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Sequester: Crisis or Hype?

Feb 21, 2013|

According to a new poll 4 out of 10 americans say let the sequester happen. Guest host Michele McPhee said the sequester crisis is all hype unless you are one of the members of the federal work force who are about to be laid off or furloughed.

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Is the sequester crisis nothing but hype. Now. Only 17%. Agree with you 82% and as they're done. I mean it is their -- yes. It's not hype when people gonna lose their jobs and I don't think it's -- -- become infuriated. With its Obama either congress at this point. Who by the way. Remain on vacation. They are still on vacation and I think so many people are aggravated like me. So far it is a political ploy that is being exploited by both sides of the aisle absolutely. Obama today standing around on the budget first responders. These people will lose their jobs. That is absolute. Garbage. Cops the firefighters are not going to be among the people who laid off. 800000. Pentagon employees well now. Are you know we're not talking about is the idea that these boobs really can't find enough money to cut. To meet the deadline this is a pittance that we're talking about see any night you go through the budget. In find ways in which not to squander money especially when you consider this. Can you imagine I mean I actually staggered I know we spend that kind of money. On government handouts I mean I see it. I live in neighborhood where a large percentage of the population. Is entirely dependent on government handouts the living in beautiful waterfront town houses and and shopping pretty elaborately. And you can usury BT card at the TJ Maxx home goods and marshalls the clothing. So I see people a living I know it's a pretty lavish lifestyle. For some of these people who are on the government dime. But I have no idea. It entitlements. Comprise. Two thirds. Of the federal budget Timmy -- that's staggering stat two thirds of the budget -- entitlements. Actually now depressed economy. Two timing in new 877469. Point 322 that's 87746943. 220 that's right entitlement that two thirds of the federal budget. Entitlement spending has grown. -- hundred fold. Over the past fifty years. Half. Of all American households now rely on government handouts. So statistics like that it's hard not to shaking head -- -- some I don't know who heard -- idea -- It's. Did he did America's growing entitlement culture. Is far more pervasive. Than people realize is the real. Crisis here. You know everybody's talking about the sequester and you heard the poll question is that -- Well I think it's exploitation. -- -- -- They're exploiting this deadline as a Wayne -- both parties can refused to come to some sort of compromise. Meanwhile everybody is hiding. The truth the truth. Half the people in the country. Don't work or pay into this system at all half. And -- -- -- us the other entitlement mindset. That's infecting America. In the wind that comes from our leaders. Think about this. We have this how out of control. Assistant where politicians can get rich on Turks. Trading its docs you know Hillary Clinton's asking -- 200000. Dollars purse. Speaking engagement. They get deals in investments in who. Knows what else these people as I mentioned yesterday they don't even pay for their own haircuts. They don't have to -- for gym membership on the paper of vehicle they don't have to pay for travel. They don't have to live in the world that you would -- and so who is Boris the politicians -- winner and vacation despite the looming crisis. For. The half of America. That is on some sort of government hand -- program. What do you think Greg. Because I'm just -- it a go at both sides of the -- right now we are on the Alec our show welcome. You do a great job. Early and doing things right -- The government that their -- general accounting up its claim. 125 billion dollars a year is just wasted in overpayments. And I think Newt Gingrich correctly. That the number fraud waste and abuse at about 500. Billion. Half a trillion dollars a seat I think. Think about it this big sequester that everybody is bemoaning -- in -- bombers trying to panic people about. Is only 85 billion that's -- -- -- cut 85 billion. And then. But it's very easy to identify. You know I. I've heard nothing but this year I believe it only 44 only to be paid out. This year. I mean Canada so -- when he like that it's despicable because. Yes I mean it's not entirely hype it's not quite to the people who are about to ticker furlough lacked in their paychecks. And it's right to pay there rent it's not -- but that. But this is why politicians there's certainly know that their full blown. Quite I want to make is that. When the taxpayer paid all the money that they've worked for and then the government and act and felt that after we take all the way. And -- say that you know we need more money. You don't really need to