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Legalizing drugs? Will it work?

Feb 20, 2013|

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Okay. Right turn the radio on WOR KO 8 PM 680. I'm -- Eastman. And I'm here with my cohost of the team hang in there and I think. I'm doing great -- the year listening to new England's foremost addiction minutes but then mental health program. This is a weekly talk show about addiction and mental health -- it's good to be back on the air would you say. You know I know I had a month profit and I didn't know what to do myself my family so glad the -- got a name. It's our first show on WRKO. We'd like to welcome all of our and old fans and friends then. Like to say hello to all of our. New audience out there we're gonna be here every week at 7 o'clock. And why why are we here at let's talk about that why are we here will win here because we really wanted to make addiction. Treatment accessible. We started rate turned trying to -- needs of people -- fell -- There's still this huge problems people not knowing where to get help her. When a caller who talked to -- -- so what people have a lot of questions what is addiction what does that how is that linked to mental health. And so we want answered those questions first on Friday we wanna help educate people we wanted people to learn and that it's okay to talk about it. -- want people to get rid of the same associated with that it's in you know it there's no shame you -- people that are struggling with them or their family members Aaron or you know they're worried about their uncle that they don't confront him about you know the -- thanks. What I mean that's important it's important that we we talk about things you know we've been on the air for two and a half years our first show here. And we've learned that a lot of people have a lot of great questions. May end so people we want to please get information but the other thing we wanna do is get help for the people who need it. You know I mean -- that there is always help there is always hope if you've tried it 83 times. The 84 might be the chicken if you've never tried to get help before the first time might do it for you I just you know so we wanna give you know hope didn't act. That's here we wanna say treatment. Works. And I like my job because they get this would get better but there's one other reason why we we do this show happy. Well all -- change some of the beliefs out there and you know maybe influence some of -- you know laws that are set out to hurt people and not helped -- some of the policies out there who I mean. Seriously we we need to talk about these things yes we need to talk about them and hopefully people listen to them. You know I remember years ago and there are going to date myself a little bit here. Weary years ago when the budget was cuts on numerous times and and in in our. You know in the years that we spent in the field of treating people in the budget has been cut and so. You don't. That's something that needs needs to be talked about. Put the budget -- subsidies and mental health treatment if it gets cut people still have the problems. You mean they don't go away that's is that what you senate's debate they -- they don't. But you typically good window budget the budget is addressed and cuts are made. Who is the first it to feel that cut bullets usually you know it's usually people who have no voice and you know. -- I love that that's why you know what that is it's wonderful happy. It's the people that have no voice what I mean truth and truthfully I got an authority yeah. And you know I mean it's an interesting piece because you know people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect if they don't feel well. You let's talk about our day jobs for -- -- is if people don't feel well then they should be treated nicely first off. So there's so we run an organization called great turn which provides -- out critical treatment and mental health treatment it's in Arlington Massachusetts. And we believe that people need help and then nobody sat up things as I said so. Are closely reflect no we look up in the morning and said. -- I could be a drug addict you know I think people tend to wake up and say Hanoi make -- Fenner and don't wanna be faced with this. What and it's an interest in peace you know that in something that we we just need to talk about. And you know when when someone picks up the phone and says that they need help. You know geez I mean it's our experience that they've talked about this for they thought about for quite some time you know. Yeah means you know and we -- during the day. During the day we get to help people get better and hopefully once a week we can help you know other people know that there's hope and help out their. We run an intensive outpatient program and also that we have a supportive housing as well for people who. -- need to live someplace. And but were right there in Arlington center you can just cool right turn if you need to learn. More about us let's talk about the radio show let's talk about today's show that week. Today's show well in the past we've had tons intensive wonderful guests we've done all sorts of shows you know. We sometimes -- experts sometimes cool rock and roll there is. But tonight the plan you know to say we wanted to people who talked about it she and we just legalize at all. We have some experts son we have Tony V and we just -- gonna