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Feb 20, 2013|

EVERY Saturday from 12-1PM on AM680 WRKO for REAL ESTATE RADIO – BOSTON! I will be discussing all things local real estate.

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Good afternoon welcome to real state radio Boston. There's your friend and host Rick -- and privilege to share every Saturday from twelve to one with you here on six AB WRKO. The show is dedicated to bring all things local real estate. That the big banks and the big media do not want to you know. We'll dispel the myths and bring the truth going on in metro Boston market with the -- -- expert contributors each and every Saturday here. A WRKO. You can join me by going onto the website at real state radio boston.com. That's real estate radio boston.com. Or contact me in my off their number at 8554. -- correct. Begin at 8554275242. And yes I'm licensed. 8554275742. And yes I'm a licensed loan originators. And and LS. 454910. I'm really excited to have all the people in the studio today along with on the phone I've got mr. Ali a lot of from the lobby M Barraza PC in the studio with me. We have a great discussion about all the mess around real estate he will be sitting at my -- -- of the dictator and Ali I'm great thank you or you don't very well. I will be speaking with one can Terrell he's the co-founder of the real -- radio network. He'll share the net worth goals along with sharing all the goals we have for this show. Also please stay tuned because we get to have Lindo would Boyle later on the show to discuss her charity homes start. And in my opinion this is one of the best charities that I've seen that help the homeless get back on their feet does me great segment guys you've got to stay tuned. So without further -- we've got -- could -- on the phone again he's the co-founder. And CEO of real C radio network. Run and you don't today. Exe know what we were doing it every time you on the phone deal. All I hear from you is hey Rick. It's sunny seventy till I'm looking out my window I've got a cruise ship coming into San Diego harbor. How you don't and I got my three jackets on shovel and and I'm like you know one -- -- -- drove into words I don't I don't but it's you don't. That would into the Betty yeah the -- I don't select. Yeah actually it -- gorgeous over here you know -- -- watching neo weather which has been dealing with this past week and indeed. No no our prayers are with you and Erica thanks -- and the you know that could spread over there who is about that. They're few -- was Friday. When the storm blew in. For their support child. And that they are really nervous about being able to get to the hospital the good visit. If they didn't have the baby is doubtful a week late. But you know we've been watching will be on the West Coast and in seeing the evening news clips and watching which -- in dealing and man it's been it's been a rough what are you guys. Yeah yeah. It's you know both listen we shelled out it's now probably 45 degrees I would start misty and send them a little bit yes so exactly yeah. Well I think last -- we got on the 45 degrees so when they. The -- -- that people are crying for Iran and that the. But if it still sitting in the in the batter's box they're -- rock and roll and watch your show and you know we're real excited for he'll be here because there are videos of the monsters signaled there in Boston and you know being able to. Join that team of professionals that are delivering. News and contact information net that the Bostonians marketplace -- the year. You know you're you're you're really. -- one of the best -- hitting the home run here. Yeah yeah I mean hey listen what's you gotta do it no I mean listen this is great -- always look for a an avenue to kind of get the word out is the truth out you know I talked to clients all day long and hear what they come to mean. I read this vote the votes you know I can't refinance because I don't know if money at all you know have enough equity. You know it's just I am so sick of it and if I can get out of the masses about all the things that are just untrue you know and and again the things. But it talked with a big media and big banks and you know I just this is my platform like you just go out and embryo an expert contributors who -- gonna add tons of value to the show. And to you know things that I don't -- that I don't know much about its colors and -- to. But really wanna get the masses out there to learn. But you know that they can -- they can buy -- house you know. Foreclosures how to buy that stuff and and really just you know hit home what everybody's asking me but hopefully get it out and get -- to be educated and you know my goal is that for everybody that they'll listen to every segment the you know pull one or two maybe three things out of the deal you know what. It'll smarter today -- second -- -- lower costs and when I go out and and and and go buy that commercial property of that investment property Obama's first house. You know I'm pretty excited I think this is I -- great RKO is a is as a monster station and you know I think I think we're gonna do well. Well at that and all the things -- just said as the reason that we obstacles that radio network about being happy yours ago. After the mortgage meltdown in the reversal of the momentum of the real estate market back in 2007008. The media's just had a field day. Using it you know real estate as it's opened child and -- I -- it's got tired of watching the evening news that it's it was. Prices are falling and foreclosures are rising. If it wasn't bad news it wasn't on the news and -- same time it's not been all bad for the last three now what years there's been some. Really get things going on we -- with lots of rules -- reduce network to be able to look at the timely truth about credit. The credit markets. Lending been able that financing. And what's going on in terms global local rules -- markets that we thought about doing 88. Franchise stores syndicated show the -- is. Every real estate market is unique and different -- -- local professionals like you that are inaccurate it's porch