get distracted and all of the things about who's gonna get laid up or whatever. We should say to them look you wait -- after trillion dollar of our money and you pared it back here and to demand more. And Nick -- treaty if we don't do it that is completely unacceptable. Well have a big reason why I think I'd really love it when they say -- unpatriotic. If you are. Right now. The wife of somebody is serving overseas -- the husband of somebody serving overseas for that matter they're trying to crazy kids on the military paycheck that's about to get cut off or reduced. And you have to go -- work in the every day life. And you are private sector job just got whacked because of obamacare I mean it's just maddening because the people who are giving the most. To support the people who do absolutely nothing to gimme crowd. And you. You do wonder how patriotic it. Where is that that much money that we call occurred and then get to them it's just them sort of a toilet. Greg I couldn't agree with you more at thank you for the call I mean just today I just say -- and before the show. -- Massachusetts the judge's -- made in Massachusetts they are accountable to zero people I absolutely nobody nobody questions. The judiciary in Massachusetts nobody. You release killers and making kill cops and nobody even bats an eyelash there's no accountability all the judges nine. Zero they don't have to -- the pension system but they get a lifetime pension and they never ever ever have to pay. The health insurance again as long as they let. But can you imagine that they were up yet crying. Crying at the Statehouse. Hearing at the Statehouse saying. We need more money. Eat more money. And this is what supreme judicial court justice. Roderick Ireland told members of the joint committee on ways and means during a budget hearing -- was to state university. Not a freeware or rigid government -- not a state agency and we need more money. I'm serious. -- might you are next on highly charged John McPhee. Which you know we're certain. You talk about entitled. Is -- -- a lot of entitlements that people don't know about her fortunately people will focus on all week or are there people or afterward all gimme or out. The people that are on the dole -- they say there are people that are on the -- which shouldn't they. But you've got people like poultry industry -- here industry the petroleum industry who gets subsidies which is just welfare who gave billions of dollars. It's -- not seen in taxes. They don't it cutting taxes in the doubles record profits they are these people that you call on the -- media over laid off. I don't -- all. People who are unemployed -- that's let's be very clear but I do have a problem when a state like Massachusetts can identify. Thirty million dollars in wealth fairways and that's just the tip of the iceberg because the auditor Suzanne Bump its -- -- the new study this week. That I can't I even more waste fraud and corruption and welfare. Well here's a tip of the iceberg. With Mitt Romney as secure about this stretch features in its fight and he pays less in taxes than your average middle income person. Do you think that Mitt Romney's the only one that knows this game -- port at all. What right you are defending you defending anyone who's getting his big fat. All of golf but I think there you I don't hear you talking about a -- that you keep gold after which called gimme crowd that's true. Overall admit I get because we're I don't have Mike let me finish where I live I don't see the the upper Ashley on the Mitt Romney crowd running around the Stop & Shop filling up for grocery console of full of food on my -- time. I don't even living in town -- at the free so what I see is what I talked about and I happen to -- -- enabling women on the public and how to find it on match. Exactly it and look what you got to realizes. You gotta look at -- entitlement programs to breakdown what our government spends in Jerusalem. And by the later -- -- paid millions -- taxes in -- correctly nick Rodney gave away. Gave away more money in little bonnet that is nonsense -- don't know -- talking about -- just loss of credibility. When you make an allegation that is blatantly false and I'll look up the story on how much money met Rodney gave to charity. It's a lot. He more money to charity. In the obamas paid in taxes much much more much much more and believe me they didn't patent rights to do. Steen and when people wanna make this conversation about the right in the act when -- every clearly I mean. -- he -- call me a move back. Like I am not an animal back what is absurd absurd I think we needed abundantly clear that the discussed is the level. Apple's side because they have been on the job that they -- hard to do. And happy share that diary any but I think we've made it abundantly clear that both sides have blame in this. Well I agree to an extent that it would take it to beg to -- a couple small points and that is. Republicans have passed -- full