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A Short Segment about MIDGETS

Feb 20, 2013|

Highly offensive.

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Combined physical report this is Jeff Horner Boston's. -- -- Sixtieth 68. You can also text -- -- 68680. We've been talking a lot it was one of the themes of this show. Is how rampant political correctness has become in our society. And I believe it's slowly growing us from within. I think it's a sickness. A cultural sickness that needs to be fought. Everybody is sensitive. Everybody is a victim and everybody is constantly defend. Take this story a stunning story. From Rhode Island. Now many of you know for decades. Little people working they called dwarfs were called -- jets. And it was a it was determined that you know always kind of it's not kind of it was insulting and derogatory. And sold that word has slowly gone out of our lexicon people don't use it anymore. Is she is considered inappropriate and the usual term is a -- personal small and suffers from a little person who suffers from door for some. He Cranston, Rhode Island mother who has a ten month old daughter. Who suffers from -- -- some. Our share her name is -- only eight. Was going through she had a craving. For real craving for pickles occasional really are one of those -- she got them back. So she went to her grocery store you want to go to a grocery store and those files just tickled everywhere. And I I get confused I swear -- I don't know what -- yet. There's Kosher pickles are sweet pickles are sandwiched buffer pick polls there's there's an honest Democrat -- just -- -- I I just wanna pickle. Anyway there are so many pickles. Big pickles small pickles -- pickles sliced their goals sandwich pick goals dill pickles. And pickles. -- Michael Michaels nothing but a -- So she's looking I'm sure she's in this in this trial and she she looks at this. Pickle to Kosher dill pickle. And it's from -- brand is from Minnesota food company. And literally it's called -- sure deal midget it's. And this woman. Co -- this jerk. She goes absolutely. Berserk. And she immediately admit she told the Providence journal. I wanted to smash all the jars I got so angry. I wanted to grab every one of these tech Kosher -- major pickle jars and trauma on the Florence smash of the pieces after she found it deeply offensive. But they call a pickle up their optical midget -- -- major political. And but instead she controlled herself. And so she took pictures she blog it. And she went on a warpath. -- G hot. Against this Minnesota food company. Saying that to use the term. Kosher -- -- jets is insulting to little people. Is insulting the ports. So we have the sound actually have her in the grocery store. Here she is when she sees midget nichols' role at Cox. So apparently this I swear he liked and I'm making this up in the Providence journal. Get -- foods. In -- Minnesota which produces these midget Kosher midget -- Has says it will change its labels and they will stop using the word quote midget -- To continue she succeeded. By blogging. By complaining. Mike -- on this huge rant. And apparently a lot of people joined her people who have little people as children or where they don't like the term Egypt. And I'm asking myself you know -- -- you know what Jeff -- I say she controlled herself from breaking all the midget jars. That was she did yes that was awfully big of her she says she and the reason she says she was so incensed. Token when she saw jars of of what -- -- brand calls Portia she's as I went crazy I want to bring smash all the jars. I was very big ever. I get a Cox. Think this Rory gets offended -- like the wizard -- he thinks he's got a letter little. -- -- her daughter. Watched them win the wizard of us know -- Lewis turning to keep kids who put up pandora's box me hanging. I mean this so. -- look if you call her daughter. They might -- might get as Dino dwarfs as am I think double comic can imagine that's insulting. But midget pick colts meaning -- many vehicles small -- spiny pickles. Suddenly now I mean look at this so now pickle companies have to change their labels. Because some people are offended that you say midget Nichols. Now think about this. Where does -- send. Because I'm honestly I see things every -- offended by. I could be blogging all day I could be complaining all day I can be protesting all day you could be protesting all day. But let me ask all of you -- deeper question. Do you think the term midget. Do you think it's offensive. Do you think it should no longer be used regarding anything. Is it it's almost a month -- it's very yet. But it's almost like -- and word or some other racial ethnic slurs. Where you just don't use it. 6172666868. Is -- A word that should be banned from the English language. I wanna hear from you. Michael Europe's first thanks for holding welcome to the coroner report. Thanks Jeff I am not insulted by the terms midget but like all the screen Colorado wall populate data by a space heater. And everything was the same. What this Spanish speaking no -- expand the written word basing out in the English racing word. On the back of the box. Target upon myself and turned -- a box around -- he English speaking side facing out. What is this world coming to adjust. Michael listen you know what that's one of my big pet peeves. I am noticing now give me an example if you go to Stop & Shop according CDS. If you pay for years I did a recent on the weekend. They -- all askew and English and in Spanish. Do you wanna pay this how you wanna pay -- twelfth do you want extra cash you want cash back. Yes see I mean it's we're almost becoming like her for a bilingual country. Packaging now is English and Spanish. I watched television. Okay I'm not not a major but a mini using a mini remote control I was a mini remote control and every station I watch I can either here in