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Max Robins Monday February 18, 2013 - Killings And Downton Abbey

Feb 18, 2013|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube...Killings and the season finale of Downton Abbey were front and present.

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Welcome back to the how a car show I absolutely love Monday's. Why because they don't Max Robbins is gonna tell us everything we need to know about entertainment industry because he is the insider guide who knows at all. Our TV -- shot. Max was so glad that we could talk with you this Monday. While -- suffers with shingles in Palm Beach. Because there are a lot of things that we want to talk about number one the idea that zero dark thirty. Which finally I railed against because I thought that he. Director Kathryn Bigelow was getting this unfettered access to intelligence officials. Access that most of us wouldn't. There are a lot of fear is that this was going to be a movie zero dark thirty day. Put Obama back into the White House because they're gonna make him look good quite the opposite happened and now I know they're threading. To. Snub. Kathryn Bigelow at the Oscars so we have to get on the inside scoop from Max -- welcome back it out cartel Max. It I love the Mondays because I was tuning in town -- about is I love it when I can talk to Max is always -- I know the inside dirt and what's happening in the entertainment industry. I'd give it well you know I'll try I'll try to get it he would be up but I'll try and let you know what what. What happened. Well the first question I happier -- about this -- that the Oscars are going to apparently give to zero dark thirty which was much better than I thought it was going to be. And even Ben Affleck. Watson's -- Ben Affleck. Was back kick to the curb I thought Argo was a terrific movie. Yeah I mean I don't look at a lot of there's a lot of discussion I had taken it from all sides of the political spectrum about. Three movies including -- to help close today's huge. You do get to adhere to the facts of the story and and I think -- is. And how the academy votes and then how that all works out is does anybody -- death. But what I think is really interesting is that you got three big dome here would be granted there's controversy surrounded him talking about -- as well. And they -- -- seriously don't have grown up film errors you know you can quibble about well how. They do some things for dramatic effect or what political perspective they played but there's serious grown and evolved on really big box office. And now it seems like they're gonna get it pushed aside for our. -- -- silver linings playbook which was fine but it wasn't I don't know Oscar worthy did you think it was. I think he would hooligans you know that it was certainly worthy of the nomination -- I was a very good omen. By. I don't think it is their they're there under the scope the other I don't pick it up there with the other three don't. That happens sometimes said that you know bit that you got three really strong films but -- -- -- not stirred up some controversy. And they kind of you know they split the vote. Well it's interesting about -- I have to say see any I would just discussing how there is no show on television right now we're totally obsessed with what's hot. I mean I tried to watch the following I was like yeah. And yeah. Ryan how was the following doing an -- bullet. The house -- The following him billions -- not quite living up to the hype but I I think it got this year for that Putin. I think -- I think there's I want to returning shows are terrific coming. I was in the Writers Guild won't work East Coast west might be some of those shows were -- I mean I think that it. The justified the terrific show I think that it. And that I'm right now I'm kind of the network shows like ice cool and collected. The good wife and I like Nashville although we shoot a little less so be but I think they're good shows I think it appears there's stuff out there this stuff up there to watch and and there's there's other shows that will be coming back obstacles final episodes of breaking bad. Forward for people who subscribe to Netflix watch show how the car to demonstrate it's really great. While there was a question that somebody asked earlier before you joined us Max -- and that was they watched every episode of house of cards which is this new. Show created by Netflix. Now can shows that even though they don't appear on television can they ever get an award like an -- You know that's a really good question I think it would be eligible sure sure I wouldn't be surprised to see -- current nominated for something. I. Think that would work I mean it's a subscription service HBO subscriptions Serbs. It's going to be interesting because it would be fantastic for writers and so -- gleeful last night if we can't freak he knew -- the -- theories. Mine quite a -- I never worked Max. I think quarter I think the world is really change -- and I think we're gonna do it to. You know in a way yours is -- -- doses one of the top guys it's network places I. He he want to become HBO for -- -- become -- -- -- For two seasons 26 episodes of -- -- and spent 26 to an -- it's been a hundred million dollar. And basically. And they 245 original series -- year like and they think they can make the numbers work in -- in terms of retaining subscribers and and getting new subscribers and I think anybody who is doing -- great you know you know who knows what Google's gonna do going into the kind of program there will. Experimenting with all sorts of things they are so. I think that it's it's it's it's it's. It's really. You know anybody anybody -- anybody's spot. You talked about that before -- but the best writing and you analyze the question for Max robins it's 8774694322. It's 77469. Point 322 but I do the best right. Is right now on television especially cable and I got a text from a friend