have a whole bunch of people talk about whether or not. You know just legalize it obviously what we're doing isn't working that well -- Obviously amazed when you say legalize you mean decriminalize. Illicit substances. But regulate them regulate them okay well it's an interesting -- well let's let's get. Back around to that but you know I just wanna say I wanna I wanna go to enter our our producer Joseph is saying introduced Tony. So we have Tony he on the phone. Tony -- known around the world as one of the funniest men. -- -- the last month a little -- and -- yeah you know what we've seen in. Are we alone in. You know it's. -- size twelve and we've seen them and comedy clubs we've seen on T yeah. And I got out I got a movie -- Hallmark Channel running right is that you lose also make over yet Julius dial. I you below -- -- what you know I don't know it back deck try to make all right I play a lovable but across. Fellow with the heart of gold clothes it's so I usually don't I don't say it. We see two and a half years ago when Abby and I first started doing on the air with -- turned radio Tony he was our first guest yeah. Ever. Period yes absolutely. And I've been on up several times since and I really wanted to be there tonight but I live in shells down. And we have Barry. And the way I gave my parking spaces I leave my one of my two children -- -- can't -- very lung yet so I do now is to walk into nighttime show I was afraid a little bit at -- as a young -- got a broken ankle so. That it's got Augusta the older one and then he'll start sliding to an end and that hole that I want to have a parking space was still married right. I think it's I think it's great then that's the one thing I really really miss about living in the city. Was those beautiful beautiful parking spaces he'd kind of tired and print in my house. -- -- -- -- then hopefully you know the hopefully -- didn't my thing I think somebody should do a coffee table book called good there's stuff that's probably did it. You know I mean like -- we've always watched cheered like broken stereo year's awards you don't slant explode bid. Not just not just kitchen chairs. Now I don't know -- sometimes you don't they get very creative. -- Tony the thing -- know what this is great and you going to be with us the whole hour. But yeah I wanna say one thing Tony we have our first caller. Oh yeah I WRKO. Our first caller let's go to the phone line here John you're live on the air with -- in -- I -- two and a half months and to recover very calm but -- 1988 had lunch slept. With the drugs then. You know I'm working on the alcohol now the alcohol problem that I have been I'm I'm scared crap let's. One you know I mean he you know we want to legalize drugs that that's absurd absurd I mean people -- legalize says. It's a joke yeah yeah donate to what is sure drugs destroy lives. John that's I mean that first off congratulations. On so you -- months the down plans -- that's that's fantastic what we are not promoting either way legalizing or decriminalizing. Substances that's just the topic of this shows tonight and we don't have people with opposing views here. To come on and an end because we think it's a conversation that could be. So sorry so -- those scary about it where you. I'm sorry what's so scary about it for you while -- you know. It's it's one of those things where. You know them I -- it's not actively doing something that productive on the it would would admit guilt visual communication. Been my strong point. You know yeah I have a night. Liabilities and assets and I was taught that the twelve step program. That I would send them there and still am. And if it's tough I mean. I have got underlying problems we got a mental health issues also I have to take medicine but I understand. So it just really worries you the idea of adding more -- making more things more available. Right right you know I could to try to use -- to the he would then that the health clinic that I go to Lou as. Well it you know as empowered and enriched my life then most you know I have try to change the person I've brought into this this world. -- thank you very much. Yeah I'm afraid I mean I I -- drugs and alcohol. Okay PPL -- John Kaminsky we really appreciate your -- we really appreciate your thank you remote there. And and thank you for being our first call Tony are you still with us. I've -- right here if I mean you know I got my. My heart goes out of that many. We're gonna know for a quick break he's assumed. It. There and -- you stay tuned stay with us Tony we're gonna get back to this topic in our next segment. And so hard missiles woody decent and with right turn read you don't want to talk to you about to. Lexington. Toyota. I need Abbey's microphone here -- -- I own two toyotas. And I thought both of those Toyota's Lexington Toyota. You know Lexington Toyota is that located at 409. Massa have. George gray junior this is a third generation. The F third generation. Toyota. 