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Police Blotter Fax Friday February 22, 2013 - Pastafarian

Feb 22, 2013|

The two winners from this week's Police Blotter Fax Friday Contest were a Pastafarian who wanted to have his driver's license photo taken with a colander on his head and a British police dog who submitted a written report.

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Friday my name is that it. Released a lot of things -- ladies and gentlemen. Story is true. You know what that music means Michelle a lot of it. -- means it's time for police blotter packs for treating every Friday. Where we asked people to send in their favorite standalone or police blotter stories from a local newspapers and the winner wins a wonderful prize in this case. We've been giving away our. Are a police blotter -- T shirts. -- -- done by our friend Bob -- -- for exports -- current remain he cannot buy these T shirts you can only win them but you can buy other wonderful. T shirts from Bob -- such as are bitter clinger and we are currently discussing shingles teacher. For how it which I'm sure he'll be very grateful for any -- sir Bob -- teacher EDT card. I'm never asked -- I I think I mean I may make a funk can we get through with Max I tend to think not. Our second. -- -- -- -- -- But but and I tend to think of five would not unless he was forced to by the state attended completely and we'll ask. He's the runners up they do not when the teacher at the first one. This from where it's -- It's Portsmouth you know I think it's Portsmouth -- Hampshire to wearing got into a fight over the sale of beauty products during a game of bingo for seniors at Easter apartments. According to the police -- Portsmouth officers responding to the community room at the senior living apartment building. After taking your reported some pushing and shoving -- disagreement over the still Avon Products. Sergeant conference call to mom said the cop came during a regular scheduled bingo game for the seniors living at the facility. He said -- I was upset and another for taking up a table to sell her cosmetics during the game. The altercation appears to been started over the fact the one -- with the -- of it by selling Avon and destructing. Is scheduled bingo. They still think it's good ideas news -- -- -- -- expected to -- -- it it it did -- -- as. This is from the smoking gun. Rob Howard was sitting on the couch scratching his testicles was his girlfriend told him to cease the itching. Because it was rude and disgusting and she is about to eat dinner. Howard rose from the furniture. And the Florida home he shared with Michelle -- Petrarca and confronted his beloved. He's seen and -- that the month shots he's definitely guilty allegedly -- between five real pain tractors basically yelled at her to stop judging him. The county sheriff's office deputies. Said that you -- pressure on the ground in Costa script ankle on the threw for outside and told to get the hell out. An interview he claimed that she punched him in the -- for scratching his faults. He added that he pushed her out of their residence with self defense and and he did not -- cops because he didn't wanna go it to go that far. Is that at this time but not on Wednesday and now battles that someone else -- coming up so I guess it's called it's called stepping on it -- So hot. At it it's. How did I know that would make waste a lot of -- not -- Albany, New York police say a mother who got on stage and started to strip during an upstate New York school assembly. Is facing child endangerment and lewdness charges to winning four year old Adriana meter Albany academy. They say school -- Sapp told me assembly was halted inning cafeteria cleared. After him meters began dancing on stage and took off some of her close. She's charged with seven counts of endangering the welfare of the child and one count a public -- that means I definitely seven tumor and now. Cafeteria at the time. West around Massachusetts and -- -- about the only thing. Resolve those Santos wound up wearing after police say UN cruising through west for a Massachusetts drive throughs. While naked. It was totally that he was he ordered the copy from from a clerk in she noticed he appeared to be naked Alley I was a coat over his waist area a short while later. A police officer happened to walk in the donut shop that's when a driver came back witnesses say that at that time. He was totally in Paris he made emotion to the girl the when they're not the same thing because in the -- the police for in Sidon -- police cruiser outside and he motioned her to be quiet and just drove off. Well the cops will they followed him. He was headed to the McDonald's drive through it turned out to be close the -- -- pulled my over in the 34 year old man. Was arrested he passed a field sobriety test but but he admitted to hitting up other drive throughs. Naked. It -- south Glen falls New York mother of four is facing jail time after she is said to have hired to strippers. To dance at her sixteen year old's birthday party. The birthday party took place on that racy pictures surfaced on FaceBook this month causing a parent whose son was at the party to alert local police. The south fans football police department has charged Judy vigor with five counts of endangering a while for every child. Five of the attendees were younger than seventeen the birthday party took place in a room at the spare time bowling center and had eighty people in attendance. Dave Barnes and about -- way confirmed at a private party did take place that they did not reach for any entertainment. You