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The Liberal War On Women

Feb 21, 2013|

Yesterday the liberal co-host of Fox News' The Five, Bob Beckel doubted the existence of rapes on campus followinf the remarks of a U.S. Congressman saying women should not be armed but carry whistles. Guest host Michele McPhee wanted to know who is really raging a war on women given the spate of anti-women comments made by visible democrats in the past week.

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You a lot of hype. And that was the phrase war on women how times -- we hear that phrase I mean -- c'mon you've heard that every single day. -- and then the Republicans are waging a war Ireland Mitt Romney news. I'm Jessica I can imagine may have less likely to wage a war and one on women was waging a war on us. And Mitt Romney was too humble to tell everybody a ball all of works of charity he had undertaken. And his church outside of his church you know I heard stories from retired firefighter is about how Mitt Romney very quietly. Set off a private fireworks display. Far I have -- I decide who was dying I mean we heard all the stories in the actor. I mean in the aftermath I hate to use such a term but it is true in the aftermath of that colossal loss. In protest about it as I would argue I mean. -- the Republican. Party's. Big ash didn't see some amazing women take the podium you -- A dumb thing to say but sadly it worked it worked when you heard Liz warrant. Who is the very epitome of hypocrisy. Talking about the Republicans are waging a war on women. -- see. Is he Barry a -- me. That's somebody who uses her gender. It FA ethnicity by the way to get ahead it was crowds. Well this week until the Alley every day this week in every game this week. A self described liberal Democrat has said something so moronic and so offensive. About women I mean all of my mind that this is not being discussed. Am I overreacting I'm not beans and famine Nazi gang in my fifth. Would you agree with me these incredibly offensive remarks that have been made almost mundane at this point. It is why today I mean we only I think missed. I -- -- Monday may -- market attention on Monday but Tuesday Wednesday Thursday you know yeah I heard about somebody making an incredibly sexist. -- I mean even non fox new he had Bob Beckel who is are raging liberal. He is one of the democratic posts on Fox News and Bob Beckel made this remark. The last time you heard about a rape on campus. -- Up. But wake up and here's more in. Saying it's crisply played -- -- -- I'm not a mom convinced by that because in the -- out of an issue is rocketing with women in particular in America and hit -- one -- -- that he packs and that's. Is that. The New England Journal of Medicine study found a female governors with twice as likely as the rest of the population to be killed by gun. Because women such as time goes for protection against -- from an intimate partner. Those guns have been used by the pot is against them. So it could be that by the mere fact of arming themselves in an apparent self defense. This they are increasing. The risk of being shot. She jets really say that it should own guns. You know all -- a woman only begun it would be likely. That her assailant her partner. Her abusive husband might use that gun against her. And then not appalling. To all of you especially when you taking into consideration some of the other remarks that would mean about women -- guns this week. You had -- we have some comparison -- Q. He had. Salazar. From Colorado. Saying hey you know you girls you. -- -- gender inequities. College campuses. This is true. And universities have been faced with that situation furlong time. Why do we have call boxes. And that's why we have safe zones. That's why we have the whistles but whistles. Because you just don't know we're going to be shooting night. And you don't know all -- You feel like you're gonna be raped or do you feel like someone's been following you around or if you feel like you're in trouble and when you may actually not be. But you talk about that kind of popped. Around that somebody. Pop pop -- ground as somebody. And that's Colorado Nino does set in Colorado. There was a not a Democrat named Paul Rosenthal who's said that a you need a guy you didn't you. Found another point that was brought up was that. Well it got a gun is the only method and a person in the student house of self defense. There are other methods. There's -- -- about the taser the buddy system. Bomb other methods. Self defense judo or what have you there are other methods it's not just not only method how they're known to man and woman today. It is a weapon. -- -- -- Because you don't really works well armed gang bangers. I -- I heard that they might that they chairwoman especially. Remain in the -- system with whistles they just run. You don't -- you'll let me -- You break the case here and bias in very recently. Where a man it was rape a woman. At a packed. Packed subway station during rush hour in people locked by. In didn't help her and I'll never forget that the commissioner of the Boston Police said Davis had a press conference -- I wanted to thank the good samaritan who called 911. And I thought to myself oh my god can do that woman that she'd be brutally