budget that Braden and settlements spending the rate of growth all the programs. But that -- and it has not passed the budget by years and I don't think the Republicans in the house should go to go she Obama well he wants another tactic great. He wants the attacks actually care about that in fact creating a lot of rain and spending as all of propaganda. To greens spending and he wouldn't on on adding that the occasion I mean people ask it's still. You're all the senate to do is take a house -- make change in go to conference get everybody. The president is not rocket science. But they won't and it won't do -- Controlled by Democrats Republicans have done their work I don't -- a big -- -- -- I nobody any let's face it does the bottom line is the job didn't get done so it doesn't matter what level in -- letter is behind your name when people are going to be suffering. I what you're saying that I mean that's well and I just made -- very small point that. Everyone goes after the Republicans but you know on the Democrats are not doing their job they haven't. I mean look at another they had just got locked up the -- You know 700. -- One more quick point you know or -- about the two thirds on the island and I had a a friend in my outward quit it was you know left -- left. He was talking about how we spent 50% federal budget on military at the respect of the discretionary budget. Not mandatory -- the mandatory by two thirds did not entitlement and interest on the national debt. And that that's like saying I don't have to pay my mortgage payment conduct mandatory but not an -- that let budget. I hate when people like. Idiots ridiculous that yesterday at the plus don't show up this weekend. And people be apoplectic by congress in the senate in particular hasn't passed a budget in five years and -- the outrage there. Let me come people get get you know uttered out pressed a doesn't covered so there's nothing we can get out. They had thank you ain't that a column by the way Mike the profit techie diva companies make our jobs and borrow one caves. For everyone else has. -- and borrow one says. -- in 88 Romney paid 15% speak fat as he hate ordinary income tax at 35 to 40%. His company paid the corporate rate at 45%. That kind of investment EPA's fifteen to 20%. I mean that is I don't know I hat trick for the government when it comes to Mitt Romney's money as it -- Crazy. Polly my next on the -- -- -- open. I tell you show how are you. I'm stalemate sector and the people. Air and everybody stuck -- out the other thing but. You don't you part of such a great point would that -- it's entitlement. Is that a majority. Of the country are coming up. To -- -- -- I have federal budget is spent on entitlements now believe me I'm not going after the people who lost their jobs because of the dreadful economy that angry out. I'm not edit them but in these entitlement programs. Within it. And he chooses they don't even think that it's a problem they go out and get it meals dining going to cruise. In paid male with EDT card money that is simply. I directly deposited bank account of all the taxpayers funds for the people who don't wanna get up -- -- and work some of them. You know it works sixty hour week phenomenal actress and that's just to make ends meet. Our work right -- -- and it's taken more weight for me. You know you brought up a good point yesterday Whitney's set out -- people in the prison. That are collecting unemployment. And how -- -- response. Average Goran yeah. There are people in the present and you just touched on something that has never talked about when you. -- refer to wasteful spending and that is the prisons are not only are cons getting. Unemployment checks but they -- getting out of jail and being put into taxpayer funded halfway houses like the -- Woburn police officer killer. -- to Nellie was that was a perk that career criminal that was supposed to be serving three life sentences he -- Jack McGuire. A day after Christmas a few years ago sadly. And -- she now only when he got out of jail was kidding EDT card and sent to a nice house and stealthy to live on the taxpayers back and that's going not. The minute these guys get out of jail. They are -- EDT card and sank to a living facility that is completely subsidized by the taxpayer. They are getting. I'm right here in New England are broad I really is drug dealer. But he. The legal with a kidney transplant. At mass general hospital that cost the people of RI a million and we had no tally how much across the people of Massachusetts yet. There it's it's amazing and you know you -- and I don't mean anything quite so I can count on anybody calling you or anything like that. But it's lacking a book are these stop politicians and stop them out they're not. -- -- Why don't -- states focused. On the reporting that at it and via. Who looked at what's going on how much they're spending wasteful. And not do anything about it. Well let's yet in many if you want to have about