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Biden Says Buy A Shotgun!

Feb 20, 2013|

Today Vice-President Joe Biden said that he told his wife if she ever felt threatened in their home "just walk out on the balcony here--walk out, put that double barrel shot gun and fire two blasts outside the house -- I promise you whoever is coming in ... You don't need an AR-15, it's harder to aim, it's harder to use...Buy a shotgun! Buy a shotgun!" Guest host Michele McPhee checked with law enforcement who said you would be arrested if you did as the Vice-President suggests...

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But -- don't tell him more pearls of wisdom from Joseph Biden Bioshock and I'm telling ya Bioshock. Well let me just tell you how it's it. So I do not get -- in Danbury Connecticut as we speak trying to push their anti gun agenda. But these are to meet today in -- -- -- town hall meeting hosted by Parents Magazine this only access. That anybody that gets to the White House right now to this administration. Is FaceBook Twitter. Blogs written by the White House staffers this is not journalism folks this is not reporting. This is propaganda. But even in the course of promoting. The Obama administration's propaganda. Joseph Biden comes up with this doozy. OK mark if you want to protect yourself get a double barreled shot and have the shelves at twelve gauge shock. And I promise you as I told my wife. We live in an area that's wooded who's somewhat secluded. Said Jill if there's ever a problem just walk out on the balcony here walk out. Put that double barrel shotgun and fired two blasts. Outside the house I promise she was ever coming in his pocket. You don't need an eight. It's harder to -- it's harder to use and in fact you don't need thirty rounds to protect yourself why -- -- -- Yet European public and Contra. Shock shock and Bioshock Bioshock and it sounds like you like meditating monitored by shock and Bioshock on -- Bioshock. -- -- -- it's just all. Well I don't just fire up a couple of rounds because that's illegal. Many of phones. That are trying to tell you and I how to protect ourselves how to live these phones don't care about. The pending across the board cuts because it doesn't affect them at all at all. And CA. -- time. I would love to hear. Your response to Bioshock on Bioshock and. Hello -- I don't as a dollar welcomed. Can either duck on the radio servant not the nine. Rob -- sides of the -- but what do you -- I mean Joseph Biden we've been talking about. How dumb he as the years years. What in what Joseph Biden and not dependent. I think Jack is concerned about -- kind of kind of a tough kid but. -- imagine judo or -- many years. And you know I'm 4560. About a 100000. It is always somebody bigger than you. Well I mean aside from Nash on there's always some gang banger like the one I talked about earlier and I'm gonna bring an update on that story. -- the guy out precedent that can Boston today. For the third time after sprayed a place but bullets -- illegal -- arrest today mad at -- now that's a third time he was arrested. How many times do you think he's actually shot someone. How many times you think this suspect committed a violent crime probably way more than three. You won't be shot into what that I would corrections officer in all business. They're only in jail -- we catching four. And how those people actually serve shine the fall one year me and it -- and I use my air quotes at the partly fox. -- mandatory. One year for the guns. I don't know mandatory that means mandatory. Yeah all we only end in. And this the United States of America does mandatory mean maybe. Right at the and another point. If you you know firing up more shots. Serving overseas. We could not shoot warning shots. I got to the world little bit late and I tell you what we were not allowed to shoot warning shots and there are dangers everywhere. So. Dude don't you want assurances that much Joseph Biden what China issued a shotgun outside. You don't shoot. Don't shoot numbers -- And ridiculous. And don't warning shots. And that's the big -- I don't out warning shot that'll that'll stop on. And it's -- and does just go to show you like just how out of touch they are I mean honestly do think -- fifteen year old honor student that just got shot dead. In Chicago on how about the fourteen year old who went to an Obama. Press conference or event in Chicago in three hours later eighteen year old sister was shot dead. I -- you think they might have fired a warning shot. It probably didn't have a chance of keeping -- -- there whistle. That democratic lawmaker. Salt is our recommended to the college kids in Colorado we think that whistle minus up those murders. Oh yeah Stahl shine things that we do -- tough job out there that you are on how we -- show with Michelle McPhee. -- -- you go ever about player -- it would. Joseph Biden he is to get it just keeps on given. Party like honestly when you stack seeking had like poor but funneling you know. You know I'm bad if you almost feel bad for the guy Nike ads you know and deteriorating. Condition. I don't weigh in here is that thing I'm thinking about like this remember what Quayle wasn't very depressed would -- -- a -- and nonstop basis. Quail on his worst day was nowhere near -- -- -- -- -- You know they've got that just doesn't apply official also bias in the media and that and the other got in Colorado the legislature to expensing and basic. He put his -- as loud bad yesterday and now he's he's censor this old body in his mouth because. I mean