and go over the timely troops with in the -- market overview. That report this past week. It was -- -- CNN that surveyed a 152. Different cities. And after doing that are there research 139. Of the 152. Cities. Had experienced appreciation year over year and the average was 10% increase in prices home prices. And -- felt like a little number but I what you think about this bricks and that you work with people that are buying on -- personal last year -- home with 10% down. And that the property values in their community went up 10%. They just doubled their investment you know. You know put -- -- 10% -- -- a small number. You know but if you bought 300000 dollar home with 30000 dollars down -- 270 against that. Also your property -- -- at 330. You're 30000 dollar initial investment is now we're 60000 grow its -- You know and a lot of people don't hear that they don't get that and there's a lot of money being made in real estate -- FL's San Diego -- example. We have seen over 30% appreciation in the past 2 years. About -- evening news. Much -- little -- it's not it's not bad. Yeah if people that are buying in the marketplace with you know 10% get up an example. Yes a bit I don't I don't last year bought at. 270000. Dollars with 10% down and his property just this Condo just appraised. At 362. You know -- 400000 dollar. Appreciation GAAP. If any net is about person that's that 300%. Return on the money so there's a lot of if a patient out there that's not getting to people that you know you we really need to an app marketplace. Did do that do a good job of getting that information out there. Ronnie -- they were seen here I just had this personally in my own Condo that I put up. Bidding wars no inventory. You really just you see in the property values go higher high it really just out of lack of inventory scene that and -- out. -- absolutely it's. -- -- frustrated out it was happening over here and I'll bet it's happening there as well I just hit a presentation this past. Friday in Denver for a group of homebuilders. And because of the regular residential -- -- market and the amount of competition between investors. And buyers and now what's happening is that move up buyers coming to -- was -- primarily be the first time buyer for the past three years. You know we have a whole -- -- fires that are coming in there and intensifying. You've -- -- competition that being -- move -- buyers. It's so what's happening is the first time buyer. That have to go out you the more complicated mortgage like. FHA or UST apple won't. They're being squeezed out of the marketplace because the hopefuls saying. Will accept an offer from an all cash buyer at a slightly lower prize purses Roland it's dying and things more complicated couple financing. And so that first time buyers being squeezed out of the marketplace what they're doing. So that implies there's -- -- I'm no longer gonna deal with once solar who have one piece of property itself. I'm gonna go to a builder left multiple properties sell and maybe -- people. Did to they have not so much competition be able by my console. Well actually -- across the country. New building permits are are here in San Diego into it there on the right of the -- bureau here over 40%. -- which is the beginning process of the building market the new built market so yeah we're seeing SE cup history get in there. Yeah you know -- not really -- that the you know I just work with -- I worked with a builder Franklin. You know this year and you know he sold. Seven properties -- think with a marketing time of you know maybe 45 to sixty days. Also the unit's gone. You know as we're sorry to see that we start to see a lot of cash -- a lot of cash buyers beyond. Again now they're good people now cash in their in their in their buying in the the two of the 3000 -- 300000 dollar property in there. They put some lipstick on it he may be -- to be gut rehab and then turning around for some pretty nice dollars because. You pricing it right in this market. It's it's gone you know its price is -- -- probably gonna go. You know I would say you know 101520000. Over asking my personal one just went for fifteen over asking. Two years ago my my agent called me today it is you know 200 something units and on the mark insult Boston so well wait pictures like well when seventy. I'm going he's had this year this fifty. Ago put it out you know and and it's just it's crazy so. No one of the one things up and it really uses platform for is let's get to imagery back on the market now if you if you wanna buy property. You know who the way I look at it is. We're coming out we're in -- quote -- I really haven't heard any media Ellison seemed sealed it off and I really hearing that a -- turn to with a big seller's market now but they're close. And once that happens you're gonna it's sellers don't have. You know and now I can hold out not only -- go crazy with my numbers. Buyers of such a great thing right now where they can you know get it's -- market. The gonna get aggressive they got to work with a lender that's that's gonna turn things around and it closed at fifteen you know 152030. Days you know. That's where you're gonna you're community can't pay cash you gotta get a commitment quick and I'll -- you know and get -- -- enclose quick. So -- of these -- got to really get you know get there around their ducks in a row and if they do that you know they can they can they get these properties close. But what happens is once we start to see is gonna go to a seller's market you know buyers are just gonna get even worse it. It's going to be this reality where we're just gonna you know as multiple 5610 offers on properties so. You know what level CB units -- to see the media thinks are -- our -- the seller's market. I haven't really heard all that much yet cardinal inventory so you know if you're so. Outing over here by the way correct yeah yeah it's happening over here and but oil -- -- other local story about what's disturbed. When the market turned. She got like -- triple win it don't matter. Setup that are -- -- -- associate it up right when you prices started to tank. All that she