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You Broke It You Fix It

Feb 20, 2013|

In a Wall Street Journal opinion piece House Speaker John Boehner said that since the President was the one who first proposed and demanded the sequester he should lead the effort to replace it. Guest host Michele McPhee agreed with the you broke it you fix it stance of the House Speaker.

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-- you heard Barack Obama all week -- the president created. This smacks. The press was the one who demanded. The sequester. And you remember what happened next we created this hack committee and let's hit the word committee. You know that it's a pride immediately how many committees. Have taxpayers here in Massachusetts paid for. So they can come up with a -- that report that no one reads the recommendations in April mention reports are never implemented. And we just wandered. Tens of thousands not millions of dollars on the committee and I use my air quotes but remember. When Barack Obama demanded this sequester that we would have used trick -- and cuts. Plus the board spending cuts and now congress really would have did dig in and go to work. And it it's super committee the joint select committee on deficit reduction. And then members. Of this committee net from months and months. These intense deliberations they became cantankerous it and think that's what happened. Nothing. Absolutely. Nothing the committee was formally terminated. On January 31 when he twelve. And now Obama. As saying that the Republicans. Bookends. Are the ones that are wielding a meat cleaver the Republican got to blame for the eight. 100000. Civilians. That are about to be laid off. Furloughed from the Pentagon I'd rather than. I I just spoke with somebody who -- in the Pentagon and there's panic in the holidays because civilian employees and some intelligence. Officials people that we rely on to keep an eye on in the musings about Qaeda sleeper cells these people could be laid up. Because of this sequester. I know it's one of those dirty words. -- the 85 billion. And spending cuts that affect ticket march 1. Problem I have in this aren't like Italy and 877 point 69 point 32 TO. So these spending cuts are going to affect people. That we meet. They're going to affect programs that we support. You know yesterday a one hour Rampage about these Foster kids here in Massachusetts that. The federal budget prosecuted is almost nonexistent now. Nine exist and we still talk about in state tuition for illegals we still have. Of millions that we're uncovered. In wasteful spending in the welfare. Right here in Massachusetts now you'd think. Massachusetts isn't that big -- tens of millions of dollars where. Uncovered is being fraudulent. Which means that somehow. People who don't exist of people who don't qualify were able to obtain. Direct deposit on to Mary BT card just like that adds a prostitute upn name. Why -- hard targets is welfare fraud why because she was collecting welfare even if she was turning -- And earning a 150000. A year. And -- to the studio lot in me. So. These idea. That Barack Obama is blaming the Republicans as ludicrous. But if you know those people who -- can kicking because of the looming sequester. Please tell me tell wallow and I'm sure there -- going to be a lot of them. But it thing that should make every taxpayer. In the country apoplectic right now. Is where does congress say it was covers at this very moment. Vacation on united. Do it again and again school vacation in February they -- on vacations instead. The lawmakers responsible. For putting country into this crisis. Being huddled. In a panic. Like the people at the Pentagon are right now it's a very lawmakers are created this mess working hard to dig us out of it. They should be sequestered in -- locked -- Rome until they fix the -- but we aren't they time vacation. Any sense any of -- 877469432. Huge that we got. Because this. Big blizzard the most recent big blizzard the city of Boston get a lousy job plowing. The new DPW commissioner stunk it up. In other fire hydrant that weren't plowed there were firefighters getting injured trying to get the fire that the disaster of the and we got Matt. And we yelled at and mayor in the -- apologized and and they are all kinds of I think as scream fest going on at City Hall there in Boston. But we're not as magic. Act congress. Cannot get the job done does that make sense Jim what do you think you are next on the -- our show with Michelle McPhee. And Michelle -- hi how are you. Out I don't want to mention they're very YouTube video out there Obama's speech maybe a little more than a year ago saying how. Is going to tell anybody in congress who tried to put a stop to that sequester. That you got a real simple label for and that's no and now areas are whining about it. Is that you know telling us you know bill was 800000 jobs it was. It. His idea -- now that the idea has come to fruition he went coughing this weekend and in the arrested the night and missiles that didn't get a guy on the so called super committee which included John Kerry by the way. They're on vacation. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It take in the 800000 people -- -- supposedly going to get laid off what you think the whole -- it's 8200882. Billion dollars that's not a lot considering how much we bottom. We expect and how how big of our budget is so it's really only about 1234%. Or something like that of the entire budget. And all and 41. All 42. Built in is strictly on the military -- take a little bit. And the rest -- -- -- across what's the only talking about 42 so then billion. And that's over the course of three years it's not even a huge truck or big -- so -- are -- cut that he claims he's going to be making in the future. -- -- because of a -- column correctly right after his most recent inauguration or maybe even just before. I was maybe just weeks after he was elected again did Obama give Joseph Biden a raise. Give the rest of his congressional bodies are rays did all -- who. Had sunk this country into the toilet by not getting the job -- did not get raises. The gall to look at in the -- saying. Well. You know those alcoholics who needed detox that screw Leo those Foster kids beat it. The elderly. These services. For the mentally ill act. But now let them be homeless and you need people who need services aren't getting them so that they Democratic Party can continue to drum up votes by giving away free goods. Two people who shouldn't be voting anyhow. Gotta have -- EDT cut. And didn't need to increase the budget by about the same as that sequester was it is planned to take place about 82 billion dollars. I mean it's only a really -- only 2.2 percent of the overall budget so it's. It's like and that's about how much my property tax just went up to him. I exactly oh -- and the pricing -- just one op Ed in the price of boot gonna go up right behind it and everything else my -- has been going up but all I lit it might. I -- that my taxes done and I got back apple what I thought last year back. You know child care has been taken away out all -- deduction that gone now. My wife doesn't veterinary become tax credit burger and that that got right now I mean it's incredible what they're doing it yeah it is about the young people the working class. It's active galaxy at thanked him for pointing that out and that's exactly right because I would argue and I know I have a lot of -- Middle class working class friends out there at this very moment get -- this second or third job. I -- he is. The trumpet tier of say. Am working for the working man in zawahri in the middle class is getting hammered yeah we are getting hammered him -- doing about it. Quite the opposite of what we'll actually be effective and that's what's maddening -- you are next on how we -- show with Michelle McPhee -- them. Good afternoon it's -- could have put that you can I don't -- -- my. Because that market and the drive dreaded private sector appear in Maine I don't want to wait for welcoming to pick up here intact if you haven't that the don't have jobs. Can't get to come to will be -- -- mean as it is broke. So you know that they're gonna be flooding into and to me to take more of your money already. Well heck again it will -- one step at a time it just amazes me ultimately bureaucrats that aren't electable. People on my couldn't -- my tax cuts now -- attack doesn't mean your -- take a smaller -- That's of the regular part of the actors do and we can't pull out these people more. But that's only you know how expensive it is for. Beauty upkeep let's just hit one small example you know I just a line right how much at that speed to get here hair cut and -- 200 bucks. So -- I watched a it -- it enough and quite frankly are unfortunate about it and do your friends that are wonderful violence -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd bring that's absolutely and that's a great idea to trade -- but I bring it up beings yeah that Nancy Pelosi doesn't have to pay for her cut and color. Because we do think the congressional. -- and we know because Tony Weiner. The appropriately named former congressman who is taking pictures of people mentioned. Last name. -- -- -- All day long and twittering them pictures too high school kids they have this they have this stated the art gym -- state of the art beauty salon. They have a say the don't have to pay for anything anymore they're campaign -- pay for their personal vehicles they travel on the taxpayer they get protected. And -- but they don't know what it is to have to pay for a haircut never mind feel they -- gas tank. McDowell I think we really need to debate and argue