English or in Spanish except. I swear do you. This Spanish. Channels. The Spanish channels I can have an English. So I'm offended by it's an English country. English is our founding language -- on Jeff that's made a list that's made of its so some things you're offended by two about it. But when it comes to the term Egypt suddenly you can ever use it. Hey -- to text -- from the 617 says the company instead of getting rid of the word midget from the labels. Should just put the major jars on the top shelf. And they put NC that. -- you're up next welcome to the coroner report. Hello -- we just lost vivienne Michael -- up next go. You know I'm politically I am very offended by the midget -- and you know you go a couple of although our. I think people -- -- I'm Irish. I can't be and that I think we need to do their lucky -- next. Not -- but we'll do what about the Boston Celtics. Are -- Fighting Irish of Notre Dame Fighting Irish. I want to -- critical of the -- I watch the retreat always Irish. Always feel there's a comedian -- I -- a lot of great goalie guy I know I think the -- or don't get them in the other. That's what -- -- -- -- Jersey off the Irish woke up and say geez. Lucky charms the Boston Celtics leprechaun is everywhere. The fighting Irish were offended oh my god -- You know -- Brittany was Irish love -- You know to me it's a compliment -- you earlier combative your warrior you don't take you don't take things lying down your phys the you know I have to me it's a compliment but no I can be offended. And this can go -- to -- this this will open up I'm telling you if we wanna be aggrieved. And we can complain about everything. And Europe next are you offended by the term the Japan. Not not -- really upset that everything hasn't been named the original name that they get changed. I wanna know who is the present at the fact midget is the bad word -- -- department of -- trio. The patent and those language standards. Something that lead. Don't know about Howard -- -- lady getting in the growth is still deciding midget is not a good name. It's. So where could she when I first came on wearing first game to WRKO. He said Jeff I'm not kidding you -- serious conversation. You have to be very careful are you -- a little people. I said what you mean he goes I'm telling you there's a very powerful lobby in this city. That if you say the term midget. Will almost foresee a lofty air. You have to be very careful. Say dwarf say little person. Whatever save vertically challenged. I know I mean it's I wouldn't call powerful lobby there -- small group but they Aaron active your identity not possible there is small group let him. Grandeur of Mexico. Up and now I'm a first generation Americans. I mean like seven days. I think that -- president should speak every language in the well. For -- but I thought maybe you should. I think in his mind you think he thinks he can look at job for us like Gary thinks he speaks perfect French. -- And and I'll say this about Obama when he speaks Indonesian I'd get offended. Call me crazy Bob you're up next -- I call the possibilities. The what did you say like you know I use this term a lot of -- he's a moral midget. Ranked in other words like you know he's -- nothing he's like so small he's enough that. Hi guys who can't use that now George you're up next go. Very offended I have a plant in my front yard and had a very offensive name and -- my neighbors come over this spring and make our. Like pussy willow we get rid of but he willows right now. -- 617. It was 666868. Are you offended by that term midget. Do you think it should be banned from the English language I kid you not now it's pretty much -- bought them it's forbidden. And are there are other terms that you find offensive do you think what -- -- the process of what cleansing the language what other terms you think we should get rid of Don you're up next don't. EA an array they had they really doesn't matter what the term is because. It becomes as good jar duke wouldn't describing something that's different from my the people. Simple as that thought he used the -- small in twenty years he didn't say. Always team used the word small people anymore because that have been charged that. It doesn't really come down to like Tony using it as well like I said. Joe's son is a midget. Federal can be heard about it. Like what's Britney Brittany is a ginger and she's right she's a judge but I'm using a lake in an offensive play. Mayor what's the big deal. -- achievement cinema midget if she's five. Brittany can I see your voice and I don't she's up five and she says a -- apparently she's five feet to her door but they've. Basically he'd for manic from the -- charge when the red gallery felt bad for her -- Four I swear they added an inch they felt that they are five point one. But she says I'm really five feet short ten so she's like toxic users teaser that she's portends a she's a lemon midget. Now should -- should little people be offended by that. Is that offensive low. -- Europe next don't. I. Egypt aimed at protecting that they wouldn't we now have to change word Hispanic and bad luck and big big and -- -- equally. Adamant and get rocket carried out in her language it tells you. How quickly accompanied him afraid of being to do with it and we were talking about Scott Brown I believe they will -- they could. And Clark and Scott Brown poorly and get sued over the word midget -- -- albeit very big case. I mean. -- -- -- can you imagine his Porsche much spending millions of dollars to say look we've been calling him midget pickles for years. It's a tradition here. I mean so we wanted to call it mini vehicles. Small particles tiny particles. Britney Michaels. John you're up next go. I'll bet if -- were a betting -- but what they can't they'll spend it. You are not gonna believe what a fourth grader was sent home with -- work on -- not gonna.