who's had asked mom what she wants it's fantastic. -- we got attacks are not highly partial line. Michelle lasts Max about she was she would love the show I do love the show it's completely not the -- Powell how would she was doing and -- in the story of my own. Well I don't know where go to the wild -- it paid you what it was borderline. You might look in Egypt and the spate of pre series of the same name. And especially the political beat them Ochoa -- similar outline the characters. And I think you can see -- over the totally outrageous show opposed. That's another short in the title alive -- On showtime and and killed one occasion which are on the same night -- -- it's one of the wild like that on August 2 oh. Really promote the I think these people to keep pushing the envelope you know it with so many options out there really got to keep trying to reopen as it could potentially keep it. I know you -- justified. Everybody loves justified you talked me into ordering and -- Netflix and now I know why you told me to order it on Netflix. -- Studio look pretty young guys related. He certainly is he's certainly as I love -- I'm actually gonna get to some of the callers. Asked about rules of engagement Navistar and how that doing. And it is doing OK it's doing okay. Doing okay. What about the Americans on FX. Which by the way I think is based on those actions that hiding out in Cambridge as a married couple. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I would show like with the beer in some. They really went all -- affected. Who are promoted. That. People really feel that the fighting with the ratings go up almost double with people who are who were you know recorded under these yards and watching them later. I'm watching a lot of reality television they have something known on my own I have you lineups asked with duct dynasty right now. I know I did I think really. That must. I think it. Remember when you've got to be careful -- just ripped up microphone from the. I did see how many seasons is that show right now. God I don't know I don't know I've been trying my best to ignore upstart who view them -- network show. Why Max tried it once just idle 100% right it's just it's -- I know right now right could you told me don't check it out to the. I will -- Boston's finest starting the Donnie Wahlberg show. I don't know when it comes. I think there might be exceeded. Let's go to some college are you next with Max Robbins I'm -- Howie -- show Wacom. I quote sorry but I. I don't -- questions and acts. I have a question general question about. Cable advertising how much charter subscriber. And I get to deluge and commercial breaks. Which charter advertisements and they've gotten here as a captive audience. I'm trying to mix until that I know that they're afraid I may drop -- you'll -- that -- -- -- well what went. Like that you I think I think this is the question right there. That they don't want -- repeat customers you know there's people have options now you know that both. The big -- com is getting quite aggressive. Depending on where you if you've got you know to a -- companies from Florida. And they had to -- -- and to let the liquid program through it and then on top of that you know more people especially people in you know thirteen or twenty. I -- -- to court super fear of their Capel or Seattle kidnappers spoke. So I think that these your cable system they want they want they want to keep you wanna -- ever struck. I've been what happened to the people that wrote the checks from the commercial that was a lot of people there. Oh okay if any any any. Bit not like. Have a certain amount. Try to get to where they could spell and they shoot what to do it is now like -- somebody yell their. They're just. Shoot he's got that part of their spent doing business to get there at their commercial met there. Though so they're doing it and you know -- will be web. Ever an inventory data itself. Looking a lot to -- thank you -- for the -- officer mark wants to know -- friend is coming back. I think fringe group I think prepaid. I think the white candidate bigger they want him and I think it's a local stuff. With the with the final it. But a double checked. What about -- humor. Ever coming back for days into. Yeah but at all but what that was you know which first original series -- Those people and they got involved on restricting and the net income and got her feet and two like pink. I think maybe. Sometime in the late spray on the part of the issue with Whitman really ever is that. It is. Was bit when get -- wouldn't restrict these guys head torso they get pushed. Academic and only later another -- I would recommend a lot. All right not to check that one out. Oh with what's the next question is. Loosening gauge meant. Is actually let you know about that show. Yeah yeah I think that -- I think they'll come back yeah I think it's to a -- Other shows that I cared about the killing schemes of bronze games it's on -- back in March but at the killing avenue can be. Re biased. From what I understand now they're -- -- for the kill. Problem they have a lot of spin but I get paid based on -- Danish series which was a bit and but a lot of people felt that they true. Kept viewers. Out too much in the dark and there weren't satisfied with how crucial. Under you know I'm -- roll it. And so I think there. I don't think it could be back. Oh come on just had to think about -- reported on the big at the and I thought I. -- you like yeah broke I like it but I'm with you at the of the storyline to get a little to lose so Popper. It's a little this LP now. Yeah you know I can assure you we kind of we've done. That they cut there is an independent -- on FX rate -- you know. Exactly -- -- next with Max -- are TV guru in Michelle McPhee and how it cartel welcome. Met Michelle I have an ideal for the monkey business channel. Your report just knows you are all the stories that everybody ignores and we edition WTF. -- Not