decided that you can get divorced after I think it was sixteen years of marriage. -- that are as but it racked up all kinds of private credit cards they had. Huge mountain of debt. Husband was just basically going to be just turning his back on the situation luckily I can have a list. She unit haven't filed bankruptcy so filed divorce. For bankruptcy. And lost on the foreclosure. And you know I am right now. In in the process of working with her if she'd just. Put an offer on the property and she got an accepted it -- they'll re entering the market so a lot of people that got eliminated by the market 200789. A couple of years have passed by in this part of you know you bring in timely relevant and truthful information -- your listeners. A lot of people think just because they -- on the foreclosure. That forever forbids them from owning a -- problems again in the truth is we are now seeing. But that first wave of people they got flushed out of the market when it changed. We're just seeing those people combat. Yeah -- and you wanted to do it again Mike might. -- -- -- the show is we're gonna get to for closure people experts on here we're gonna get you know divorce attorneys on here and really try to you know. Again get people the right information to make those decisions and and how to get out of it easily but was it -- -- be on the phone we got to wrap it up. But you know again like a listen thanks mainly beat me to be part of the team. I put it. You're listening to real C radio Boston sixty WRKO. You can always contact me -- -- directly by visiting real state radio boston.com. It's real state radio boston.com. The climate often are numbered 8554. Ask -- it's 8554275742. Please call leave -- anything real estate credit refinancing. Buying a home do you need a top realtor in your market don't know where to turn. Any questions about insurance anything please give me a call off there a lot of nice conversation about it. Just call or click away stay tuned up next -- talked atop real state attorney -- a lot of an integral part of my team. Mr. -- allowed eight -- today. But it's a great -- I'm doing very well next on page -- -- catch everybody up on. And who you are what your background is. Been doing real -- from one over ten years to handle over ten years. And in ways it is true that your wife -- partner in the company absolutely yes on the Lothian my. Wife with the -- of the lovely prize of Hamlet while in ten years you guys placed on merit a script -- do it anyway she's and you know Christmas is -- So. Listen he let's also believe background it's it's going to be unique from the real estates attorney there's some. But things and then launched a little bit of votes. Oh sure I mean I have a little bit -- -- background I came from a scientific background have a degree in electoral votes in Mumbai chemistry and as a scientist to ten years. Went to law school at ninths and became a patent attorney and worked it to Fisher Richardson Goodwin Procter my alma martyrs enough. And -- and I decided we're gonna open up on Furman the shifted. From a patent law to real estate and never looked back again. And the rest is history and -- What I wanna do today is you know it. Even just this week I get a ton of calls into my office. Just things like which is that it -- where is that coming from. So ya I wanna kind of just to a quick rapid fire you know a few minutes kind of go over some things that you know I wrote down and said you know -- kind of dispel some of these myths and and things like that so I figured you know. I asked him questions to ask these questions what kind of do it a quick round Robin not that way in and out. Again try to educate the the public out there about really what's going on the market. And so absolutely and only be under fire all the time only able turned tables -- and ask you some questions. Sounds good but so anyway you know let's start off. -- your questions so. I get this all time and I cringe I was -- -- call me up all site but -- trying to Brooklyn Condo and won that bid which is you usual but. They got the dead in the health. Kind of going through you know major -- gonna be you know we thank attorney. And -- -- listen my cousins Brothers friends. You know grew -- eight is a is a litigator in the city he's gonna take care reform. -- I don't how I feel about that being in that later but how how do you feel about that. I think you and I feel the same -- But that really the best answer I can give to that is that if you have a heart murmur. You're not gonna go to podiatrist flow how they got. So I I I think you should leave -- the real estate practice the real estate lawyers that specialize in that arena. And will leave the corporate lawyers to what they do on litigators do what they do I mean there's all all the time I get clients economy up and say hey I've got hurt again in the state. Issue can you help me out with that -- say no my expertise in real estate transactions. And so I you're an expert to send them to exactly zero exactly we'll we'll we'll sell it -- we'll send it to them enough. And and and their interest is best served. So I certainly hope that your -- or any other client it's a look in the contemplating selling or buying or even refinancing certainly want confident Bruce who were on their side absolutely. Yet -- me you know and -- one step further you know purchases and sales is is the today do you recommend people getting involved with -- attorney prior to offer. Or or you. Where do you wanna stepped in particular on that and transactions and absolutely I mean you know it's it's it's established -- that -- offer to purchase once he gets accepted by the have presented by the buyer and accepted by the sellers and actionable contract it meets all the elements of a contract that's an offer -- its acceptance -- consideration for that. So it's a enforceable actionable contract so. I always recommend for us to be involved at the inception of the transactions once they start their search in them once they're contemplating him putting an offer on real estate. Absolutely get us involved. Now have a take a look here you mean it's it's a two page