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Medal Of Video Game Warfare?

Feb 15, 2013|

Outgoing Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta is creating a new prestigious heroism medal for cyber and drone combatants who sit inside stations outside a war zone. It will be above the bronze star. We spoke with an actual medal holder, Fox News military analyst Col. David Hunt about the absurdity of this award.

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And city found the story which as I like this is crazy. Leon Panetta as you know he says stepping down but he's decided to do one more thing before he steps down. Some warriors inside the Pentagon are reacting with amusement and anger over outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta's decision to create a prestigious. Heroism medal for cyber and drone combatants who sit inside stations outside a war zone. The business as you know he's he's well respected he's hawk. Pete the Pentagon. The people in the Pentagon basically like that. But he is now while but he is now the brunt of jokes for his announcement Wednesday that he had created to distinguish warfare medal. And placed it high on the metal prestige last. I suppose now they will or won't wore purple hearts for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome set a retired green beret who does contract work for the Pentagon. No they're gonna have a purple star. Examples of those eligible for the new -- medals include service members who operate predator drones over Afghanistan and Pakistan from the shelter of an air base in military computer whizzes who defeat cyber attacks by China. It is not only the award itself but the placement above in order prestige to bronze star that baffles and -- -- The bronze star is awarded for extraordinary service to combatants and actual war zone if it is and if it is adorned with a V. It is -- it was earned in direct combat. It is it has been surreal to hear the response in the corners of the Pentagon says one army colonel who fought in Afghanistan everyone was Ford. By the sudden announcement many are still convinced that is a joke from the onion that duped people. Attitudes range from rage to mix of anger and amusement every one assumes this was an air force poor push. So there is anger towards both the medal and the air force or progress. So -- what's a poll question and one of the results thus far. Outgoing Defense Secretary Panetta wants to award heroism medals to John operators nowhere near battle. Is this attacking you know it's. What do you think is second in that. But 90% no -- at the moment and 90%. I know there you know like I know they're working you know I mean I know there right I know they do a lot of but I know that the drones have bugged them that done -- decimated. Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. All over the world and by him Ike Ike and gradually the drone operators. But. The -- operators haven't been in any danger they haven't they haven't risked their lives they haven't. It's I mean. Be in a robot operator my understanding of -- they're just they're sitting in some bunker in Kansas somewhere right in the lead to lead they do buried our shift didn't. And they they go they go home and they have a beer. And I watched TV right. I mean -- there's there's no there's no risk to them is there. Mean it would if you if you got a bronze star. And you got it from combat what you know I was just reading about the one but it was some wasn't the just recently I was reading about somebody had a bronze star that was a -- there that I was writing about. And but anyway it was a war it was a war Europe mean and now this -- -- just you know I mean I. I don't want I don't wanna say it's the equivalent of video game but it's it's somewhat like a video game -- it. 187746943221877469. -- 322. Please do a greatest hit sooner rather than later we can't let this stuff go to the back burner. We always keep it around remember when -- quit we had a -- all the greatest hits you know we don't we don't lose this stuff. But the problem it's really bad it really is bad -- that nobody else picks up on missed operate on the pat myself on the back I mean I just do a good radio. I Kimberly Miller people vote don't don't see that it's funny I mean if we're driving around than. And I Glenn Beck or somebody I was 2 in the morning play in this stuff but again I'd be cracking -- You know I I think getting -- -- talk show host that doesn't seek out this kind of stuff is is really. Depriving himself and the audience of love a good chuckle. Peter your next with how we cargo ahead Peter. Yes Ali cracked creature sports page not. Las Vegas on Nellis Air Force Base air conditioned trailer that drone operators have been known to be suffer from PT EST. Go figure. You -- it's been written up and and the Arab news in that some of them -- periodicals because. They're not able to go back to the club and commiserate with this fellow officers and pilots who actually were flying combat the old days and out they go on to their families and they have no way -- these stretch. It's it's unbelievable what's gone on in the military today. What -- liquor stores on the way home. They quietly -- liquor stores on the way home they can get some they can get to me anti depressants or something like that I mean what. I don't know that's