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Culmination of years of effort by those who marched and spoke -- it and refused to be treated as second class citizens. It helps renew the promise that Europe America we're defined -- -- her limitations. Require our potential. We celebrate the twentieth anniversary of this historic legislation. It's important to remember that we're still filling that promise. We're still working to secure the rights guaranteed by the media. Right to live and work without limits the right to equal justice under the law and the right of every person in this country to reach for the American dream. You've come along way since 99 and I'm committed to making even more progress in years. Is this building and I got. To see -- you. Brought to you by the American association of people with disabilities and the ad council. Hello son I'm -- -- from college. You're -- invited to join us this whole music you've always wanted to go to college correct. Yeah well -- that invitation you've been waiting for. -- -- -- -- Wake up. He can't genuinely college they're actual steps he need to take from the steps there's no -- go dot org writing by the American council on education and the foundation for education and the ad council. Arm yourself with the real truth they should CD WRKO. Boxing -- talk station. -- -- It's. Been. -- -- saw her. I welcome back them woody -- man I'm here with my cohost. -- the dean you're listening to right -- radio. On WRKO. BM six feet -- and we'd love hearing your viewpoints on the legalization. So give us a call at 617. 2666860. -- and Tony you're still Tony he is on the line with those. I'm right you are you write down I'm still right there is this is it still Johnstone. Good step in jags can't get out and check out obviously the Himalayan around here. I don't know what you people from what we get nine fetus now -- Your eagle we batted it down a little bit like an avid trail like Penn Station. It's. Well Tony is our good luck charm because he was -- us for our first radio show two and a half years ago and now our first show on. WRK -- will be here every every Sunday night at 7 o'clock. When you know you know they've been talking to try to finish the dark about you know legalizing. Drugs heard. And gone back and remember I mean you know this is always somewhat the -- product and was actually a little bit -- you know marijuana billion decriminalize it and oracle or you know medical matter. Thank you all of a sudden. You know 98% of the population has glaucoma -- it's. -- you know I itself I mean. He had eight UPU -- -- ball outside the red -- having to an attic you can see that thing you know it's scary to go like what I did tagging go to that. The drugstore and buy it legally work that that's crazy but you know and act hey I mean I think. You don't like anything out of it if -- can be regulated you know people see the good match. You know I mean they Damon talked about delegates would needle exchanges years -- years ago. You know when people -- getting sick from dirty needle than they were saying you know we couldn't if we couldn't we don't regulate and treat them. Do all that and toppled the same time didn't you know maybe it you know it would election. People's you know addiction. I think I think that's exactly ray and I thank you for introducing this whole thing because you can see both sides. I think woody and I have always felt like we can see both sides. Of this argument you know have been nice to have the -- people making the main money. I have to bring another I'm one of our. An expert on tonight her name is Diane -- seem -- retired lieutenant commander of the Redondo. Beach police department in California -- little jealous. Because I live Pelfrey and a member of -- which stands for law enforcement against prohibition and if you wanna look we have. A link to there web site on our FaceBook page. So yeah ten. Hi Dan K can't be safety guys very much would be and Tony beat her I sharing your air time with me for this really. It would can be funny conversation sometime that incredibly important policy topic. Yeah I mean. Yes thank you for it so it's a little about leap in how you came from. I assume at some point east arrest people and now you kind of think that there might be a better approach yeah. And you know what is I I actually come to. My views so why am would -- -- a professional personal experience from the personal perspective I had a brother who was they drug addict and who unfortunately passed away from the eight bike patrol that accidental. Drug overdoses. -- ansari and so. But what I -- from his addiction throughout the years. -- I was a police officer make my way up through the ranks was that. I that's -- -- it'll cost very distinctly in my family. And so -- after his death he had I mean he had run ins with cops want -- society you know how it is relapse says you don't like knows. You know a lot -- your job can get a medicine and it started just these vicious cycle. But what he has been is one of the things that I think it's so incredibly important about what you guys are talking about which no one talks about. Is this stigma that's associated with being a drug addict and how that is so devastating because I didn't type in drug addict. Law enforcement has managed to turn that into a good person people. -- -- -- -- -- I hate it it's horrible. Instead of treating people with compassion through medical harm reduction strategy. You know and really doing our job in -- our constituents because if you're drug addict and you lived in my community in Redondo Beach. You deserve my compassion and help just as much as a victim of -- -- -- yes I mean season. So it was so bad so that's kind of so we stand for law enforcement against prohibition. And how we're a nonprofit educational organization made up about criminal justice professional not just police officers but the full spectrum. You know -- like you know cops DEA agents military judges. DA's public defenders. Everybody who makes up the spectrum. The administration of justice and all of us have come to -- come conclusion that our national drug policies they total failure. And I think that part of the issue with that this action is the word legalized. Scares the achievements that people this is our first caller. Exactly and so if we how (%expletive) instead of talking about legalizing. It's Indy -- patients. And this man's claim that destructive policies. That caused so many unintended consequences like in our society which includes. Racism if you look at incarceration. Rates. Economic injustice says you know it's. People who are drug -- unlike you can get murdered suspect -- And have gotten out of jail but he can still get federal aid to student -- based on a -- smoked a joint apple may let. And the huge amount of people who are and what do well I mean. If we can't keep them out of jail in -- and -- -- have them working it would be a lot better for everybody. You know I also think that you know certainly some people's fears and and and I believe it to be completely unfounded it is. You know -- -- that if if the word legal or legalizing oral or whatever used or court. You know I -- prohibition is even a better way to put -- debt debt is like people just waiting to become junkies. Crap like you know what I mean the one stumbling block to that using drug is if O'Neal or legal and and that's not true. That's right because this plan are people using it now and it is that they opt opt out similar dialing right. So to do so and so so. -- quick response yet from people like oh yeah. Looking at quite a tremendous man that's speaking across the country and I am is I'm think coincidentally enough I'm like you know a mom and grandmother very Republicans. And so I go out there. And took the conservative business script I am and political group since surprisingly enough is everybody has really come to the realization. That's the drug war is a total failure but nobody knows how to move the ball forward so to speak if you wanna use you know sports analogy. How do we can't. Prohibition. And the problem is is that our politicians and our law enforcement leaders are only. Concerned with getting themselves reelected or reappointed to the patient that there and stood there and have very deliberate job of undermining any efforts. With regards to changing the paradigm shift -- in California. This last year we had a very -- good. Bill that would have removed. Drug simple drug procession from state present and I county jail to misdemeanor. It it would have you know provided flash incarcerations. For so long term. Incarcerations. And much marked like counting the -- for for rehabilitation. And it was. They would not pass because the public safety -- efficient rate. That's so we'd like to bring and I'm Marianne frank Willis and when you have to entity well area eleven even. He stepped in here for just the second because I'm gonna tell you about Marion friend who has to someone. A dear friend of mine who runs the U organ an organization called more and that's -- -- and that's the Massachusetts. Organization of addiction recovery -- are you with us. And what -- I'm what you brother insisted that yeah. How Marianne thank you and thank and welcome to our first show on WRKO. -- I didn't -- very well thanks for taking time when you're busy schedule Marianne. So let's let's talk about what's going on year in the state of Massachusetts we've had the recent. You know change in public policy around marrow medical marijuana. In the decriminalization. As of last year. Alonso can you tell us what what's been going on year. Where -- asked yeah I'm pleased to speak to that. And I'm pretty -- You know more would not be opposed. Medical marijuana act it was the wave that it is past that we had concerns about. Times we don't want to repeat what happened anything hollow out though and some other states. Where it is gone beyond that I'm using it for a people -- really really couldn't couldn't benefit. From some aid and support. So I'm. You know that app in the public health is going to be capping three listening forearm across the state where people can share their concerns so that hopefully. We could set up some -- state regulations. What the medical marijuana we're concerned about that you can. And they -- obviously getting I'm addicted to it and then at the same time you need to do a lot of positive education. Well and just sneaking across the board in terms of legalization or decriminalization of all substances which -- tends to be. You know part of our discussions and finding a way yeah. You know. Some thoughts. Yes addiction is not a crime. It's just a little while millions thank you for saying I think everybody here -- that I have great way to. Let it -- men and eight. Until we into prohibition that continues to be a crime rate and you know and so we can't hand the conversation of what we're going to do to. 22. Creating better policies without this -- think. How we need to have one policy based on scientific research harm reduction strategies because in the free society this with the you know on complex problem it's not just the medical issue or legal issue it's a constitutional issue if drug laws have contributed to hit the erosion of our constitutional liberties I mean there's so many things that are so in -- around this -- One actually can I have