document is not a lot of but make sure that you any anything any. Issues that you think you might have in the transactions covered and offered that you don't get in the offer. Community -- the pianist and absolutely I mean you -- you -- contemplate on some of those contingencies the inspection contingencies make sure that the property is gonna praise for the purchase price that the parties are agreeing to. Subject to review the Condo docks at their contemplating buying a Condo. So on and so forth so we can certainly review those and given given the necessary feedback now hold on -- he appointed this whole thing over me let me ask you a question with a I get a hole on number of homeowners out there that that are sitting on the sidelines speak is they don't think that they have enough equity to refinance or drop their rates. What are their options are sharing options out there. -- a ton a ton and again that's let's dispel some things in the media and and you know it's hard to get financing -- it's not starting -- finance you know you pay your bills. You claim which you you know you make on your income you know. And and stay within your budgets that because typically lenders can of can usually be qualified people for more than their console paying. So I was -- conversation off with that agreement multiple come comfortable prepayment. But you don't -- back to this absolutely you know we utilize. You know of vice president Tennessee mortgage and and we utilized mass housing quite a bit with clients at that. Certainly qualify and there you know in their box. It's kind of a bigger box now too which is nice. They put in 97% with no mortgage insurance that's a great program. Yes I -- I use it all the time so you know we typically -- client in in some of them you know in metro west you know me in the metro. Areas of Boston it's like a 123000. The income -- you know. So usually you can -- in that box so if you get an appraisal and even if you're going from a 5% at 20% he put down you know just a few years ago. I can still get financing and drop that you know maybe a percentage point so. You know -- are also other you know talking about things will specialize in this -- programs there's things like that out there. That time will allow people that even upside down to get financing so you know if you give us a call the I can point in the right direction if it saw some handle but. You know I've got them CAD may alone that I can -- no mortgage insurance. You know not to really quote rates but he talking -- force the normal force if you're 5% five and a half percent -- PMI. And think you just don't have the equity. It was a call because again today you know I can -- nope won't be in my program gets a little higher interest -- that's we're paying the PMI -- can get very we will get more in depth and that it you know. Later but. You know absolutely not it's it's not you know the end of the world. And you know -- anybody can say is now I'm plus one of the things I love about your retirements and the client over she can't help them you always refer Iran to someone they can. Yeah -- I thought that's one thing I will not do much in a battle through some and I am not familiar with. You know we're gonna have. Some people on the show Lou you know Girardi kind of -- added that do VA -- we don't work my company bought for me. I'm bring an end because I'm an -- expert we've got a guided that does to a three kilos -- a lot. He doesn't well. I'm all set so you know will who we we totally. I consider myself a resource because if I can't do it and find -- and can enough. We can't find anybody don't do it that's kind of how how we look at so fantastic. -- it. Title insurance. We get a few more minutes -- media outlets started -- wrapping up in the next segment but. You know like a lot of questions on title interest should I buy it. What the -- What your thoughts 101000 the level title insurance what does it do. You know we got about a minute animal you'll catch on the US tour. A great question emphasis on the word insurance. Insurance is a necessary evil like say. You that you hate to pay for it. And and not use it and not ever use it then that next thing you know you've that you haven't secured and then and -- you kick -- saying damn much and -- -- important and bought it. I think tab title insurance is it is a great idea there is there's obviously two types there's there's ones that's. Mandatory and that's essentially and protecting the interest of the bank and and then there's the optional. Alternative which is for buyers that are vying to property. And that title insurance obviously covers up to the purchase price. And it protects the clients the bar or the buyer against the whole slew of things. I mean just to name a few forgery fraud from. False misrepresentation. Mental incompetence of someone who's gonna sell the property to them. -- conveyance or the selling of the of the property by a minor discharges was to discharge -- missing discharges and that's something that happens quite frequently exactly at 1960 from Boston. Five cent bank and trust company that has been seven banks this content thanks for exactly. And again when you when we deal with situations like that especially with clients that we've represented in purchasing a property another selling is that title issued -- comes up. That you know the title policy and it comes in handy to be able to get get those issues resolved and so it's facilitate sales from happening in certain -- facilities purchases from happenings -- Was -- to to break Brit and a -- -- question for you want title insurance. We listened to Rosie radio Boston and six CD WRKO. Again -- talk to -- devote more of the misconceptions we've got Linda. Would Boyle whose son was coming up you guys got -- and listen in this. Welcome back thanks for joining us. And 68 WRKO this is real -- radio Boston. Please you can join me. Join the conversation at real state radio boston.com. Do we -- go there and connect with me FaceBook Twitter Linkedin. But -- -- the conversation I once were off air over there you can also reach being on my office and number 855427. 