every time everything that's coming out is just gets -- idiotic. Yeah and he does something even more idiotic today that it has patent. Yet all I mean what are you what he said now was it was. Or other means of protecting yourself. Also don't you go in the buddy system was from today Chris. Yeah I figured it through FaceBook. Oh boy I mean isn't -- insane. There are it just keeps it just keeps getting worse. But you know that thing that that circulate around I don't know much truth there is to open the Department of Homeland Security is fired up a bunch ammunition. And I you know hollow point bullets and what's -- about whatever it I don't know what you know I've heard some about that over the last few weeks. Yeah I mean I know that there are that there is a huge shortage of ammunition and gun shops. And that shooting ranges as a shortage of ammunition. And a lot more women who wanna learn how to pop off around as a democratic senator lawmakers that. That is so insulting pop -- around like we all live in you know. I don't even want and it did value neighborhoods in Boston and have shooting I mean it's just it's so ignorant or speak any women like that. Yeah it is that's exactly it's it's very demeaning and you know that that's a whole thing is the war on woman -- -- from the Democratic Party right now because. It just shows what what they think the women and and how they respect when it. Just like Bill Clinton dead in just like you know the -- that -- them down the line sir it would Gary Hart. They don't read out from them -- down. I mean and what -- at thank you for the call a Texan just reminded me. About this guy knew he basically these remarks one more time from Biden. Because that somebody just reminded me. About the New Hampshire man who fired a warning shot at a rocker. You're gonna in New Hampshire live free -- -- -- with our rob him he Fido warning chayet. It he is going to be locked pop. Locked up the that Manchester, New Hampshire. Dennis planning what's his name thank you to the texture remind me of that story. This guy was going to be indicted but firing a warning shot at -- guy who is robbing people. And he could have gone to -- from. Anywhere from four to seven. Years. And you know there's a lot of pressure from around the country that I was not charged by -- well. So let me just fire up a warning shot what my double barreled shotgun I don't -- on mine I don't fit my locked it doubly wouldn't fit my Paris. Why chuck. Second Bioshock on either apple awarding China. Kate. If you wanna protect yourself get a double barreled shot. Have the shelves and twelve gauge -- And I promise you as I told my wife we live in an area that's wooded who's somewhat secluded. So Jill if there's ever a problem just walk out on the balcony here walk out. Put that double barrel shotgun and fired two blasts. Outside the house I promise she was ever coming in his pocket. You don't need an eight. It's harder to -- it's harder to use and in fact you don't need thirty rounds to protect yourself. Why chuck and laugh out loud finally show up. I mean a million things funny it doesn't things that we. Laugh out loud funny Cindy Jill Biden have -- round the clock Secret Service detail. -- believe the answer to that question is yes. Jill Biden has been around the clock Secret Service detail so she fired up a warning shot from -- double barreled shotgun. When she hit -- in the Secret Service. They look at in naval observatory do they not. That was the secret bunker all. It used to be secret until Joseph Biden told everybody about the secret bunker not so secret bunker. Maggie IMAX on how -- -- -- Michelle McPhee. -- -- All of a few times for a -- -- earlier a great -- on the IE I just so I think that's idiotic thing for the president to say number one. People are probably -- -- -- start -- -- for one thing. They do it at that point to Joseph Biden's recommendation if if there we're gonna be criminally charge like this guy Manchester, New Hampshire. Dennis slamming it. Women and their you know another thing this year. If you're gonna -- Should or something. Particular target pony in here and I'm gonna tell you are I would never. A roofing companies about. Two miles away from the city although there. There's pictures or six months ago woman at a small leak sooner or rules. We went up there there was a blow at dinner or shingles. You know somebody had shot in the air it was a shotgun -- anything but. You know I -- service orders something from shotgun I would have been the most significant size hole. So I just think it was really stupid -- that guidance that the -- and if you're gonna issue. Target I don't know. A warning I mean there's some things wrong with what he said so the warning shot that Jill Biden. As he claimed. Was told the fire off by her vice president. Husband would have we'll have very likely hit a member of the Secret Service could you imagine her -- seeing out -- designer. Heard designers to. And could that be great and think more women should do it put it in percentages. Just do it it would typically don't. Electors. Fire a warning shot that's. And I took Adrian thank you Matt is dangerous dangerous having Joseph Biden has the vice president and apparently dangerous. Have Obama way to -- -- skeet shooting even know what that is I mean I'd like to go skunk shooting -- spots in back. You know what's skeet shooting is that they -- the president United States waiver router shotgun. Cup I would -- and it said. I want to see doctor is Jill sad shape passed a Secret Service and police stepped big soccer