to take a break here and I can I hold onto that site and come back and we'll talk more about it. Thank you so very -- conversation. Marianne tenuous hold on for a little bit longer you know I yeah I would like to come back to you I'd like you're a little bit more about what's going on in -- To choose that give us a call 6172666868. You're listening to right turn radio hey we. -- I wanna talk about what's going on here this is AM sixteen. -- a. Does the recent climate of heightened regulatory scrutiny have you feeling like the sky is falling led precision testing labs hold your umbrella they held their clients understand and comply with the rules regarding therapeutic drug testing it. Precision was founded to provide fast and accurate testing to the recovery community not to exploit it sometimes it's harder doing the right thing but hey. Isn't that what we're all supposed to be doing it's easier with a trusted partner precision testing labs at your partner in recovery. The -- testing labs dot com. If you -- family member are affected by alcoholism or drug addiction the first step to getting treatment can be an intervention. Hi I'm pretty decent in the board registered interventionist and founder and CEO of right turn and innovative substance abuse program. -- kind and gentle approach to intervention helps to make the transition from addiction. To treatment less stressful for the chemically dependent person and his or her family. If you are in the situation that feels out of control with a loved one needs help fighting addiction. Know that you were not -- I can help and will help. Call me at 617365946. Night and learn more about the intervention process. At right -- turn. Got four. Remember addiction is treatable if there is -- call 6172365946. So now. Great turn creative play three tough. Yeah classics like yeah. Teachers has -- similar. Why he's. And respectful of the world around him. -- -- -- Clean his place. Pride rock. And our world. -- person's future deserves this hour. Father's involvement and encouragement can provide. On a child's life. Movie catch. Hug it just the right no. Can make all the difference in their world. You -- part in this circle of. Fatherhood dot -- to learn more. I can't just -- she's she'll send. Senator Clinton's only chance campaign. -- officially chosen in the and Strickland. I MacKey proved I -- yeah right right. And kind of indecent indecent content hungry. Precisely he really not going to. And your local food bank fees generally generally helps but I sent -- -- us just like me at Fenway season in the nineteenth 1998. And has chosen. The critics and naysayers wrong. -- never even if he didn't we are okay. URKO. Boston's talk stations. It's. Been. -- -- There. Harder you. Welcome back to -- turn a radio it's a weekly talk show about addiction and mental health my name's woody policemen and I'm here with seventeen. Guy and we have. The comedian. Don't you be on the line with us as well -- Tony still with us. I have no my -- who are you going listen I have a question for I am Mike got -- pajamas on the hot. Have a question for Marion -- who has Marianne are you with me still. I'm still. Talked a little bit about Morin and the work you've been doing here in Massachusetts. What I'm a little bit more please that was -- more joke yeah yeah yeah and about. About some of the viewers dug them mores -- stance on I'm legalization or decriminalization. I RA I'm. Sort -- well. More issues that is the Massachusetts organization prediction recovered which we're very pleased that you are important member are you know or statewide organization people in recovery -- only been friends who wanna educate the public about the value -- recovery. You mentioned the budget the fight -- on a budget he coalition by getting to the whole issue. I'm decriminalization. I would tell you one thing that we did we partnered. With our -- on the Massachusetts level and that was. Just past the good samaritan who are. And that's because between 2002 to 20094500. People a brother a sister a mother Ivan died. Temple -- I'm overdoses. So I am the state of Massachusetts found out that that New Mexico and other states tasked with American lives which do that. Today I'm making so that it's a person calls 91 want to call for help to date someone from dying. From an overdose they won't get arrested -- just hear the arrest is the number one the number one read didn't. That I'm people will not online more than one other thing important to be able for doctors. This deal that they could. Safely and not be liable. Our purpose griping is not here in which is and all the late overdosed reversal agent which is really helped many people I'm not die from that. So this is -- now the next piece -- building public awareness around that. To be able to do the police education the doctor education community education and education for people. Better still you can because there's very worthy of recovery and they are worthy of the -- Well then that's you know -- that's a great point and that's the whole show I wanna go to look caller here. We have pats on the line pat you're live on the air with -- would -- Hi everyone I'm -- -- show. About a potential political aspect of this a little bit. Finally got a a gentle fun at anyone who identified themselves. But you know as a Republican -- the same time that it the other -- the truth that right just edged higher with regard to this issue. So you know I -- I can