know now. This is from the times Picayune. The crew of baucus. Has -- a writer who allegedly -- and half gallon -- full of urine from a float -- a family at the Sunday night parade. Rick and Donna as -- of Slidell told the TV station they're watching -- wood about twenty other family members. In front of a Julia street hotel -- writer through the year and -- and splash in the family and a woman in a wheelchair. The minute through the jug was taken off the -- soon after the incident and he was. He received a summons for simple battery in urinating the baucus board members have been understand there's that happened to be part of bodies at all baucus what's been alive I mean when it chugging beer and I analyze the did you. Puerto -- maybe they needed the water rates are college campus and never and a -- and they have whistled through. You know it was a cement that this is from. Alone on this from which -- two Brothers who were celebrating a 75000. Dollar winning lottery ticket by purchasing marijuana and -- Accidentally blew up their house. If legends one of the writers hospital remains -- the -- condition with second degree burns on his hands arms and chest the other brother. -- -- This is from what the media. And New Mexico remain employed part time in the shoe department of historians in a phase accused of breaking into his ex girlfriend's house earlier this month. And biting off the tip of her big Taro. Daniel and I yeah allegedly asked him on first peek -- smell her feet. But then threw it to the ground stripped -- shoes and socks and began biting fight. Went through the nail bed and down to -- found -- he previously been -- apart and now the same so he faces a variety of charges. It's not -- jets -- now now now and as the one you alluded to earlier. Elaine cut from Skokie Illinois big topics for boy difference -- After the two love -- got into an argument on Valentine's Day the not so great -- has been charged with aggravated domestic battery. The boyfriend who asked not to be identified said the whole thing makes me kind of sad. In one day I lost tapped -- tongue. And my girlfriend. I I I'm not quite where they sit there. -- I'm primary may have just written down I mean. Las Vegas. On Nevada at 23 -- Las Vegas woman was arrested for having sex with a -- ball in the yard. The -- house early Tuesday morning police officers were dispatched -- the home. Upon arrival they observe the woman engaging in sex act with a -- in the backyard within sight of neighbors and passers by. Human as police officer approached a woman she said hi. And began to fondle the dog police officers retrieved a blanket to cover the woman who was completely naked. As a questioner became apparent she was either mentally -- under the influence of -- she was unable to provide police offices of the main gate of -- security number. She told police that she was bipolar but was not sure she was taking medication. And now. Aren't. Keeping people that fact that. -- I'm actually with the amount of stories that we get about zip files I don't think they aren't necessarily just think they're very disturbed. These -- the two winners are actually kind of -- fine and anything else the first ones from the UK. When members of does it also involves a very handsome German shepherd. When members of the Crown Prosecution Service in the West Midlands England asked the police department for a state -- -- -- PC PH. And that stands for police constable by the way they were told that that would be difficult because peach while intelligent. Was actually PD PH in PD stands for police stopped. But the Crown Prosecution Service continued to insist on hearing from the witness. So one of peaches handlers where his statement and character of the dog the statement -- I chased him I bite him a bad man he tasty good boy good boy peach it was and sign that a large black Popper. Now members of that Crown Prosecution Service were apparently not amused by this. And the telegraph reports that after a photo repeated statement was posted in various social networks. The use this prosecution service complained the police chief that they were being mocked. They were and I say you deserve to be mocked they told you it was a dog and you still said you wanted to eight. Nobody bothered to read that and they still wanted to please -- -- honest to god I'm today you know I'm offer -- and I think Pete should be made to testifying court raising a lot. We saw a picture of Islam and that's. How you say. I'm I'm train I don't. I don't really support how these particular. View of justice having to do it -- when -- -- on in 36 when he for 36 by. I ten degrees systems contain this is the other winner. Police were summoned this month to motor vehicle commission office. Winning New Jersey man refused to remove a spaghetti strainer from his head. Before posing for a new drive for a new driver's license photo -- Williams claimed to be a hot stuff far in. And told state workers that is pasta strainer was a religious had covering -- it was his right to Wear for his license photo. Cost of Bahrain -- is lesser religion a satiric movement that opposes the teaching of creationism and intelligent design the Internet -- group members of which opt for -- is not tin foil hats -- Williams who videotapes and his interaction of the motor vehicles employee eventually agreed to be photographs on strainer. After police officers explain in the cookware is not approved religious car. I'm not only -- we have positive IRS agents released a picture extra planes biggest -- clients beginning monster. Well I think I was the -- this is the comic art show.