attacked by the way of course the rapists. The man attacking her was out of jail. After serve time for raping a different woman. This woman saw people walking by a single guy stopped and helped Rick this -- in -- -- Only god would -- -- committed to calling 911 as they walked by a woman being raped at the subway at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Seriously. So Tim he is unconscionable. Even. Infuriated. Is the idea that is not a single. I you -- -- cracked -- all these repeated. Sexist remarks from anyone. You know one organization. So your -- say all if you haven't time. So I'm just -- wrestle -- away from you and use it against you. He had too little lock makers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is ridiculous. In every game this week standing at one another and said did he really gets -- -- did you really just hear that. Really. Even Fox News to have Bob Beckel don't -- -- there I want to get raped anyways. It. So. He is now the national organization of women. Odd that -- warrants of the world now. Talking about the war on women. If she wanted to be brave she would take on our own party members. And say hey you idiots for -- L. Judy Allen with -- -- it too dumb in my pop up around that the Gardiner instead of their rapists really. Joseph why did we forget Chris how do we forget Joseph Biden's remarkable advice to winning yesterday via a face. Look. -- -- -- if you want to protect yourself get a double -- shot. Have the shelves twelve gauge. And I promise -- as I told life we live in an area that's what is news somewhat secluded. -- -- if there's ever a problem just walk out on the balcony here walk out. Put that double barrel shotgun and fired two blasts. Outside the house I promise who has ever coming in his pocket you don't need an eight. It's harder game it's harder to use and in fact you don't need thirty rounds to protect us now by chuck. -- -- So I didn't. Just told moms all over the country to grow by a shotgun and fired warning shots -- report which by the way in Massachusetts on -- about the president and and but here in Massachusetts that's a felony. That's a felony I can go to jail. A firing that -- That Joseph Biden told me to buy and you know squeeze up a couple of warning shots at the dog walker the park by my house. So. I have from WA 8774694322. -- you as disgusted. As I -- that there is absolutely. Not a crickets crickets. From the women who -- outfit every day. Every day. Hearing the Republican party for their alleged war on women. Every single day you heard after the campaign and it was effective clearly. You don't hear a peep. About these police only sexist remarks and then made by Liberal Democrats it drives me nuts Marla. Here on how we cartel welcome Marla. I had three point first ball you'll never hear it now for a -- about anything because. And the fact that he was the real liberal agenda wherever -- And at one point. Two point is not Everett and I can not -- -- you pull back and shot and I can't I'd care Actuate it. So I have other things that I can't handle -- -- could be able to help me how I may the hacked it out. I think back. Bob or whatever. I can -- field lawfully carry parent I'd take classes on all different. You know ways to Ott spoke for the with the things -- -- properly. When you try to take it out here there's so much about it all lawful owners. Will take these classes they know how to do it. -- The cool about the cannot illegal and I've worked at the prefecture in simulations green Eric. 10 o'clock o'clock. Here from. Saudi issue and should -- and interact with the Great Southern Bank robbery. Gone on the screen in interact with that. Shout -- well it. I heard Marla I -- -- -- -- point I've heard from goal I've heard. From gun expert I've heard from shooting ranges over -- over the fact that women a better shots. So why so why Salazar said is ludicrous that -- -- I owe you a little ladies might pop -- around. Accidentally at. -- shot -- trying to define it now what they're trying to do is -- in the program. So that they're talking points. -- could not get hurt the age me yet or not. Talked about how people vote. And take classes and they know in the every possible. -- and it doesn't wanting to do what I can talk about the virtues of gun ownership all they're -- it that way -- was -- preaching to the choir. But I am concerned about and I really mean. Warrant is now my senator -- and I. And she without -- you know. Be. The drunk -- planner for us on every table saying is how are on women is the war on women and -- Manufactured but if you don't wanna look like a lying hypocrite. While I guess that doesn't bother her. But doesn't bother -- each try to save face with the -- who didn't vote for her in the states say. He's not that have been made by some my colleagues are -- and hanged in embarrassing. She could earn a tiny tiny mode kind of respect from me because she stood up. That's I am disgusted like an issue I gained -- Massachusetts does great work for victims of domestic -- I won't give me a dime and here's why. When that Massachusetts state -- Collison weakness was arrested and there is. I an overabundance of evidence that he took a college student out on the day. -- beat the living hell out of her. Steamed -- help ruled out of a car while