find myself a conservative. Yet the same time I've got a political organization. Where its primary presidential candidates. Guys have been military church and two term governor of Mexico. A successful entrepreneur our. A multimillionaire. At the same time normalization pro legalization. So why not hey you know what -- with these -- -- you have on the ground. You've got to political organization which embodies fiscal responsibility. -- it was fluctuation issues and social responsibility. -- -- doesn't adhere to the cafeteria and sort of over our colleges which is all for small government it was a question if you want the government involved and. You know another per you know and I and I hear you on that but yet he's the one thing I -- one is stay away from here. Our our politics because I don't want politics to drive. -- notions that -- you know we we need to make a decision. About. About substance use. -- we try to do it from the ground up Blake talked about -- you know we're talking Ali's people that is left TAT is but it. But how does this affect a sixteen year old who's trying to make a decision. Whether in they should smoke but. You know we've had people coming into our program is say well it was -- don't. You know it doesn't make it any less addictive and I think we need to really I'd love to hear lake Mary and -- Diane. Talked about Ohio you know their point of view. Kind of how it would affect how they think would affect the belief system. Are you come from might -- perspective I'm not my mom and I'm a grandmother cocaine is aren't children. -- right now. Campaign. Marijuana. On any high school campus. More rapidly than they can obtain alcohol tobacco that's probably true. So I believe that by appropriately control lean and regulating it and make -- -- marijuana which is they tried no different than alcohol and other controlled drugs. Available to adults and tightly controlled and regulated isn't going to eliminate that there won't be an addiction. -- but it I think it strengthens. Act as parents the ability to say if -- -- legal substance for adults and that's an adult decision and every decision that we teach our children. It is about -- mean. -- But -- it -- you think it's possible that people. Do you stay away from drugs considered a little scared of them because they may -- they think they're illegal for a reason and it might get rid of that lately that fear. Of the kind of know that's troubled me. -- unless you know kids are less likely get in trouble would be more likely take a risk mines they so -- legal. Well I think they need to not -- the reverse argument that when a kid tried marijuana and realize that that it's not and -- bad and golfing education and and what the government says that it's a gateway to heroin that's their box that they even more likely sit. I introduce them well you know I guarantee I -- everyone can get -- and check Allen and. They tell -- I -- didn't do 8090 years ago having this discussion about alcohol right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know and then they're government decided to regulated it and taxes and and and get in the mainstream and people still got a big adored but you know god -- people can guess you don't smoke at Joseph Biden go about their business. You don't studied it -- a few months ago we you talked about this study that when. Parents talk. To their children about substance -- Use -- on and the average of a couple of times and you -- see here twice got postponed plans set by about -- year. Yeah and you know I mean that's an interest in peace and Tony I know -- Europe Europe parent. Yeah I got to twelve and afford Dijjer will lose -- dangerous leads. We talked we always talk about. You know -- everything pretty openly around here and then we you know I don't shy away from anything just because I I don't. I don't care and -- I guess that's the question I'll tell them straight out yeah. And I think you have to do it I mean -- -- I think we you know people. Get uncomfortable bodied men don't know what to say that you know they don't wanna have to talk about their pastors or whatever and those. There's ways to bill and it's you know what did they get and do knuckle headed playing because that knucklehead kids. Yes and you are one or lose I would like to small shirts come on knuckle -- dolphins and you know that's the -- You know what I think sometimes if you if you read it if you remove just they were stopped and and just you know visited the great mystery I've been out there are that. I wonder what that's like. -- attitudes that like I I think you have a better chance. Absolutely you know -- and you're still with us Marian Brando and director of more and I know that you. Winds yeah you've been campaigning to remove. The average high. Public. -- Very important piece so we ran out to legalization. Of Merrill warming you're the -- legalization of -- medical marijuana. Greg where are we in the process right now. Right well I. May have mentioned on before the part that's right now is that. -- legalization of medical marijuana. Passed in the state legislature. And right now they have to put it in two regulations then existed before we're really just tweets aren't. That those new regulations add some big steep to it and that's the possibility of having arms. You know we could have fewer of the dispensaries that are in that particular bill -- that we could be cautious and. So we're trying to slow this down and slow down the process is now when I'm hearing you say Arian. Yep so people can really think through. I know there was that senator who has site until it and he didn't realize what he was signing onto. And it's again not that medical marijuana is that it's the way that the bill was threatened. There's no one number one of mine a you know war cries here when we were talking about the legalization of medical marijuana was what's the hurry. What you know wean -- needs that you don't hear we have passed this and now we're trying to slow the process down we wanna hear from you all 617. 