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Never Bring A Whistle To A Gun Fight

Feb 19, 2013|

Colorado state Rep. Joe Salazar said even if women feel like they might be raped, their suspected attacker might not actually have intent to rape and therefore women should not carry guns but rely on whistles and safe zones. Guest host Michele McPhee was beside herself at the proposition that women were too excitable to be able to carry guns for self protection.

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-- first -- about the democratic. State represented. His name is Joseph Salazar. And he those women and you heard the clip and -- -- ready with this because this tiny. I honestly when I heard this I laughed out loud -- might as this. Room this phone this tool. This has worsened a conversation we had yesterday about the song road manner becoming the official Massachusetts rock song. But this kid at this Steve -- out -- shoot his mouth off in this fashion about. Well this is why women probably shouldn't have guns a little ladies put a little early -- she should leave those firearms to the big boys. There are some gender inequities. College campuses. This is true. And universities have been faced with that situation furlong time. Why do we have call boxes. And that's why we have safe zones. That's why we have the whistles. Because you just don't know we're going to be shooting night. And you don't know all -- You feel like you're gonna be raped or you feel like someone's been following you around or if you feel like you're in trouble and when you may actually not be. But you talk about that kind of popped. Up around that somebody. Aria -- so we like to -- and is -- we just like a Popper round -- of somebody every chance I got I mean if somebody just watchable to close behind me. -- other highlight did you know noted obnoxious thing to say so you weigh in -- how dumb knighted I mean ladies why should you haven't got. Because you have a whistle. That's really have Wessels thus far we have safe zones. A real. Real. The most sexist and this is infuriating. This is a liberal Democrat. He claims to be. He has a champion of women's rights he is gonna fight the war on women. That the Republicans have waged. Really. I can ever calls car Bryant's anything that stupid -- met Ron the or Charlie Baker or any of our representatives I can't remember you know Bob Hedman to boost our saint something's so Aston. The nine as he needed younger you have a whistle. We don't want you girls becoming this coming just popping up a shot everybody. It is. Mainly. Be creating. Absolutely. Infuriating regular atop. See you about that it's 77469. Point 322. I thought about the gas prices. Somebody asking on the tax line when did you get that statistic. The there is instant. EI AEA the energy information agency cited. -- date that Obama was inaugurated a believer in January 19 2009 gas for the buck 83. And Betsy. 360 seven's -- gas says 978367. Now. You guy next on how we are shall welcome bill. I don't -- on. Your report that the court. I know I'm the president come up that line yet. Well we we need to be discussed -- clusters of George W. Bush team -- to fight fiscal prices over -- he didn't push us and our Dodge Dart. Over the -- -- very. I did not give a speech to -- Saw that DB by that they got -- -- -- -- that only rich people and it was less than two months ago at the same thing everywhere believe the typical -- with a payroll. As sort that would happen you'd you'd you'd thought -- build a toll tag and democratic oh get a raise the taxes and not cut anything. Ought not increase -- not increase something that much. That's not gonna happen. I mean you know it's it's and astonishing to me right now everyone in my building in my Condo building is upset because our state taxes. Weren't sky -- Everybody by at least a thousand a year high real estate taxes of course we have the building blog and the buzz and how can we fight it up all eat out of -- Even the same people who drove around the building -- -- Obama bumper stickers and actually got into an argument with a guy. Back in the day when he John McCain bumper sticker. The very well like -- and state taxes so -- People -- watched. They've really got -- all promote the vehicle by real like people brainwashed. They it to by the clock they get two people fighting against one another but the people who are making a play what the same -- that wants to to pull out there Wanamaker Serbs. And he wanted to they -- pay more money. And here at all right -- it's working and countries where this sort of -- Dictatorship. Takes place the first thing happens they had controlled oppressed you see how that stunt unfold right here in the United States. -- you have more than one out of offense and I think it straight down that quick. -- on the citizens. It is insane they give -- about the by the way gas in Charlestown 399. And that's the cash only price gave you our next Dave welcome. Yeah at Miller or packet in my last night it was in -- today rather listen -- -- creating. I mean the guys -- hazard lie is she blames everybody sort of fact of the matter yeah after the budget since then not. Number. He regularity. On vacations. I'm vacations -- probably his thinking shouldn't all if you really add them up but probably equal. The amount that we are going to save in the sequester which is that a pittance -- I -- pretty talked looks like we're completed its unfortunate