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Finger Pointing

Feb 19, 2013|

Today's technology and diminishing media bases and resources has allowed the balance of power between the White House and press to tip toward the government. The White House completely controls the amount of information released to the american people. Witness the President presenting the upcoming sequestration cuts has a device of the Congress when he was the one who put it into place. Guest host Michele McPhee was horrified at the control of the press and at Obama's attempts to make the Congress the villain for his ill conceived plan.

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Who do you think is responsible for the sequester cuts that are beginning in March is that President Obama our congress. I think at this point I'm so disgusted -- Obama and congress that you it's a -- all of the above the Agassi. Yep but here's the thing this -- and sequestration. Was present Obama -- idea he's the guy that created it. And just because -- didn't do what he wanted to do now he's saying it's congress a spot I say Obama's side and 83% of the people like an apple currently. Oh it's I mean it was all the that ultimately Obama. Because this guy refused to play ball and cut and we all know that there are plenty of places to cut starting. What the unrelenting ways that we see every day with EBT card fraud -- it is a EDT card fraud had -- You might save I don't know what that. -- amounts Cindy do you think to the trillion. That we might save with a sequester. I think you may have a it's maddening. So yes it's Obama's fault absolutely. And how does you know -- With this sort of manipulation. Because I have never ever seen. Such a Levy press corps. And finally dale wise thing up to the idea that they are at every (%expletive) for Barack Obama is not landing in the exclusive they thought it would be entitled to. Of the fact that the have been singing his praise is in and kneeling down before him. Obama well -- Obama. And we don't remember that embarrassing episode not too long and now I believe the last time. Barack Obama had an actual press conference one of maybe three during his entire administration needs economic speech tomorrow a look at up. For Barack Obama does not have press availability. Which means nobody. Ever asks him the tough questions. And only an opportunity. So level a few questions that the president of the United States where you have reportedly the one from the Chicago Tribune which is allegedly. One of the country's the last. Good broad sheets. And never Porter humiliated herself you know by the way every other female reporter. And I and single her out as a woman because that Coke -- -- giggling like. President isn't the beginning. With a little flip ever hair. I mean this -- Arab audio that is disgusted for all female journalists and and I thought Erica hill embarrassing humiliating. Just since the became mr. and I've never seen -- news. -- want to cry. When I watched that. I was embarrassed. To be a female reporter when I watched that. In now the press is finally winding up. To the idea that they are being kicked in the -- on a daily basis and it does affect you why do you care in our reporter. -- that means navigating get the real story. You're never going to get the truth on -- got the in navigate to get the truth and who's fault is this -- Questar the president's you never get -- I know why it's his ball. You know you can hear any big key -- Of the Watergate like scams that are going on. And in manipulation behind the scenes because the reporters are not embedded at the White House in the kept a day. The reason we have good war reporting is because we have acts of war correspondents embedded. With the troops that are protecting this country. Well we don't have any White House correspondents. Embedded in the White House. They wished they -- in bad -- Obama most of them missed the tingle up his leg Chris Matthews among them. Not only time. I have been arguing this point the year as ever since Barack Obama on the campaign trail that first time. And he caught up -- names -- reporters. From newspapers whose editorial pages had endorsed John McCain. You work for the Arizona -- stand up please sir. And escorted. Reporters -- the writers reporters -- campaign points. In instead of every other journalists on that plane standing up and saying isn't an abomination is restaurants. How does happen in -- in solidarity. With their recently tossed reporter now they -- on the death. -- we viewed Larry we love you and what does it happened exactly what I have predicted. What happened all along the White House has become a propaganda machine. Akin to what happened in Russia and China and any of the country was the government owns the press. And that's what's happening here but now and mainstream media. Is a green. With the argument for the first time that I to a better reporters since nineteen eating nine have been making along. -- to this and I know you heard rush talk about this just a little bit Obama the puppet master. President Barack Obama. Rights to reporters -- he ended the day and Mike Allen. Is a master at limiting shaping in manipulating coverage of himself in his White House. Not for the reason now this that I like to pay attention duke is this is going to be our discussion. Not for the reason that conservatives suspect namely that a liberal press willingly in eagerly allows itself get manipulated. There is my question PO it's 774694322. That's 87746943220. Do you believe there isn't liberal press who was willing and eager. To allow Barack Obama to manipulate it. But the political writer is going to say instead the mastery mostly flows from the White House. That has taken old tricks -- shaping coverage. Staged leaks friendly and videos. Which existing on their crime be on the political BBB. And now they have new ones