5742. If -- 54 ask Rick. Back to -- lobby when we've just broken a had a quick question for -- wrap up that title insurance question. When I get a lot from people that listen I just bought a brand new construction house. Or just just. The -- three -- conversion in South Boston. I don't need to interpret replace. Tony it. -- -- -- -- Me I think that's a legitimate question task and that's a legitimate position to have been you know it all comes out down to how risk averse and individually it's. So here's what I say and and a lot of clients ask me to same question again that the actual complex may be brand new. But -- but the land itself is hundreds of years old and so it may have been that passed on from my generation to generation there may be some -- -- involved so on and so -- mention a title. On it's it's funny you ask this because Saddam. Just the other day I was dealing with a seller that was it did that it hired the firm. Tips to represent them in selling a Condo. In fact it was in and on column that in Boston. And done we did -- title search and we found out and in fact again entire association was a form to the fact of and none none of the people they've bought these units had they had title insurance for me. Now there -- five. And so you know that there had to be a lot of light work done in order to be able to. They get it right. And and deal with that defects and -- thousands of dollars that and -- association had to absorb the costs and if they had title insurance obviously in those circumstances. There may have been coverage. -- just a quick follow to that with the unit owners if it's that C one of the five that it would be equal they would their section recovered and -- it but it it's still some -- -- who could. It lets you don't. Let's do it so well let me let me turn the tables around for a minute here -- It's some of -- on the questions that bitter post to me sometimes is that there are -- money down. The loans harder to get to I don't have to wait it Tenet to save up 20% -- to deal to buy my first house I mean I get that a lot. I was exits and a part of my buddy's place in the his little brother was there an -- you know. -- a year and a half from now we're gonna have a 20% cut the cable rates could be up to four and a half percent language distilled. Army against the education. We've got a ton of different programs you know you start to know in the market the values are coming back but are -- the more insurance companies in the lenders -- start to kind of you know. Kind of get a little bit easier and on the prices -- certainly go up. The second mortgage companies are starting you know -- actually just had one of my sales during the day they'll go to 90%. Second mortgage to avoid PMI. But a part of a program -- I used probably 80% of the time with my clients at a pretty lonely down as a it's program called LP MI lender paid mortgage insurance and essentially what it is in a nutshell is we. Then let's say the base rate today you know three and a half percent again not according rate but let's say issues as a base sure you can take the three point 75%. The 10% down and not pay a monthly mortgage insurance pretty nice but that alone will -- Klein may be a 110115. Dollars a month. And still can't you know get the same thing plus if they make over a 109000. Which is the tax deductibility of mortgage insurance. Now they're putting its tax deductibility which is which is interest rates. So it's funny I had a pre approve the next day and that they're out they're looking right now so. You know now is it time to if you've got 5% we got mass housing again that could say enough about it 3% down. We've got FHA obviously. On the -- Garcia called the necessary evil you know like McNabb just it's done it's expensive. That's and they get they're getting more expensive we'll talk about probably in the show. But the premiums are going up on the on the on the mortgage insurance on them. Also they're not allowing you to drop mortgage insurance when you have a affect FHA -- so well it's you don't -- FHA we if you got a good credit score you pay your bills on time. You you know you don't live above your means. There's no problem getting financing right now. That's great you know but the more documentation little bit more. Crossing -- darting eyes but at the other day if you don't have -- thing. Both -- drug. Nice and just just as a follow up I mean I I I talked to a lot of people. Is heard litmus test in terms of when it's a really good time to actually -- or refinance and if they're gonna save a point they're gonna save two points or what's what's likely the -- them do you use. The rule of thumb is as you gonna act on a refi when it makes financial sense to use do paperwork again and I class -- -- say if it. Tickets -- forty dollars month I want. It really when we got to the bottom of the market because they said usually going to be -- five dollars maybe a hundred dollars -- fifty. I am dual dual forty because they said I think we're at the bottom quite frankly the kind of timed it right. Were up. We were up about. You know quarters three -- it may -- and a half off the floats. So you know now's the time -- offense guys you know in my opinion I don't think we're in a C 3% you know through an 8% again. I at least for for the time being so if -- out there you're contemplating refinancing you know again give us a call you can reach a set a realistic real boston.com. But he hit it really. What I really late clients to do is as is take instead of saying hey -- the 300 dollars a month. -- can say hey you know put me down to a fifteen year but he you know maybe not get so aggressively pay the same game I'm making now it's just seven years off my mortgage. The loved one -- analysts say absolutely and let's not forget about the variety of options where you actually paid their closing costs don't you put it all and that's if they don't even become a -- that the reason why the they'll yeah I need one point to do it it has two points to do it. That's that's old guys that's when banks weren't doing no points -- what -- us -- That was saying hey you got -- -- to -- point 5283000. Dollars of your paying