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Fox News Contributor Sen. Scott Brown

Feb 14, 2013|

We spoke with Sen. Scott Brown about his debut on Fox News Network last night as a contributor. Last night's debut was on Sean Hannity's Show and started off with the question why didn't he run in the special election.

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Joining us now on the line is former senator Scott Brown the newest contributor to Fox News Channel. Are you doing Scott. Hey Larry how -- you good evening to you -- -- a stretch don't I pity you and your. Hurry Valentine's Day to do and I gale as well. How water -- -- alike the Fox News Channel. But only -- on last night on Hannity -- -- -- Saturday and a helpful slate coming up over the next week here. And or a year so it says China is certainly here. Different. And basically doing similar things just telling people. What the process is what's going on down here and our secure my important in opinion on its instant on. When they got rid of blush at Sara Taylor make that freed up a million bucks I read they are you get most of that money. I'm not commenting on anything. Have accused each other pretty. That is not to say we just wanted to get authorities jealous -- you used it in college we just one. -- get a ball park figure I've been trying to become a a contributor for a ten years. Somehow I've never made it argue listen now when you're back here enough Massachusetts are you -- why are you gonna have to become appeared to Newton. To do good to do live shots -- you could go from province. I didn't really they can do in New York DC obviously Newton Providence New Hampshire where they have -- a video link or some sort. Are just one -- to your closer province and York Boston I thought it would be easier for you go to province some of those so. -- really it's about halfway that's why. Skill and -- moved to rent them that you're looking him up Providence. And Boston agreement -- way. What players are you when you have any plans to do anything else other than work for fox are you that you got to you know majority. There are being driven and I'm doing my military do -- last five weeks so. Although as a you know reports from the globe and particularly in other news. You know I'm doing it he would be there. Completely has been doing my job at the Pentagon it's. And enjoyable I wrapped up as -- as stated in. Obviously. And it's and I Yale and in our area here and yeah -- actually. You know like me except that a board positions cadence right in its International Paper Co. and a there's some other things that are working on -- in -- but in the military application that you know while I certainly would. Like to be done here. Doing my job obviously the voters spoke and I'm gonna do my job and other ways unemployed and be here and the ability to comment in challenged. These people down here to do it better because there's a tremendous amount reluctance the partisanship is so extreme. It's it's it's really hurting our economy was sequestration clicking and it's -- that you and continuing resolution. And the call for more more taxes -- -- people's. Pocketbooks and wallets is just unacceptable. Did did Roger -- give you wanted that they had a Fox News Channel did he give you any advice before you -- before you know. Now I was just wondering because I wanna know what to do when I go on fox -- like an impressive you know so I wanna do exactly what he wants what do you want -- -- told united. Just -- yourself how about bill shine did he give you what -- advice I mean I'll take I'll take advice from anybody to get a job at fox are betrayal said that in you -- here. Wasn't well what about the run for governor in twenty next year. Well I'm not there I'm not focusing on anything except and a recharging the batteries are right now is you know what do but the thought of doing -- operations in six years as people forget. But it did a pretty intense pennant race and then went right into the special invited into the general. And and it would have had to -- your -- up twenty points in most plausible way into another special in the next day. Go into another general and raised in there insists -- million dollars -- -- in Ireland -- apartments was -- much. They don't think anybody blames you for not run for you know and have you heard not nobody's put it down for four you know. Some people it within you know some some of the naysayers in the people who are never happy with anything they they do it you know they have to actually. I get out and take over the papers and run themselves and understand that part and then you know barrage in. Fund raising anger and listen while I it's the greatest honor in my life. There have been a senator. It's also there are other opportunities that come after that and having the ability to go on national TV and talk about issues of the day in and have insight it's really very I don't think any other contributors really what parts especially. Or any other major network is is critically important to let people be informed. As. Are definitely people understand that the senator Israel by Harry Reid and Chuck -- and and Dick Durban that's at. They can do and say whatever they want to say ordering up a vote on immigration they can do it tomorrow what are bring up some and they could do it tomorrow that they can do anything. I'll tell you what they don't wanna do they don't wanna -- that they don't wanna touch the budget with a ten foot pole because they haven't -- I don't know what -- more power for years. Yeah haven't done a budget there's no proposal federal budget. -- and people misunderstand it you know he's an -- They only wanna take votes that are gonna were