social media contents creation precision target. So now. The results. Political rights are transformational. Transformational. He might Mike -- -- email -- call as a Press Secretary to Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Even might carry a -- Who is one of those scandal guys who's -- who's the mr. fix it he's kind of like Harvey Keitel -- character that comes in and cleans up the matter messy bloodied. Crime scene. And might Perry said to Politico the White House gets away with stuff I never ever would have dreamed of doing. When I talk to White House reporters now they say it's really have to do business with people who don't even need to be cooperative. More day it there's much more to this story goes much deeper in reporters aren't doing it drops. We have had in recent years a concentrated attempt. To create propaganda. Rather than news and I approve this. Why because he handout photos. Used to be reserved for historically. Important events. 9/11. Deliberations about war. But what happens now with the Obama White House is that day regularly. Release. Every day images of the president and nice picture of the president looking pensive. From a bends that should've been covered by the press but instead the press had no access. To people imagined event. So Obama golfing but Tiger Woods over the weekend the reporters were apoplectic. And they need your rebellion Politico said. This past weekend when they weren't even allowed onto the Floridian National Golf Club where Obama was -- Now that is a complete breach of the tradition what usually happens in any sort of big event like that is that you have a press pool. And that press pool is -- ever reporter in the country has an access to the president United States. But -- a press pool and it's cycle -- it's how we won game and it's me another day. But even -- press pool didn't have access to the president of the United States. There day during a Google+ -- from the White House they put out this press release. This is the most transparent. Administration in history here and -- play that clip yesterday. We have the most trans parent. Transparent administration in history. And lets you want to ask them about paying dad the the national when asked a question about his immigration reform that you want to ask him a question about. How how did you let this. Come down to the wire with the dirty as word of Washington right now sequester -- -- like most transparent administration in history. And that's you actually want some information. So as reported asking questions. You have the White House staffers writing blogs that are released as news stories. Instead of photographers taking photographs of historic events in our country's history. You have the White House government paid propaganda specialist taking. Photographs of Barack Obama looking pensive and thoughtful. In -- not getting anything -- is dangerous this is this house see how critical point we are when it comes to. What some people refer to as the fourth estate. Because the reporters that whether they stink and not have a responsibility. To be the conduit of information. From the Barack Obama White House to do you know this is kind of hold people accountable. Think about it if the cost of didn't to a series of stories on that guy Mike McLaughlin who pled guilty in federal court in South Boston today. To charges that he stole millions of dollars from the federal taxpayers. By inflating his salary at the Chelsea housing development. -- think it might have ever gotten rid of Mike McLaughlin. And that's he was exposed by the media the answer is no. That I would still be making 350000. Dollars a year to mismanaged that Chelsea housing authority and -- his kids up with jobs. You need reporters. Instead to getting propaganda. So I want to hear from you on -- 8774694322. Is now. I'm just so Smart he manipulate everywhere in the press pool. Why have we become willing to allow this. White House to become a propaganda machine. Jerry you are on the Alec our show with mr. -- and show our differences of -- question. -- anyway Obama could declare some type emergency where he could extent has brought. To assert term. I -- would certainly hope not carry buddy Jennings and -- I have seen stranger things happen in the Barack Obama White House. And it started when he was still campaigning. And he ordered. Certain reporters off his plane and nobody stood up and protest -- Unbelievable. I mean I started that day -- our number well because I screamed and yelled about it on radio show enacted this is ridiculous this is gonna turn ugly. If if these reporters didn't march up that plane solidarity. But the ones who have booted by Obama because he didn't like some then we had to have a very big problem on our hands when it comes to getting the truth out of a potential Obama White House. Well I think I was right -- prediction George was an eye on how like our show with Michelle McPhee. Yeah I mean you can take any issue right like gas prices are being tried to campaign you know it's -- Got reelected abilities you know -- for a gallon gas he is step up without -- there. We're trapped so accountable at bat and in the gas prices now or what about the Cambridge police that there. Stupidly even noted that the facts mean. Any issue whether it's taxes health care that you in the street pat it's everything it's not just one. And yeah when it finally did get access to the president all these reporters who were. Who need your rebellion which I'd love to -- -- dying from these tools that a cover in the White House right now. But they when he finally got access to and he yelled a question and -- as it was climbing -- one that we all paid for after you went on yet another expensive. Taxpayer funded trip meanwhile is -- kids -- a completely separate taxpayer funded trip to Aspen. When he Fannie yelled up to him they did did you when did you beat