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Gas Price Shock

Feb 18, 2013|

According to the Energy Information Agency (EIA) the price of gas has increased 96 percent since President Obama took office in 2009. Guest host Michele McPhee wanted to know if the listeners were driving less because of gas prices.

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Today our question is are you cutting back on driving because of rising gas prices. The answer is now is not you don't take you mean that -- -- -- just -- take that trip on the weekends a year and indeed enactment drive through after Monty not gonna. Drive were average that's what's gonna affect and currently 73% say it's affecting what -- -- It's affecting my pocketbook I had quipped I mean yesterday into the middle of nowhere a white mountains for project a market on and I have cited twice at the gas pump. Ever really hearts ideally if Celia yeah like I can't believe I have to guard against -- again. Because -- critic just. Gas prices have risen by 32. Days straight. We seen an increase of 151. Cents in two months it's bring in particular as a matter of fact. This is the highest that gas prices have -- this early in February in American. History. Now pregnant all of us do you agree -- you want of those people who is driving us. A bigger question. I say because I know that tired old cliche. But it could still be bush were still in office do you think maybe. Just maybe this would be a topic of conversation. Among the cable networks. He need media might feel a bit more outrage out there if we had a different president. And that Teflon -- out of that president Barack Obama. Because when -- that's. The average price of gas gallon gas has increased 1986. Per cent that's in 96%. -- president Barack Obama first took office back in 2000 and -- he's -- figures came from the energy information agency. And according to EIA. Data the average price again on regular unleaded gasoline in the US was. A box. 83 for gas like it seems so long ago. Actually no. I don't have any member of that at all. A lot of though it was into president and we obtain a buck 83 it's really gave me get a couple pocket for 25 cents it just feels so far back. The don't even remember paying less than two bucks a gallon in the gaps. In 2009. I mean I'm still kind of flabbergasted because I can't recall in either 2009. January 19 2009. The day Obama took office. The average price of a gallon of regular unleaded was about 83. As of Monday. Today. The per gallon price has risen to an average of three dollars and 61 cents. I 96%. Increase. Now the highest that gas prices have been under Obama that record was reached back in May. 2011. Just think about may 2013. We -- flashed. How have you aren't taking those weekend trips -- -- just talked about. How do you our show. Us. That this does not being questioned. I mean added if the press could actually time the president to question him. You know that the press is starting to realize. At the Teflon -- in AKA president Barack Obama. Who took off for President's Day weekend and refused to meet with the press. That prompted a very angry -- From a press association -- Ottoman. President Barack Obama told us he was going to be transparent we don't even know where he in his right now no idea. When the president is what he's up till the last time we -- he was. Playing golf with Tiger Woods where -- we want -- the most transparent administration in history. Really. Yeah I think the press is finally starting to wake up just a little bit. About these unanswered questions. Including the one that John McCain. Leveled that David Gregory on Meet the Press do you care -- four Americans died. I know why do we get any chances. And was certainly not get any any answers about these rising gas prices so -- what do you think welcome. This -- themselves in instances in its way things on gas prices will affect food prices. And then what happens when votes to be good distort and turning a -- for Britain in the local brick -- and box. And -- fifteen dollars and that was sold some of the concept and eight dollars a gallon. And then ask you people what happens if all is said to be EDT characters shut off because our -- been devalued so much. But Obama decides to declare bankruptcy. It was gonna happen riots. Riots in class war here. And Obama -- a column of -- of this stirring up the -- to to turn America into Zimbabwe Third World country is really good job and it. That's what happened. Well you know every all right can take place thanks -- until for the call the real right -- take place in the present when they shut up the unemployment checks. I kid June. The unemployment checks that are being mailed to present all over the country. Now you talking riots 978 says I'm being hammered. I say by the price of gasoline. And six. I'm sorry 978 says my trip on the weekends is to -- -- game. Job. Exactly -- I think that's a lot of people feel about these gas prices but we're. Yet mr. L the follow up on the called does come through the real problem here is inflation caused by the Federal Reserve printing up money Ben Bernanke. Now worth the cost of gas going up along and everything else. Because they're going to be evaluated dollar and it's beyond Obama everybody knows it's coming and gas is no different than anything else. Everything is gonna cost more because the value of the dollar is going down by the printing. On the money where where the government exists where the Federal Reserve -- making monopoly money. So hard that money will