with people who work in the dreaded private collector. Perhaps these guys -- actually meant to be like at I don't know like a museum exhibits for the cup all alone it got a lot of plastic army impeccably to ask. As body while Lelie that you Betty back to work because I think the pricey gas is on -- means well. All -- am but thankfully without governor Pedro appeared he wanted to get gorgeous and I cannot take a look at governor repaid he when he tweeted out to he'll carry permit. Gorgeous. I I you know what I'll post it on my FaceBook page Michel one. Absolutely that he didn't have any out of pocket god particle but even gun owner can we let them. And Kelly I I'll be listening and we talk about their Colorado senator who not only take you west all. But he also said used the body's system double. Report any potential rapists if you're using the buddy system Chris Qwikster earlier and magic the -- these had whistles. Rule Stephen yeah I next on how a -- with John McPhee. They've been so they do on the gone Stephen. -- -- I'm just curious what you all we bitching about Obama as a reason to sequester. That we create signed off on the -- certainly -- on it so that did that. Steven and I had a I think Al Polamalu out I call them up for an up on the road again the so called super committee. That was made up of members from both parties fail. Corporate 200 bail. -- -- And they failed because at the very -- they disbanded after getting nothing done so after spending more than a year of part time. On our dime trying to come up with a solution to this problem. They any -- you know nothing in where they now Steven Bullock -- they -- up. They keep up with a plan but nobody wanted. You'd think -- ever actually -- -- addressed the problem 85 billion chump change it to Joseph. So white and hammer -- Republican Party instead of been furious that you're lawmakers have failed -- in the country -- day -- wave from all I partied. All turmoil in I had said that numerous times I believe me on the first line. To make this a bipartisan. Discussed I'm disgusted. With our federal lawmakers who had the gall to go on vacation this week. Even as other people article in the next paycheck is coming. So let me get this -- you don't want this sequester -- -- only 85 billion dollars or 82 whatever. -- wanted to grown up response to this what why well lawmakers to come together and say. -- donkey from the cultural sensitivity training to -- here. We paid 2000. Dollars Steve and but some donkeys this guy to coming to a federal building during federal taxpayer time so these. People who was supposed to be working for Russ -- instead listening to this. Price -- 200 -- outside. Court today's inside. We -- to be nervous about today's -- Yeah. I want to say that pilgrims were illegal aliens. Say the pilgrims navigator passport for the Indians. I mean Steven you defend that as a good expenditure on the hang up now is hang up when -- present acts acts -- very stubborn things very Smart man once declared. Marquis and next on. John McPhee. I mission now alliance. Okay and that was John Adams the fairways and. Maybe may be Ronald Reagan co opted it but nonetheless I think it's an effective. Tool isn't as effective statement. Yes that is what one don't think it's just Apple's media and and then what during the previous caller did say. And I I guess supply growth to about once an oil. One thing he did say that was that was right it is it is just chump change -- We're we're we are gonna need really radical changes in their government. And we don't have any politicians. With the Kurds. -- -- market week with cots that amount to what we are describing is chump change that a legitimate. For example we don't need to pay that donkey 200000 dollars to have federal employees on federal taxpayer time repeat. After him. The pilgrims were illegal aliens I mean do you think that potentially could be a waste of our money. And there are are at least a 100000 examples of that that I could find in the budget meet gimme a budget I'm terrible at math. Everybody knows we should have a segment -- -- -- Florence. At any sort of math but even I could come up with this much and wasteful spending equaling the sequester cuts. And you know what. Everybody's talking about the quote -- It was it was years ago Ronald Reagan -- a committee. And came up with how we government could save money or whatever and once suggestion was to privatize the post. And what. We're. If we hear a local post office is going to be shut. I mean. The pope's stop -- no longer serves the purpose anymore -- a -- that we can't afford it. It's another thing that the Department of Education. From the federal government it's -- -- little purpose straight now. Except it didn't tying hack jobs for politicians friends I mean not if you're having wanna really. Become irate tonight you should look at the Boston