the big tax breaks you know everybody wants to point to the oil subsidies and the food subsidies. The people who actually employing. Now I know FaceBook is a huge employer. However I've kind of a little eyebrow raising that they. But somehow -- getting a I don't know. 415 million dollar refund check I mean what is going on out there and -- to know that the on her Facebook is. That's used the term move back and he is constantly out there whether Obama. You can kind of -- That but you know the thing it's also a -- by -- a lot of people a lot charts. And that's kind of still pay taxes it just like my real estate taxes went up by a lot this year inserted everyone in my neighborhood. But somehow every university -- has tons and tons of real estate all of the Boston they don't pay any real estate taxes so how was that there when I went. Harvard University can live -- tax free. But the people who are living in a hardscrabble neighborhood trying to bring it up against. There you know earning them a bigger -- show is that my question you're. What can we do. Experts because. It doesn't see any. I mean Paula I have no idea but somebody just asked the question. Hey Michelle do you think congress is a big part of the gimme crowd. I hit the -- to that question yes. Yes. They are part of that crowd the average salary of the US represented hovers around a 175000. Dollars. He and by the way it's the only job in the world. Where you can vote yourself a raise and -- -- Ben Franklin said. When people figured out they can vote themselves money that will be the end of the republic so it's not just the gimme crowd. Every elected the current administration. To keep their free money coming in. It's also congress. Voted themselves a raise when the rest of the country just got hit. -- -- -- Does that make sense -- -- and how it actually Michelle McPhee. 00. Yes there's a ball. On my shelf thanks to pick Michael. I tactic that might be piling on to what an earlier caller said I think his name was great talked about billions of waste. Just during the last campaign Nazis and during the primaries. Mike certainly the view would Newt Gingrich. Indeed said that just in Medicare alone. The year is 75220. Billion a year. In waste and fraud that's just that one program and that's every year. -- it from the New York Times piece in the New York Times printed that article. And that's what it is it's like this is why it's so unconscionable that they can't get the job done in -- is all this campaign of misinformation being put out there. -- heard might one -- early collars are about how Mitt Romney doesn't pay taxes and met Ronnie doesn't give any money to charity that is a colossal lie because I agree. Chris was nice enough to just -- and media print out of the story that I wish I knew I had read. But I didn't have the exact number than -- they. Romney in his wife in. He had 29 point. 4%. Of their income to charity and Tony eleven they don't -- for a million. 20/20. Thousand dollars out of the thirteen million they took it now. They don't need more money and charity to charity and one year than I'm probably ever gonna make in my lifetime I think probably everyone has run would -- -- lifetime. Is what Mitt Romney. Donated to charity -- how much Biden and his wife -- gave. I don't know 369 dollars are all 360. I've boxes what Joseph Biden and his wife Jill. Gave three and 69 dollars. 900000. Dollars. And you know another thing that the government. -- Obama I just say you know gave him Obama and the First Lady. Gave a 172000. I mean and make -- -- -- -- air so they gave roughly 21 point 8% of their income to charity but Ronnie and his wife gave nearly 30%. Of their income to charity and -- I put the put their perspective of your salary would you it all right 30% of it. But you know Michelle another thing the government is doing that really is killing all of us and it's hidden in the a lot of people don't think about it may be don't realize that. But the Federal Reserve. Is printing 85 billion dollars a month. And they are essentially taking them more money which is at all funny money Fiat money monopoly money would have you wanna call it. Importing and into the stock market. And you know that's destruction of the dollar which lowers all of us all of our ability to purchase. So it's killing all. I said this yesterday -- you know remember the days -- you might take Canadian money because it wasn't worth anything Canadian quarter and you try to give it a little -- Operator earnest you know ride fast let them you know given a pile of Canadian quarters well the Canadian quarter is worth more than the American -- Oreo. You know now I mean I went to Mexico and the -- monetary exchange rate was better for Canadians and it was for Americans. Yup -- -- and -- and it's so insidious but you know you haven't a caller just before me at big -- civil welcome we do about this we. In most people just stopped paying attention we have to do. Yet the public. Outrage that's the