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Shoot Him Again

Feb 19, 2013|

Police have released the audio of a 911 call made during a home invasion in Georgia in which a husband coached his wife how to shoot the armed violent intruder thus saving her life and those of their children. Guest host Michele McPhee was floored by the 911 tape and wished she could play it for Congressman Salazar who does not think women can handle guns.

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I -- -- after -- -- everybody what it does Bose though and Colorado's and it has me all. Apoplectic open arms my voice sounding like it has the keys to the shingles. There are some gender inequities. College campuses. This is true. And universities have been faced with that situation for a long time. Why do we have call boxes. Why we have safe zones. Companies don't have the whistles. Because you just don't know we -- going to be shooting night. And you don't know all -- You feel like you're gonna be raped or you feel like someone's been following you around or if you feel like you're in trouble and when you may actually not be. But you pop up that kind of popped. Up around that somebody. Up and somebody popped up because you hysterical girls I mean. I'd just be Bob Menendez the -- like to underage workers following you on campus. Was -- That story -- keeping an end as. Whether Republican and they be talking about the law maker. The congressional lawmaker who is accused of having sex and underage prostitute I do not I don't think that talking -- no matter what I think they prove that. So despicable really is all we heard and believe me I was out of the chorus of people. Who'd decried tidy in the Republican who made their ridiculous remark about women and rape. Well you know you can he can spontaneously abort -- baby if you're really aren't jail he didn't think -- baby away you have to get pregnant just think bad thoughts and you can make it all go away. And Todd Aiken was a laughingstock. Of the nation ending around the clock coverage I really going to -- out there that can make. An argument for me. That what -- assault is -- said. By you women he now. You don't wanna have a guy now do you literally he. Because you -- my -- and we pop off a shot at the wrong person I mean that person comes up behind you and grabbed him from behind. A Trojan ground. Wanna rape you they just might be an over steroid aided. Football player and you you might popping up any shots it is the hypocrisy. That drives me right out of my mind. 8774694322. That's 877. 4694322. Michelle I work at a gun -- and have trained people for many years the women collectively better shots. Because they pay better attention and they don't have preconceived notion of how to shoot from Arnie movies. Chris what do you think. Am I overreacting to what he said. Don't -- -- dirt bag I went out of my tail it out there was a report that -- doubt radio this morning about. -- -- will all likely be better with Janzen and because when all that separate a lot better demand it'll clapping and completely. And -- and military. They do it better -- it's always been proven that they're better shot. I know I know an actress I didn't know that women labor proven better snipers. If it made you look at the Olympics look at the lady's virtue. They always do better -- man. While I'm not surprised about that at all what I am surprised at however grosses me and complete lack of coverage for this remark made by a lot maker. And highly -- made this remark. To a group of women on college campus he did it in a so called state -- And I hate to be crass and anyway -- callous about the terrible losses we suffered in Connecticut. But sandy hook was a seed -- and that's certainly didn't save the Paula. Women and children and that awful tragedy. So the seed -- just means that the people. -- maniacs the mentally you know like Adam Lanza. Have access to a place where no one else is protecting themselves insanity to me in that's exactly what this. -- -- Colorado Democrat. Salt is -- was arguing that phone -- we need to have its own. They -- Prez tell you are next on how a -- show with John McPhee. Yeah I mean it doesn't what happens when when you know people should look if you don't know what Democrats this is what you gotta get and it and yes they would talk about it the human intelligence -- Well you know at about genetic human intelligence is -- thank the university is that -- dumbing down as students. So they'll vote democratic. It's also -- do to evade the television and they have a computer and it would it would not thinking anymore and -- -- other people it just felt that I get him. This is how Obama get -- place. And it. We really do need to lineup in this exactly you know it should be embarrassing -- if this exactly why. I would never join an organization like the national organization of women because if you remember correctly that organization. Said that Hillary Clinton was the victim of a gang rape in the use is very volatile language in describing. The media attacks on Hillary Clinton now. Let me be clear I completely agree I think Hillary Clinton was. The victim of unfair attacks he never -- stories about what men -- wearing. What their ankles look like OK Harris but this woman was mercilessly attacked based on. Anything but what she stood for and that's a problem. T used to turn gang raped was so insensitive to women who have actually bend gang raped many of whom I've interviewed as a longtime crime reporter made no sense to me. But now says absolutely nothing. When someone on this side. Is accused of sun something like this stupidity but let me take it locally right here in Massachusetts. I