tiger was. I kid you not -- You know he's a lot of -- sort tiger was it like it's it takes to the two of them and the next thing there is Tiger Woods the Playboy where -- you know a couple of aces up. Porn girlfriends. It's so he just didn't want the cute picture together there's possibly no way you can have a -- cooperative because that that's just QQC although that. Sheila is why it's not around Georgia -- all kinds of speculation about why there having separate occasions if you know what I mean. It's been a total freak out that continue to be that way that's -- get away with Q that's what he wants -- -- like chastised Republicans today again. Back from vacation back on the blame game. And all the game it's his all this is my -- candy pointed that out of -- beginning of the show. This sequester this dirty word which means there rob audio whacked yet again. On March 1. That was his idea was that the threat it was extortion it was his way of shaking now congress and it backfired on them and now -- is there -- visit all the republicans' idea. And it divides everybody he has had more class and he's divided every ethnic race. Every financial group everything he's all the response of and again. Crickets by the immediate area talk about that bush will debate what if you look at what they had bipartisanship -- but I don't president he's totally partisan. Well I mean my parent that aren't just to back up the applying this -- appoint George thanks for the call but the University of Wisconsin. Has this controversial campaign. To increase public awareness about racial favoritism he would be doing now see you this great story but it's not a -- mainstream media. Did you see him wind mainstream now Einstein knowledge to be -- -- an excellent areas that I campaign going on right now as a picture of I an attractive Caucasian female in on her face is written the words in a black -- For those that you're not from Boston a black my magic marker. Is white skin really bare skin. I am not making this up author a picture of it up a -- is prepared to shell out one now and CPA TE. So Kenya right this guy's been so. He set in yet nobody is covering it and now the media is apoplectic. Perhaps that's. Yeah yeah. You know other. ABC news there is a member of the press corps who has been covering presidents -- after another after another. In Compton. On -- and content she is covered every president acted Gerald Ford. And she said. And I quote the wave the president availability to the press has shrunk in the last two years is a disgrace. The White House goes to extreme lengths to keep the -- to weigh in Compton said. Hello. And what are we getting instead. It looks like you guys everywhere because he's using social media as a propaganda machine -- -- -- far. Debut our next block on. Show issue actually right here is everybody identifies the press and the check whether it's mainstream. Local and you. Bring up a lot of issues about how the rest is upset about -- that's the problem is. -- -- without access they don't -- acts they don't challenge it on -- The president to task -- it would out every -- world. -- -- -- -- -- -- Report awaited their report against George Bush the same criteria this shouldn't -- to it would -- something that works rather than something doesn't. The big issue and he is best. How we changed. How do we make a change in the pressed what is the the the end result what -- he -- that actually. We're already getting better. It did -- -- -- in question has understanding I would discussing before the show. Because now there is a mechanism for people to set up there and entire networks you know Glenn Beck did it with a blaze. And I know there's some very Smart qualified people right now Lewis setting up there in their own new networks. Where they have their own reporting their own reporters and they make sure that not to get its message gets out there. Loud and clear because you no longer have to rely in the in Compton's of the world to make sure the on getting the news out of the White House the problem Davis access. In when you have in an output good friend nine. I -- Obama has created a perfect world because he has these he didn't pick people serving as his political bodyguards. -- never ever gonna get the truth about what is a gender really is. What happened in the -- why gas is about to become five bucks a gallon. In the press is like cult followers. Ever -- meet the people who are following that serial killer on the new fox -- gave the following. The precedent -- they have far his followers. I mean the adoring fans who eleven who -- just heaping praise on him and not asking tough questions. They complain all weekend week now access. To see the president. Access to the president when he went golfing. Well when it finally did get a chance yellow question -- what was the money Al did you have the time. Shout one question that I and it's really important to me and I don't understand. How this can come to -- Why the press what is motivating the press be in the China with this guy is what we're getting by despite. I've only -- they say reported partly -- interpreting information. And obviously being in the I don't moderation. Because they did they come from places with their bosses. Might be very liberal. And Mary they go to cocktail parties where everybody's. You know has glowing things to say about the present -- United States and nobody ever wants to criticize him because you know that where. That awful. At all let's the first accusation. That is leveled against you. -- How about this racist. In all all you. Really that threat brilliantly here in Massachusetts was senator -- markers. Senator Dianne blockers and -- shaking down Mayor Menino because she wanted to get a license. Now of course it all the time didn't realize that she was selling the liquor license illegally. To whom she thought was a crony ballots instead and FBI