it was still moving in green into a building. To call 911 she had once you line she's covered -- bruises and scratches in -- you know. Did not come out refused and -- monster out there refused to come out. And Colin Carlos Henrik is and he's asked him to. With you know at least. Withdraw. From any public safety boats and they wouldn't do it stood by Carlos Rodriguez and it's Roberts. Party do that it's crazy thanks -- for the call Bob has though. Bob. I don't. They get a lot. What makes respect what this wool Republican war on women. I thought might strike you know some strategists and political consultant told this -- where the probability is. So they and as they try and and they are called out dvds fake Republican war on. Our -- but then they set the trap and and a Republican. Not me particularly in particular we step that it -- a -- Jokes that -- don't put out products. -- Yeah. Eighteen is a complete -- line he's in -- room and that's how it's it's completely ruin. He and he'd lost because not enough Republicans in his district which was heavily Republican voted upon. Tied in with an idiot I said he was an idiot anyone with a green said he was in idiot. Even at -- said it was an idiot. So the Republican Party at least had the gumption to column out of being eighty. But not a bit but it -- gets this -- it's when he gets not one guy it's not just piers Morgan who's a CNN nobody. Two lawmakers. And another -- and democratic commentator when I nationally foods instead. Ridiculously. Offensive remarks about women sexist. Remarks about women and they are going I checked. We were called -- area and the imagery. And that we. -- -- looks like. She's very Smart but scholarship worked at -- like for a while. That was -- a rate. Way to appeal to working class where and that it very much -- -- here -- the ground -- election. What. Warrant appeal. And most people said that that this you wonder what we decided to. For weeks go after the Indian issue and not talk about issues and a lot of people said it's sound like on there. And she couldn't take it -- -- liar and I mean it was very sexist everybody said because sexist he would he's calling her professor. That's so sentenced. Heights anyone what would you spoke to caller. Yeah I mean obviously call him senator it's a debate you call him. Senator his professed riding -- in -- even remotely sexist yet even now would decried as sexism. Well he did a fighter on issues. I end but I know we did -- over -- over all the campaigns a bottom line is today. Today why aren't we hearing anything from the women in either party. To -- -- these fools that in making these sort of ridiculous remarks. Editor Gerri thank you for the cry me I think part of it is that David Axelrod is now the new political pundit. Over and see if big city and I if factor as a wide -- talking about all these remarks made -- -- -- So do you mean media it's just because. I don't know I mean do you think media idea that David Axelrod. Was hired. As -- so called journalists. At a major news network this -- think I don't know what do you think Chris you are next on the comic our show with Michelle Mickey. Afternoon ladies. You know -- at the out war on women thing -- that maybe it's just because they can't admit they're wrong. I mean that they're bigger gender is abortion really it's like I don't really care about all the other risk is right. And maybe they just can't admit that there are candidates Iran. That the thing that's scaring me honestly lately. You're culprits sort of crazy things that people are saying about firearms I mean when the vice president says he is -- double barrel shotgun that's only two shots. And he says the fire both of those -- in the air sold thirty and that criminals don't know that now you're out of bullets. But you know that's a pretty stupid -- It's just stupid thing to say and by the way I also just gonna I don't yet again it's completely not there's no way that he staying gel -- -- if you at the Naval Academy feeling anyway distressed. -- up -- And fire up a couple warning shots so she can take down a couple of Secret Service agents that are protecting her on the clock at the naval observatory on. -- and it is illegal in most places the fire he's not near the other thing is. You know people will -- presenting at the argument in you know. It's something far out maybe conspiratorial but you know. When when they wrote the Second Amendment one of the things that thinks it -- you know you may have to protect yourself from god consider tyrannical government. And you know I haven't -- shock and a rifle at Hartley and he. Or matched a predator -- the next sixty content with things like that it really is not. At all even close to people. I'm not saying can push there and god purposely people early promoting half he argued everybody is looking at a site in sideshow -- figure out. And you're an expert -- he only one shot made. You know I also thought martial arts school with thirty years in nineteen years you know this this whole I hate to. Or you are martial arts that I do think that -- Rosenthal the democratic lawmaker from Colorado his advice that. No we have to go and whistles you'd think that would thwart what are I -- You're right now first revolvers there's -- Eric -- saudis to teach a to read a book called merit on the fighter and and it's thereof of the -- armed and you're trying. When you make contact with them everything -- you have ball on this considered possibly a weapon if you have written on them and their assailants. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I don't press you tell right because I took. Self defense for our weeks with a guy named -- Cleary who is. Mark Wahlberg personal trainer and bodyguard in -- Cleary believe me I will break your job with my global if I had -- if I was in a dangerous situation. So there are definitely ways to protect itself. In your right the argument is being twisted on guns and nobody have a lot to talk about the criminals. Carrying guns like the guy arrested in -- and yesterday. With at least a dozen violent crimes and has rap sheet. To me. Of those convictions. -- for guns. Illegal gun possession the guy never should have been out of jail let's talk about the judicial system but nobody Puerto. It's too -- times a year the FBI crime statistics. Two million currency. Here Americans protect themselves by Arabs that the FBI. That's one person every thirteen seconds protect themselves the United States. Don't talk about it but. Really really important report -- You know the only thing and the constitution that you have a right to them to protect yourself to keep -- -- -- It doesn't say in the constitution you have a right to learn martial arts. Or cute it's similar to that stuff but in China -- outlaws that for a long time and they went Communists it's -- you know -- -- -- Raise your right so that's why you know again let's just talk about the constitution speaking English thank you so much -- your expertise speaking of -- West third last night's town. EDS knew what happened article thirty is no more dead on arrival on the stomach fetuses like archer and welcome back doing when mrs. mr. C this is a highly card show. So weird talking about the so called war on women and who's really waging. Our first. Ever gonna talk about women we nozzles are about a beautiful woman Jennifer Aniston. I had no idea and I didn't know that Jennifer Aniston was in Cambridge -- recently Cambridge mass. To launch this new. Hair products. What I didn't know. Is that the creator. Of that hair product MIT professor Robert Langer. As recently awarded the 2013. Presidential medal. Of technology. In innovation. His innovations include. -- -- for its technology. That he and his team developed a hair care products now being pitched by Jennifer Aniston's according to the Boston Globe. Does this eyebrow anybody. That a guy that created and I've raised hair care products. Got the presidential medal of technology. And innovation. -- -- us responding to that headline in the Boston Globe today just happened. MIT professor Robert Langer was recently awarded the 2013. Presidential medal of technology and innovation. New innovations include. An Intel -- free is technology that he and his team developed. They hair care products now being pitched by Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston. I'm not many other accomplishments the globe writes my anger is the founding scientist of living proof. A technology based beauty and hair care company. That Justin announced the closing of -- thirty million dollar financing. The world as somebody being awarded. A presidential medal of technology and innovation for hair care products. Register on that. All shaky to me that maybe I am overreacting. Maybe I'm overreacting what do you think it's 77469. Point 322 and our top line is open that's six months seven. 7793459. That's 6177793459. 346 and I'm sorry 346961777934. 69 Kevin yeah next on how -- car show welcome. I miss you all while we're all -- -- surprised you're not a patient Michelle new look I mean if she didn't have -- papers technology should look like it angers Pat's sister. But that and. Saying that even Karl larger fields. Can't -- Well I need -- -- those bank doesn't see that murderous Harvard professor was currently facing the death penalty for the homicides. -- -- -- -- -- I want to get back or I want to thank for all. You'd be sure what he's women's groups -- -- -- when prominent women don't speak up when when these situations happening in its. Quite literally debate or themselves that they prostitute themselves cots. And it is long is the person. That he's doing these. Terrible -- whatever it might be whether Menendez. As long -- -- You know stick because in both the right way and say the right -- apparent and in support Roe vs. Wade and everything else and it took -- -- Ted Kennedy makes a waitress sandwich without Chris thought. We look the other way you know outlook or whatever whatever Democrats do anything that is against women the women I do not come out and speak and it. I think. Anthony Weiner the appropriately named congressman from its. The fact I was on sending naked photos of himself to a high school student that he met when she was on a field trip to the capital. That's been a huge national outcry it's akin to pedophilia. Now now how old high school student was pretty respectable when you have I have federal lawmaker. Twittering a picture of his penis to it to a teenager's. Would you agree. Part of the didn't get blown up if he did talk about it not lead it -- -- -- -- all