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Wright's free ride

Feb 23, 2013|

Does Jeremiah Wright deserve a pass on all of his anti-american rhetoric because her served in the military? A caller seems to think so!

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OK we've gotten some responses some of the things that -- -- going to be able to to get to the mall. From 97 day on the would minorities need to get background checks for firearms purchases. They're supposed to. All the way to go back to that. That whole business with the EEOC which is again government agency. The percentage of working age Americans with a criminal record has increased significantly over the past twenty years. African Americans and Hispanics are arrested two to three times as much. Compared with the rest of the US population this is according to the report. Yes the reason her lover and strokes. Is because. Dutch word the those are the people committing the crimes and by the emotion of the victims. Our African Americans and Hispanics because the crimes you know and in the community. She is its security and then one other thing years. The guidance is not legally binding but the commission will use it as a basis of enforcing discrimination claims. It's not legally binding. But if you would trigger huge it to -- over the head and and and -- force. Legal sanctions against you of course it's legally binding. Is -- fiction that they say is voluntary and all volunteer. There's more here urgent messages to. Well OK let's go back to the telephone line 28774694322. Is a phone number -- Good afternoon you're next on the program. So low. I haven't. I -- how you think you've been taking my call. -- you -- -- program is based on issues which alright with me OK I told you though. But they have it in these people that come on the wouldn't -- mostly due to -- ways and by the way. You're you're you're always talk government in the country they've -- to. The east of the country -- -- On the legs aren't a lot to do what you're about -- It. Wasn't. What. Our rent an apartment. 'cause of the things he shows about the -- -- all of them about not at all you don't say nevermind what he says here's a man who hates America. Who castigate America is a vicious racist. But stay share lives in a multimillion -- over a million dollar home. -- calls us racist. Since week the only. We bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki when I applaud -- ship always had to do 11 cool day where should just drop bombs on some other people. There's a victory all hatred he calls this the land of the slave in the home of the greed. That's this is what the man says about America don't elitist garbage that he served in the military -- we served in the military. Yeah I think probably goes down the street any given day doesn't run over anybody so what is huge I clear bill and that's what I hold to account now it's even more significant. That the president of the United States Barack Obama for twenty years chose this man to be it's meant to. Mentor mean somewhere you wanna learn from. You wanna pick up the same ideas that same victory all the same hatred of white people the same investigation of the United States. This same. Violent in terms of Ryder against America. No wonder why he stays here I'll tell you wind stays bill. He stays there because it's better here than in Africa. Where he went he wouldn't have to put up a bowl -- white folks. But he wouldn't be able to live nearly as comfortably -- So it's paris' business. Richie found something he did which wasn't bad and therefore usually supposed to be exonerated or cleared for everything else that he said I'm not making up these weren't. Go listen to what Jeremiah Wright has sent. And by the way he also thinks that age was invented by the United States government. To wipe out black people. Don't pass the office saying well nobody was in the military so I guess it's okay he says. No it isn't okay. Not everybody who served in the military gets a pass for everything else that is done. If somebody served in the military and then comes back and commits murder he doesn't get up cash because he served in the military. And images Jeremiah Wright and if you think games. The disease age was invented by the government to perpetrate genocide against black people. Europe I'm not also and you don't get a pass either -- would be served in the military or not. You're judged on what you say bill. Not because one day he didn't commit a crime should therefore you have to. He considered a good citizen. Doesn't work that. 8774694322. Is the phone number. Let's see from 339. What they'll do any Jones wore what a waste money Obama's pathetic he's going to kill his country. Round at Georgia with the joneses said there for fine. It looked at probably can be useful for something that -- is what else are they going to be used for. From 617 your read my mind I thought it. You'd think I was a weirdo stalker -- sent -- request thanks again. That was largely for the FaceBook page okay. So -- -- in a very request -- where or stalker. Thank you. 978. What is the Republican message it is the Republicans and the Democrats to the guys in this fiscal mess. That we are in -- will not be able again. Our way out of well. There's blame I guess to go on both sides Republican to support the sequester. But the reality is that the Republicans are the ones holding the line on spending -- trying to -- until election increases. Who generally are more believers in free enterprise. And that should be the Republican message and who by the way it ought to be foursquare against. Horrible violations of the constitution like affirmative action and abomination. That treats people differently and discriminate against someone why -- just as he's -- You don't see the difference between the two parties well. The key issue and don't worry about politics. Back to the lines frank you're next on the program good afternoon. Abbey alliance it's our really amazes me he didn't networks like -- and date. These guys fall prey to the holy Bible items extortion artists. I eat Jesse Jackson and and shop there and that is moron we got our president of the United States. They contribute their money there right well housing situation. They get Jared Jeremiah Wright. They give this daycare there's a lousy race baiting creep. Our ten million. Where they'd probably jointly can't afford a Lebanon's garage. And an event they have this sanctimonious. Nonsense. That he served in the Marines. I don't -- the only the only about serving in the Marines and eighty K you are touched the bottom -- again chopped pat. And how that got -- entire country a big favor because those are my -- he become a more mature at their. It'll light that black people. Quote our. Good disgraceful. That the black people felt -- -- -- it's so. Well -- you know look at handout that this is the -- party and the black people of hidden in in large measure have been. Convinced that the only way they're gonna make it is by getting a hand out and the Democrats the party they hand out you should frank earlier on though. That bill and day I don't know much about bill. Davis told me that he's black. Now you're saying they were taken in by I. Think they've taken in by did the beneficiaries of it. Oh man not because you know as well as it's like to do it's it's it's it's -- I'm not totally sure you'll fifty. I'll have black caught all of our meal. All -- can name whatever it is. And I do abuse that -- deep brown bag that I gave you one kernel of call on that day. Don't know what year what are Howard junior got what that. I mean I'm giving you that drives and perhaps I might play better I'm telling you that I'm I'm gonna make you successful I'm gonna keep you what what the middle class. Well middle class mr. David amnesty bill are out -- but certainly -- you know trying to pay taxes or into or three jobs. Just because. We're trying to -- who they want to colonel today. And you'll gentlemen I'm not even the lifting of sync it to earn it. Bring it back and say even a slightest word. You know -- simplest terms I think -- Okay frank thanks. Being -- would get upset understandably sell your right to mean we are the ones who have to pay parole and a programs. And I think it is an optional -- the unconscionable. That somebody whose -- Should be punished over having scored higher in a police exam gesture as he does have a dark -- -- And I contend that that message with -- would resonate with a lot of people I think it would resonate with women to. Because you say is this where you on your son to be watching Sharon to not getting to a university because he's not dark skin. You want to fail to get a promotion because of that. I think this is it is just outrageous that this policy. Which apparently was started under Richard action some forty plus years 45 years ago. He is still in effect. Well on this note of consternation. And edge. Which can bring our a program to a close. And once again thank you for producing. And really kind of locker -- -- contemplates some of these will be back. Next week. Show until then have a good week because of with a snowstorm. And foolish and this is having some. Boom. Boom and.