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Police Blotter Fax Friday February 15, 2013 -v Bestiality And An Eye Popper

Feb 15, 2013|

Our two winners from this week's police blotter fax Friday contest were a couple of yahoos who had sex with a Siberian husky and a victim whose prosthetic eye popped out during his court testimony.

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Friday my name is -- Police -- thanks Friday. By the way someone says -- -- at -- -- spiral -- for. I am not surprised. So story in the globe today saying that they won't have to water bottles and some high school in Vermont it is that the go to Vermont the -- that story abandonment wells. For goodness. All. The alligator body bottles when they reopen my high school their own their own personal. Personal water bottles with that if you can EC Germans. I mean I don't know -- I don't I had gotten thinking most of those bottles on anyway. It's Friday afternoon and that means it's time for police blotter fax Friday all week long we ask you -- -- your funny stories or items from your local daily or weekly newspapers up police. Column that some people some papers call the police law and others the police -- could even be ST envelopes or -- fax number if you wanna send that anything is. 6177793467617. 7793467. Where you can email them to me at how we car at two W war Kerio dot com how we -- at WRK dot com. At this time each week we read the funniest ones on the air and that the two best entries in our opinion receive a prize scene when they get this week. They're gonna get a most wonderful collector's item T shirt from our friend Bob -- up and current main hamper exports where. -- can only win if you room please bottom facts that you can order some of his new one bitter clinger -- yeah that's what we're gonna put your mighty fine I'm sure Michelle will be giving some -- next week are you telling me well. These the runners up they do not win the T shirt the first is from the Hartford current current -- current current. Manchester. A 71. Year old woman is charged with prostitution. Is applied for a special form of accelerated probation seven -- one I'm just not my skin is -- at the moment so I mean. Yeah. She. You know they're usually he has the most of for customers. More than one adult beverage before they approach her she'd put a man in the escort section of a website back page dot com and made a deal to perform sexual acts and her talent. She is or -- exactly I should give an accelerated preparation answers and honeymoon days. They had when they had an operation John one time in the city of Boston I was going over analyst there was a nine year old -- that idea remember that analysis that was a good one yes but this was the constitution. -- meanwhile I'll -- year old John. This like the blue pill. This is from the Dutch harbor telegraph which is from Alaska. This is just an an example of what that police up in that -- -- have to put up with. For a century no assaults brother Koch's report is in need created sibling and attacked him and McCain. Officers responded to the residents know what you said no assault had occurred. Welfare check. And he created brother call to report that something was wrong with his inebriated sibling officers responded to the residents were told at a pretty woman was doing things with a sibling. Assistance rendered inebriated brother called reporters in new created sibling had told to shut up. Offices respond to the residents and found the two were arguing about a pretty woman. What's -- not gonna last tango what is this the geriatric police -- facts not I just think they have McCain you know it still walking -- you know throughout -- hiking in the ways not to be old McCain. -- from the winner frank. Winnipeg free press. A valid license wasn't the only thing missing when a driver ran a van into a city beer vendor she was also missing her -- -- -- there on her. Police -- surprise might pull the reporting that -- -- -- accustomed to running into city fear and 43 year old Josephine Agnes beta exit she tried to drive away from the collision scene. She was naked from the waist down -- but missed basic and the male passengers there was in the car indicated. They were having sex and that's why their pants were -- what's. Totally -- she was charged that impaired driving issued a mix of booze and drugs -- system as she tried to drive away from the scene. -- she is attractive as Victoria -- there's no picture there. -- -- -- -- -- -- She doesn't indicate the accident wasn't causes as a result of her impairment of more as a result of the activity she was engaged in the vehicle. -- so that makes it okay. I guess as long as you're -- now wasn't she was -- -- that we brought her out she -- the beer from the city beer truck. Yeah aren't port a driver who allegedly ran three police cars was arrested on drug charges after police found him in possession of heroin and cocaine. During a subsequent body cavity search will -- chase -- -- when it's is that some one good reason for not becoming a policeman's. The -- is how we approach body cavity searches it was hidden in his behind. While speaking of which -- three Lincoln prisoner who tried to hide his mobile phone during a search of a cell. Was caught out on guard -- ring tones from his career and it's. Oh man yeah need to be taken to hospital to have his surgically removed. Count I think access to him. Now and that whole horrible thing that happened last week with the wind died garner. You know there was collateral damage in that because two women delivering papers whoever were delivered newspapers and Torrance were wounded in another person was shot out by police. In case of mistaken identity in the search for garner the three victims were driving a dark -- pick -- truck that matched the description a former officer Christopher donors police were. Pleas for posts -- protective duty outside the homes of one of those officers and it became suspicious of a dry removing the neighborhood. And driving a blue pickup truck in its lights off. -- from the administration going to his funeral by the way I mean since your -- -- nice things about on the on the Internet. Does piers Morgan going to his funeral. I have not heard. As a matter of fact. Whether whether -- ordered not. This is from the same words from Union County Illinois saying county family got the scare of their lives. As drug agents swarmed onto their property. I heard the dogs barking and I knew that meant and I looked up the windows and I seen that truck right behind it at first Lahr says she thought her son had done. Something bad when she heard drug agents say this they had a report of a meth lab going on and our and our property gist is we had no tape which was profiles. So then they showed the officer is what they did have on there property maple syrup. They were making maple syrup as a matter of fact in more than they were side is -- too -- for -- -- -- non violently. Maybe in from I don't know enough about maple -- I do love it come. By the way someone assist chronic high school in Pittsfield gave the kids those reusable plastic bottles kids responses to go bottles with brandy gin vodka and branded entry at school -- down -- -- And I noticed a lot of and admirals lot of kids seemed to be so this is sucking down one utter these days only it's sometimes it's probably the color of water. It's more brown. This is from Portsmouth police stopped a local woman who found herself locked inside her own car. For half an hour on Sunday police sergeant. Copper -- -- said that the woman called at 11:20 PM reporting she was trapped in 1998 Chevrolet Illumina. It's -- can beat anybody. She says her family car. When left idled died within a matter of minutes of the denser earlier in the night she got a jump start was able to arrive at home. When the car was put into gear the doors automatically locked my card this is my cart starts locking actually -- nine miles per hour that -- and -- -- news. Nine you stop or hit upon it and opens com -- said the women's. Car went dead upon arriving home while she was parked in her driveway she tried manually a lot indoors but can not get her finger on it a lot to pop it open. We -- she got a finger under some under popped up earlier we didn't think it was possible but an officer was dispatched and a helper outlines the scene the officer instructors simply use the door handle. Which had a safety feature to offset the -- the moment she tried the door handle it you know and right now she wasn't drunk. -- -- saying anything. She was fine she is very grateful loses service call that we take justice legitimately is any other my guess is that she'd -- -- he created they would an elder sound. Aren't these the two winners the first one. Is from the Baton Rouge advocate. To pine prairie men are facing charges of crimes against nature all. After this is a beast reality they admitted to having sex weather dot. Joshua Granger and -- wells were roommates were arrested after Louisiana state police received a complaint from Memphis Tennessee about animal cruelty. Barry Bonds for both members that is 7500 dollars. Ones outlet and still in jail state police and sheriff's detectives interviewed the man separately in both admitted to having sex with a Siberian Husky. There was found at their residence and sex and another dot there was not the residents. Granger admitted that there is video and images on his computer of these acts ball. The dog was examined -- FaceBook the dog was examined at the LSU's school of veterinary medicine which found no internal injuries that died. The dog appears on injured but is not means. -- and respected in oh god they haven't named -- it's this it's the paper's policy. I want to know that ultimately the not to name the dog the victims. The other winner the get the guys were turned on by the Huskies who I am just -- stop you know I am getting highs should. If Philadelphia. An assault trial over a fight that cost him in his left I ended in a mistrial Wednesday when his prosthetic eye popped out as he was testifying. Startling jurors. John Kodak was weeping on the witness stand as he testified about the impact of losing his -- In a fight in the parking lot of a bar called the new Princeton. New Princeton tavern. When how many people who went to Princeton new Princeton that -- Suddenly out out suddenly -- 3000 dollar purse attic blue -- popped out he caught it and cried out -- to jurors gaffes and started terrorized. I couldn't believe it just came out judge Robert Collins called it an unfortunate unforced seen incident granted a mistrial motion by defense. It's now -- apparently the original fight. He had left for the growth from a got into an argument on -- page and turn into a fight department like we tried those are minor leaguers. -- with these people. Apparently the guy who punched and had a metal. Please go to the Villanova bar. A pair either guy who hit a saint Joe's bar the guy who hit it in the parking lot had a metal key sticking out between his fingers when he punched him in the side. So that's how he lasts until they really they're not that they're not good people close by leaders definitely it just. Okay I'm never say never say I mean I've never seen but it was a prosthetic before that's. While not -- that but I think I did though that I think. In the in Brooklyn but one of the guys that brought along Al Capone -- Yale -- later on Capone killed them. He -- he and he he is name -- Yale actually you know the name of his -- was spot Harvard. Nice. I think the Harvard and was like the new -- something like that Marion. Okay. -- -- to -- week -- today for another exciting episode police blotter thanks for this case. Right. That's it for the that's it for police blotter for -- for.