herald's website even don't live in Massachusetts because it'll drive you absolutely insane. -- state school TO where there I'd dozens of people. Making a 150. All the way up to more than half a million dollars in taxpayer funds. He's not. Scientists. -- secretaries. -- more administrators in these public schools and Iraq professors and the professor is by making a pretty penny themselves. And this is where the waste fraud and corruption comes in you have to go through the budget. And you have to say hold on and how many. Secretaries. Does wind dean of the public college need not. -- -- Yet and I'll all the talk about big oil and everything else wrapping up the money I think it. And on what happened not excuse he gives you and I talking for three minutes we came up with a -- two ways to cut spending. Congress went on vacation and after a year and a half the so called super committee couldn't get it done. It's disgraceful thank you for the called dying in next on how our show with me on entry. And Mexico are going John Karr I'm Graham in the Newark Airport there and it's got that are out there program. Although it this so called chicken -- cheap. He is a disgrace. He couldn't people's lives in jeopardy. Because he picked up that can be shouldn't -- in all of these guys to interpret it agent Barnes and well. Can't pay rates is when you know -- -- and a federal employee we haven't got a raise in three is an all raises have been frozen. That's if you keep your job which I'm sure you have friends in the -- -- that are about to lose it is time. Yeah I hope I'm gonna talk about a remote one days a week. Till September and -- about what 20%. I don't I don't even many. That much money they've been a good message here it's in the really these guys are. Then I can department education can go what departments. In different departments and. Does the Department of Agriculture duke these days anyhow except I'm not farmers out of business by making deals with seed companies like Monsanto. What exactly they do that screw the Amaral. The EPA could be shut -- what -- waste of money yeah. They EEOC could be shut down so that not trying to harass people like Mary -- coffee shop because she highs pretty young girls to serve coffee. It's going to be a great well I mean I I mean I don't even know weird -- it became I could probably -- in five minutes. It would fix our problem the only department we need is the Department of Defense which to respect the country. I mean. We don't even include legislative. If that's exactly right John. Yelling -- can't just somehow they managed to run this stay with part time legislators and make a 150 dollars a year. -- the big controversy because the guys who -- making about fifty year. We're thinking about giving themselves free ski passes. So that they can promote tourism and people are up in arms -- the lawmakers now on the first want to call out anybody taken free stuff. If it's unethical. Think I I don't have a problem with a guy make it a 150000. I mean I'm sorry a 150. Compared to I'll lock -- makers make a 150000. And -- -- -- That's what -- rainy day vacation by. Exactly guy and I mean you only have to consider the idea that the Massachusetts State House will not. Turn over its staffing budgets to reporters what does that tell you. Intel didn't get a lot of money of that belongs to the taxpayer this being wasted and now I love this text that said all the automatic. I'm a member of the working class so that I can support the lower class. I'm not only that only people that well again I hand out of the people that are or K. I'm I'm working to pay other people not only give me my money from any. And in because I think if you search on that and potentially but it was some sort of danger because well what. Isn't the public safety aspect -- this being discussed this civilians that work in the Pentagon pretty critical. To. I don't know. The terror threat ever means a real issue at least in my mind maybe only because I stood. In the rubble day after day after day I was there on that terrible day when people had to jump from a 110 stories up make that dreadful choice to die. By a plunging themselves off the tower rather than fire -- -- some remembered but he's critical to public safety and and -- our lawmakers. On vacation. They're real Butte says my grandmother -- say this is how we are. Welcome back to the house -- show this is Michelle McPhee is a highly cock. And for those of you had who had missed. The most recent words of wisdom. From Joseph Biden we have like -- Joseph Biden blunder. We have electric cattle logging because his latest is a doozy we're gonna talk about it at 4 o'clock am doing some reporting right -- to bring to you. About a guy Matta and was locked up for the third time today are having an illegal gun and spring street Claude Allen. So will bring you got a -- right