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Family Money For All

Feb 22, 2013|

A guest column in the Atlanta Journal Constitution says that the government should chip in for people who do not have family money to even the playing field. Guest host Michele McPhee said can you say communism. Callers were outraged at the sense of entitlement that is running rampant in the country.

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I'm wondering if I have some rich. Relative that I didn't know about my whiskey tango heritage. As did I don't about a tags I was literally born in a trailer park. Yes and Alaska I believe in Alaska. Fort Wainwright I -- not -- brat born at a non hospital. And I spent my formative months the first nine months of my life. In an army base trailer park that probably doesn't come as a surprise to many -- you. I'm sure and given that lineage that there aren't any rich relatives. Ready to die off and hand me a bundle of money. Positive. There is no trust fund with my name on it anywhere if there is please alert me to connect user right now. I do not have a trust fund. Input did you have as a college education. That I paid for myself. I working. My way through U -- And had kind -- That I can afford. Because it's 690 square feet in what some people would describe as a gritty urban neighborhood. Just why this country isn't such sad shape. Because there's a columnist. In the Atlanta constitution now. Trip from wrong but the institution has won the last broad sheets left in the country. This is supposed to be a respectable. Newspaper the Atlanta constitution. And there's a woman her name is Jennifer Brooks and I did post says summit FaceBook page you can read her entire essay Michelle have on now and TP AT. And she look immense. And her column today you're ready for this. The recession lingering effects have taken an analyst hole on families. Our report released last month by night organization. The corporation for enterprise development. Revealed more than half. 56%. Of the State's residents living on the edge -- financial collapse. They have a little savings to fall back on in the event of a job loss. Health crisis or other emergency. Yes. Purview of the world which is why in this country isn't such a sorry state. This does she says it's the all people start -- equal footing. Had any inheritance. Are feeling support. Can help people whether bumps in the road in allowed them to take advantage of opportunities. That is going to college. Buying a home. Saving for retirement. Fortunately. Public policies can level the playing field but feel -- who aren't so lucky. This straight this point of view is -- that have stood by a home. Get a college degree up with some money in the bank you. -- to do that what they help would be trust fund because you have a wealthy family because you had an unfair advantage. -- advantage. You can relate to that 8774694322. That's 877. 46943220. Not why -- country. Is swirling around on the brink of collapse not just the feeling that she's writing about but the entire country because this at this moment. Who works in more of these and I'm sure I'll look it up to make sure but the corporation for enterprise development. How many have you raging and BP on. Think that perhaps just perhaps the corporation. Enterprise development might just get a couple of bucks. And taxpayer money by donations. You think that this is one of those nonprofits. To help the so called war. Any premise of her argument starts with the idea that anyone with a college degree -- home. Earned and I didn't -- it because that's the word that's missing from this -- Turned. So. Anybody who did manage to make a career for themselves and save a couple of bucks a buy a home on their college degree. Aaron you know this it's that sentiment that Obama came out was. Last year you -- -- this feuding aren't -- if you are doing well it's only because you had family. -- all stirred you I had a -- -- -- relative who catapulted you into US success in Antioch home into your mortgage payments. Know. That it happened. That this woman to draw upon beauty and build this beauty in -- this is her I shouldn't. For those people. I am not kidding you. Some. Policies. That ice theories to receive public benefits if they stayed for the future. Sure just cash welfare program. Eligibility to those with less than a thousand dollars in assets. Especially guaranteeing. That you will not be able to build a personal safety net savings and become self sufficient. -- And the people who don't trust -- -- I want to get ahead and say is to go nothing yet input. You're EDT cash in the bank. This. And suggest that people who are collecting not me who are getting public. -- Should be it's your receipt welfare. While they put you got money in their bank accounts. And not be penalized for that that's the solution. And -- -- moon bats mind. Absolutely. -- Level the playing field. -- speaking. Money wave from people who earned it without the help of some you know rich old time. Inked yet it's the people who did -- it so that they can suck some money away for the future. And think like this. In end to the American