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Checkmate With the Bangor Daily News

Feb 15, 2013|

The Bangor Daily News has rescinded its request for records about concealed weapon permit holders after a furious backlash this week from citizens and legislators right up to Governor LePage. Howie had a few choice words for the editorial staff of the paper.

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Now we talked -- -- yesterday about the Bangor daily news and they that they did something really obnoxious they you'd think they will learn something from that paper in suburban New York. The paper in the New York got the concealed weapon advocate the Urbina did discuss that permits that just a gun permits Perot people there in their city your town and a they printed the printed the names I believe they put a map that put maps in the paper where these people war. So while bloggers started getting the names of the editors and reporters that this. This Gannett newspaper. And they started print they start putting them on the Internet and it was a very big controversy that -- there was an obnoxious thing to do. In Coulter for instance asked so what is the paper gonna start printing the names of women who've had abortions. You know. Mean what would win when you start doing things like this word is an end. So in in other instead of learning a lesson. About all over reach. The Bangor daily news decides that to -- to go one step further. And sends letters to every police department in the state of Maine. And I asked them for the names of their concealed. Concealed carry. Permit holders. Every they wanted to every name of every ever concealed carry permit holder in the state may. And they said they were gonna print the names there we're gonna use them pursue that case. Now. Right right of course they work. So why it Chris really my friend who's a police officer former state rep from Bangor. Bangor suburban Bangor he was he was filling in today for Rick Tyler on VOM and he said they spent all day talking about this and he said there were the they had reports from some of their listeners were driving by the Bangor daily news offices downtown that there were actually pickets out there this morning. Just you know you know just holding signs and saying you know boycott them to be the end and you will never buy this paper again and he you know boycott the advertisers -- senator. Well. The as of 9:29 AM I don't know if this was in the morning paper or not that was posted online at 9:29 AM. This is firm Anthony. Anthony Iran's CO. That Bangor daily news has rescinded its request for records about concealed weapons permit holders in the state of Maine. We've informed the agencies who received their request disregard it. We've informed the agencies who have responded that there are records will be destroyed. We are disappointed with the reaction to our request which we felt was with the best intentions. To help study issues affecting Maine threw an analysis of publicly available data. We will continue our reporting. But will use other sources of information to do so. We've had many that the talks about the conversations they've had with people. These conversations have been trumped by -- misinformation. About our request. As well as swift political opportunism. It's clear that as a state and as a nation we have still have much to do to generate light in this debate instead of the what it whereas the rampant misinformation. Well and it's a pretty simple story. The Bangor daily news sent out letters to every police department in the state of Maine asking for the names of the concealed. Carry permit colors. That's yet what what is there to -- what. What is that what what. We're was being rampant misinformation. The BD and would never have published personally identifying information any permit holder in Maine. We -- you can trust the Bangor daily news they're not like the others. To have done so would have been irresponsible. To our readers and our communities. 18774694322. Destroyed means held -- to it destroyed means held that till we forgot then tossed in paper. 207 Paula page tweeted a photo he's the governor tweeted a photo of himself holding up his own permits. I'm what I'm with the people call yesterday I think this was just -- this this was a way to get that this was that this was a data mining operation. For next year's gubernatorial campaign. The Democrats in Maine have been in a it in an age and fought simultaneously. The last three years since governor page. When in the office they can't stand. I mean he's not just a Republican he's he is eight Tea Party and I'm unabashed. Tea Party Republican. And they they they wanted to know the they were you know what they I'll bet I can't prove it. There are gonna run this list against the pages contributors they were on this list against the pound chairman of the city chairman the precinct chairman the the that the congressional district chairman to see how many of pages supporters had a concealed carry permit. You know the pages an underdog to begin -- he was elected. In a three way fight in 2010 with 38% of the vote. You know he he you know he's he's gonna have a tough