had an argument on air with on the spokesperson for. They gained no. And Jane go is a domestic violence agency here in Massachusetts is supposed to be protectors of women. Is furious because -- go refused. To make any sort of commentary after a democratic -- right here Massachusetts Carlos Henrik as. Was accused of the vicious. Eight attack. Aren't I younger that he had met during his capacity as a lawmaker he spoke at a college he started dating one of the students that he met. And then he attacked her. And she does run out of the car rose -- a car missing -- -- shoes she's she's had cuts and bruises all over her. He broke one of her fingernails off she had scratch marks all over her. In this Mae and Carson creek is has been charged with kidnapping and assault and battery. In team go. Did not make a single. That this guy still had a vote on domestic violence issues I mean -- to -- that is staggering. Day you put it. Tiny claim to be the protector of women to fight the women's rights and to let something like this goal. By unquestioned is disgusting and that's what's happening now with this particular case -- digging makes a stupid remark incorrectly peoples and look at this Marin. Who what an idiot things that a woman can spontaneously abort. And unwanted pregnancy only an idiot would say that for -- not having the exact same conversation about another guy who has. Are colossal impact on the way in which a lot of going to be written to protect women in Colorado. Crazy Greg next welcomed. You don't -- you compliment. You know a couple things come to mind. A radio recently Warner I think it was -- watching opening up the -- ability for. Students to appeal Syria conceal on campus -- they -- permits and I'm just wondered what the assault and rape. Readers how much that's gonna drop. You don't want sect poster -- Ke compare that as some of these universities that don't even -- what won't even -- students cure the first break. You can't you can't carry pepper -- on any college campus in Massachusetts despite. You know the idea that there are a few instances there was one at Boston University where I was breaking into the dorms and -- girls are taking advantage of girls. You can't even. Carry pepper spray Massachusetts without an FID card. Which is -- ludicrous you need esteem. Card to carry a gun as you do to carry mate how absurd that. I I live appearance money and we had a there's a news story recently your honor local news talking about. -- from other states ending up in act crimes scenes of Massachusetts. And some some idiot. Came on -- you know some legislature from from Massachusetts. Avon analysts say and how there is no laws preventing private sales between. Individuals from one state to another flight. Worked there since 1968. And 1968. ATF -- network pass that put all most requirement we don't let them buy it for the last you know forty years. Specifically. State and it's unlawful to. Tree it's earth fire between individuals that don't reside in the saint state without -- -- through an -- that's LB order. It's subject to all the same fines and penalties it's like ten years in jail and 250000. Dollars and all rights. Well I am -- -- Greg Manning has a lot of different issues on gun violence look at that college researcher in Chicago. Who didn't want to leave her gun hanging around while she was having our apartment renovated. -- you know the work is she put the unloaded weapon. In how locked briefcase brought it to work instead to a colleague. Who -- in my gun to work because itemize and -- -- on the house will all these shootings going on she lucked up she's being held right now 125000. Dollar bail. Well juxtapose that. To the case of the two gang bangers who shot that fifteen year old honor student -- both both those -- on bail in connection with another violent crime. It's it's it's a war system. It is in the class who. Will the whole class warfare saying it's something that has then you know development instigated somewhat by the laughter I mean. I think more people have you know if you know have. Race issues now than they did when I was growing up and it's simply because of the fact there's been such. Such a division and you see people in and I and I and I don't want I don't wanna make -- -- saying. But there's just so many people in a lot of these big cities. You know some of the -- that they get a they get a free walk. I it's happens everywhere and it's believe me it's appalling. Thank you for the call. 301 says hey Michelle if women are more likely to pop off a shot. When grabbed by strangers. Made of people will learn how to behave appropriately to -- women. Now that's -- Eva says. I -- absolutely. Crazy. That this guy is getting a fun that's why hasn't this been decried as part of the war on women. And really see anything serves me. Case right now with the blade runner. This hero. Jock athlete who -- Nike contract did suggest that he popped off a shot at his model girlfriend by accident. And you sang that it was an intruder. But he popped off a shot at the rod -- he did that's his defense. That's what salt is -- trying to say you hysterical -- popped up a shot at Enron rapists to you you need you. -- -- go right ahead on -- like our show Michelle McPhee. Yeah yeah averaged all right I I think that woman from Tennessee defending her one year old trial popped off a few shots. But the dispatcher in Tennessee told her that she -- are you attitude and elect -- Itself and her baby was it was okay. Actor and I you know what I forgot all about it. Well on a side note. I and men are able instructor armed. I've seen an increase but I in not only at women. What in people. Directly around 2008 before the