mentality that was drilled into my head. My parents came from families with Italian and Irish immigrants and I'm sure all of you have an immigration story back ground. Did any of them say hey what you should really do. -- -- you completely dependent on the government in if you haven't left over from your food stands -- big tub a peanut butter -- it away for the future. Parents don't do. Because. I don't remember getting that -- anywhere. And I was began a family even nobody said may when you go on the government dime. And that essentially -- scrape together a few -- pennies and put him in the bank that's what's gonna even the playing field I RE PO. That we have a very even playing field in the United States of America it's called work far. Work for a living. I breed I was reading this and I oh really so I managed to get ahead it's. Not because they work their tail off. It's not because. I worked three cocktail wages and jobs I put my way through college. -- because I earned my way into journalism by doing internships for free and writing a million articles for free. And then when I finally got a job at the New York Daily News I worked the night shift in the worst neighborhoods in the whole country without a car. You. Just makes you sick does it not -- and not my mind why is this becoming such a pervasive argument. It in the current economic climate. That the government well -- you tell people on wealthier they can have money in the bank. I bet I welcome. Yes man caught out and calling from -- are. I I keep what you thought pops out and everything and when they -- it really strikes me is that nobody is daring to say based stated there a leadership. Are there is all right Obama's agenda are. -- agenda is to destroy this country -- not making any mistakes. According to what he wants to do -- he walked to destroy our country. I got it off. You might have existed. Is 1 mean am I am I am out of -- -- -- -- -- -- Cronies and there where I am and land Rush Limbaugh should allow got a lot Alex said he hoped that Obama would bailed. He may end to end but not elect -- you know record on the runway. But he made it he hoped he was not acceptable. To discourage our country. That is exactly Rush Limbaugh. And Rush Limbaugh I'm out -- He frustrated because the people don't seem to -- paying attention to what's going on country we aren't letting it. -- we are keeping -- our country and people got to get their act that they're being. Really pay attention to the -- well end up. Claudette that's the whole point thank you so much for the call but that's the problem. I mean look at Barack Obama is one guy he has a lot of zealot followers but we're still the United States of America we built this country. By having strong backbone and earning what we have. For the most part but isn't this text on the black -- from Wisconsin who went to a computer school. And went from -- teen -- twenty to 73 grand at 45. I had no advantage I worked for. I actually worked for at seven to enforce it of course the -- you watch the more opportunities you'll have but has also endurance to be rich. Because the wolves aren't nipping at heels and it's hard to stay hungry I agree with that -- still. I I think it's an advantage to. Have worked my way through college and always had to struggle to pay the bills because knowing how to do it. What do you think Gaby are next on how -- car show -- atomic feel welcome. Because I really had I I grew up or -- act literally worked on a farm and I -- court warehouses by our work. For seven years the very date it go to school at night into college than a regular college. You know obviously gotta MTA because it would probably work -- dictate sports Oly notebook spoke at which reimbursement. You know I went from being war and cannot be looked out my parents -- a college. Do. Being -- hope vice president vice president of the largest bank in the country and now. Helping my -- my parents with their retirement and that's so PayPal has been beaten -- awaited opportunity. I and I didn't have any pedigree know -- help they are basically -- work right -- dot. You get two or write apps so I I I despite these people think that it just because. -- they weren't born into it -- -- what -- important to somehow appreciate if it did not agree frustrate me you know. I came to hate -- into the words that you use that aren't being used by the left to right now. You what are you earned opportunity. He -- you want -- It's not I don't think it. You know -- -- -- He used to me and Kerry wasn't our trust fund -- he married and -- People created opportunities. For themselves he certainly did when he married out a couple of average one and but nonetheless he created opportunities for himself. I don't know well what we're excited by the spectacle in the latest C. Because because the -- -- -- out there are that the -- people become is that there is always important to work hard to know. If you give consistent enough. The app being -- -- to keep him motivated. Think does argument did that the solution to these people who don't have enough money in the bank of their -- welfare. Is to allow them to -- -- money aside and put it in the