet like he lives by the sword dies by the sort really tasteless thing to say in the under the circumstances. And I his son just came back inside that's that's my -- that's on me I I can't I can't that began to defend what he said. Bipartisanship. Is not what is missing in Washington. Common senses. Trillion dollar deficits Curtis hall printing more money. Just feeds the never ending appetite for spending. And it hurts us all we pay higher prices every time we go to the supermarket or the gas bomb. The value of the dollar shrinks with each new day. Contrary to what the president claims big government -- not a friend to the poor and the elderly big government debt keeps the -- war. And saps the savings of the elderly. This massive expansion of debt destroys savings and steals the value of your wages. Big government makes it more expensive to put food on the table the government's not your friend. The president offers you free stuff but his policies keep him for. Under President Obama the ranks of America's poor have swelled to almost one in six people. We are now an all time high and long term unemployment. Millions of Americans are struggling and out of work. The cycle must be broken. The will power to do this will not come from congress I've seen how they act it must come from the American people. Pretty good stuff 1877469432. To him. It's it's. Yeah. It's. 187746943221877694322. 6171 snow who's the Boston Globe -- over there. And I learned a long time ago -- you know. From Bob -- former state treasury said don't worry. Who. Is dropping dimes on him. Just Bob doing the stuff that's get -- times dropped and you could worry about later on you'll find out who was dropping -- on it so. My advice to war my advice to -- to issue over the would be get your ratings up by get your act together and you know don't worry so much about the whose drop on the times to -- to Chad Finn. 18774694322. A day of one person saying in paying me. Nobody talks to me here. I like it that way. 18774694322. 413 says of welfare so it's so effective why aren't their more success story why don't we hear at all about people who were on welfare and now successful businessman. Making millions of dollars you know earning it. It's Malarkey he says using -- Joseph Biden expression. Getting you know that's one thing they never have they have but they had all those people who were wounded last night. In the in the gallery but they didn't have anybody dispersant used to be on welfare. Now this person who runs a fortune 500 company doorknob and there was nobody like that was there or this person. Snuck into the country swam across the Rio Grande immediately went down the welfare office didn't dead didn't work out. It didn't work for the first five years he was in the country just had nothing but siesta is -- surveys this. And now he is the chairman of you know pick your own company we return -- how none of those people were in the state were in the audience last night. You know why because there aren't any of those people. Deck your next with -- cargo ahead -- How it Richie Neal just called and dissolve this is called into it I thought it was a roll call. And turns out it was -- full -- now town hall he called it. It's there was so bogus so it's just the district continuing at from last night Obama's speech we just. I had to hang up on a good idea at a cost greener and I asked cause greater. Our grand -- gonna ever pay crawl this debt. And not that I knew I was and go watch. Going to fly out and -- -- was -- -- good question though that. Yeah but yeah you're right I don't -- answer that question that don't even wanna think about it. -- there early question is how we win the next election. Right exactly yeah. Thanks for the call back 187746943221877469432. To the woman war broke the Harry Potter series goes on welfare which he wrote those walks. What was issued their last she should've been -- last night to short child welfare or welfare works Amanda she's English but she could've been there right. 18774694322. Steve your next with how we cargo ahead stave. You lost a good question I was little in the next election. If Hillary that's now. I mostly about the mid terms state. All. -- isolated as well hopefully it won't admit yesterday when you're watching rubio. Did he called a little boy whose mother dressed up and actually. Until until like one of those school plays and churches and -- more. And so out of place you know. You just can you -- He he sought a place what is as opposed to that that that the great statesman an elder statesman Joseph Biden. -- or that or that brilliant the man of the people John Kerry -- model. How are you just political fallout from Rand Paul says yeah. -- -- it sure has. -- so why is welcome it sure I felt or seen in poor or. His opinions and -- on the real incredible when you. Volumes of and so it I looked at me I don't has been in. You know yeah. He does. Apple. He's got a lot of Smart ideas forward and a little too liberal movie. All the. Thing -- -- Steve is Steve you know what -- you know what they're going after why they're going after wrote rubio today they're going after him because back glass of water. I mean just that's what that's a bad is he'd -- Older weaning critique of for ruby you you watched you watch MSNBC before you go to work he saw what they were doing this morning on the morning show. -- they replay that. I was watching. -- witness you don't follow Obama to inform people. All political people last night when that go off and look at. I couldn't -- -- you'd like. You know -- hope there's like forty minutes -- ten minutes ago -- so prominent and I could never actual you know. I mean. Just unbelievable what one thing I want to say about Obama. Even if it happened. As. One saying it is when you look at Kennedy school -- In. Heart problems. It's just so -- are you don't want am I mean golf and don't want them the next forty years. And and Obama gets the shoes. The place. Finish -- what little breathing easy for the next four years. Well I'm breathing I'm breathing not so easy even thinking about that I was I was happy to note that just reading that story about Scalia and I'm going to status the union last like -- only 76. I hope I don't I don't think he's the most -- of the I don't think Ian Kennedy of the most -- of the of the people on the -- I -- that. Distinction belongs to more Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Thanks for the -- -- 18774694322187746943. 22. Richie Neal rose recently spoke on each weigh in about it illegals were paying in the Social Security. But won't receive benefits of the -- number. Isn't that too bad. You know how how many people does that does that. Are in that that category of illegally aliens I mean a lot of illegal aliens or use the it's more likely. That an illegal alien has -- has stolen some Americans Social Security number. In his claiming to be ten years older that he is and is planning to go back to while Juarez. Wendy's. 55 years old claiming 65 and is gonna start by collecting pension of some America. Play of Americans have gone down the Social Security Office and discovered -- somebody and Juarez is is already collecting it has been collecting for a number of years. That's the that's the problem not the problem of these -- illegals. Paying into a system and then not getting money out. Mean that's. That's you know. Four for every penny and the illegal alien puts into the system he must get back and 203040. Dollars. Do you think the YE do you think they wanna come here. Ferris you're next with our cargo at Ferris. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've but let's say I told this so I -- -- equality that doom and gloom guy from Connecticut. Here's a little bit other catcher your confidence in my predictions. That this thing has gone down the toilet you referred to -- election and 26 being singled me any election in twenty sixteenths so get ready for this -- are. Okay this man will not stand for reelection he will continue. To to our role as a desperate tyrant. -- choose the and do is. Middle age and into it late. Late life that he will not retire early like cardinal Ratzinger and the region cardinal Ratzinger retired early in the same poll recently governor of Connecticut. Had to go way to prison. When he declared his opposition to same sex marriage and that is scratching your sick and cyclicals and illustrious dead and read -- letter readers think. I thought Roland I got Rolen went to -- up prison because he was taken bribes. For sure that's what they of course that's what they want to thank all of us they took they want to at least what they framed by governor Rowland. Question of equal slate merit but I -- from who will brought change sex marriage Massachusetts laid out with a supreme. Judicial court of the commonwealth of messages. OK I get a hole I got a hold their affairs 1877. I I think having John Rowland. Richly deserved to go but clink and now car.