confidential -- so what she did to City Hall. Let's Collins say if I don't day. A liquor license because only Sony are executed for each neighborhood I'm the globe Wednesday's City Hall is racist. You know -- she called the globe in a columnist named Adrian walker. Wrote a column about how City Hall was racist and I am focused and got her liquor license she stopped her bra. Full of hundred dollar bills in exchange for that license is now serving time because the whole thing. Was one of her many many many elaborate scams she was able to pull off. On the taxpayers because she used the term racist over and over. Crazy dining -- and Alec -- -- the right ahead. Usually harder groups to sort of look like it. We want transparency. It pure insanity and again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now. I think all right I'm walking believes that. The press is no longer of the fourth straight it's really become -- I'll. -- one years I've been pretty deeply involved in. An issue you touched on earlier. That professor -- -- ordered that more and and in the -- of -- streak that. Here is -- weird story -- a college professor taking. Vulnerable college student in writing racist slurs on her face with a black magic -- can you imagine if that was the opposite. Yeah. Exactly and and -- our secure or -- talk about women not having enough sense to know who who so stopping them. All the other people specialize in refugees at our problems but it that it -- and but the key question -- -- and watching it in their ongoing effort to dispute so well. Basically. Should be autonomous individuals look at ourselves and just responses and all sorts of issues were doing. And that the -- clearly -- -- Jen as regards so they clearly have a chat which is -- yeah. Ironic that they complaining now that not getting access because even if they even Obama is realizing that the press is so. Full of adulation for him. And prays that the baking get away with having White House staffers released blogs and pretend that there news stories. And that the White House can hire propaganda machines AKA photographers in released official. White House photos as opposed to. Getting that re air the land sit him maybe looking a little Illinois. So it's a scary thought folks at the very scary it's it's worse than I ever thought it would be I'm Michelle -- we how in Bartow. Welcome back the -- guy Johnny -- feet and -- and I hate to say I told just so. But I definitely told you so years ago when Barack Obama was still largest. Really unknown. Senator from. You know win. Illinois Chicago and -- He was still campaigning. And he was furious that some newspapers had endorsed his opponent John McCain back then. And he ordered the reporters not the pilots who hadn't -- reported in the editorialists have absolutely nothing to do with one another. Completely separate entity yet the reporters were tossed from his campaign plane in the other reporters stood by and -- it happen. That's when I knew -- the beginning of the end that these reported attacks are terrific. The problem is at the press today acts like a bunch of star struck groupies. They're more interested in getting to the right parties and advancing the story says 781. It's amazing they are no longer Ernie qualified journalists instead we have a generation of idiotic liberal activists. Who don't who have seen too many erratic record movies and other one time what do you think do you think that we have. Now come to the brink. Relying on White House propaganda rather than real reporting. Shall I adore and I I can't believe -- -- so shot that that they were upset that they don't have access. I mean what what what -- they want access courses -- copycat beat you anyway. I'm gonna remember you and if you look. Up tool that may actually let the Boston Globe prank. Is it's. Prank that what you remember how to mourn and show what would get a and I would discuss -- senate race between Scott Brown in a little bit quiet. In in in the condescending nature that he it was -- -- -- -- many people picked up on it was. He he described Scott Brown would be really gate real estate lawyer she was pretty she was pretty intelligent. -- -- -- You remember the idea and people out of my dog and you wish you you. You. But there will be people that you played back wow. Isn't that was very content and that's got a wives and every state attorney from a banged up family. I lost my mother in an abusive father. The warrant had agreed was really my limitation of the remark. -- intellectual they they think of the -- intellectual. He would prank he was accused of any information you gave them that date you talk them they would -- -- -- not being like. Rapid change it. It's it was sort of and you liked the fact that she would -- a -- state he appeals. And it he said well you know that kind of information you know send it our meets -- interest -- netted them. Right big by the way it's been all right got. It right and I am not going to specific guy and -- opposite. Specific. But you think did a really important issue is not. Individual reporters that the idea that the press -- themselves to be set up for exactly this. And they allowed themselves to be paying in at a public event. The street and the president the United States inauguration. It's historic -- first African American president and -- us to stand in a cage and I'm not allowed to ask people in the crowd question. -- -- -- -- Step into the press and look at that read an interview with sixty minutes with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama -- debt debt. -- like clock speed clock. I think it just didn't investigate -- broke out then got to get any war against going to -- -- and the only. In our interstate cooler. These people do you still -- the bag and put it oh in the east China liberal. You knew we shall everything on. The block. It's legitimate. Legitimate people at