there are so many complete idiots out there. Like you know I don't state -- I -- -- -- -- -- ladies have a whistle. And we don't popping -- shots dress don't adequately. Through. Period and another. Republicans. Schilling remark about being raped her real actual -- not getting pregnant and all that work. -- -- They opened the way that thing -- What he said look stupid or just happened with this new Rick we're talking about girl in Hamburg you know. Like 88 aero is stupid this is my -- made terrible law makers sometimes. Note to college is that the -- universe observe and out ash. -- people commodity completely brain -- with article tickets start fire elect depended on it. Well brings you know we talk about in the 530 -- stay tuned day when it comes to colleges. I love this from New Hampshire -- -- -- I did read suburban from my wife that says you can't. You don't want that shoots. I love it beautiful. Isn't sexist to say women can't handle a firearm. Sounds like a war on winning to me said five mile away. Laughing out loud when I heard this Colorado lawmaker. Plan. You don't know that you feel like you you're gonna be great. Well you feel like somebody's been following new around and you feel like you're in trouble and maybe not really in trouble then you pop -- -- kinda and you. -- somebody. And Peter. Don't know what's worse Obama on a sequester but the fact that this guy this moron is writing laws. Obama on the sequester works. And it's very seriously it's very bad. And he's supposed to be our president and he's just not doing its job of playing golf and doing all kinds of things. Well is going on and it's it's very accurate for our country. I mean we should all fear for our country needs -- little you know then and nine Nike says -- I'm not gonna raise taxes on the middle class in its complete not a lot of Peter. It in the prime example of that is my don't. You know we have a governor who -- in on a campaign promise here in Massachusetts said he would not let property taxes rise and what has happened. Property taxes have risen in his these threats that they are going to take away the one tax break you'd get for having a mortgage. Let's serious -- but it's trivial as compared to what Obama is still in. You Peter it's huge -- people can relate to what's happening to their very own pocketbook. They're very happy early in my in my building that ran around with Obama rainbow stickers on their vehicles are the ones that are really pissed off now. When their property build them -- and they wonder why. It's. It's -- it's actually frightening. I never felt that way before but I do feel it it's a frightening situation. And I don't know where we're at it I don't see it can be good -- what he does something different. McKay at Peter I mean I don't even know how to respond anymore. Because people have been apathetic to what's been happening for very long time I gave you are next on Howie -- show welcome. And cellular I am. Yeah I -- Salazar cap from Colorado. Are willing to bet that that's probably Ken Salazar dots on or something like that. Because see what is these secretary of interior and Obama sport first Germany's alt support Colorado. So comfortable surprise that you gonna have a liberal hack like that say something that the pretty disgusting thing to say as. We women's groups I mean it -- now correctly. -- and dope in the Republican Party made that remark about. Well you know women can preventive rape they just think beautiful thoughts think of butterflies in puppies in a -- rape you won't get pregnant. Everybody that everybody knows that there will have -- I can remember his name we talked about and you know I don't know I think only a month that I can't even remember that Republicans -- -- -- folks that built from the Republican Party you make there mark. It's. Tied -- on tiny and was all over the news it was around the clock coverage of his stupid remarks and they were stupid. However. We just a story on these incredibly sexist remarks made by this son of a hack. Well I don't think they -- wait to what you're talking about earlier. In the immediate -- recovered and it's all part they're all. They're all in this together it's all of their agenda. And you know it's. What's amazing to me is it's this is about the the gun issue here what this -- talking about safe zones. -- -- absolutely no sense because you know law abiding citizen and and people well. Will go -- that tear to your -- little states don't. But no criminal well and you're just important women that -- even more so when you don't allow themselves if they choose to. Protect themselves with a gun and -- you know it's it's -- so. -- add that I'm gay because now owner. The tendency to be over emotional especially those women who are right now on the front lines in combat -- -- -- women aren't -- and -- I mean those women who -- fighters right now. Why writers on carries -- -- I just pop off an emotional shot at somebody who. Intending to at all. That's -- into the did it to the -- -- for the women out there and that's what artists they -- able to lead Democrat. Because you know what they'll look what we need -- you know what I always grown up. And women should -- more from their man I believe that would make it to declare himself absolutely. But you know why had I been then I wanna look dealt from my white which you know lots. But why did take care self as well by Adam AM. I wanna be able to take care of my white. And you liberal