that's that's the latest thing now PTS because they can't. There they go to their -- that the watching all the carnage instead of on board the Byron drinking what difference. While that's crazy thanks for the call Peter. One -- -- Robert your next with Howie -- go ahead Robert. I always got did not area a couple of purple. I think he's got a lot of people job well -- He -- he did it one purple star after -- he claimed he was wounded and a couple of days after -- 580 he said he was wounded he wrote in his diary you know -- that he have a camera. With them on the on -- in Vietnam he had he had a diary that you know I guess he figured would be later on -- published publishing. So he wrote in the diary that he had seen any action. Even though even though he said he would suffer wounded in action two days earlier if I was wounded in action -- I would think I'd been an action wouldn't show. I would accent yet. I wouldn't -- got my not a robot is. Now but it but again now we know but he we don't know. We don't know he still has those mildly I assume the metals have been moved from the capital down to -- up foggy bottom now offers office. Because he had the he had the middle CE through actually through when 1971 somebody else's medals. Over the White House -- thanks for the call Robert Don your next with how we card -- had gone. Yeah I idea I just found out about that the last couple days of one of my buddies that. Had a distinguished flying cross sent sent me patent it rates peaked above the brunch. And below. -- stopped. And possibly. -- it it's it's amazing to me. Most brilliant that was -- and a kind of PO about it. All you out but it would it it's ridiculous. Find that give these guys know ward but it should be rated it's it's not a combat heroism award it's a meritorious award for some action and that's. Richard great downhill of that national defense river and it's something of that nature not not in that not into the fourth of fifth. Highest award for valor that we have unbelievable -- to disgrace. Thanks for the called on one what is it when it counted though I mean again and you know especially one guy who works in this administration I mean this guy that was about as hawkish as you're ever gonna get in the Obama administration and and he was. It was really look. The former congressman from California was appear he was all right well respected secretary of defense I think most people were saying was he was successful as a secretary of defense. And you know we just came up with this I mean what what put this in his hat. You know Marcy your next with how we cargo ahead Marcy. Well hang out. I can't hurt falling down on a -- and sharp note so I'm expecting to get a look at our best. -- purple star for Leo and purple star yeah right okay. About a green clover of the opt out of about the -- box of lucky charms his run out of purple stars -- green clover. Alcan is that signs. Thanks a lot takes up by 1877469432218. -- -- of -- said the publicizing it because visitors to the White House was an example of they transparency. Yeah no of course he would be marked incessantly of course of course you would. How we I twisted my knee and a jump during the Cold War where -- get my purple star. 187. Did you hear Bangor daily news is -- way I didn't hear that -- the bank or a bug maybe there was a -- -- there was some new news 187 so. Heroism exceptional courage in the face of danger especially battle I had an online battle with the mass registry of motor vehicles where's my purple star. You don't you read that tax -- why did you hear the Bangor daily news and the news stops and nobody else that the ring and angered and his. What that I talked about an hour yesterday that's the -- the Bangor daily news is is asking every state every police department in the state of Maine. To ward turn over the list of concealed carry permits and who who holds. So they can they can they claim they they they want them for research projects like like the Bangor daily news is a real paper. You know but that's gonna conduct these complicated. Expansive -- link the researcher investigations give me -- break. They're just that -- just using them as lea fishing expedition we talked about yesterday for our. -- your -- with how we cargo ahead jail. I Allie my eldest son airport and believe me he worked in counterterrorism but you're not interested in supporting the sport if it is. I know he he he can call the chair for. Because he said you know -- -- required and not everybody in airports. You know -- in his position he's out. Because it's when he called the sheer force. Yeah I thought it's your friends in the Marines and navy -- it -- the -- I -- he -- these these guys are just. So hot air just he said navy field like like the army night you never know what you -- it is still in abilities got out of these guys they seem to be able to protect. What's coming next in deal with the important chose not. And he said the Marines are just you know the ball over. In my language of the military they end up having to put up with in in -- with the typical situations and -- you know will be a lot of fired what's going on. And we have. And to The Washington Times disease is the real it's dependent on paper they got they get the best sources in the in the the nation's capital but from pentagon. In your guy that was read that earlier they they said