2666868. You listening tour right turn radio we have Tony Guillen. -- -- grew as and our friend from California. Diane -- Goldstein what we're gonna come right back and we continue this conversation. Please stay with us. -- -- The New York -- Dot com slash WRKO. Six AB -- my name is -- Eastman the drummers from the rock group of del -- And the CEO and founder of right to turn an addiction and mental health program in Arlington Massachusetts and. I'm every season -- think it's. You don't want people come to us they don't. Didn't feel -- in need help and we try to figure out what the best thing to. Like to help get down to that underlying who's really looked up this morning things I want to be expected to check out rice and so. Nobody is proud of being -- -- they have other things they can be patted him. So if you're struggling with -- substance abuse and some form of addiction please give us a call at seven. 64638. Or go to our website at right -- turned out great turn to creative things streak of. 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Why I was running down -- what that was and actual -- And I saw this real life -- it was all like Breivik can I saw an hour to me I'm playing this amazing screen with water around my -- Like -- water then me and my sister and my parents sat around a campfire and told cool stories all night long term. That's an equal to prove. This weekend plunge. We're getting closer to nature. Close your family yeah trying to force your -- he's going to discover the force dot org. -- by the US Forest Service and the actual. And I. Love the chance to -- to the -- an actress convenience takes time and I want to practice -- I slept good day and I feel -- -- begin to test police -- got your pencils. I got the. 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You listen this is what he's smiling I'm here with caddie -- -- -- -- -- any. And we also have a -- TV on the line we've been talking right out the you're right there baby don't go anywhere -- how he's we'd like that to encourage callers. Six. 2666860. Yes. We do we know how countries that have got that's ahead and legalize marijuana for awhile. Fair and all those. Yes we actually do. Countries -- The country is legalize marijuana. Portugal. And they they found that they spend more money and treatment and less money and incarcerating people. And the Trent Green went up a little but not as much as is -- appear. What do you think about that -- -- -- -- face this great article in time we can and put it on the web page in people can mechanic and I love to hear people have they think about it. Beat the other thing about Portugal centrist he's factually. The Portuguese -- a fabulous models except for -- as they don't have issues with the black market because. Based off drugs are still illegal it's been a drug addict and professional drug that's no longer make you don't have a supply chain that is what's. But what's really interesting is where new CNET with regard to our kids which I think it's what everybody likes to focus on he is. Being tried to use prevalence rate. -- month kid -- and being home. Yes I think that's one of the best things and at the thing. And so so we know that at the end Tony was right -- making that I'm actually. And you know -- that define me you know that that whole aspect that some kids just tried. Illegal behavior because there. We like credits every rebellion. Rebellion well Diane I wanted to thank you for calling in and thank you -- and how can people get in touch with leap and learn more about Lee to -- you can. You don't find the least bad www. -- dot CC we have an incredibly active speakers bureau. We have speakers across literally the world now we have by European chapters. -- alternating chapters South America. -- the United States. If you want we'll come out we'll speak to your class your college or Rotary Club. I just about any event and now we have lots of but great information online you can become a member. -- very personal thing -- their mission and thank you so much for coming on doing and I terrific and Marianne are you still with us. Pioneering and so you knew who let people know. Found how to get involved with more and wind is the next more meeting please. Yeah -- definitely think it's so much quality. You couldn't lead us online at WW dot -- -- are high and recovery. Dot org you can like us on FaceBook. I'm just go to come away our FaceBook. And if you -- I I am proud of this discussion regarding marijuana. Will be at Apple's war. -- and public policy forum on Monday. Much sport. From a 5828. PM. Faulkner hot but so in the room atrium Y and Q which is in Jamaica Plain adolescence -- the center street. And that's terrific Marianne and we're gonna make that information known on our web site is well -- and I wanna say thank you so much for all the hard work that you do here with