weenie men out there I think it's actually did. -- and I believe -- that women didn't get demonstrate the -- and cat that I wanna marry it infuriates me. I think this city I can't relate to women because Cindy's husband is very manly. Standing out my fiance. Would you say pretty manly. All Yahoo! are you kidding Timmy you -- Anything. I mean he's a real men that's our attracted to but at the very same time to add to back up your argument gave. See any I can take care of us about the -- that's why we all listen to duck remark in -- But we also have. Guys who would do anything for us and protect us. But it is I think -- and he and you have an independent woman you're gonna attract a guy who's strong too I mean I think that's what activist -- -- that handles. Thanks -- for the. All Christiane next on -- -- -- so welcome our. The go it. Not a bad -- don't remember back in the debate. About the corporation cut and what the whole idea behind this that we impeded many horses and I can't. Apparently now we don't. So that's that's hilarious current. Hypocrisy in people have such a short term memory. I mean look they don't need follows. Those bad -- ha ha. And he -- you know Joseph Biden ringing like -- balloon under his Botox eyebrows. It's just it's just amazing comedic bit. They can put the idea out there and all of a sudden it's now it's now that idea and and -- a big -- urgently. That's the whole thing ingress and it's the hypocrisy just a park Christina press -- correctly Chris because I was among the people who think Todd Aiken. Got it up. -- aching is a despicable man nannies a disgrace to anybody who claims to be a lawmaker he supposedly protecting -- I want that guy writing laws on my back. And it seemed -- -- Colorado Democrat but we're just worried about this guys incredibly sexist remarks. We did -- yell -- where the women's groups where is now. Much like much -- Netflix -- that you get away with a lot. In terms that would women's group that you're pro abortion I think. I mean I don't out thank you for the call but this is really the fact that now woman's group they give -- his butt bone. I passed in -- -- the -- again for the people who are just tuning in because what he said is so appalling. They you actually be here and say to get it jest about just how appalling and it's. There are some gender inequities. College campuses. This is true. And universities have been faced with that situation furlong time. Whether we have call boxes. That's why we have safe zones. That's why we have the whistles missiles. Because you just don't know we're going to be shooting night. And you don't know all -- You feel like you're gonna be raped or do you feel like someone's been following you around or if you feel like you're in trouble and when you may actually not be. But you talk about that kind of popped. Up around that somebody. Thousand safe zone motherland. -- media it's -- safe -- when they're not gonna have any guns whatsoever. But I think in in his context. It means that we have places where we have increased patrols. But what they don't realize that a lot of these women are -- in their rooms. Is just absurd -- -- an absurd argument but I guess is not as absurd as the University of Colorado. I'm put out on a list did you see that list of ways not to be raked in one of them has to urinate on the suspect. If he'd be great just hearing on them. The car did tell us. Issues and run away when you I regional list out the next break. Canyon acts on how it are shall look -- -- the real war on women folks. -- shall Hollywood's great pay you back on the radio again. Jim stand behind. I'm it I got -- dimensional object who. Just said 80 is that anything like what like. Like a gun free zone where the guy with the gun it wants to kill people says oh my god that the there's a sign that says no gondola I vote. I guess I'll I'll I'll go someplace else and shoot people. I think it is just like when he. The State's highest court here in Massachusetts. Told cops they weren't allowed to frisk anyone for a handgun that's now a law. And that's why have information that the guy does in fact have a -- because that would drug dealings scum bags always -- An excuse me officer what it was tin cups I mean you to the fact that I have a nine millimeter Glock. Cocked and ready to take your hat off my back pocket. -- -- a drive me insane to listen to these liberals and probably get away with it because of the media com bill. We are in right it would -- that. God it's. Yeah it's just apps so pure insanity -- to listen to them the whole thing. Because they get away with it every single time they get -- say whatever they want. And no one called them -- it just like Obama and all -- -- Biggio beat Tiger Woods like that was possible. -- -- -- -- -- -- I know it -- big issue basketball where -- I mean he's probably not bad but -- anywhere at any -- Married to hold him up as the epitome of a jock let's just put it that way. He was the putt at a college or open an athlete remember you as are those at high time gang -- his gang that tune game. O'Donnell is busy being part of the -- and he wasn't playing college sports. Nardelli is god I. -- -- -- 77 forges pointed out and I status with the -- has seen the -- was -- -- in their right. As -- -- country's own. So Benny and accept Alec are so right -- Yeah our air and sell all. You know what that these things that really bothered me more than anything -- the the whole idea of the