bank. It's -- prosperous -- -- our country as well thought it was it was an opportunity in the right to succeed. Not being. The video and the world that the right to take money from someone else did to -- up our shortcomings are lack of motivation to work. I mean just fine thank you did so much and I'm glad that you are successful. Cash welfare programs limit eligibility she writes to those with less than a thousand dollars in assets. Essentially guaranteeing. They will not be able to build a personal safety net of savings and becomes self sufficient. There are not self sufficient. Their living off of my money and you not money what is she talking about. Thing -- can become self sufficient as long as you continue. To limit how much the taxpayers' money they can put into the panic. Actually it extraordinary. That somebody actually put this in writing and then I bride she newspaper -- last in the country put it in the newspaper. Tonya are next on -- -- Telecom. Should operate job hot -- your -- You know one thing that was bringing in the me when I was a kid by my father what there's nothing wrong with that good on -- -- -- work. And I think that's a lot that we really run into this country is is no more pride. People just don't have per hour you know are proud to be an American car -- to work. You know timing I've been reading a lot of the old speeches that would give him by Abraham Lincoln and John Adams and some of our great president even John F. Kennedy and every one of them. Talked about the value of work the value of making yourself a better person. And that it rhetoric is completely lost on our current administration. We talked about is does he know this is what he said yesterday. Apparently those Republicans their whole goal is to and I quote help the rich. That's what -- the GOP together helping the rich what's. I understated say Obama one man in any any you know you have an entire government there -- more than one man because -- represent the night deal. Into the -- deal with the popular right now -- 51% support form really think about the future of the country. -- -- -- give you 1% who are on welfare or on government hands out because right now it's 505050%. Work in 50% reliant on the government. -- we are much longer. Thank you Tom for the -- you know all of these arguments right now that are going on about college education. And how everyone is entitled to go to an Ivy League school. And me while there are no electricians no well there is -- it. Look every time we need to call someone to the house I can never -- -- how difficult it is to find a contractor. To find somebody who's actually skilled to come -- home and pull off a trade. I don't understand -- trades are now regarded. Blue collar real American jobs are regarded as -- needs American people. -- country was built on. And now you don't wanna learn welding you wanna learn how to be an electrician in our carpenter our builder. Means it's and that's why we don't know anything here anymore and that's why everything I buy -- falls apart within a year Johnny on next on how we are showing Michelle McPhee. Thank you -- an -- -- out you know what's killing the economy's Obama -- it's sort of been implemented a Massachusetts Romney yeah. And what's gonna happen is economies and -- think tank -- down. Downhill from here on an ethnic. -- your party scene -- John I mean Universal Studios told part time employees they had their. They had to get out there insurance that they didn't report about a half of them. I agree with that you know that the pride to be able to work in this country. It's been diminished by all these people on the government -- including my yours truly but again not a government all of the fine work. How we -- battle -- Commitment how did you wind up on the government -- let me get that story. While I I applied in 1980. Almost in this and they gave me sources. The idea was that that I was -- stay on it. You know -- you know that was my understanding my understanding was that. Did you say in 1980 so 32 years later they've kept too dependent on government time. I'm sorry for 32 years the government kept too dependent on that track. Well it what happened is it it's a breakdown and in. In -- that I -- polite so security -- -- illness and and that they you know they just load up more drugs in fields like the tropics and you know I have -- -- -- apple island and you -- can't -- this system. And that's exactly what's happening in you know you talk about it you can't fight that system well John I I wish you well I -- I really hope you can. You know I've seen and you know we're hiring signs that restaurant I loved working in restaurants I -- a lot of money -- had a lot of friends working at a restaurant. People act like menial jobs that they need them now when nobody wants to be a waitress nobody wants to be a bus boy. I mean journey enjoy is self police should be out there with people thanks for the call shining next on how we are shall welcome. So I don't I love what you are host cash or you have about each guy. I won't question with all. Fear mongering going on by the by the president and Eddie Rush what -- that they got 57 