first thing that aspect happen and a lot of ever happened. It isn't gonna you know I'm not gonna fix that. Apathy is the biggest from this country has right out thanks for the calls this is Michelle went -- I am in. -- -- -- Welcome back to Alex I found his signature on the feet pain like I was talking about the looming sequester. And I'm looking up some statistics on entitlements and I was shocked shocked I tell victory despite. Entitlements are two thirds. Of the federal budget. Seriously. Hear from you it's 774694322. We hear stories like apparently Barack Obama. Was yesterday doing an interview with Al Sharpton there was some black broadcasters that -- in Obama showed up. And he told them not buying those mean old Republicans together are cutting social programs. I have to -- he stood around with a bunt to first responders. And said are these are going to be people that there was -- jobs. It doesn't happen. That is not gonna happen. -- it's a teen. I don't find it obscene that he is like. You know back slapping Al Sharpton saying hey you know those mean Republicans all they care about is taking money away from social programs. Nodding of buying them is protecting their rich friends helping the rich is the only thing that -- and that's what he said this is his direct quote. Speaking about the looming. Sequestered deadline Obama's senate the Republicans. My sense is that did basic view is that nothing. As important enough to raise taxes on wealthy individuals -- corporations. So they would rather see. Billions in sequester cuts to social programs. That's the thing that binds their party together at this point. Does he understands. That we need jobs. And they have to be a breaking point of these corporations I mean I just know a small businesses here in Massachusetts. And how they approach to the ringer. Every single. Thing that they need to accomplish -- can only imagine what kind attacks -- these corporations the job creators Carty came. Phil what do you think you are next on Alec our show Wacom. I'm totally disgusted. I'm an independent. And I totally I'm totally ashamed of the Republican Party the Democrats. I would I wouldn't give them that I'm okay I mean Democrats. -- -- I mean that the Republicans have no Jimi let me so let me ask the regime walk although broke. Yeah I don't stand like it. They get branded the Republican Party has to put out a list this is how much money spent on wealth via for illegals this is how much money you spent. And ridiculous. Programs like the wind at the welfare office that the that -- had them all chanting. The pilgrims were illegal aliens. Are 200 -- and a -- will. There -- the nine times I'm by and mine and find waste. Well well well let me just say I used to work at one but he bluntly legal little housing complexes. And so my buddy one night what to go pick somebody -- -- to the proper that they as -- -- into it yet at gunpoint into its. -- this -- this particular car but full of illegals came to speak English leather wrap around couches big screen TV I just got one last year. And and it's it's the it's insane that that the thing you say in these complexes. People that not even not even American citizens are seeing it for myself. In need these corporations were back these housing complexes it's all -- And what my buddy I had three shootings. Within a quarter of a mile one was the brutality. Not that there it was so what confidentially -- Uga figured out on Iran Atlanta market. I quit. I quit the job our. -- something happening to me when I'm responding to a call up at midnight because the company was too cheap to send two guys. -- Mike I got a gun and it is 1 night about 2 o'clock in the morning that was yesterday and I quit now back within four. I mean it -- I'm -- I wish -- well out there at stopping people don't know what our first responders are up against that's why I've becoming -- When cops and firefighters used as a political backdrop forced into some photo -- of Obama the military use as a bargaining chip by both parties. But nobody ever wants -- -- the entitlement programs not -- need we actually need to have some help out there. The some of these people. But when you talking about two thirds of the entire federal budget is spent on entitlement. -- did an unbelievable. The colossal number two ferrets. I mean I am overreacting two thirds of the entire budget is spent on entitlement programs to argue our next welcome. There's another part two dimensional. -- Seve on George I'm -- -- are you aware that people that collect unemployment have to erupt a federal and state starting contacts. SARS in a much time George people are on unemployment have to pay for the federal and state income tax. -- -- the unemployment. I'm entitlements are not the ones that people are angry about I don't believe. Well I understand the amount around trying to put a point to reasons why not. Why not -- attacks. On the he's people don't get checks. Federal and state. And release will get a