more you are the Energizer. Bunny. And thank you so much for. For taking time out of your busy schedule to be with us Marianne. And and Tony are you still with -- and. -- nowhere yet so having gone anyways so let's take two -- I'd been on my god stalled I don't want people getting anti trust me this. Is they didn't. Clearly you don't want one you walk -- monument avenue watch me shovel that was gonna go to the -- -- Tony V comic dot -- and I can't thank you got enough for eight doing what you do envy. You know given and that would like may get that chance to speak my mind as well. Question for -- Tony. What a win you hear all this stuff. And you have to you make. Kids yeah well and -- do you think it would affect anything if you know we you know regulated in Holland to commit -- do you think they will -- -- it differently. Now I don't think so I mean you know today as I said I did do you know we've had day you know frank discussions with the bulk of our kids. You know all bulk drugs that day just about everything else she not a I think. I think got a whole thing about the mystery of it in the rebellion. It is a big part of it I mean I know once for me to spell is gonna tell me what the bill and I see it all. And it's only because you know people refused to talk about it and it was like it taboo and was -- Think people didn't even know about any new territory my parents saying my parents -- plan even at all other people's parents in my -- -- -- -- would. I was talking to somebody the other day and you know I have a pretty decent relationship the bulk of my children my fourteen year old and I targeted some lady of the day they don't you know -- -- still -- you know you've talked horrible like go yeah you don't when I was fourteen years they'll my parents didn't want to know I was allowed. -- -- Get well -- don't come home until the sun goes down and I. Brad -- when that will -- like I mean come on that's been our debt laden I was -- you know but. It'd be allowed to different world and then -- and look big there's never been an issue -- too much information has been bad. Right but Tony -- when you talk to your children. Fail do they tell you their concerns about what's going on what they're seeing on a daily basis. Yeah I mean you know we date you know they talk like you know what they hear in school and Yi and -- and stuff like that he's put it. I EU wanna know the best education I ever gave my son when I took -- -- football game. I would 600000. People there actually spend 62000. 800 and 85 of them what hammered the hell did I see what happens just -- -- it was a cautionary tales you know and then and you know that. -- news. Yeah he noted that when I tell what policy and then -- like blogs that you make. Decision. Well yeah I mean it's important stuff Tony and and you know it. -- I always say to my son I have a son Jacob and I say hey you know -- -- you know. How do you feel when people. You know when you see hear people talk about cigarettes a -- form. -- one any talks about the feeling that he gets in the stomach -- -- say hey you know what. Whenever you get that feeling in your stomach going unit -- that feeling and and you know what you can talk to me about it Tony. Thank you so much. Are you kidding me hey listen I know you've got an in studio you do. Do you always -- -- I don't know of yeah yeah so get out there and get to work so I know our brother and that man. Thank you so much so Abby is this a really cool things coming up one and one still don't -- Lee cook -- I'm gonna be when the present I. Hi this is well I don't think there's a film screening of and. It's my name is bet it's a wonderful documentary. It's on Wednesday night you know at the IMAX the if there. From seventy denying the one in -- massive fifty what corporate drive. You can find out more about it if you attended the red meat and go to FaceBook and the readying substance of these coalition. And we're going to be -- watching the movie to and it is a wonderful story documentary done by the daughter of a woman who died in alcoholism. And a but a few of us are gonna discuss family a very special guest presentation by -- being Diana -- and a dying in -- Clark and families and some people are wonderful as well but. So come come out supported the coalition and it's it's been nominated for some awards yet out. You know marrying him was talking about Faulkner hospital that earlier. Vera. This was in the news last week -- well there they're -- there's there's been -- closed their level 3-D tax Seattle because it's needed. Well I mean it's an important piece that we put that out there because -- are we sure that they're going to close it. Could try painting red -- they're actually getting a lot of push back and they're hoping to. You get people to. Called then head of there. Hospital and a Faulkner hospital and say please don't close anti tax we need those eleven vets who will. -- you know we do for their hospital has always delivers a terrific. Service now let me just say 12 one and the peace here about right turn on Saturday night's. Every Saturday night we have a clean and -- performance and during this Saturday night we'd like to invite you all. Out to an open might bring your instruments. And you know what yeah. Bring it in let's does celebrate recovery together we'll see you next week adding up. All right safety safety seats. In. Rush Limbaugh here join me weekdays noon to three this is. AM six JD WRKO.