things that we're going to be effected by this. But this sequestration nonsense. It it was ridiculous to. 2% of the budget covers all of these banks all these important thing that they keep talking about. We correct in my case. We re energize. It -- That would be simple to the -- With a surgeon's knife in Holloway the fact we all know it is so much wasteful spending you and I talk about it every day on the radio Ryan. The Facebook on the block every gay he noticed something that's a colossal waste of money. And what's the failure -- -- -- makers who believes he has workers and the long. Is there any reason they don't list the ones that are important because they know their constituents well Greenwood don't they can stop the government. And funded. Tasks they run these the one that is -- about why women stock more than -- really. That's what what the -- all played in finding out. And -- -- you know you must -- is -- and -- working in our remember the one happening cancer and they taxpayer funded study. Need to chill newest -- turning to sexual deviations. Off Maria -- on doesn't it this is where the money's been spent. Earlier this week he you know Tom Fenton from judicial watch came up with his video that it was a blow gave them. From the USDA. The Department of Agriculture. That's -- Heidi got 200 grand to show up and teach -- work is to say that are illegal immigrants repeat after me -- not. -- -- I'm attorney general machinists and made 53 grand last year and bought a house my college graduate friends live with Dan -- that is that's from cancer this is -- -- our show. Yeah and you know. And I. -- Welcome back to the -- I understand he -- how would start yesterday we mentioned. That there are allegations of insider trading. Attached to the Heinz. Purchased by -- Warren Buffett's company. And the FBI has identified. Some more information I'll bring that to you at 4 o'clock for right now we are talking about this column that appeared in the Atlanta constitution today. It made me want to chair my hero. -- Mimi question what to actually telling people to learn a trainee. Then to the words -- work you can do it. I mean come on what happened to that but instead we have. Journalists and I use my air quotes writing shall -- like -- People who haven't save money. On issued bailed out by the government. Said Jennifer box. And mrs. what you write these awards and I was flabbergasted. Having an inheritance of vehemently support can help people whether. Bumps in the road you know loud and to take advantage of opportunities. Such is going to college buying a home in saving for retirement. Fortunately. Public policies can level the playing field for families who aren't so lucky. So do you DA did so what their trust -- Really the guy does story 8774694322. That's 877469. 4322. With a temp line is open 6177793469. Please that this writer believes the government can help welfare recipients. Is to allow am to have more than a thousand dollars in assets. Any policies. That penalize families who receive public benefits that they save for the future. So her price is why you mafia socked a little of that taxpayer cash aside fear itself the future. It just makes sense that people even think like this and how frightening is it that this has become an editorial. In -- major American newspaper. What happened to people pounding on. The table in insisting that Americans the very epitome of hard work and an entire country built. On the backs of Americans who want to work for eleven. Now they just wanna have a handout for the government checks Steve. Am I overreacting to this or is this why the country is failing so dramatically Wacom. -- welcome back thanks a -- all. You know we talk about things all the time. You know that the government and welfare of people who almost. And I rarely see the -- -- one to blame the taxpayer is. I can't believe -- and I am. In raged. -- of people -- into. It. Don't care they -- all in all I don't talk politics. I don't pay it to go that its ability. You know what you -- -- about what we do not think you can do little debit Cheney. And Barack is a problem. Of people willing but people just dig deeper and deeper. Pocket. To take the money why are all -- Like page you get the well. It don't work it's all people they just for those that. -- and -- is the problem. -- told me Steve that Rand Paul returned. Money that he didn't really need from his office budget. Again being -- 600000. Dollars or actions instead of words and rhetoric. And I can't do I have to -- and may need us and take notice of Rand Paul. Because if he was willing to follow through words and actions that I have to pay closer attention to a guy like that. Everybody needs to be the only now. We need they do that more oh. Things didn't -- capital right thing is people think that. You know whatever it was supposed to look back and change right now yeah old people expect immediate satisfaction. These things didn't become like its overnight and it's gonna take to turn it around but it never gonna turn around -- people themselves the people look in the active. Actually -- the all false. L stop letting these people -- pocket. Pick