in the air. Let's go to Dan I. You are next welcome. -- -- Great job element art by the way I the perfect weapon problem and much burden of double or shock and it -- -- shot and you can get them -- -- There are shorter -- have a pistol grip. If you have -- magazine underneath the barrel you can keep it in. Iraq had doctor Amy Bishop in my book professors -- used to murder her brother. I don't arms. Here's what you do you -- But you're Smart person in the in the in the magazine and you put it then book buckshot and people urged not achieve here somewhat outside. You say out got a -- and I know how to use it and then -- Jack -- into the chamber it's going to be the -- and just the sound of that change in the -- gonna let him know -- serious and they don't run from that. You get -- -- urged not gonna kill him it's gonna make them have a bad day and -- most likely -- if they're still stupid enough to come forward. You -- the buckshot you gonna put him on the ground and then you can public ops and at some out. They try to gauge and measure on the on these -- You give -- a -- and that's. I mean I think those are people listening to the comic art show -- it's if -- if they have a shock and Nenad issued. If they plan on getting Shaq and they probably would take a gun course. I'm pretty sure that. Everyone in Massachusetts everyone in New England listening to tallies show right now. Knows that it is illegal to fire off a warning shot from the double barreled shotgun through the window or on your ports. -- -- you don't point shot you you like the result said you know waste and ammunition got fired art that the and then -- right a lot on our side and that's our problem. -- Know Dan you are run -- -- grandfather. In New Hampshire who caught a guy in his house. Burglarizing his home he fired warning shots and he could hold the guy for the collapse. And he was going to be prosecuted he was facing 47000. Years in jail as of Alan. There's grandpa. And grant I was upset about it -- I guess the gun owners action -- -- new. And they got donations from all over the country in the DA felt too much pressure to not. Indict him so he wasn't indicted that they right and what he was never. On that and thank god for goal the governor actually answered that they came through for what I understand what -- talking -- but you know I mean it. No Biden doesn't know it you know what -- And it's. Do you have vice president and heat is right now did Obama deemed him the czar of gun control reform. Yet important this -- so funny Joseph Biden again Chris this is a guy who right now is in charge. In the United States of America a gun control. Old law overhaul this -- if you want to protect yourself get a double barreled shot. Have the shelves at twelve gauge shock. And I promise you as I told my wife. We live in an area that's -- and somewhat secluded said Jill if there's ever a problem just walk out on the balcony here walk out. Put that double barrel shotgun and fired two blasts. Outside the house I promise who has ever coming in his pocket you don't need an eight. It's harder to game it's harder to use and in fact you don't need thirty rounds to protect -- -- by chuck. I shot him. I love the mantra you should each of shock and -- you are next on how it our show welcome. -- -- Aren't going good what I'm I'm so curious social life I thought about the success and assessment overall I think she will be well protected. And then secondly. What I don't understand is that this is not funny it's it's serious. Is the vice president. Yeah. I'm listening I'm listening to you exiled president of over 300 million people how to people. Who walks per ticket with a black hole like that on there's not it really isn't funny it's bad. It's key hits the terrorists -- -- and you just heard him give advice that would Indian jail Massachusetts for four to seven years. -- -- any United States is currently the one who's trying to bring the message of the Obama administration about gun control to the masses. -- -- -- -- -- And that's breaking into their house probably will miss the first second or third time anyway because -- so nervous about that the situation. You need more than. A double belch I gotta get it done. It's instant earnings yesterday we played that. That heart wrenching sound from the guy whose wife was cowering in a closet. Whether kids in some intruder had just broken -- he's on the phone and I want saints and should beginning you can hear the shots overall problem. She should some five times the guys still get up and runs out of the house and drive down the street. This it's it's really good about that that. -- -- it on television yesterday and I really thought it was seven. I. -- -- I thought it was too unlike a while back I really looked like Joseph Biden. That was so stupid I thought -- -- the the American people. So that you mentioned that's the tragedy of -- all which you can and wasn't sure what it's. It's at its that I. How do you go for thief like John Tierney tied to the mafia through his wife I mean come on we voted that guy back in -- -- -- get back and everything is possible. Thank you for the call joke avenue line acts on how we are -- Michelle McPhee. I've got out of an apparent that the people who were investigated. And in the it was about -- and ability to pebble about its -- What about what happened at all. And yet we haven't got a 100% of total district. -- apple. -- And well I haven't I'd like -- violence. Okay and that -- that bit of crap I can't think of and the fact that this week. Kevin and this month alone to