argument on. Do you guns is being derailed up especially to be about -- -- about some kind of little section. Of the women who don't know how to take care of themselves to be it'd be like that when in reality. It is in this the Second Amendment is not about that it is about protection. Of people's freedom against Iranian. Coming in from that -- -- domestic or foreign and even against their own government and. Well on many different gaps that I think should just take a little visit down to the Boston Tea Party museum. Yeah but if you mean hello. How we allow the media argument to be about hunters that you know we end up looking release stupid because. That we forget that we will be in the end and at the end the word art opera that. Is not just for pistols and rifles if for whatever. Is the arm of the day and right now arm of the day a lot more than just got and the government seems abnormal. And I know it's crazy bank thank you for the call. I'm Michelle and that's is from Maine my husband has a masculine soldier who would kill and be killed for his family but while -- Afghanistan. I have to take on the world and I do that with a guy and go all -- all Amish on the fears of the Howard Archer. There are some gender inequities. College campuses. This is true. And universities have been faced with that situation furlong time. Whether we have call boxes. That's why we have safe zones. That's why we have the whistles. Because you just don't know we're going to be shooting that. And you don't know if you feel like you're gonna be raped or do you feel like someone's been following you around or if you feel like you're in trouble and when you may actually not be. But you talk about that kind of popped. Around that somebody. Because you know -- hysterical women. Please not to pop off from the people we think might rape biased because this so hysterical I don't know why have all shouldn't on ourselves. How does this not been derided. By the Democrats. Just like tied Akins. Remarkably stupid as Marx would derided by the whole nation. It's 77 point 69 point 322 John McPhee -- invited opened. 617779. 3469. Appalled. As I am. That this is not getting more attention that you have a Democrat taking such despicable. Sexist. Remarks. -- -- -- It varies in time University of Colorado. Actually put out a list to women ways in which to avoid being raped. NA actually. Tell the women to. He on themselves to throw up on themselves to avoid being raped when you think it'd be. More of a deterrent. You're or a block. Please ladies dummy and it's 77469. Point 3220. That's code to run. Brian you sign Howie -- show with Michelle McPhee welcome. Parents are -- at Paris. -- -- Paris I they have. David you next on not allowing our show welcome David. And Michelle how are you telling great. Great series to show you know I really think the -- Suharto on this guy I mean you know I am so terrified every day of being mistaken for a violent predator being shot there. If they like I had to live you know -- -- I and I think a lot of guys. I would tell you that we are terrified of being mistake it first sexual predator every single. Mean you think it's not learning is gonna just turn on the -- shot you David. All of stay in the shell is you know don't you think it would be a much safer alternative of women just through their free government birth control at the attack very big it could trip them up that they could follow our. You know post birth control pills are horrible are irritant maybe they could just do now is no exact carry a gun -- -- I mean I'm sure that's what they're doing to -- on the regular currently in combat right now -- Although women who are currently serving a lot was roles they did get a whistle and a safe zone. And you know and we hit the stupidest thing someone can ever say and you're -- we -- -- will get no. Play because the guys get a. Apology like you scream and yell about tied Aiken I never should've -- and he did lose it out glad because he's just well. -- letter is behind someone's name if it despicable but this won't get play. And this is what women to be ashamed that women who part of organizations thank you did it like now. Women who are female journalists I know Megyn Kelly on fox snack fox news network today. Set a tournament this guy is just his growth has -- Aiken. And he has -- I haven't parted anywhere else maybe I am missing something what do you think -- -- I just missed the story is being ignored because the -- -- the. I Joba. Got on a quick -- I -- It about it. I think when it comes through Italy are gone then -- Republicans a pretty much in -- order. I mean they got -- we know about they know what we thought -- they know they can they can pick it look like not. -- -- shirt and I got an -- illegal. And it got people go to call I would hope that you. Look at and that's what infuriates me about Obama when he talks gun control because he opportunity to take time. The gang bangers in Chicago when he was a state senator. He knew he had an opportunity to put in stricter federal laws that gang bangers who killed little kids and he. Voted present. On those initiatives so now the guy has the gall to stand up and -- the State of the Union Address where the parents about. Recently -- honor student -- get about a mile from his house on the south side of Chicago. They deserve a vote. Not what they designer is there -- just -- system where gang bangers and show people served the time that they