up pockets -- us any idea -- hang out a little bit last night. -- I know you are working a couple of jobs right now I'm and I know that the reason you and I went out is because. My fiance now husband were both working. Yeah I'm listening to harm to you know he's got two jobs -- respected -- now. Everybody has two jobs in I don't think any about the -- aside big amounts of money I know I'm not. I have these big fat. You know savings accounts anywhere because everybody's sort of living check to check right now. And inner -- in the reason I can't live check to check if -- that troubled time is because I bought a place that was within my means. If I have to go work in the not and some land and in. Make espresso and pay my mortgage I can Steve because that's what I did I -- a play responsibly I didn't buy it triple -- when I didn't have a job. Like so many people did here in Boston. -- all but order what a rock whatever needed to be on the book itself. And people you'll be back aren't. To constantly Steve all. Oh I yeah pay attention to that is the worst one really -- -- pay attention next week when the payroll tax hike takes away. Like oh I hope it collapses then go figure out what we're gonna do that it. And thank Steve for the guys that yesterday those people might real estate taxes -- -- so exorbitant rate that is all the buzz on our building blog. And I just shake my hand Nike it now do you notice thing when -- real estate taxes went up. By 12100 bucks which means -- mortgage payment went up by 125 to 200 bucks a month. Now you see why you need to pay a little bit of attention Peggy and acts on how we are -- welcome. I thank you protect him like a law. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that I've been through my girlfriend at Purdue but schoolchildren Hewitt in the fact that that the divorce or was divorced but. Trying to get money from her husband for support and went on welfare. Well he decided it was gonna help. Open a little loud we -- all. -- appliance repair. Drop it and she was taking into toasters irons. Back and cleaners -- didn't do quite well keep black and LG went to the -- Iraq -- Vietnam. Updated -- an immigrant I -- made it happened. I'll meet you made thirty dollars while they took -- -- public comeback when you are built for the three months behind. It's silly -- you know Kevin -- It is ridiculous to -- Kevin -- not too long ago. About his grandmother who wanted to take care ever disabled son that have been left in her care after her drug addicted. Trying to pop -- she wanted to -- here this little boy who had serious -- you know mental emotional and physical disabilities. In -- told her. That they can Foster care rather than help her out. If she -- -- little part time job -- -- gear a modicum of sanity -- mind you know enough cash to live on. I myself was on welfare for a short period time and not tell you my mom and dad I had a I had once -- -- I would. -- And we're not getting any money from my confidence that we that a state took money from them he was gonna quit work so anyway I went out well there. And -- cares about this delicately. Until I got a job the and got all the welfare. -- I mean they want did you feel good about itself and why you -- stuck into the rat. That an earlier caller described 1980 had some problems went on welfare and now it's 2012 he's never had a job 2013 excuse me he's had a job. I played Hillary shape the world to two a bit that you needed. Assistance from the government. What your parents are working I would not look -- at all. But they said that what I -- I was taken out of it and they they thought that would absolutely. And apparently. They didn't. That's the -- Peggy thank you for that story that's what's missing. Now is as any source of pride and worse there's absolutely no Sheen. And get it now attack to. I'm a taxpayer. I am embarrassed to be -- an -- on plane with three BT you know it's pretty Simien at this morning Danielle that's when you know -- -- now from mark ten after working a second job. They in the fall -- Domino's delivery giant -- I'll post it shortly. We except EDT cash. And in domino the parade the day that the biggest part of the that is we accept EDT cash. So they can -- EDT card for the Domino's delivery guys now. I -- -- Tony when she's not playing bingo at Yamaichi has deliveries. From the Wall Street diner. To her home that's supposed to be for the elderly. Really this is happening and this woman think that the only way out is for the government to allow them to sockets I got money. I don't -- how we are -- welcome. -- Hop on a court I. Cry. -- -- -- sure but. They ought to opt out -- Well I. Opt out or caught on what. -- -- I got that stuff myself you know believe in -- Probable and -- Are out well how. It. -- -- -- -- -- A lot. But all. Know how -- got. A lot. Hot. Shot. Up out. Were out. What do you make it kind of money in the trademark of the last time he had to hire somebody in the trades don't expect a. All. Contrary. Are. All. -- political are. Not. -- -- -- I love that I love the image of you holding dad's flashlight Joseph thank you for sharing with us. I'm Michelle -- this is our our show.