bolster your point this month alone. And honors student who had been part of president Obama's inauguration. Shot dead. And then he gives a speech on gun violence in Chicago. Last week and guess what. One of the attendees. Got a phone calls that are assisted had just been shot dead. Both of those incidents took place within a mile Barack Obama's Chicago home in yet we're gonna talk about. CNB knocking continue to hold that up as an example of why we need gun control. I would hold it up as an example of why we need an armed guard at a school it's ludicrous they never tell the truth in -- drive me out of my mind. -- belly up next. I get that drove him out of his mind to our again and I -- Donna how are chosen as John McKay. They don't -- of the dollar. Good it just walk through a little bit of lack of plot to carry it appears they -- they're talking about 88. Maximum. Lit. -- -- it out like seven ground. They're supposedly. As well -- -- -- re vote. -- in apple of course stop -- which is ridiculous. It takes less than that can grow another clip. -- -- -- Thought about. Well. I double barrel shotgun and then go march -- OK so. As white -- vote fired two warning shot. Now while a terror. Act in -- grow a couple more shelves and god. Be in her war. Would be insurers. And -- -- at the higher ground. -- always. Oh. Just. On bill let's face it Jill Biden is never have to fire up a warning shot because she's around and around the clock. By taxpayer funded Secret Service agents so when he said on its face as a freak in a lot. And that should be infuriating. It okay Joseph Biden that freaking stupid that we really expected to believe they do Jill Biden. I know he's surrounded by. Secret Service agents signed in around the clock basis I know you live at the naval observatory. I know we have it from under bunker in case of danger but Jill. If anyone was to try to break indium and I'm not home media timeout call them with a Obama. Then you should fire up a warning shot from the shock and they don't own -- -- so it's a lie and he gets a whale at it. And there -- -- picked out your other smaller instead of fat that you shot with a bird shot more on what about that the second barrel. -- yeah that's great except for work -- -- all right we're doing it. And here's your -- for you know. They're here. The Pasadena they'll think oh what that democratic lawmakers said to the college women. You winning you don't know that they act guy coming up behind his generate peeling you might just pop off around the -- person I mean why he -- during have a whistle. Your dad democratic lawmaker he gets a complete pass a pass on what he said to those when. Now don't buying comes out with this after nine email legal advice by moms because remember. This advice was netted out during a FaceBook town hall the Parenting Magazine so apparently suburban moms logging on to get Joseph Biden's words of wisdom. And -- he had. While iodine and shoot it up imports which by the way could land you in jail any kids will be raised alone as a weapons this is how a car show. Yeah. Welcome back is how -- -- show understand the heat back -- back side LA just had a great text that love that constantly hearing this debate. To thinking protect it. -- Obama I am pleading shot and around feet hunting and I have Joseph Biden I told my wife Jill. She'll go out there and iiroc awarding Charlotte -- shotgun. What a crock. Not and that is the feast. Of the kind of be right now. Doesn't that scare all of you the point the Second Amendment. The -- went on to say is to protect ourselves and our own government and when they kick the door and they'll have automatic weapons and will have to shock -- guns. Is the it's crazy ride what did you think about the vice president's advice which by the way with land me in jail welcome. -- ever tried. Let's go to John I dying on -- Howie -- show with Michelle McPhee. I am so a couple of -- All right I have brought some form or experience in this field -- -- -- correction also police also have had extensive fire arms straight out. And some -- you also misinformed person law. The vice president completely as a but you know -- more shots you don't chew people relate to bring you can put a gun at somebody shooting shooting them to kill -- -- Number true does that data. Pitcher that world it's in in your previous tax credit it right on the quote after the Second Amendment. With the and when and where in the ER. Pop pop is that in the that's therefore ought to have the same armament the president date arm which is today after being. With a thirty. But it's the -- for a reason why the department formally defense -- can say. That and they asked if you look at 30 -- magazine is excellent defensive weapon. They did that the -- just a little more people out this weapon and and most most big gun violence today is what the income. I mean -- look John we could go on and on but the -- and -- in. It's really irrelevant because in -- what are trying to do is not calling to affect the violent crimes that we're talking about. And that is the truth. We have passed assault rifle bans that have had zero affect. Zero effect on me smashing things we already had an assault rifle -- and it didn't work. In what we really need to do is not but the real solutions like hello maybe we take a look at how many crazy people because his once in Connick. With every one of these mass shootings that people are mentally ill. The shooters had severe mental issues. What is the other common denominator while there is zero places in this country now to go if you have