out. -- to do that great gang listen if it were everybody if you don't undergo they go on no points to close ties -- See you doing on our programs and -- her role -- -- equity. Got it doesn't make any sense you know except on low lower amounts some you know. 175 under so that it doesn't make sense and doesn't make sense to pay it out of pocket. But then and that's when you look at the paid actors but other than that you've got for north 200 you know to don't -- closing costs. Nice to you look at the -- pay back some great advice. So yeah -- get right near term that the home stats homestead and I kind of boggles because I think there's so much protection and allowed to talk with that but. To some collateral the homes. You know can do it doesn't it just this kind of educate people little bit on the homestead what does that do for you know -- to Kosovo so. That's a great question I mean I idea -- that every single purchase we have. We usually send them a packet of information and needed it to try -- the homestead and and people call me and say what is -- on my protected how much is it gonna cost -- to get. Now what is gonna protect you against how much is the amount of the coverage. Well the hope post that is it is a document they get signed at the time the closing and it gets recorded at the registry of deeds. And that's you're affirmative notice to the world that that you wanna take advantage of the homestead act. What is the homestead -- and essentially stands for the proposition that my house is Mike castle and you can't take it away from. And so it's it's it's a really a tertiary form of a form of insurance that's in place. Now what is it -- protect against it's it protects the house against any kind of unsecured creditor. Now here in the column for mass air as if 2011 they changed homestead laws. Everyone in the column off without having to record homes that gets on and 25000 -- of protection. Now once you affirmative vis -- quarter homestead at the registry of deeds not you take advantage of the full 500 bottles of protection against unsecured creditors. The cost -- recording is 35 dollars and quite frankly it's a no brainer. Could Britain -- wasn't pitching with a break ends listen stay tuned we've got to. Linda would boil here she's gonna talk to us about her charity which is home -- is -- president and CEO. And -- got a lot of great information and really get you know he was led mission how we cannot we can help caustic tone. Welcome back thanks for joining us guys. You listen to realistic radio Boston on sixty to BR KO. You can get him off they're number 8554275. 742. That's 8554. Ask Rick. And they -- five numbers actually -- freight to appease everybody to new numbers again so. Again can -- could be FaceBook Twitter linked in the second -- in the conversation off there. I'm happy to have back -- a lot of lobbying browser PC my co host the -- Yeah listen we join with Linda would -- she's the president and CEO. Of home start. They don't in the habit thanks for lieutenant we're excited the first show. Gets us started -- -- some warm and Fuzzy let's let's start helping people. Let me just -- to the quick guard -- the audience quickly about. What you. We've been doing so when he's been with OnStar for now over twelve years. Who -- multiple programs over home start. Sixty you -- sixty people. Tough day simple -- The -- a budget over seven million dollars. And this is the way out part she's placed over 500. Families and individuals in permanent housing. Each year I was I was thinking over 1212 years but you're five and endure every year it's it's fusion and visit this. This is between would more than knew I had 90% retention rate. Which is really impressive -- it's 96%. -- -- technical 96% that's dispute excuse. That's huge yeah. A study gratifying job. It is amazing it's amazing when you actually. Help people. Move articles this department and you'll want to meet you -- don't wanna be home with the fall on hard times that just need a little bit of a push up that's right. You know its -- but let me start on it you know they're obviously there's a lot of cheers and Boston watchers around -- homelessness and and helping people. Which could either all grapple with sexual part. What's that what sets -- start -- part is related with housing experts and it's an appropriate that I am here on the show today because. We call ourselves sort of realtors for the homeless. Part of a realistic community. We are that referral point for most of the shelters in Boston for their clients also lead to actual targeted housing search Steele actually involved with. With the homeless shelters and they. Yes fifty of the shelters in the area for their clients to slap a -- -- -- -- was you know. They -- hire us as the housing expert so kind -- -- family comes and we say you know Whitney went live what can you afford it when the barriers to like working with. You know -- your field. -- and we help them get place what's equally important for us is the 96% retention rate where technical. We help people stay in their house and so as much as we take this young mom -- maybe never lived on the road and say -- department's good luck. Can have a good life we actually work with them around budgeting and getting their kids hooked up at school cook healthy happy pretend to be good neighbor. So it helping them sort of get him the tools in the community and give Nickels and get connected to the communities that there's some of them. So we follow folks were as long as they need us and that's a that's a critical part of what we do so we place an average about 500 households every year to permanent housing without. Between nine. They see it. Housing market inserted the employment market is still Yahoo! -- where we wanted to be -- If people fall on hard times and in -- that I just sitting back trying to trying to collect or or unity -- but really how that struggle. Do about that as well you know what the that they. I don't think it's also unique about who start as we talk about the front door back to our approach so while we're helping folks get out the backdoor of shelter into permanent housing. We