time getting reelected unless they get a straw in that fight. But that did -- putt papers like the Bangor daily news the -- back journal via Portland press herald. They don't wanna make sure these call and they don't wanna take any chances so this was a that this was just a at that data mining operation which Condit if you will. To have to make sure that they had the they had the goods on -- they had some goods. It's like it as I said yesterday too this is like when the Democrats wanted to. Mitt Romney's tax returns for ten years beaten bidding who did damn well that Mitt Romney get paid his taxes. You know I mean a guy in in that kind of public spotlight he ran against Ted Kennedy. In 1994 he was not and if he was not only beat and have a target on his back before that he certainly did that reports. He's always gonna pay -- taxes what they wanted to do was was just cherry picked some of his little investments like this house that he had enough. That the New York Times about -- he had had -- house for. I I don't know we was. These -- -- -- I'll get to get to admit it but they -- the the they want they just pick the other from his one return that Kia. For -- is is one return that year's return that he put out and they they went to is me how many good landlord. Or is -- is Shia slum lord. You'll like. Like Al Gore remember when Al Gore had display -- Al Gore had a place he inherited from his father didn't have a point they had an outhouse and snakes in the -- house. That it gets much play but these people said Mitt Romney's the best and we are at. Let's let's spike that story let's they actually they actually that run but they didn't get much play is that it will cut anyway. We're gonna talk to some people from Maine here now -- just about that this segment but just to let him. This is of this as a victory. For the Second Amendment as a victory for the people of Maine who want. -- wanna be pushed around by the by the mainstream media's you know. -- to call the Bangor daily news that he you know it's hard column powerful institution of the media. You know given its. Given it's a power lock on the news and but. It's it's still got some power it's the only paper in the second largest city in Maine so it's it it has some castle but clock out. In it he got slapped down today congratulations to everybody who was a part of it. Jeff your next with. How we cargo ahead job. I. -- -- -- The -- Jeff Miron your next with how we cargo web Myron. How are. You real up and what the shortfall from the sportsman's alliance remain -- and there's an anonymous group that. I won't identify themselves that after the same information now. -- -- if they don't identify themselves why they held the police departments have to respond to one. I don't know what I can forge your email. Place I would like I'd like to see that. Yeah I don't think I don't think they'll get them I don't think -- get him unless they step forward I mean I there's you know the police department aren't gonna put up with this kind of BS either you know that the biggest -- You know in these towns the -- I guarantee the cops have above -- have permits you know it's like among other things you're given up the name and address of every police officer in the state of Maynor and 88% of right. Well you know I know a lot more. Move back furthermore Obama but they're they're still got -- ordered it got riled up -- the best thing. What they showed they should ever. You what you're an -- or not you should be riled up over this thing this is just this is just pure intimidation on their part. -- email -- job but it's all the this bill. I said it's how we car. At wrko.com. Thanks a lot. What do watch it for that and when it comes and 18774694322. Let's see the threat isn't over says Lewis says. Another caller from to a seven. -- page's quote with the photo was hilarious CB is -- give me the quote to that he he gave the heat in here purely a quote with a tweet. John your next with Howie -- go ahead John. Our. We have to destroy -- country and royals. I call the ACLU has more humble -- government. Here all domain. Like all the ACLU Maine this morning ask them. Please give me an opinion on. Mine thirty. I'd never heard them back right -- called back for it just got to pull me off but always agree tangled into. All they agree with that you should listen this is John I'm from al-Qaeda number concerned about being blown up by a drone. They were there and back to you within seconds. Well where are played it was like discernible -- yeah. My freedom of -- Your your your your off free either the Euro. Of rights under the bill of rights your Second Amendment Rights constitutional guarantees. I have a right to privacy I don't need my name and address in the new people these are all -- -- map. Right exactly and I don't and I don't believe I'm sorry and I work for a newspaper and I have worked for newspaper most of my life. I don't believe them when they say they're not gonna use via the market use these names for mr. Like I call of the regular citizens are talking about a brought up while you. CO. Problem a lot of phone calls -- people remember. You know like. -- walking out for our rights situation