should serve but nobody wants to talk about that side of the argument. Just like -- I want to talk about. This democratic state -- Joseph salt desire in I I suspect that out last caller was correct in guessing. That this guy is this nine. A tense all the czar who just happened to be an Obama administration pack. And it did not bring you a lot of the you know wait for a lot of -- people that I ought to elect more argument where. There I'll vote for Obama and I app but why make even now. They couldn't tell me why my old girlfriend voted for Obama bill could not even Kobe why. It just it you know it's crazy I love this tax I don't appreciate a pass on to girlfriend. I saw happening camps that Michelle if someone tries to rape me I wanna make then what themselves. Not the other way around. I love it let's go to is not I Reiner on Alec are chosen John McCain. I think something about they are crests there are a church and got briefly shook out. I've come -- America. Pretty and I've got a three point seven billion dollars in 85. Billion dollar. Sequestered. In about two and a half percent. That would be like to have a salary cut -- some -- got out 11100 dollars. Now it might be archived for a lot of people -- repeat of people who love the arts. I -- -- but it -- perspective. Which has we're borrowing Ortiz and that a record were spend. A third -- a half percent is a long way to go to 40% at. I -- I let -- grow grow. -- Brian I I completely agree he is the bigger issue it's going to be able to -- again be a bottle once again have the ability. To paint anyone who disagrees with him in new that Clint you made at the time -- -- -- played at the top of the hour. Obama's that they wouldn't compromise. And now is code for do you tell them to do. It would -- Questar with the idea. Don't think it's good that badly and and enjoy anywhere. In my opinion. And else start. You know. Putting aren't about quite a -- and -- are terrible event and by the -- I think just rhetoric cultural history and our respect and it could relate spelled it. While -- -- about ten days away from that inner reality say -- right thanks for the call. Five point eight as I carry around I don't show BM every isn't really looks like I'm following you because I need you whistle. To avoid -- up by -- hysterical women. Give him at 38 caliber of vasectomy. Exactly 603. Let's go to cost you are next on -- archer with Michelle McPhee welcome. I have been the case -- -- out of corporate name. Can I am. Thank you I like concealed weapons permit can about five years -- under and I took the course together. And I'm really glad that I haven't I'm glad that I can protect my aunt Mary. Were -- -- and we can take care job. But I hate that I know you have a promise all that's -- -- whistles or don't you know little lady. I was much more on how could. That kind of thing. Kicks off but. When you're talking about people -- really liberally toward the University of Maine. What a bunch of women. And -- -- Clinton was going around. They all -- like quote you just like everybody else -- that wonderful I was I was so angry. That they were they had back to -- Anders. Yeah I believe me they have a complete double standard I mean all you heard during the last. Election cycle was the war on women the Republicans have waged war on women. Meanwhile we heard from a plethora of strong. Women who came from very -- circumstances. And he overcame those obstacles to become. Governors in Arizona became a -- love should have won here Rick is free inspirational stories from these women. And yet -- you heard from the from the -- like his wind was. Republican war on women when she did very epitome of what it is. So distasteful. About women like her who used her gender in her fake heritage fake heritage to get -- it's growths. I have one thing I wanna say these are. Everyone should read John Steinbeck's the moon is down. Lot of that book love John Steinbeck that's why am teaching a writers' workshop in policy -- Italy. You can find out more information out on a comic is a national final and -- Ph.D. he inspired by Steinbeck who loved positives out of Italy. And -- you lying next on the highway car show with Michelle McPhee welcome. April shall I don't appear lean and I'm right there listening to that crap I just can't help but thank god I hope the -- it doesn't have daughters. Hey dad Dan -- growth and I know this is trail. Christian -- just said I'm looking to the story on his doping Colorado. And the idiots apology -- the original story being elitist liberal means never having to say is sorry. I have a mild stalker served in Afghanistan -- currently on the -- to Qatar. I will keep it sheets hit it just about anybody you know a lot but I would I would go to my parade protecting her. And does not with the whistle either. I love it generates -- all -- in spying in Conde yet can't be trusted with personal protection. Only Democrat can have such a stance this is how it our show. Back back -- like our John Michelle McPhee it's a liberal view of women helpless they need to be taking care of by the government. Exactly. That's why the whole country. To be expressing outrage at this buffoon remarks someone asked me about the John Steinbeck book that. Prompted me to separate writers' workshop in part to tunnel Italy both -- -- its -- Shalit went out and CPA team this is -- a car show sometimes -- -- -- added. Did he give any offense tonight. There remark made by Democrats doubt it.