but they really didn't exploit the -- what it was. We illegal aliens sent it to a teenager and probably should have been prosecuted or annual if you write it but we would be prosecuted for. But because we want. Why not look you know. Isolate wine remark made by one member of the party its ACC. -- in raging to me. Is not necessarily at our martz because people say stupid things all the time it's the complete lack ever response from women. Who were under linking me. Bashing. Bashing. Met Ronnie as waging a war on one in which wasn't true at all and now you have. Blatant examples. Have incredibly sexist things -- -- going unchecked. Completely unchecked. Texan to and I finish -- my wife is now packing heavy she wouldn't have grossly teacher. A part of follow Wessels and have all latter when she goes out. While you're getting me it. Because if you didn't if you didn't seed the University of Colorado and some of the methods that they told women to used to prevent the rape. Judo -- How about tell them you have a disease was on the list don't. Overestimate. Your ability to fight back. Fully. Was so insulting. And very insulting to these Smart Smart women. Who is sitting in his college form on gun control in it listening to their alleged law makers. -- -- you might just mistake that man behind you as a rapists. And pop off around erroneously. And it just doesn't and -- we appears more -- one more time Paris just so people earn your reminded now again I'm not. I'm not convinced by that because -- -- -- out of an issue is rocketing with women in particular in America and hit his volatile city -- is that is that. The New England Journal of Medicine study found a female governors with twice as likely as the rest of the population to be killed by gun. Because women such as -- for protection against violence and into an apartment. Of those guns have been used by the pot is against them. So it could be that by the mere fact of arming themselves in an apparent self defense. This. They are increasing. The risk of being shot. I mean shot pierce Morgan -- these people who are supposed to be with the women these are the people that as closely with underclass. And what they do is undercut. Women. And make these disparaging remarks. And nobody ever response to them where is Elizabeth Warren now that's what I'd like to know 87746943220. 8774694322. Let's go to George you're on the -- our show welcome George. -- -- -- Article about the comment that question -- -- a period around. Yes please do I mean now Israeli body -- fire -- our soccer and -- and Bioshock and. Yet the debt that the police say that it was sort protesting and the government itself. That electrical cord there right torture -- margin that get our -- That's why. The war started at that we. Ain't that the government needs. If you are clips that we are clips that are the amount equal parity. Thank you George Welch said let's go to -- here on knee how we -- show with John McPhee lock them. I'm Michelle and I would just -- -- -- my Mac is ANC -- -- and across an article about. Illinois State's I'm -- there -- -- trotted deal and then he trotted ER OTT. It was recently. Oh at the national import. With analog magazine honesty in his carry on bag now that we ever written about that I'm always in print media. I hadn't even heard about lawmaker and locked up with an illegal -- it was it was the guy. It was well it was is there a lot here Islamic or not and I mean it's Vieira and the couple that with and that hallowed magazine and carry on bag. -- -- I don't I don't -- -- steak -- Massachusetts like locked up for that. And he got out of work you don't Arnie for Gagne threw -- in his bag. Elements and Illinois states I wanted to Joseph Biden -- and -- can you tell me that story. And I what can you email me that story lines brought up my fears that the angels MC PET. Well of tea or any man singing what's his name again senator. -- -- Thought -- Trotter DON and he. Product ER OTT -- ironies. Eight that -- acted as an Associated Press story. About -- states that are. Are arrested at the airport trying to board a flight with a gun and ammunition and carry on bag CAD did you. -- I heard that story here isn't it searching oppressed nobody picked it up apparently in Illinois State senator -- he's an -- and the story. Here it has been such oppressed in Illinois State senator charged with trying to board a flight with a gun and ammunition and carry on bag. Posted behind and left -- Without a word about the charges or whether it would affect his decision to run that Jesse Jackson's congressional seat. He's running now this guy locked epic trying to carry a loaded gun and ammunition onto his flight. A judge set his bond at 25000. Dollars which is exactly how much blind he. School employee had to put up when she brought her loaded gun in a locked briefcase to school. Last week because she had strangers working in her room. Oh boy. So Trotter has twenty full year as a public service both that the state -- and as a state senator. Trotter is now charged with a class four felony which carries a sentence of one to three years in prison. Applying conviction. This is insane. I don't I cannot believe we can hear about the story it happen and in early December. Okay. On the show on the fetus is Alec our show.