have -- homelessness prevention program which is for people who are precariously house to -- just had a blip in the budget and you know maybe they had Dixon sick days for their kids and they didn't have enough sick time so they get paid and so they got behind in the rent and at one time. You know assistance would help them. The average cost for us to keep a family in their home is 603 dollars. That's home starts cost the average cost for a family to. For the state Massachusetts to house but that's him either in a motel or in a shelter as about 30000 dollars bill. You know way. And it's it would I tell them that -- just amazed me no man we weren't political spectrum. Fiscally it just makes sense you know nevermind the moral imperative about movie kids out of their house and schools and there. Neighborhoods and you know but just sort of stabilize in the Tennessee. So. That's sort of the front -- we stop the flow of the front door shelter while we help people -- about corruption there. That's huge it is it is huge and I love an opportunity to talk about a model because. It it it just makes sense fiscally. Yes no I mean that's you know it's funny Ali and I had -- reason why you know we have seen no you. The president in you know rises very active in the and me. Home start community she's a member overboard now that -- is great and you know. I've we've got a -- budget their fundraisers and you know Ali and I would have a great time to the gallon this summer. And just to listen about the stories. You guys -- to people on the stage and it's just. Unbelievable. That what you guys will do this do for someone. That you know what people -- -- -- -- on them their families slammed on them and and to find a place like home start -- You mentioned two questions first Tommy Ellis and it cost to get someone in. To to get some in housing and after that I want just. It's on this whole question just recently it's toast quick story just a vote you know who you've helped him. And in what kind of you know kind of people you know I just don't people that are necessarily lying on the tree but people that. Just need to be in -- helps you just elaborate. -- -- wanted to clarify that it because when most people think about homeless people they tickets you know the people on the street to a panhandling or or a little mentally you know or or. Hi I don't pay -- less than 10% of the population. So that's not just Sarah typically that's not what people think about now that's not people think about so I just want to make that clarification is that's really important is a lot of the other 90% -- in other places. On a constant concern about 11100 dollars to. Go through the process of helping of family or an individual move from shelter to permanent housing 11111100. That's 30000 right I -- this upfront cost. That relate to and that's where. People can help you know I remember my first department can and Democrats go. I'm the first last and security deposit -- Mike. I don't have three grand in a way and I hate to I had my parents to be able to do that for me you know so that's that's often one of the last barriers for folks is sort of making that leap. But it costs us about 11100 dollars. Make that transition from shelter to permanent housing. And an equal to about Panama to help stabilize the -- once their place I'm in another 11100 dollars and again. To put those two together and him as opposed to the 30000 that I mentioned about the hotels on the hotels and shelters. The story that I won my story is it just was brought to me. Most recently is you know most people when they talk about moving into their new apartment northern. You know their new place they're like oh I love the living room I love the new -- and I love the laundry facilities are. And the effectiveness of park for the kids. This gentleman said you know I love most about my new apartment he said I love my mailbox. He said because it has my name. He said I know now. That this is where I live. You don't you and I we are mailbox and -- like an oasis junkets whatever propaganda but she's like I come home every day from school he's in school. And he said I look forward to finding mail addressed to me in my violence. And who thought about that I would have been doing this work for almost thirty area and had not occurred to me. The things that we take for granted are things that mean everything to our clients. And that is that's how that's harmless because we think about it -- -- -- -- -- that don't mailbox yesterday and give him -- up but set but. The sometimes we get so fixated on our lives and everything around us and pulling into our garage is -- You know in doing having a hot meals to go home to an all that kind of stuff and sometimes we just just need to think a little differently you know think -- can I. And later it's two incidents come talk about. That the assumption that everybody is on the street it homeless you know that's most of the population we have a program that's worked on street outreach with. Without 64 folks who were previously on the street and there's one woman. Asked how many stories because a woman named Sarah for example who when she first came in to start looking for an apartment she's on methadone which is. You know help folks that are recovering from drug interaction. And she was just so -- over and she was so large and can we thought. Oh my gosh who issued and present to a landlord you know we just wondering how that was going to be. And I'm telling you within three weeks she was in the opposite directs to the -- with make up after she got -- talking about to the store for about. CNN and America's Next Top Model and -- like. Sally what happened she's like Linda when I was on the street I had to decrease. She said I don't have to be crazy anymore because I'm safe. She said no when it's gonna monkey when you're on the street if you're crazy in Toronto up -- she said now I'm. I'm safe so I can be I can address my -- can address my mental -- addressed my judgment action. She she comes and all the time just raving about what's on TV and and she's become a volunteer actually at that. And this BCA. And I can model does