become workbook -- planning had deleted but it's the only way they can deal with the debt that's called the I realize a lot of people are gonna understand that but it's that's what it really is everything is going to be inflated because of printing up money to cover the debt. And what's astonishing and an attack and a -- you know I everything went on vacation in Mexico. And no one wanted to Canadian water dollar because it wasn't worth anything. Exactly. Yeah the dollar was worth more than the American dollar when he translated into pesos. Not only that we haven't seen nothing yet wait no one of the valuation evaluation is in the cards and people laughed. How would this problem with the Obama's spending gonna manifested itself and the way it'll manifest itself. Is there will be eight dollar devaluation like in the Latin American countries. And everything will cost much much much more everybody will be much much poor because -- wages will -- up and that's. How this will play out and it's already in the cards there's no way out of this box. Now this certainly isn't right Ankiel because guys like this limo drivers said look I don't know limo service 603 I'm being killed by these prices I just went to Manhattan over the weekend. A 120 boxing gaps I I tank yesterday twice. A buck thirty. Because it was a far trip I mean it's free you would you agree. As Bible points out when bush is an office right. Wing pundits said the president is in control of gas prices how does that change. Is this president is in control of gas prices. -- -- What was president gas prices and be all over the news that -- quandary. And when the price of gasoline went to a backing 83 the liberal left called the Bush's head what do you think John. I drive in last here on how we our show with Michelle McPhee. I know a little. Uh oh -- on your mind on how. Well you know I'm predicted they want -- gas prices. Herbs for just wanted to make a little while and not happened suddenly what happened in four years thereabouts. -- our schedule. I mean time it it's just astonishing to me that he gets a packs. Luck and I to stand that there are different variables that lead to these rising gas prices. But when the United States has seam gas prices rise 96%. 96 not six not 36. 96%. Since he took office. I think there's some questions that need to be answered at the very least he should be looking for a solution but instead he's golfing with Tiger Woods. He's very busy but there are cracks solution could block -- I don't bubble of the three dollars and 83. I think it's probably about two box and taxes. Good luck bark off the clock for the -- by just taking a dollar off the federal facts -- today to do that. What do you think he's going to remember when the governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick ran on the flat on that it was lower property is. My property sex is just went up by 12100 dollars a year in banged up pretty neighborhood East Boston. In my luggage being on -- I had 225. Dollars a month. Yeah and saw what happened in my neighborhood and banged up Broxton. You cry you literally crying. My client and I want you brought to -- bills and then let it -- not everybody -- -- -- doesn't -- -- yet they are you know. Well Johnny driving less. I actually am and you don't the other shocking thing besides the cost of gasoline by drive up to northern being off. Is that caught the whole. To drive from Boston I think war will cost you around. It flew dollars in tolls round trip in and -- a lot of money schools. John you know what I Livni he had to leave my house and drive out of the neighborhood across mutual. And it's just insane and you're right it's about all the it's the insular costs as well you know the excise tax and the car insurance goes up. And and the price of everything as -- in Chelsea said earlier is going to go up. I mean look you know sending him to -- president had no control over gas prices stop the FBI mongering -- idiot. He's the president to be looking for a solution. When you see gas prices go up I 96%. You should be looking for a solution. If you took facing gas with a -- 83 -- -- -- in I don't Lieberman none of the days when we paid a dollar 83 adapts. But president Barack Obama -- not looking for a solution. To this problem in any why he's busy aren't yet another fancy taxpayer funded vacation and that's what people should be com. If you're Frazier I'm here to say the police -- using Joey and next on the highway car show with Michelle McPhee. -- like -- opt out on stage. Well they got oval. Remember. The issue. Of outlook. At an outdoor courts issue. -- don't remember. On multiple operates the world which I -- Last -- now Exxon Mobil's. Apple. -- property. Know what it worked out. All. Older. -- -- -- -- -- Now let's -- know a lot for oil. I of course I am a member. I remember that -- here. -- But because they -- -- At every single yeah sure. Exactly do remember is actually noted starting anymore no blood Carolina. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bought it. You know like vote act she bought. Do options stock. This and the city. View. And you know you right next to that challenge this is where investigative reporting comes and is the recipients the campaign donors to you know they get that. Obama received you know 884000. Dollars in campaign contributions from the oil companies last year. Nit Romney received a lot more lies on not singling singling Obama -- but that's an issue. Because we can't trust anyone to really have bad backs. When it comes to energy because they're all getting you know Brad. Was big fat checks that it campaign -- from the lobby representing gas companies. But last point match. Up real. Drill baby drill at 978 just texted and by the way Ted White kid he would hold Obama to bring in the Canadian pipeline through. That's their ballot question wouldn't think gay guy next on -- -- -- -- atomic and. And as Dahlia this -- very very good topic because this economy is 70% consumer driven and answer your questions. Yes I -- driving less insult every other American and that's why you see in the economy just slumping barely treading water. Because it is 70% consumer driven him -- -- -- 385 a gallon. Four -- -- a lot quite simply because you're working six days a week like I am. You don't have actually its role until the economy like going out to eat go to the movies or whatever. Now it is this is this have to do with the fact that let people work in North America. Which has seen that the gas prices go up because the federal government doesn't get -- to offer that. And it you'll get more of a 385 in taxes than you do for two dollars in taxes. That's what's going on here never a few years ago they sent all the spectators are driving up I read an article few months ago that said. Prices in 2013. Will a lot allow -- destabilize. Because the demand is welders supply side. Well we're not seeing now are we so somebody's lying to what. Originally -- seem to lie as the director on the told booths once we fill the bottles. And I know I got -- before I was born they made that promise. Well this could very very frustrating very Gerri I am outraged I don't know why I can't even understand whether what side of the value one you can all hold this guy. Responsible for anything I'm so kick ball about that was the media would wake up and do their mortgage ought. Part of it I don't understand why they why -- to court when you out a lot in the way the country's been run. And -- I and I mean us. To their bottom of my soul I don't care who's in office if gas prices were at three dollars and 85 cents in George W. Bush had seen an increase in 96%. I'd be screaming yelling just as lovely as I am right now -- -- saw the sort of uptick. We all be complaining I don't understand why the first offense from anybody who corporal bomber as George W bought. Hello it doesn't matter what battery is behind the guys name what matters is that the country's going into the point. That's exactly right in the American people want guitar and people will make less money than I do. I don't even understand other do I feel bad for them would get like a lot of Wimbledon probably for Obama because he guarantees free things to all that. Which you know like there comes a point aren't you need to wake up and you need to say you know what. They're really not looking out for me I'm sure water that's got to deal with the fact that he pushes green energy as well so. You know big east summit is by design but you don't want -- some conspiracy here so I don't know. I'm sorry did I don't have to be conspiracy -- just have to deal with facts that Massachusetts alone we had this. Want my name Richard Phelps who is the CEO of American Evergreen Solar. He got. Million of dollars in federal and state tax breaks now we got five million just from the Massachusetts taxpayers. Evergreen Solar. You know what happened he had to people lost their jobs the company folded. And now we just had -- in emergency federal grant to continue to pay those 800 employees the -- unemployment benefits. Mean while Richard felt that they were driving down drew in the long road ankle at that you might notice is the palatial palace. On the waterfront there. Home -- Richard felt which is curly on the market and now aim point nine million dollars while did get so much. The entire Evergreen Solar factory. Sold four to pay off the -- to the taxpayers anything even come close. Eight point five you're telling me that the CO of that company lives in a palace that was worth more than the entire. Company. We critic Kevin Youkilis because some dummy thought he had no hot. Now Youkilis is -- Yankee unabomber is ridiculous. I bring mr. Richard felt because after he read an Evergreen Solar into the ground he got a job at another green energy firm that he also bankrupted. Hello. -- and accountability 8123 batteries right here in Massachusetts. Tens of millions have been squandered yet Curt Schilling is selling his bloody sought to pay off his tax for long. Well and they -- you know thought it would that Michelle you know what's frustrating and the economy is not gonna turn around because the people don't have the money that drove into the economy and that's what they did -- consumer driven we don't have the money. The -- the economy. It right and point out things. -- -- -- -- -- Green. 99 just from Massachusetts. 