embarrassed Republicans in the -- can use in the next campaign right. Well mom rheostat plus they don't want to spot their own people they don't want their own people take some vote. For example on anything to do with the guns -- immigration don't want there members who are up for reelection and those red states. -- the ticket I'm voting and it's disagrees you know mark -- -- instead an apple and cheering Alice about menu come down that's spiraling you know. Not quite sure that this. Additional armor you or you were in there one earlier first rose well last year two years ago did you miss being there are a lot of that the other night. Now now I I guess certainly would have an honor to be -- bit no I watch and obviously NTV in. No body might be their last year and saying is that the president wants to Mr. President my. -- trading goes on Perry's -- get it out. And I well I well again and we ended up getting you know so there was some good they came from those. Occasionally but it's a lot of pomp and circumstance which is wonderful achievements -- country's greatest country in the world. What I love to have been that sure. You know you -- -- -- and you move on. In other opportunities to speak I'm prior averages. We -- of insider trading did you see that you you're off former colleague now the secretary of state made. Made about 700000 dollars today when -- Buffett made his bid for Barack. HJ Heinz. Seven out of those 28 billion dollar. Purchased -- then yeah I mean it was 700000. Betsy -- had three million dollars worth of stock in HJ -- I mean I'm I guess that was and that it I guess that was his Valentine's Day gift last year for mama -- -- I don't know where you I don't know where LC would've gotten from I think 120 billion dollar -- and -- I -- I believe -- is yes. So what so is so what you're you're gonna want to what about aloft for everything like that you gonna go to you to do Rio. Ed Sullivan a couple months some I'm really trying to regroup and spend time with that with -- on the kids in. And do something I've wanted to do for a long long time has since been four years of constant running raising money. And that they said the support I really enjoyed being on your show and I'd love. You know not only you know -- up with your listeners knew it obviously. It's -- and anyone who doesn't participate in this kind of talks. Show process I think is really missing out theater really good policy and listen I -- I don't pleased and in -- everybody. I know is that US what was right in this case it's still very good about that and didn't compromise my bleacher. -- as I was looking up for the people Massachusetts and I'm good I'm good -- I just hope you know that you people down and out there you go from carrying brown. And we know it works extremely well we get a real life stuff and I'm fishing on economic issues have to senator Warren and and new interim senator. And -- -- and -- to be at there's you know a little bit lost obviously in the translation and so the. Usually transported to keep our -- You sort of -- the place in DC or not. Yeah yeah -- good rental property in the hunt so a military obligations. Here in my daughter's down year you know do her -- -- Spending obviously much time here. Since LC these things work out as as -- nearly you know what it's like -- be married. Talk Kentucky -- -- -- -- these things and eventually they're and. They listened do you think the Whitey Bulger trial should be a televised. Yeah and so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right that's what I just said my call might just like generally -- we JE LY mean -- we would do all that we at least deserve a crummy TV show right. -- mean really repair. We are paying his legal goes recollect. Yeah -- of course we should have an arbitrator view what's going on should be its. And opportunistic. Justice is being administered. That that quote that you played before I came -- it was Kyle. What oh that no that was that was JW Carney he's he's a lawyer that you and I who played the -- to get caught -- play the cut from on why these immunity and let -- let's get Scott's reaction to that. This is we're paying for this -- by the way Kazaa Whitey. -- now I know he does. All of -- the government alleges that mr. Bulger committed dozens and dozens of the most serious crimes committed in books. And he never got so much as a traffic. Does that sound like he had immunity to you James Bulger was never an informant to the FBI. Or anybody else at any time. And it is not the reason why he received immunity. And of course -- to keep us in suspense like a good TV show he won't tell us why he got immunity if he wasn't an informant who aren't up that mystery here. Both tonight. And yet if you listen. I don't think it's so bizarre. And by the way he did get a bunch of traffic tickets I gotta I -- list government -- house the do growing. -- -- -- layer where and I -- O'Neill have summon their new -- got all kinds of traffic tickets. And the fact that he and get a traffic ticket doesn't that mean he has immunity. She's OK okay -- to -- anything else who wanna say other than happy Valentine's Day. Yeah out from him not bill and some book signings in the auto. His coming out my book is coming out my new book is coming out April 5 anytime after that. How about that. -- aren't Ching Ching Ching -- OK I'd I'd love to be got -- officially but the boss says nothing until laden opponent told led the new book comes out okay so any -- I have a very several bought so -- to do so we're gonna we're gonna get together and April start doing bought book signings right to sues the rest of my country here sounds about. Okay great thanks a lot Scott thanks for checking and -- we appreciate it.