everything that happens it's great what can people do the team to get in. Involved. What it would have you know if I wanna get involved and just do something community aspects of you know the different things. While there's there's lots of things we could use volunteers because we do -- you know Islam in both -- Cambridge -- Boston office. I need to go to www. Who start dot org to see what those volunteers opportunities are for. Obviously donate you know those that 603 dollars can make a difference of a family and if you don't have that then you know he had 25 and -- other people do that. Did the thing is that for most of our families and individuals that are moving into housing. They go to a furniture bank to get to shop for furniture. And units used things so we started a program called welcome home basket and which are literally a laundry basket. Filled with some new household items. You know towels. Silverware collapses. Magnets. Hand towels just things to make simple house a home can give us a hundred dollars to -- it's something that. A lot of youth groups have done a lot of faith communities have done a lot of businesses have done as a sort of a joint effort -- to be able -- -- and that family. A basket with brand new things. Makes a big difference. Nixon -- the fruits yeah that's that's yeah that's great. Linda wanted to tell us a little bit about that cycling -- that's -- becoming -- we have this really cool thing called -- cycle it's an outside stationary bike ride. In February for every 28. At one international place tonight watch if there. It's it's amazing. People that apparently to spin classes that are spenders are a little bit crazy. And -- -- -- during hard. Class a steady at 6:30 in the morning and people raised 250 dollars to ride for an hour. And the whole process and the whole point eight is to get experience what it's like to be outside for an hour. And we have to assurance we have. A lot of media coming and some celebrities coming that we do have summoned Jarrod Saltalamacchia in the Red Sox has can't be there can season spring training back. He's been announced its best friend for the last year and a half and he wrote encourage some of his buddies in the media to show up so it's it's pretty crazy -- to 536 pocket my. And people are spending is 24 -- on -- and rain or shine there is no rain snow date so it's gold. My history check. I felt a -- -- -- is going to be there if that's -- fortunately. I activist who has guided to secret could favored. We. You know I talked with didn't. Talk with the owners of of my company in the same mortgage and doubt you'll feel what we've decides to use kind of kick something off here. We've got. We go I wanna present you with a check. From from my team and again and -- mortgage. For 2000 dollars to -- gonna kick off. To kind of kick off are our donations. What I'm gonna sue is. And and that's a big check EP they won't cast that if the but I. -- before I can't tell the president elect doing today. But you know essentially what what I'm gonna commit to -- start personally in my personal business is. We're gonna donate. For every purchase transaction that I have this year. We're gonna donate 25 dollars to tones are now if a realtor refers us to deal. In and working you know comes to a real two run double that it took fifty. They kind of see it sounds small. I closed about a 150 loans slash somehow you know we. News and that's kind of -- kind of giving back in and you know again will be at the fund -- agree it was go to. The gala gala he's how's all that sort of thing will continue to do that but. You know again I just kind of -- tie in -- world and housing and if I can. You know if I can stressed anybody out there and in. More religion and real estate in building. We gotta support. Housing is -- that stuff so. And encourage you to reach out to -- go to the website and check out you know any major avenue new car that just is who is really just looking for that charity that. You heard 11100 dollars to get to get a family into house you know. It's not. It's -- that you guys are spending your money. Right you know and and listen up paying more taxes if they spend it right behind that -- that I'll pay more you know but some of these so many different. Organizations and things like that that you know. Are OK but I think we've you know movies Ali and I we've got to -- to the -- We've we've -- is on the porch and those goes yeah it has -- -- -- and you know encourage anybody out there to to get involved. Match my donations. You know that I mean that would be huge 25 dollars at the end of the day on on a on a purchase transaction putting people. I can afford to be in houses and houses. The you know there's no reason why why why everybody would and so -- it's encouraged that reach out. Do whatever you can guys you know. It's it's it's one of the best charities and I've I've come across and and I you know and capture and. I mean Lindy you and your stories and everything that you do for horn starts and your crew and your organization are truly inspiring so we want to thank you for everything thank you -- my -- his -- thank you very -- -- -- So listen -- for so I -- thank my cohost -- loudly from a lobby in Barraza PC. Of course nothing -- -- -- for Colin all the way from sunny California yeah thanks and -- sorry friend Adam Kennedy. And again listen this would boil from home start again thank you guys get involved if -- can. You know quick shout out to the producer currency appreciate it. And -- gadget and we're talking to you guys who quit the realist he revealed Boston. With RKO. Listen next week Saturday from twelve to one you gotta be it jam packed show please don't miss it. We're gonna have a just a ton of content you gonna walk away from. Jimmy favors but I give me a call five eight. 55. Four ask Rick. But he fight fight for ask Rick and please reach out to me on my website at real state radio boston.com. And Ali and you reach out to Ollie. Spent -- lobby Raza dot com you can also go to my website. And -- -- pointed right to his as well so. Guys thanks very much great great hour and I look forward -- you next week.