they want to watch out for. -- -- wrong side of the column I have rights to privacy. Just like anybody else. Like -- of the ACLU -- as they tried to stop -- the use of drones against American citizens and were they the ACLU was laughed. Opt out of the appeals court the federal appeals court when they tried to do this I mean what isn't the well why isn't why are these rights what can they achieve the ACLU cherry pick me why is somebody's. Why is somebody's rights -- More sacred than your rights John haven't gotten. Anybody out there and not be abused not be -- Not not be intimidated by the publication of your run your name and address. Like I got a question for sure. I I've got this theory that the the gun during gun control. Our illustrious president on the -- I noticed the change that is at two bodies are -- record. I think this is the first thing that really run into. Propositions since he's been in the white -- And articulate and how to handle. They polled think poll test everything -- and he's he's got to know that you know that the the the National Rifle Association has -- higher rock higher approval rating that the Democratic Party. I mean that Clinton used to say in the 2000 that died out Al war. Lost this lost the presidency when he lost his home home state of Tennessee and Clinton's home state of Arkansas by being too was too much for gun control. You know I mean I mean you're you're absolutely right at that Google thing yesterday when he was when he was talking about the purple stars. The -- of some us some own bad asked them up. Are you again are you for outlawing handguns. And he said at all. He's I mean not that -- not that he he meant that but he he knew enough not to not to come out for a for banning handguns that would be that would be the kiss of death for him -- how politically he he would I -- probably a real. A real. Maelstrom of but controversy on his CN cheeky bit do you think guys like Joseph mansion deny it in West Virginia I know we just got reelected. But you know -- Used to be democratic he he was basically carried a gun with him in all of his ads you know he'd wanna be tied down to this to this. Silly agenda that's the you know somehow what's the gun's fault but the these these that that people getting killed. Thanks for the call a job Robert you're next with Howie -- go ahead Robert. I how I thought. That you would particularly call jerk I did with my local store I'm up in -- here. And I want to buy a local sort of more and I saw the -- daily news -- quietly. I don't you know power but I guarantee you have not buy -- -- comes back toward daily news well. While that's good you told that to somebody at the store. Did have to do our bit and I can order saying they won't because still. Yeah you know what are they just talking and unity began to right away from the the leaders in the these kind of people they have to exceed forty sevens. Forty. That's buried in the ground and people who are. People who work when. Brought up. Suicide bombers and and take directly from them. Right. -- thanks for the call Robert Mike you're next with how we cargo ahead Mike. And Ali first I'm like I'm -- I -- aria IQ listen Davila in the morning and -- immediately change my FaceBook Q. The other band yen and I really think this is gonna happen I I understand that they gonna. Has licked a drop off tomorrow morning at all the green. Newspaper boxes for folks to do that on the doorstep in. The mayor -- knows this should be their last. Liberia they got to go. Thanks Mike 18 you know they did you notice that I like the -- but I like the part hero they they would never run. The beat. And dean regrets that its request for information may have been taken as a personal attack on concealed carry permit holders. Some homework to be the end. Mature one but they work on the loading docks and in the press room -- how many of the -- concealed carry permit -- work in the -- whose room. William your next with how we -- -- every few would be my guess like Nunn and William go ahead. Always. Alias -- from Bangalore you want my money back from. They gave -- -- Scott Brown but it always I call I've been taken a -- -- -- forty ideas and I've been. Every time they're open net papers CO this -- so hot lap. When I heard about this concealed weapons thing I that was yet that took over the top. This. We on -- -- and that -- I call my doll. Yeah editor and columnist right thought he never had a word I think he had it and -- today. You think you were the first one to cost from today Americans. No I don't think -- -- that I'm saying is really appeal to a lot of people and and that fit mark my last delivery and from now on. I think -- really knows. You know William if they had had a legitimate reason for doing miss. But that -- the reason they gave doesn't ring true doesn't know they don't have that you're you know what it's like you you've been renewed for 45 years old newspapers -- trunk. They don't know very few newspapers now could do these kinds of adapt reporting. Series that they that they're claiming they were gonna use this information for. Well back backed candidate -- on what is either but they'd be used to -- previous state distribution