a family member with mental -- there I know. Mental hospitals left in the country practically -- is I think is one -- to Massachusetts we just open another one and Lester. I mean he's the real discussion we should be attic. Why did crazy people get guns instead of saying well if you just got back in the military you wanna hold on to. It to -- I -- and what sorry. You're I don't. I'll show another thing that commits an -- it is then -- the third -- -- approach it is the inner city -- kept -- violence. It's like they don't -- talk about. It today today and I -- press release from the -- Suffolk County district attorney's office today and that. Release was about a gang banged up dramatically and who was arrested flood the third tied. The third guy in charge an elitist you. -- -- can man was held on high bail womb at his arraignment after he was arrested with a firearm during a traffic stop. In -- gave us and let's see this kid is us. Thirty years old this man is thirty years old who was arraigned in Dorchester. On charges of unlawful possession of a firearm as a third offense. So I asked the DA's office how much time did he do. How much time to eat you after I got locked up in 2002 for assault and battery with a -- and in 1999 conviction for possession and intent to distribute a class a substance. He had already been sentenced to one year behind bars on -- 2000 and full of firearm conviction. Then again. Then again. In 2000 and. He was locked up. After a fire on conviction. Did you see we ever again Davis who's on the streets despite the fact that he has been locked up with a new legal -- used to assault people -- time. And those people that belong in jail not college professor who brought her -- loaded gun in a locked case to work in about locked up. Online. -- NYNEX welcome. -- Haven't got our guy. And it and -- all of us are certified firearms instructor at. Election and a little light on some -- also maps. -- country these people that are picked up. Are these convicted felons. He. People realized this occurs at central that's been in place like 6080. If you are caught as assailant. Or -- to -- this -- the fire. -- 10 years in the central -- century that you conserve and it shouldn't. Eastern time to get her -- robbery charge or whatever and they are not due to law. And it didn't -- -- it -- pass more laws. -- -- Davis if he had I got a shot that accidentally. -- this kind of a little girl has been known to happen here in Boston. Is a beautiful child and will chip alike named Kylie Harriet thanks to -- these gang bangers like Anthony Davis. The people are not held accountable we don't talk about -- people may think this singer Jennifer Hudson she was at the Super Bowl. The entire family her mother her sister and nephew shot dead -- guy in Chicago they never should have been outages. Don't expect that that'll auditor that music can have been thought it would apply these apple ought. -- Saturday morning. An instructor. And as mr. when I was struck back in order to it was ordered there. There was talk in no uncertain terms that you do you I don't want. Not and by the way thanks John for the club by the way let's Joseph Biden's words of -- again for the people who are just tuning his contacts in her and missed it. -- -- -- ought to protect yourself get a double barreled shot. Have the shelves at twelve gauge -- And I promise -- as I told my wife. We live in an area that's wooded who's somewhat secluded. To jail if there's ever a problem just walk out on the balcony here walk out. Put that double barrel shotgun and fired two blasts. Outside the house I promise -- was ever coming in his pocket. You don't need an eight. -- -- I shot him. Brian -- crock of crap that Jill Biden is in the woods in a rural area by herself cut line. -- -- A complete -- uncle he just gave me advice that could land me in jail if I fight a -- on a warning blast at dog walkers in the park because. That's scared. Final warning shot -- a dog walker line one are you are next on how we are Charlotte John McPhee lock and. Welker I mean I'm sure I'll judicial ballistic standpoint I sure -- and is actually an excellent on defense weapon but not a double barrel. What you want at twelve gauge public Variety Magazine all about -- lounge. Double -- -- catching nine telecharge forties like these -- lecture or down range. Just thought -- throw that out. I. I had. -- it is. -- -- -- -- -- out of talk about dot net debt -- for a -- Colorado they admit that -- of the school. I don't play OK by the way when he opener -- actress correcting me that is not the democratic dope. So all is which is named Saul is. Talking about on. And it all the same at this point -- -- I I travel for work and I'd like I -- electric let Fiat they get they don't currently you know we went not polite and that the court. I -- Paul Light and I'm gone on break and you know he's like yep shoot you shoot the -- should in the chest -- fire -- short don't children in the back. You shoot we shoot to -- because. You know -- let me shot but it really recommend that you actually gonna get great they're not gonna stop an -- of action and then you can match -- -- you should be -- And -- -- -- that -- in Georgia was hiding. Her husband's on the phone and I'm online. She should again and she did she shot him five times in the chest he still out he's -- Can gobble up what LA you know look at -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- in -- -- and that old -- don't look at apple and apple will not. And -- children. Thanks after the -- -- on the fetus is Howard Archer.