least he would how -- in a corner and I don't even watch fox anymore because at least you got to -- -- You know these -- the Democrat they try to out and saw all -- -- even even minded or not. It tiny -- doesn't think Campbell thank you John for the call the most glaring example of that. And that the press. And I mentioned it earlier. After his golf weekend in Florida where he avoided the press a key he infuriated them so much. That Ed Henry who is the president of the White House Correspondents' Association. Put out a release saying speaking on the back half. Of the press -- I can say a rod cross section -- members from French radio on -- TV had expressed extreme frustration to meet. About having absolutely no access to the president the United States this -- And especially this so -- Then. When he finally faced the screaming reporters in as a -- just said from 413 said. How do you should be immediate could be focusing on gas prices the government trying to take away constitutional rights. Who takes the blame the bang daddy instead look at the news Michelle has Ben is now not me Michelle Obama that is. So really they get up and and that all weekend. And what do you hear from the white house press -- I -- ready for events. Where. Seriously. Seriously. In guess why Obama. Even ignored that question Larry what do you think you are on how our show welcome. Myself recently self important. I could keep calm down I think you're gonna get 300 protecting unions. Well why not supposed to com down that's all problem in this country Larry everybody's kicking back in accepting all of the abuse. -- like battered housewife to let the abuser back in over and over and over again. The whole idea is. None here and your personal history and -- You -- put into me that you could lit up both then. -- again well when it was either the language. His -- like day old saying you got a dog up the meat wagon. I now Matt what do you think you are next on how we are -- Michelle McKinney. I felt -- now you. -- I have a question. The only network I watch is is ABC. Is open from -- I report from them but that Olympic watch. And I -- last night that they seem to be a little bit. Earned him or not do you think there's any possibility of -- backfire on Obama. Good enough for these guys are gonna target at any. The worst thing you can do is irritate the process you know why right here in Boston their probation chief. Jackie. Sandy deprivation guide commissioners. In -- right now under investigation. And Massachusetts the probation did. Jackie O'Brien Jackie O'Brien every Brian. It was subjected to so many investigations is because he had the very worst -- and -- of mystery she wouldn't return calls if you did. Get Harry and you could only get heard the answer by tricking -- -- -- stars except that you know if you. And -- pick up the phone you could hear the Bloomingdale's Philippine people in the background. She tipped up and reporters of people we're determined to take found Nacchio Bryant's turn -- had given up. And reporters digging for information gonna find it. And that's Saudi condoms up under indictment. Could be think that could happen to Obama that the reporter couldn't get mad enough to restart. Important bad. And as not as -- -- -- I love this text them to a nine. Do you really think attacker in -- could even come close to. To Tiger -- that's the best question came up with and I love this line they might have shouted we do you used. -- Because that's all I don't think -- They'd asked about they got beat -- the same achievement about that local partner. Don't -- the possibility it might look -- -- -- -- about tiger. And and that's important at a gonna get a regular question. We're in now get so -- it's like after all -- you make it tilted like this. I'd love to have adored do in this like collectively the white house press corps and now you can ignore me you won't even take my calls I mean they're acting like. Jilted lovers. What are. That's very true -- thank you for the call he did you are next on Alec our show lift -- you welcome. I am looking at -- old Jeff Jacoby column in which he. -- are the -- Spain and Daniel all parental former ombudsman come -- time. And they've bank said the high on eighth avenue meaning the time virtually -- -- political and cultural progressive as a so that content like they Occupy Movement I've read more like. Mitt you more like carpets and -- subject. And the other former ombudsman that the group blog Daniel Oakland said. He and at last -- he had a headline is the time the liberal newspaper and to that the LP and of course -- And ABC political director Mark Halperin says. That the behind the sofa covered quite frequently in many if it was maybe mandate could be here mock opera and -- To tell -- The covered quite frequently in many issues in the liberal election and even political executive editor in that and that helped set. There's no doubt about that dominant mindset within the profession. Most of them vote Democrat and I have to give credit to Jeff Jacoby for gathering all the information it -- Hobby not -- the globe columnist -- right. Well he's -- thought that there are one conservative right over there he's like it's okay. I like that token working class girl had -- internship program I was like whiskey tango and I was there examples of diversity. I -- -- one. Told that the club behind me if I ever. -- I don't live agreed it is speak for Jeff Jacoby call. Well I'm glad fear Colleen it thank you Imus on the fetus is -- -- -- Come back. I've got Madonna feet and back Alley I love this next. -- you've seen advanced or throw a ball right by you know he wants no evidence of this terrible. Golf swing with only arias says the press corps became apoplectic I can't believe he's not calling to talk to us. When he was golfing with tiger. But when he was avoiding questions about being -- Crickets -- day crickets.