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Government spending

Feb 16, 2013|

Where exactly does this money come from? Avi commentates

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There's one last thing I wanted today and save myself of a minute here. Some of the liberals and pointing out after Obama's speech about infrastructure. How we should spend money on that they call it investing how to create jobs it doesn't create jobs think about it any money that the government spends on building a bridge or roadway or whatever. Is money that they have to take from you and me they take it out of the private sector and they spend it on their preferred project. That means they have money but we don't. -- while they can create jobs we she we don't have the money and -- means that. Whatever it is we were gonna spend it on we can't spend it on that -- there's a contraction. Of employment in those areas where the consumers would spend the money. That is now a lot of their pocket he goes to government. So it doesn't work it's never on net -- create sure creator employment that's why government spending hasn't -- the unemployment problem. -- that thought hope to see you next week somebody else think those. Them. Then.