yeah circulation yeah. And used to be 7080000. Sometime studied thousands back in the days and now they elected they hit 55 or sixty and I was -- Mike dallas'. Enjoy it and enjoy -- -- unemployment line. That it's just terrible how odd left lately. You know what's gonna you know they did the person -- the first thing the EU you have a list like that and then lose in a newspaper in -- city room. The first -- was getting arrested for a you know wise going berserk at a bar. Right and and you know hitting a couple of people and -- topic comes in to break it up. And bigger and bigger the first thing they gonna do was gonna get the police report get the guy's name. And in the gonna run them against the west right. And say that it -- say Joseph Joseph blow who was arrested last night variety you know when in downtown Bangor. By the way he has a concealed carry permit. You know and then and so then you're Gasol and subconsciously they're gonna start making everybody think she's. Some guy went -- -- as any as a permit to Kerry's you know waiting is it back case ever so everybody who lives everybody who has a permit is -- is it. Is is a threat to beat up his girlfriend or his wife or to sell cocaine or to get a bar room brawl -- I mean that's that's -- I'm I'm positive that's what they would use it for I mean what will we have lists at that that Harold. You know in in mechanic any kind of criminals or any kind of people that you don't have by her own stock. A week we always knows that list if you have information you the reason you get information is to use it. Whether your corporation RA error newspaper thanks for the call. Billy your next with Howie -- go ahead belly. Good. -- I'm open main potential and say I could use in Atlanta. That the guy -- opposite. One of the most electable of the police departments that led all the -- outright without without any questions. You know who. -- and I went out to each other. I don't know why I don't I think Billy I think some police departments had responded but I'm gonna guess how many had responded that's a that's a good question that asked the Bangor daily news I mean these Bangor daily news said the gonna destroy all the records that they've got. I bet that the noted that there won't sit up and -- -- people that made him. I worked out a couple these silent vote and I think one of the big wins this -- -- didn't because all these judges retired judges retired -- re tied for these. They all have concealed gun permits and -- do you -- addresses on the border into the very well. But the also the -- retired ones to belly. Out. Well I mean you know they'll vote that I have limited anyway but -- you know well -- -- Think -- think they had to Bangor daily news -- lot of enemies that needlessly with this stupid died there will keep taking calls on this somehow we car. Yeah. Yeah. And then the words you didn't take long though just to really. He hit the fan -- -- And just somebody just sent me a letter to the to the Milo police department. And it was dated February 13. So they sent these letters out on on. Wednesday. In the we started talking about it on Thursday and then today the whole thing blew the hoping is over. It must this and we don't we don't know who this anonymous group is this site to Renault. The Bangor daily news respects respectfully request that the -- police department. Make available for inspection and copying. That's the list went on what laws the records of concealed weapons permits including big names addresses and dates or. Permit holders that are maintained by the town of Milo -- the -- police department and kept in accordance with the made available to the public yen -- the socialist thing. The Bangor daily news. Does not intend to publish wholesale identifying information included on this wholesale. But again retail -- retail information. Yes you don't. If somebody gets arrested for a beating up his wife may be well let that that idea as a concealed weapons permit. Let's see the -- legislature could enact the emergency legislation to stop this no need to stop -- now I guess. Which is being sponsored by a system majority leader senator Troy Jackson as early as Tuesday of next week. This would provide immediate protection law abiding concealed weapon permit holders while providing the legislature time to properly consider. Represented Corey Wilson to bill which would make this information permanently. Cry it permanently product. We just got a picture of congressman Steve Cohen's daughter. I can't believe he's not tell the truth I mean you'd be in such -- GM he wasn't telling the truth but it's really hard to believe that somebody is good looking as Victoria rink could be the off spring. But somebody he has. As. What -- -- -- let's say as a Steve Cohen I mean that talk about a cue ball chrome go I don't even think. Or even think you know here here man 1800 here man could do anything for him. David your next with how we cargo ahead David. I -- I actually am a Bangor City Council and the majority of the council. Just made a statement. Appreciation of Bangor daily news that a recess. Were collapsed. And yet one statement you made I wanna clarify and that is that I