599. In my next on are now welcome. Well our management shell operation so it always. A much rocker here Bangalore and of course. It is part -- -- out here already for fifty gallon and people are on -- and it practice field that brought everything else. They struck only hit point 37 mile -- -- So. Move goods from Bangor Maine which is a long ride I didn't blinding blizzard yesterday took me about five dollars. Boy -- a lot of live our -- Ebert just -- about -- still put the price of fuel army. -- -- -- -- -- Our truck carrying on moving let's say I don't know Nike sneakers from CNN dragged down to Florida in a truck. I mean isn't the price of Nike sneakers can go up tenfold if you have to pay that much money gas. I -- -- I -- we get subsidies and property is subject I got from a company driver model operator but still. They need this substitute -- up over the increases in the prices of fuel and the top fundraiser or revenue relic back to make -- -- you got. Price an area that everybody else that uses you'll thank you got home ain't fuel and the practice gases tests. I felt like. Don't blame Obama do you feel he has the responsibility to find solutions so that people like you line out of a job in a couple of months. In -- As this summer approaches and gas prices go up even higher. Oh it was at the office gas was two dollars a gallon cheaper and or Katrina. So was. Anywhere from. Fifty cents to a dollar less than a gallon of gas. I mean it you know I'm Mike I wish you luck out there because these are the real concerns and I'm sure that this is doing ID all day long and I gonna lose my job. A -- and be able to afford to fill the tank farm people who long limo companies like a guy who texted end and you are boss who all as a tracking firm. I mean this is constant source of anxiety and stress to when I -- stay afloat. Right well -- but -- attracting Gupta it the lock up but it but it got the people it doesn't albeit well well. Mike you -- logging show -- witnessed it. Imus on the -- this is a highly guard show 877469. Point 322. How are these historically high gas prices right now affecting year. Welcome back to how we are out on the -- feet and -- car 87746943. To TO. Now that I just search cars for kids great sponsor but I really need to hear about us -- line -- to get that tune out of my head. That is the ear worm the very effective ad and god you'll agree so our top line is open. 6177793469. At 617. 77934. -- 69. Why is there no outrage. Why and in -- -- -- and -- answers and solutions. When gas prices rise 32 days straight. The increases 51 cents over a two month period 31 cents a gallon right here in Massachusetts. In one month. One month. Gas prices up 31. Cents. The average price of again -- -- has increased now 6%. Since president Barack Obama first took office in 2009. According to the energy information agency. I don't know about you. I don't give a rats where and who's in office. I wanna answer why is this happening in what are you doing to fix it. Because this is going to make like even more expensive for people who just took a cotton day. So the little guys said I'm trying to find a better and more efficient fuel cock. I can't find anything because no one is turning in their cars. Six and seven is island in Ipswich working Marlboro. Spend when he hours commuting 175. Bucks a week on fuel so he's essentially working two K. Their fuel bill it out it can get better and I 78 said well I'm going to freeze and wage to nine bucks now ha ha ha ha. Well. This is a problem would you agree 877469. 43220. Let's go to -- he and you are on holly -- show with Michelle McPhee. Element Schilling has made my head explode saying that. But last -- a lot of people's head explodes for all kinds of different reasons hopefully it's about the topic yes well I. I am not driving more than -- about the way my whole period. And tell me why. I just. -- -- the of where I have to get guests of the station I cannot trust them I know the people of the station I fill up that. And I am not to the risk didn't look good guess and anything else that's what I'm going to -- -- I would by Gallup that the times sometimes. You do really again Heidi that -- is like to. Five bucks. -- up buffet no more than five -- place. Your bets. She just before -- It is really sad though is in and this is having an an effect and saw a little guys not gonna go up again ironies Boston tonight and I'm sure you are not spending extra money on. Unnecessary items. No annual world there -- Obama is cutting its -- from midnight to 10 o'clock closing in a few days. Why because they just don't have the customers. While the customer can't afford to do you think. It's insane isn't dead it's crazy like a dog -- it's still we can't spend the money but can't hire the people the people can't get tired they can't spend money. While and that's why the economy continues to -- despite tons of promises. Thank you so much Leanne for the call I just posted up on my FaceBook page which is Michelle one now and see smokey. HE he. The statistics. On the gas prices. Because it's pretty staggering. The average price of gas. Has increased 96%. And I can't even remember paying a dollar 83 to -- new friend. Because that's how much gas was the day Obama took opposite -- 83 can you remember those did you get 310 to 25 bucks. -- -- -- -- -- I used to -- I used to pay twelve cents a gallon kit but we shall we say as a price your audience. Of the video the three minute video that's now called agenda. Not again it's on our agenda. -- -- In this country spot that weight back in 1930s. And it's been slammed. And they work in and it's common facts I think this company's gonna collapse this year. In the pocket and shall I -- shall. Thanks spread for the call I just wanna know why don't reporters there are angry right now that they can't seem to find the president in -- himself. He -- -- the clip but to be the most transparent president ever. Ever there. This is the most transparent administration in history. Yeah. Honeybee slacking giggle to yourself when yeah do you not Katherine. We can't ask the president why I guess is gone up 96%. Since he took office because no one can find them. He's busy golfing with Tiger Woods which is right after I got back from a seven