election -- was an increase. Like it like a support fivefold increase in amount of people wanna take the class. And now after. The election to it and under attack -- it's getting to be ridiculous amount of people that stop. I wanted to get their license and I just keep asking myself. Gene pool a c.'s response recede and the guys that -- yet clear where all spoke you know -- It's being -- by coli in the other times they had a lot of these people. I know voted for. -- And and like might like they've likely got like my instructor -- said I don't want to teach them which it's like on the part allotment of our perspectives. On the card they get shake my head. But up on -- -- don't have to ask your question -- I have a longtime admirer of yours and I would like talk to you I'm going to start like to a few. Free -- course. While I'm not saying I'm Mindy and I would love it I'm Nancy gay guy on course doesn't necessarily have to be -- just has to be dead because I wouldn't want to pop up a shot at anybody again. Argued there's there's there's there's the basic course situations. And then there's also of course is a personal protection. Because for the lots they have one specific class for preparers would -- -- for an all. And an -- and areas -- were -- and outside the home. And they go over the why it's like very 40%. Its case why did not stop the back lot -- -- -- worked awhile. We're so much it means you know I when I went out to -- guys over goal they. Somebody show me might show me a fat but it was as bad as the farm up and all the different statutes pertaining to firearms in Massachusetts. As a matter of fact somebody just said an iron up as Trudy and that hey just a heads up Massachusetts. Now allowed it to buy -- without an ID card it's done at this Altidore. And old are you need you need a license its side you don't have to be 21. You can edit eighteen spots but it's restricted and it's quite a nice part is it's not a hundred bucks it's 25 bucks a call -- I'd be restricted -- made. Isn't it's ridiculous not to -- quite a box in good -- through other loopholes and one police -- -- Sarah. I you know once wrote applause or excuse me in Boston to get an FID cards I can get pepper sprays so that -- MS thirteen gang minus decides it's gang initiation mr. wade rape a white girl I have to go through hopes to have -- on me it's ridiculous. You know what Michelle. And it's -- and I try to remember who said this when they disregard the more sacred laws like murder. And and violence they're not gonna regard the gun laws. At all. I mean you know it only -- -- That's what the liberals don't understand the and you know it's it's going to be like these the best infringement was the last I -- that it stayed out. First hearing representative went -- from -- wanted it individual. Insurance policy -- (%expletive) and you won't. One that was really filed by the da dip again as penalty and we have to celebrate the end and I got ya -- key. Oh and -- just cap stone bond insurance come. He's in Massachusetts that double dipping city councilor from Cambridge slash state wrapped. I'm Michelle -- this is how -- our show. Welcome back this is the Howie Carr showing Michelle McPhee info how we are 8774694322. We instead -- and tell us about the insurance that could be your requirement every legal gun owner. As a pretty sure that the MS thirteen gang has not been applied for our. Insurance with -- nonexistent -- impairment. I mistakenly said it was Tim LT double -- I meant to me. That double Decker says excuse me to me is this city councilor from Cambridge. He's also a state -- because you know I guess neither are those jobs require full time effort. And his family has an insurance companies. And shockingly. Timothy an awesome others like Dan Lansky over in Natick. They eight want to require insurance policies. To the tune of a million bucks for every wine that has the gun legally and -- homes. It's so ridiculous I mean Christa we add to the intruder who broke into a house in Georgia. And that woman her husband was on the line with 91 line. And a woman was in the closet countering. With their children her twins and her husband's frantically calling 91 and same -- it's in the closet. And many parents say. Am sure you -- you can actually hear the shots. As they go -- You wanna just popped up a shot at and a somebody who know -- he would just a dual endure vacuum salesman who came on -- upstairs into the bedroom that have a little sales chat with her. Just just had to put them. That this. Korea Condit to broke a window to get into our home climbed up the stairs and interestingly -- -- he demeanor any time. And you don't know if you wanted to -- you let's tell you kids know how did you shoot that intruder five dimes. So looking for the sound for that in the meantime let's go to John you're on how a car show -- Michelle McPhee. Oreo. -- -- you know they say the only. Good that. They looked at I haven't quite polished -- area and I thought all my girlfriend and her daughters to shoot and it's truly are better shots than met. And we've had a couple instances Obama -- through. Where they're like disabled guests of -- PB. He would bust right so they -- they bought it and we've got guys that stopped and asked them hey girl to wanna write I'm talking a -- Don't put these subdural -- society when -- go to college you're you know. And they aren't so what makes anyway even though it's illegal because at least you're gonna calm all of life. If -- I would hit it solid but -- -- -- life. Yeah I'm pretty sure -- mostly goes on there I'm not gonna bust the chops of of a young girl who's just trying to protect yourself with some Pappas break however you know