bad not bad -- all right what are that. Think that's it's happening of the monkey business -- gonna happen at Netflix I know that the original programming you're gonna do it. I know we're gonna wonder where we're gonna period everybody. I absolutely love it all right today asked about. Do no harm what happened to that -- I don't want our new I don't know I never heard of me the -- so utterly the other. Are canceled on ABC. And goes spooky movie park 666 and then they kind of just left yeah the show got canceled -- have a sunny ending. That -- what happens when you have that problem could sometimes you don't so reluctantly showed that takes them 00 a few episodes to find -- -- spoke. You like it it's like what -- audiences. -- check it out maybe they hand out for me they're just not gonna they're just not -- they're just not gonna. You're just not gonna. Don't buy into it. Look at what the IGG -- Max robins on how to guard show welcome games. An evening great segment fell in -- -- this. Two exams in Ohio. Dirty jobs and it's busters are rooted in the I was. Anytime soon. Dirty job and yeah I think you'll see some of those so emotional comeback that the Pope should do pretty well. -- Now Max I confess that I had an obsession. Last season with Dallas the new Dallas. Are that starts tonight how would be any -- JR you know any insight. I don't know what they're gonna do like everybody I have to admit I don't know what they're dispute. Which is there are all -- -- Sure hope -- true it is -- Did you want to have him in the death pool. I wasn't sure about that but that show was addictive did credited you with the ratings. Obviously extremely well. Very well I think it'll stay strong through it without area. I think it will Terry wasn't he wasn't in this series on that much has pretty generous they had -- Nashville field but it didn't go to. Deep into a soap opera storyline Jane what do you think -- -- Max robins on how a car show. Jane dad that Jill. Yeah -- catch and -- if our dear friend piers Morgan will be back. -- I am opposed to not in those piers Morgan doing. I'm he had open it up in the ratings and you know they've got a new head -- -- and just subgroup came over from my NBC and I don't know I don't know I think that's the big question mark appears -- and how shall survive. -- hired a lot of high profile talent including. Chris Cuomo. Jake -- away from C. He's look at it that network from top -- you know from top to the bottom is going to be changes so I think big question mark appears more. Apparently dirty jobs is DO way too. -- it would be. I hope. Sorry. Now that's what is this the back story have any inside dirt on storage was in the lawsuit. What gave pastor. Oh yeah I I I don't you know I wish I had a little more that but you know he showed inevitably there's there's going to be. -- just right for a former first blow you away. Yeah I know whenever they -- state -- that guys and it's not a day it's not that I think a big shock to anybody that he got by right. How hard it is -- shock if they were pointing expense of items in storage lockers now. I think people -- wouldn't be appalled by would be stunned me beat Floyd -- next with Max robins on how we talk show. Thank Michelle. And you don't and I welcome. A quick question I wanna play yet upshot is coming back with and they're pros. -- hot shots. I believe it coming back yeah. Hot shots is coming back good news feed of Floyd and I in next time the how -- -- show Max -- go right ahead with a collection. -- -- We have a -- let's go to Peter hi Peter. And don't it as well what you don't know that the killing is coming back this year. Yes. I'm shocked might -- come to mark my games and -- not yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I didn't let that -- just a couple of days ago you're welcome back as two weeks ago at Purdue late January. It agency decided on social. -- get canceled. And that is exactly what. You know. We. Yeah yeah yeah. Don't you I -- you and I both love that show -- of the show. So you have to think about it a little bit ANC thought that the Americans are too -- For the shell out at least every vital and Max did you see down -- last night did you Tebow pick it up this time. Yet but I didn't I I've always watched half of it I know that don't know spoiler on the. -- and it never -- that team acts. -- inside that's where those shows Eddie and I Netflix -- I got into -- what about last man standing ratio it's can now find someone and he wants you know. Yeah I hit it showed it on the ball like that. 08 field and see where they. Bring and other development is that whether to bring it back. Thanks Max stern -- with Max Robbins and Michelle my feet welcome. You might wanna -- up a lot Cheney's like I might take his job. It's. There are other right -- -- -- monkey bit there is new show. Bought the radio host debate a certain CNN. -- -- -- college wrinkles -- there's angles. Are assisting all connected together news and how is suffering nationals as we speak. Well all she doesn't know our event Tuesday. People people think there are so sorry. I know and that and I think in -- manager has. And designated as his nurse. Trying to -- out of order. That's an oral or situation. Met yet -- -- on the -- our show for highway with Max robbed them and I welcome. And pour out early on -- MX about. You're rational in spite pops rappers it was terrible bomb put. Ours is a departure clowns in New York monitor around -- don't want scrap metal and public. I remember correctly here. I don't really know much about it could be an important look like. Yeah I not exactly you don't fit the profile despite the audience that Axelrod. Always a pleasure to have you on. I the next 39 QA to ask you about all the hot shows that game from home in him in the coming back. We're up against it so we appreciate you joining us and I know Andy back on how -- next Monday thirty. Career record. Take -- -- and just see this is how it's our show.