now talking about the sequester. Because. Barack Obama is right now using this scare tactic. Saying that the Republicans have this meat cleaver rally in eat hundred. Civilians will be. Axed from the Pentagon. But this is ridiculous because this entire sequester idea came from Obama was talking about. Peanuts. We created this bipartisan. Super committee and believe me my -- is a leveled doubled parties because these morons. Allegedly met as part of this super committee for more than a year in any and they had to disband with Noelle actions taken. And whereas they now are they all can keen. On Capitol Hill. And they sequestered in a -- Making sure that they get the job done for the taxpayer it's no. They're on vacation. This disgusting. The president went on vacation all weekend and this deadline loomed in now on the lawmakers responsible. In part along with Obama but this mess are also on vacation. Can imagine. If in any of the us cities. The governor -- mayor told you gas sorry would plow the streets during that blended -- all the guys are thinking. -- -- -- -- expects same thing letting them get away holiday Henry what do you think that a bad analogy I mean at least people would pay attention known to put up with a plow. Well you know that's perfect but you know what what December 34 and -- for early -- in its surrounding ancient. In what a comeback after -- for -- to. Back that worked out it'll probably all be happy. When they -- -- -- on the road watch what they -- it'll be that actually change. Because they planned on that's my conspiracy -- person. But it's if you look at some parents just signed an award at the cemetery where. There -- gone a long enough period of time and got the whole country in an uproar all four sides of the issue. And they came in although it went on -- -- -- without white. In -- -- so much for. But now now now -- -- in the and that will be honored that patient on the two weeks ago everybody who -- about the city you know fix this problem. And they a lot of publicity to all parents say whatever they Republicans don't respond because the Republicans ought to spend money to like the Democrats. And I'm so glad that you said that because I think part of the problem. Is that partisan politics. Have become so ugly that even members of the parties defend. Indefensible behavior. From the lawmakers which is inexcusable if somebody sucks they -- Let's face it and somebody is -- they are failing I really couldn't care less what letter is behind name. What I do care about however is our public safety but I do care about is making sure that people who deserve to have jobs maintain those jobs and what is it really I think ridiculous. As that we are talking about. I had an 85 billion. And you know it's it's not like a ton of money that when he considered that that -- -- right now you want that I could probably go through the budget and identify. You know pockets of waste fraud and corruption that could total at 85 -- but the so called super committee. Comprised. Harry being his house and John Kerry. And I think it was to me acted up again guy's name and her Republican Party. But they simply couldn't do it -- mean that should be unacceptable to every single one of us in any one. Went on vacation this week he should flip the bird appease -- them in the street Frankie are next on how are welcome frank. I'm Michelle I going. Got a question for him -- remember you know when I was in high school that. Stick every cent off the federal government might get a break and step in states. Citizen referendum. Aren't like after the federal everywhere and -- like the civilians signatures. To come up for a vote and then you know with good passes a law. Odds -- -- question but the problem might seem at that -- is that nobody cares and that's what I why I used the analogy of the plot. Because Alicia streets not allowed you don't care what happens in government. And now we notice is that this is a much larger issue that people are still apathetic to it. But it people acting their -- -- you know we put a referendum out there. After their -- say I don't know do what they're normal work in public debt -- -- 25% of their health care budget. That's got to be a big chunk of change. -- -- in the big efforts director and you're like oh yeah a beard there. Then what that brings my back. I mean if this had to pay for their -- hit news. -- I mean ironically if they keep an -- on gym memberships I mean is it you know the neck pulling dining a bus wreck right now in Texas. There is this trend of imposing crashed tax on accident victims so if you get slammed into buying illegal alien. Because the cops after respond to what you get taxed. Well you know here in Massachusetts. If you get a speeding ticket whether you worst beating -- words beating you automatically have to -- a fifty dollar. Donation and to the brain injury find. But frank nobody will tell you exactly -- that brain injury fund money is dispensed you can't. Do you think -- and -- -- -- we are back to the people. Doing that referendum about. We did you know what do the -- -- -- the big explosion broke out. Oh -- you're seven bullet for you when you walk around -- guard -- How long what that. I don't know frankly that's I mean I like his style I like the people get raised up that's the only way anything is gonna change. Thank you for the call that term limits which on the huge fan of Alan what do you think you are next on the highly our show at geometry. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You first -- out a lot earlier element for our thing you know. I don't see what do what do what a joke but it it would local bomb I can't get over -- -- -- right out for president was -- get that scalpel -- We're gonna start flights. Qaeda and the McCain I'd like he wanted to -- Something -- something to. I'm not approach me and -- work all day I do root site on carpet. I don't labor. You know I expect by Mike -- Happen if somebody hired you to do a job like -- -- -- -- -- went here we're gonna have another storm this weekend and you took the money never showed up. What happened I mean you have to be accountable to the people who hired you. And he is a problem the people we hired to do are the job for us I know it to be found -- have the golf -- vacation in the country is plummeting into the toilet. It's -- it's W it's -- what have you guys you know tropical god we would have nobody else talking about right now so what if you. People are now angels on the airwaves. I mean it did itself -- talk about like the constitution. But it only works when you have gotten off. Our young men out there on just kidding I'm interested I entered my country I had three kids. I mean if we don't do something today or tomorrow what it was or where it was the First Amendment. I mean just like our -- Regarding -- the First Amendment and it Alan I saw that coming many. Barack Obama's got thrown reported that he didn't agree with office campaign plane and he's done it from our house the people's house the White House he has tossed reported out he has been. Refused. To cooperate with the white house press corps and now they're finally squawking about it a little bit. But when they finally had a chance to ask a question after you hit out all weekend. Did you tell I don't put -- golf. Nothing about the sequester I mean these people -- complete the phones so the First Amendment is dead because journalism is dead fake you out for the call and day. You are on Howard Archer and John McCain and I am. Why don't you and the president would make the French. Are I think there are plenty people that wouldn't agree that -- would -- -- -- -- would be as bad as Chris Christie's birth parents. Can anywhere out. If -- accent might be viewed as like Chris Christie's belly. I don't think -- all that can't be overcome. But it is solid a -- quick trip -- -- they'll crying because I was cited an Internet eleven I lost a lot of friends. I credit -- school partners saying. I was doing traveling nursing and I got laid off. And for the first time in my life and I think fourteen out of work from 48. I it was just a little help and you would not believe the trouble I had just to get unemployment. I wouldn't it just to try to get a little bit of medical insurance and execute happening dependence I'd say no and I'm like so let me ask did this. I you have a lot of dependency because you're -- all of these EDT crowd Guinea's. But they had no. I think I'd like about the scientific and still get pregnant at 48 believe it not accept that the burning inside of and you impregnate me right now connect back in. Collect -- like oh yeah actually black sheep -- -- is basically. You know she and she knows the rules that it's it's just so sick thing it's. It's so it's sickening that I've gone through and I I am in school now the site not so much about him going back to school from massage therapy at all. Looking for an excellent job as as we speak you know -- economy. And I just could not I can't believe that I can not. Meanwhile we did that taxpayers you and doing our tax dollars -- paying for pamphlets to be sent to Mexico saying don't we. If you come to. And the United States illegally get our food stamps won't hurt your chances of becoming illegal immigrant. So you'll pay for that but you can't get a leg up but a little bit and keep -- insurance. Kind of premium -- -- if they capped the end of the day and then I was thinking about what happened between you don't want to back positive then. I -- insurance I have cancer was just it was just so. It very disheartening that Americans just treat like an illegal alien how he says all the timing I ally and -- and wish you well. I'm Michelle I feel this is -- it our show.