that the the people the Pentagon are blaming this on the air force. But they're saying the air force wants to do this thing gets more -- Now I think it's now -- beat the hell out that's ever gonna get his purple start sitting in the situation room watching a farmer well. I mean you want one you know he's not important he -- she wants purples. Argued yeah. What are important I think it was right now with anyone -- -- -- opposite. Right we all we all know that yes it would have been nice if they hadn't gotten Obama that would have been the seals fault but it's since they got them. He was he was there with them he was that he was the first one out of the chopper. Sure but you know he would -- in at least in his you're great was. About helping them get Obama. His god like spared jail is he's not he's not a mere mortal what you. Thanks for the call 1877. Were 694322. The Bangor daily news has rescinded their request for the permit holders that that was it that was a good move. On their part. 774 my uncle my uncle falafel bar stool at the officer's club Fort Bragg got a purple star with Oakley shamrock. 18774694322. All right and we will the guys in the bin Laden movie get purple stars though I'd be in your next with Howie Carr go ahead Dan. That there GOP you know they're always after bears what -- charms. There's definitely a breakfast and it was just aren't marred by a -- part of -- and or whether they have some work all of the red crescent. -- I oversaw precedent by people. Future it was a -- what he terms terms. -- the it's the -- among were. Oatmeal. Eggs crispy. Play these serial Jerry. -- loss clause might your next meal might. Ali you're just -- my ladies just callable the Marines have on the ball well as -- lot of work it was I mean there. In the army is the tip -- the -- well -- -- give -- a little credit inquiry of the ball over on this clarity there it was. Generally -- citation. Give them in a portion of the citation even a presidential sites they. Go. Mean Michael -- -- about what what what if some gets ask him what what if you get what you get like. What's that guy's name -- you've -- the American guy that they got the the the America that -- all the on Paul's guys so worked up about he was nightmare consensus of opinion meant. Suppose blows them up immediate goal extra mean -- he should get some kind of commendation should be the commitments of the ball. Combat. Metal but should be should get some kind of recognition. Frank your next -- -- cart that. Yeah Allah and have a fifteen minute promise -- and Hillary Clinton just about look -- Now -- as far as -- the concern. -- anyway and this scale of medals awarded that medal that I Bonnie frank or -- -- -- -- the pace at least Arabs I think keyword I. -- -- -- -- -- Well I told the story before about Lyndon Johnson it's and one of those Robert Carroll biographies of wind and Johnson when it everybody else. During World War II startle people quit congress they resign their seats and they went into the military for instance. Henry Cabot Lodge Cabot lodge the senator from Massachusetts who was in his first term he quit. To go into the army and he came back and got a seat back enough 46. Lyndon Johnson as far as I know was the only guy in congress who he realized that you don't want to go further and Ambien a congressman from Texas. So -- he had to be in the army but he didn't wanna give up his seat in in the congress. So he went into the army but did not resign. -- into the army airport in -- army air corps -- It did not resign from congress. So they they sent him out there he was a favorite of -- so he was getting special treatment. In the in the military. And they sent him out there and he was it was lightning in a plane. He was riding in a plane in the in the Pacific. That that came under fire by a Japanese aircraft and they gave him something like I don't know was a bronze star silver star. But he either he wasn't doing anything he was he was right eating in the plane. And they make sure that he got this that the silver star of the bronze star. 18774694322. -- your next with power cargo ahead Kevin. -- -- Dell computer at the house would like 26 inch screen and I got a year. The Microsoft. Force being blocked sidewinder. It could be playing you know stick you don't actually played our wedding -- I get my course like simulated combat support -- You know you guys that they have been fighting conduct using drones. And not income armed. Essentially what -- a video game. An extremely safe distance -- -- I mean it's an insult to every and the whereas the reform. -- -- these guys and battle what they really do it's it was like 200 dollar gift -- beat James saw something but it trouble. But don't deserve a -- Or other compensation but that's what you get when liberals are shut them out there. I just yet I mean who I would never thought I've dreamed of this and a million years giving giving. You know metals -- to drone operators mean would you know. I mean this is I I couldn't believe it when -- showed me the story this morning. Following this is what happens this is what happens when liberals are in charge of the White House and the senate and everything else. The world doesn't make sense anymore everything's upside down but that's just the way that it that it keep vocal Democrat every -- Thanks for the call Kevin 18774694322. And now we are.