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Chump Line Wednesday February 20, 2013 - I Shot The Shotgun

Feb 20, 2013|

Our favorite message on today's chump line was a cover of the old pop hit I shot the Sheriff. Our version was dedicated to Vice-President Joe Biden and his telling his wife to get a shot gun.

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-- Chris Christie's popularity is only -- At that guy is the last 784%. Approval rating most recent poll. 74%. Approval rating I hate to say I told you so but I said people would like him better than I like Mitt Romney. I know Mitt -- a great guy. I know all the wonderful acts of kindness he has bestowed upon people. But Chris Christie is likable Caroline self deprecating and funny people relate to that. We -- -- -- included areas that I sentiment like. This bill is media -- on the -- -- You don't -- there was an -- couldn't get get a double barreled shot got a couple yeah I cannot keep -- what -- Can you did Dick Cheney. Went shooting with Joseph Biden. I mean honestly. It's a -- I shot. But with the mark said just imagine the media outrage -- Sarah Palin said what vice president asked it is. I mean. Would suspect. However there's a lot of outrage I mean. -- and liberals web sites that aren't saying -- -- he did tell us all the Bioshock and I mean -- taking it from the opposite -- How until I encourage us to engage in violence. It -- -- as a double barreled shot -- somebody please speculate that it. Honestly I could see Joseph Biden trying to brush is. Hear from men with a double barreled shotgun -- just not the brightest bulb act. He -- You have to would -- -- felt like I did today. The guy does crack me up. I mean I think he cracks be happy he says things it is so stupid. That you think it's a steady night last game as a matter of fact when I first heard to say -- while back I really looks like Joseph Biden because that got -- the it was so dumb it was funny it was so stupid. But it prizes face Peter again. Peter says I -- go to -- enterprise. And it's great that says I don't know that but I -- it -- on the school in New Castle, Delaware. And I thought that our people on the vice president -- all right investigated. And the last thing I thought was killed by what they thought it. You know morning -- partner. And now -- laid up here. Any -- -- -- ever heard because first of all to complete lie. They can't go on and on this FaceBook down I tell my wife Jill well we live in a rural -- area don't you know even in the woods. Great Joseph Biden not only has around the clock Secret Service protection he charges them ranked. To be honest property to protect him I kid you not he charges them ranked. We've been in the book is that -- your ability to. Improve. And and I -- that it can bid blows. I -- really has that -- to really think about it advice. Just are a couple of warning shots I mean it really doesn't -- Ron Artest and I know I just I mangled that any help me out around learn. This alone clearly had never been to an urban area. What is right at the city if you fired a shotgun for -- dining room window. I shouted I think first -- -- not quite sure that my neighbors my that you back. But you know essentially I'm pretty sure the police to be they're pretty quickly. We have to be right now having has met sandy out march on Beacon Hill. If she fired. A shotgun if she took the vice president's advice -- after have a fund raiser for her to get her out of prison. All about it go out there about a couple out. Maybe at a secret. Patrol in the ground -- to blow -- up -- border raid in. That's very surely -- we never did get the real story on fast and furious which led to this murder. On the Border Patrol agent killed to put an American taxpayer funded gun he handed over to a Mexican drug cartel number one. To get a really it's not that one did me. It was flat Florida. Well he -- so -- that they that would help people coming started drag him back into the ocean and how we've looked up and says. I didn't come here to beat me or -- Pool -- for how. He's doing so much better now. Hopefully he it's I know that he can have better weather and Palm Beach this weekend in -- have in New England. Pretty sure those statistics. Let's see cap no work for a paper company. Howie Carr says the boxing -- good value for money and Mitt Romney as some of these. Commitment by the Boston Globe sick any how it would be -- better. -- Howie -- bought the Boston Globe we have a kick. You know paper out there and used again Mitt Romney will by the -- for -- -- editor. That would be interesting as well. I mean it these have both sides both points of you wouldn't we at least -- reported second find Dorchester. Even though. The papers in Dorchester economic and that. It's that -- -- what -- -- how we go back to work. Chris I've been discussing. Do you think that -- is gonna make some T shirts. -- -- all I definitely think it's going to be teachers and bombs I mean c'mon I survived shingles. Bob I hope you are sitting by because I defeated next bestselling -- an idea. States Joseph Biden that it shot goal of pockets. But you get that thing. It's just ridiculous you know and I did illegal. To fire. Any sort of weapon including shock and shock and by -- got Joseph Biden at least busted at least in Massachusetts. Within 300. Yards of a home. With a felony. Punishable. By 47 years in prison. The dinosaurs didn't have a passport it. Either. Replied quite fine. -- you -- that just remind everybody about the 200000. Dollar. Sensitivity training and we all paid for. For the Department of Agriculture I mean first of all except that does the Department of Agriculture do these days. But it don't talking to the Powell's. Within new training. -- -- you see America was on the back outsiders say that. Court today's inside. We -- to be nervous about today's outsized. Yeah. I want to say that pilgrims were illegal aliens. State of students navigate a passport to the Indians. I'm pretty -- ordinary work day consists of if this. Mandatory trading. Was part of the workday again. I have a but there have been elected Pope went -- with our code that would single. Well he might have a shot and standing despite what simple question suggests. He might have a shot. That was your last -- line message. Thank you for calling out retired -- shout it.