percentage of that money back. While you know what I can't answer that question for you George believe me hey -- we just tell them you can't get attached to our print what they call it. And prince Albert the oldest active morning that's what they would do they would get angles on the taxpayer. -- they have all have to pay their. Did you hear one thing. Exactly it's -- are fighting now. I didn't know her prince Albert was Chris had to explain it to me don't look at this morning called up Chris center explain it to me any dead. Digit -- this morning -- elderly lady. And -- we I had talked about the prince Albert because there was a bill. As a when he did the audit of all the wasted -- option on a bill for prince Albert. I mentioned that and woman called in and she was probably our ideas and. I just looked up what -- Problem was I wish I didn't. I wish I didn't. -- told everybody India abroad and prince Albert's let's go to packed up in the on -- -- -- Michelle McPhee. I'm so they should pick Michael you know it's amazing how congress. Signs all of these bills both Republicans and Democrats they do not pay Social Security tax. They have a Cadillac of day. Medical plan which -- trying to out rule or tax you know what -- company happens to -- -- good medical plan which -- not gonna do too much longer. If it's over and above a certain quality they gonna give you special Cadillac tax on there. They you know they have -- they're free haircuts in congress there's this there's been no cut back were no pull back for any. Robredo is pat they got to rein in January raise a pay raise I mean how kicking you in good faith in. And believe me there are Republicans and Democrats it's not taken mysteries and I get in -- because they deserve. To be recognized far there were people at a market tick them raise their American that are hurting right now most of them took it. And they also tuck. He -- the trading stocks that speaking engagements that consulting the endorsement the investment the book deals. All of the other ways in which our politicians are making money but not a concern for us you know I just tried to look at a story on ABC news about. It's as Obama's vacation by the numbers and I thought would be the cost of his vacations. But this what it says Obama played fat capital five rounds of golf with seven capital seven different partners. Not and word is mentioned in the story. About how much all of that golf cost us. -- just just that. You're just the chase aircraft that that follow him around on a situation. -- lets kids -- -- I love when he goes on Al Sharpton and not the black broadcasters and says you know these mean evil rich people he. Is living like royalty I think. You know Prince Harry. Lives as large in Vegas even an -- party and as the Obama is -- You know that would Stuart -- was on fox and they were talking about. Trying to get rid of the that the queen and all the rest of that in England -- -- budget would be it for the entire year was. 800000. Dollars. That they would -- would recall bike yes Internet Obama has spent over a billion which is what it has -- starts for his vacations. Indian how do you whining and acting as a real doozy when it at all of these free ski instructors and shut down the slopes that shut down airspace. I mean his chest and never ends and then you look at us off you're unpatriotic. Fools you don't want a cable aren't taxes. When I just paid TV gauging gas and the randomized and I don't I don't embryo. I know pat what do you do with your kids a school vacation I'm pretty sure I'm not digging into Aspen on the taxpayer. No I'm not actually they're -- -- trips from here and there in sometimes with a baby -- because -- have to work so. They had a bad -- is about for the called. Frank you are next on Alec our show welcome. -- -- -- -- Back in a couple of spots stumble while we get a flat at 10% and make people organ most constraints but so. -- -- Are concerned. They all are all members of the committee. And I don't care whether it's social patio weather and whether it's a yeah that military and other -- commissions they all members of the I am tired I have good chairmanships. And it finally and it's taking them extra money. So I don't make it -- 174 grand but the championship in making 200 grand. Right now why don't we do let's -- -- and I concede republics enjoy attack about a flat on. Edgar Republicans. And Tea Party platform. Will get off 50000 dollars a year slap. That's not all why -- channel will say they strip a day or what they -- current car out of a couple of so that they say two million dollar. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm sorry -- but losing yeah I sorry about that and backing action. I'm stomach fetus is Alec our show I do have some. Good little kids in mind to tell you about really quickly when we come back and -- -- going to tell you about the woman who says she was fired why well she voted for Obama. This is a shocker. Well coming up and -- -- our show.