what is. Legal and potent is hairspray. Is that what spray. There I know my dad Boston there's. Greg yes -- ST that the they're desperate correct but they've all they've they've all learned to shoot and -- -- licensed the quality the mother got licensed to carry and the concept there might be in when they want to of course it was surprising that. All were over 60% of the people that were in the course. Which result way well I don't -- -- it was a great guy. Was what what we want. And you know as for the fact it would prepare themselves. So. Should John by you know that democratic rep made their particular -- sexist remark. About how all know we wouldn't like you women popping up a shot. I mean you know what those guys that are rape you or not so. So dismissive he ridiculous and sexist that's not part of the war on women. Only getting. I I don't I don't -- so. I'm not bad I mean I don't want to talk about the point that you make in. Colorado. Is -- you. That it is become a woman problem would they would discuss the issue in the in the and -- colleges but rarely. Gun in the schools that are the problem and to have soon be armed. At school when we know statistics tell -- that we are more likely to kill somebody who we know. We're playing a joke on -- Andy card all. Again. The -- yeah I assume you mean but -- completing well that's preposterous. Well to be honest with you think about it -- business school -- bar in these are kids they are running if you can't have. They do it got us. I know I know -- -- story about what are you bought a guy into a Boston elementary school but I digress we are talking about college of wind but it. Call at -- and you don't. They -- really. Point and let me be clear let me ask you are you suggesting. That college. Aged women people in general Bernard. Mick sure our intelligent enough to carry. A firearm. With some sort of reasonable. I guess are restraint. No I don't I'm not not making that point and I do not think the senator from Colorado was making that point either. His point was to say that -- shouldn't have these guns in this school because. I I love to 29 but the guys did -- play with the guys at. Yeah. I think you you stupid women aren't too hysterical to know whether our. I'm drinking and equities. Are kept in mind this is true. And universities have been faced with that situation furlong time. When we have call boxes. That's why we have safe zones. That's why we have the whistles. Because you just don't know -- you're going to be shooting that. And you don't knowing girls. You feel like you're gonna be raped or do you feel like someone's been following you around or if you feel like you're in trouble and when you may actually not be. But you pop up that kind of popped. -- around that somebody. We can't I don't know what you felt in trouble of being you know violated like you just -- to while apple when you walked on a college campus. It started to me like he was addressing women. Won't he walked into the birthing women but he is right we -- recent -- it is statistically right that we. Actually it happened where we -- and the shooting other than violators. Doubt our people we know people innocent. And that is also statistics that show that I'm not so wicked body count was at Virginia Tech. But it was pretty high. I'm not quite sure -- with a final body tally was in Denver Colorado but a plant those people have been armed in the movie it was not safe zone. Perhaps we could have taken neck -- down before he was able to do some damage as -- addresses the Joker. I mean Chris Kelly please I -- audio of that mom because that mom who popped off our round as the senator eloquently stated. At that intruders hatred children's life she had a violent offender in her home. She fired her 95 times. This guy still got up and and ran out of the house and drove down the street before it crashed in I think he was still alive and I checked hopefully he's dead now. But it did mean huge he liberal logic. To -- he he tried to Spain. This -- remarks. I'm sorry Gary and his elitist in you heard what you heard guys -- but he said. -- -- and is afraid of getting the Walpole in the shall we treatment I have no idea was Tivo. Hi Gary -- -- the on how a car show. I don't show. I mean gender inequities as. Let's say seventy want to say gender inequities that thought liberals wanna make everything gender neutral unequal. Yeah I curator. It's crazy. I had been retired police concert. Here now in the but it could tell you what the most certainty. -- Stricter gun law. For forbidding guns is not stopped anything these criminals are criminals it's it's it gets a lot commit murder -- I. And debt doesn't stop them chosen. Well honey -- your expertise as their president retired law enforcement officer. Gary how many times did you lock up a purple who is carrying a gun illegally. And they will automatically sent to jail under the Bartley fox statute that requires perks like it. Carrying illegal guns to go away for a year how many times did you actually see death sentence imposed. Well it was once very quality eighteen year old -- And how many how many people did you lock up for a gun. Charges may main one and one I imagine. Or are dictated which story was an armed robbery. And. And fortunately I'm getting frantically waved gap from the studio thank you for the calls are about that -- Michelle -- this is -- -- -- Happy veterans still befuddled by bending logic. Maybe -- -- summed it up. How many accidental shootings on campus is by women -- and soap box. -- -- -- That lawmaker grotto in the car design and informed. By the way -- also are refereed I was still only stops players. On the stomach see this is valley high --