million dollars Hawaii vacation. Welcome. And welcome and thank you for taking my call. And on top of that chosen -- advocates on a separate thing. On textile. I guess. -- -- it's crazy it's just appearance is Catherine look you know. People struggling the last -- reduce gun and -- and nap time and asked and you just don't. Well that you wouldn't they can -- I'm in Canada because. If you remember back where Reagan was president and Eric Burke president. That they were sure they were interpret that respects. -- people but for some very very sorry. Of is that. Those folks were governing the United States are. Obama -- never -- and governing. United States. He's like he's still blame George Bush is by Republicans. So. He -- he can have all the perks and all of you know. Fun stuff. And in the year but the rule bound by -- Don't infiltrate our our own filters them through. The the way he does it manipulation. Of the republic. -- -- mattered to you who's in office when things start to stink. So it's our duty except the house doesn't matter who it was just angry that the host -- Yes it matters. Who have. They are higher and -- and center and low information voters. They had they don't see that it and and the liberals don't -- believer. That all while it Jordanians their stuff so here's. By the perception is is that he would not governing because you blame everybody else. -- you get worse -- because -- remember as a texture reminded me. That's about Patrick -- Massachusetts is already proposing a surcharge. Every mile you drive so if you're a salesperson. Like detector who say hey. I spent a lot like time sitting at my desk -- sales. But I try to make sales calls over the congress working -- these -- it's like trying to report from -- asking you to go out on the scene. That's very true and the sense of Weimar republic is not typical is equivalent or if you're -- that -- -- people locked. We -- the fall of Rome as they re read that book where right there so you don't want. It's equivalent and history we -- so. If parents Katherine. Back then that history that ugly history was reported out by good journalists now -- are no real fast with this guy. And he's a celebrity president and -- instead of an accountable president. Right and that's just the raise the being here in which people and not. And Russia where. You know for approval -- -- violence -- over all those. They were all four because they're they feel -- He won't turn around and bite them up on the way out. I the guy has no allegiance to anybody because he's talking about going after accents. There's the rich people who make lots of money and then there's the people liked or would have access. Each time back and bite him in the butt and it's at no allegiance to -- you know -- you know try to buttered him up and do -- what state he wants and so. After it again it goes back to my very first argument about Barack Obama. I would never vote for a guy who never had a real job. Did you bussed tables did you work is a -- or did you kind of latter -- -- -- the -- on hand. I don't want to -- any of these people would never really had to make an income this didn't have to weigh wary about gas prices he would compete for a a single. So I guess since he took opposite -- nine back when it was about 83 he doesn't care it's almost like mammy you know taking way more up costing. He on private burial over the globe to -- calm about how. There -- many doesn't realize is no parking mapped in Boston because the other driver. And Obama doesn't realize it gases. And seven California. More than five bucks a gallon because the last time that I had to dig into his pocket for a gallon gas. Right and Obama is his mentor so he's doing everything that Obama's stormed out there on the local level. And destroy in Massachusetts. Well thank you very much for the somebody just treated us on the text line Obama golfing today. -- friend Eric Whitaker. Whom Jeremiah Wright said try to. Bribe him to stay silent during the 2008. Election. No we can't have -- a mom -- presidents' day about EU's gas prices because he's busy golfing again. But no reporters around what do you think Nancy next on the -- our show with Michelle McPhee. I. I'd like to know -- attract why the -- I've -- -- -- In Washington in front of what the White House like they were back in 2000 in fact. I'll tell you why did you notice the one word that our -- our friend and we thank them for his call I heard that some of us picked up fine. We've got by -- -- we got. Subsidies what was the word he but it. He got a subsidy will what is that exactly that means that the federal tax payers. I had you don't say is. Exactly. It you know hundreds gases and Nantucket right now Nancy. Now I don't but I you know it is in Portland. What is important 373. 373 is better than -- 76 which is what it is for a gallon of regular gas on Nantucket while. Fought 76 in Massachusetts. Now well this guy is -- out. We took it as a nature and he's designating all his people to go out there and put out. His information. And he's -- -- -- -- by far but he's the one that step at a -- eloped. While there's a lot of factors are going to gas prices you can't blame it on Obama the way you can question. I think vehemently. Is why he's not trying to find a solution other -- hooking up his. His fat cat buddies with green energy jobs. But federal subsidies. And then a full week. Trying to unload their ten million dollar mansion says it does at all true stories right -- Massachusetts this is Michelle McPhee pond not highly car show.