think this state remains still needs to move forward quickly. On this issue. Legislation you've got to. The legislation you mean the legislation Augusta. Correct yeah. Correct sir it would group that claims are gonna follow a lot in the middle. David what does the name of this group how could how could there be some anonymous group just now requesting all this kind of information. It's it's celebrate or horse. God I sites get -- the names so -- Celebration Maxi and he tells me celebration can act that -- -- That's the -- that I unfortunately. An order of things I'd say that they didn't pay attention to is additional I mean has. One of the largest in terms -- gun ownership per capita. I think ankle in the top top few in the country. About moreover there's another issue here and that is what you're getting -- is what was their purpose what was certain juncture where they can use this. Right not to I don't -- I don't believe there are there are statements that they weren't gonna. Publish wholesale and that they had no intention of within a whisper research projects I don't. Are you maybe you maybe you -- you know you can't come out say that being on the Bangor City Council but I can say I mean I I just don't -- I don't trust them. Well -- here at large sometimes does take some consideration. Safety of citizens and as a public policy official I become perhaps the majority of the council -- said clearly. -- that they -- some. Public's safety issues. -- who has you know public dissemination of this from its online -- their tickets for the newspaper this morning. Apparently there are around 7:30 this morning. And I think while I shouldn't get in the this is that there were folks are so let's say -- perhaps advertised. Except that it placed phone calls in -- a lot of Bob pressure. So I think -- the right decision. -- who were very happy that they indeed did make the decision to rescissions. Did they didn't follow was the storied in New York very closely they made this a decision to go forward and it looks like you know looks like this letter was written by a lawyer and obviously they had the total -- -- -- a lot of towns in Maine I mean they had that. They went to a lot of trouble to put together this list and send out this latter are mean. I did this baseman a lot of time working on this and a lot of money to. And now -- now they got -- they've got egg on their face. Well -- always you don't want the safety issues isn't so much just for those dart gun owners what states. And they have a gun permit there away to Florida for the winners and breaks their house to take again. There's also put those that don't own -- doctors say fall prey to criminals who are. A little or no -- justice and -- -- Yeah -- like the way they want the date of birth so you know present the data were I mean again the date of birth and all you have to do was compare the date of birth on your list. To the date of birth on the police report when you're reporting it yet you know the the the incidents you know that would that people were involved that. And they -- so I just make this a continuing campaign. To demonize people with concealed weapon permits. Well I think that's part of what. As happened in the past I think this -- remain at this point I think there are many are sign the legislation. That would prohibit. The public. Dissemination of such information that'd always be allowed to privy to very few Eric first time I'd just they would be your priorities you know. -- it is it. Has the Bangor daily news ever ask for the names of by EBT cardholders and in the state. Well that there's an excellent point there are a lot of other lists that erratically there are public war could be made more public right that that don't seem to be -- interest to sorrow. Now they -- the -- don't I want I wonder why that is counselor. Concept or should -- you very much what industry thank you thank you Dave and I appreciated -- which is your next with how we cargo ahead -- which us. Yeah I'll. Point it is not the -- the daily news. As -- on campus there has been -- I -- Just wondering. Overlap to problem on site I'll. The -- it has been explosive. Apartment and the firearm sales. Especially I get the -- and -- Just some some of the coming out of some shops. Is it is that kind of relates to this. Did you shoot or lack the ammunition. But a lot of different done different -- so weapon. What some of the stuff I've gotten from some folks that work there shops. Deal wit the fact that federal government I'd like 80% of -- strange. Yeah you know. -- -- too long rifle which is a very very Smart but it shouldn't you know rabbit Serb target shooting which is maybe. And so we get a well especially as senate figure that out and wedges today out. That. They try to up the market apparently they're out -- Well you know sorting it out there national weather. Yeah again I got a hole right there -- which is thanks for the call -- now we are. The group that has stepped into the breach to get this to get the list of don't know. Concealed weapons permit holders. Celebration connect owned by the end casket was also the manager for the company that prints me. Portland press herald and now we are.