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Problem Drinking

Feb 25, 2013|

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And radio on WRKO. 8 PM I'm wouldn't. And I'm and a team high speed howry then. Kids grow so here was -- hinge on how you doing man. I'm doing great really didn't see against. And you're listening to our new England's foremost addiction and mental health program. Here every night -- every Sunday evening at 7 o'clock. Tonight's theme. Problem drinking at the a mind your business when he and I thought I. But I'm sorry. Could this happen. And so tonight's -- is is we're talking about problem drinking and we'd like you to give us a call at 617266. 6868. We'd like to hear from you. Com and we're also joined by. An amazing and George S Patton left Arnold who is a little known around the world as a comedian playwright. A screen and -- screenwriter. And synonymous with a problem drinking. I -- it's still a problem drinking who should we are doing is you're Japanese potential blackout period tonight. It's radio show this group. The results at drug and alcohol counselor to the leader of the yeah clearly was an Internet rights and it was a lot of fun -- -- went around there. What I remembered and I was so tired from working in Texas and being admitted that the government. -- -- the real one. To do they show today is because. A lot of people's talk about problem drinking as them. You know those people always have trouble or alcoholics and you know and what we're running into is that a lot all of us in our lives have had to evaluate whether or not. The problem drinking may be us or someone we know rather than them. That you know I mean so there's some things like. You know if you drink often and if you drink too much you know and if you think you have a problem with drinking you may not come out drinking. And so we decided -- A lot of people are very committed to calling other people alcoholics and other people problem drinkers but. Not themselves so we wanted to kind of doing little education but we also really landing here other people's. Drinking and sobriety stories. So we're gonna try to define or what what problem drinking and might. Look like and what and when you shouldn't -- when you should look at your own drinking and decide that maybe you need some help. That's a much yet yeah I was a bad drinker but I've never been detox although they did send a written estimate which had its -- this juicy events -- everything -- -- different -- we have a bit of money yeah. We've heard about it pretty massive. -- the residue on the jurors should know that's. I think that's so George MacDonald yes we've been rolling it that it -- -- quite some that aren't happy that we've got a wing built in the hospital before he could expect -- metadata if you. Well -- -- so that's it but you know we also lit the letter of people who went -- -- when is it too much you know what -- some of the things have to look out for me. Alcoholism. And alcohol related. Like hospital visits just one of the one of the big things. 25 to 40% of all patients in US general hospital beds. Are being treated for complications of alcohol related problems so. 25 to 40% the new low balling at 25% that's one out of every four hospital beds is taken up. By somebody with an alcohol related health position. Right I mean and also its debt that comes to millions and millions of dollars per year. Billions well. Check it until it's also a little bit about the financial -- I know you've gotta pass now that you stepped out there about 22 point five billion dollars get spent this kind health care and that's not treatment for drugs and alcohol that is treatment for. Heart problems liver problems to weight problems. Accidents all those things that come as a result. Come liver and the heart sure spray and they think it's about it. I mean the total cost of alcohol problems is significantly. More than for other drug problems for smoking in all that because. But they've been able lived kind of tease it out. And these are. Significant. For us to commit significant numbers here I'm. But before he's going controller with that we're gonna come back we wanna talk about problem drinking we winning here. Yours we wanna hear from you 617266. 6868. But let's show cabbies we go to the news. Should we should go to the newsletter I don't lose John what's in the news today I don't know wouldn't -- yeah. Our job I do. You know I don't want to look at a couple alcohol related news items are fun really good weren't. You knew -- doctor about -- community area. You know Denny and doctor the -- founders and come out public zone unescorted yeah that's based alcoholic that's right so they just. Paying this a lot of people consider doctor Bob's house and Akron Ohio -- kind of the birthplace because that's where. You know bill went to help doctor about gets over and all that so they just created. They gave that house in Akron national historic landmarks that us. Which is a really nice thing -- right you I mean it's you know it's it's. It's helped so many peoples of the the season in Akron you know this kind of move the center of the whole thing so. Were you there Wendy I had duties but when you. It's. Pretty clear that -- -- -- I think that yeah I don't play those replies yeah. I'm not blaming him. You've -- to sat on the -- we get these pensive. Photographs of would be looking thoughtful on the ports yes he did. So that's I put those are really nice thing it's that you know State's landmark announces national and yeah department of the period does that the other thing is I was looking there's a new study than this this doesn't seem like the most. Obviously with your friends more than anything else. As it as a teen and adolescent who played the key role in determining when you take your first drink. So if your teenager -- a lot of different influences from one. Most people don't have their first drink with their fair and they have a with their peer group and a -- peer group drinks -- -- -- also listen this when this gets me. Nearly four in parents at their best friends also drink but here's. It's as. Our study would suggest that early drinking has a relationship with problematic behavior who's a big news flesh. We -- build upon us and show that having friends who drink further increases the risk of providing access to alcohol. So the message to parents from this study -- this the study was at the University of Iowa. Whatever parents can do to delay the initiation of alcohol until at least fifteen years. Or older has the potential of decreasing the risk. For later problematic drinking because if you if you can do it. After. People before who abuse alcohol before interest you much likelier to develop. Alcohol problems later in life top. Of course of course. And wasn't that one of the warning signs that Dianna Clark pointed out when she was ownership make that earlier well that to win -- charter one of the warning signs is is when your child. It starts to develop relationships with with. With new friends people that -- the kids that you don't know and starts to say goodbye to those long term relationships. And it didn't that is a warning -- yeah. I have -- my clients say oh my god my my little Brothers. Doing what I did he's hanging around with those people that you know he shouldn't be hanging around with that my mother was worried about when I was hanging around with -- hunt -- a great line. So I mean I think when things that we we're gonna do is we're gonna talk a lot about it. Some of the questionnaires people use some of -- yeah I mean if you go on the web and you say -- into every -- -- primarily 55. Web sites you can do. You fill out other things and if you answer yes and they take you immediately to their specific program for your specific problem. But there are some really. Basic ways to figure out if you are -- problem drinker and we're gonna talk about that well let's go to the -- tool. I think the cages and actually one of the simplest -- my favorite one was the one they they showed last year -- that -- -- conference. His question was how many people in this room have they didn't make the rays fans have had more than four drinks in the pet in one night in the past year. And the answer to that should be no you should never have more than four drinks in one night and that is that is the cut off point for men. For drinking too much and if you drink more if you sit there and will give -- only seventeen. You should kind of -- your drinking we're not saying you hiring alcoholic but we are saying you surprise look at. Now that's going to be different for women because one unless they tell their metabolism is little different and eight. Tends to. -- of the process alcohol -- different race. So therefore the question is how many times as a woman have you had more than three drinks -- and and that's you know most people. I mean that that puts -- that -- I think it puts forty to 50% of college kids. Having problem drinking and yes. Mattson is that a shock to anybody here right that was that was warm up. Yeah house arrest Collison is pleased are you an idea that's it -- not much really that made us less than and I thought without that it tends to be the cutoff point before people need to look at it. Look no one knows such as a -- do well well look it's an -- a second I just wanna say that you know it's my understanding. That are around 83% of colds and college students. Have suggested the state who abuse substances. Meaning binge drink and binge drinking and in the last thirty days. Know of there you know of this survey. While in college. 83%. 3% 83%. To hear any shots triple. And I believe I outcome of that survey was that 13%. Of those people continue that behavior after they left. College I mean that's -- looking you George. I don't know why did you pick the best. You can go to college to this yeah. I got DB rather weird this is. So do you all of the sink or someone you know it and -- do you think that they might have a problem. With drinking we want to hear from you give us a call 617. 2666868. And AM but again we're joined we're joined by George MacDonald tonight come. Who brings it up powerful. High level of testimony for himself and could feel and experience and there sir Edmund doing some -- -- -- -- have -- -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We wanna say that this segment has been brought to you by foundations recovery network you listening to. Right turn radio with -- decent and that's the have you seen that you that you John told him our special guest George MacDonald. We'll be right back with right turn and radio. -- -- -- -- you are jail on FaceBook. Dot com slash WRKO. 680. Hi I'm John code and musicians and addiction counselor -- turned the creative place for recovery from alcohol and drug addiction and -- For some people struggling with -- rate turns intensive outpatient treatment can provide the tools needed for recovery. For others the end structure of our support of posting program may be beneficial. This program -- seven men in the beautifully renovated Historic New England house in -- Our goal is to help residence -- between consumer support network. And developing life skills for sober living expressing individual creativity is an important part of recovery here too. That includes a fully equipped music -- weekly jam sessions and an opportunity for life performance. 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Aspects of life people you've heard about people you may not hurt ordinary Americans exceptional Americans I love the discovery. Senator we will to a story that. Never played here she comes spend an hour with us on Friday night -- -- -- Brian Williams Fridays at ten on NBC. Think the critics and naysayers okay. -- never even if he didn't we are okay. RKO. Boston's talk stations. Not me. This whole thing I was drinking getting your -- Having a good time. You can. -- -- -- And you look -- I don't know what I heard you say I'm flying out and have a good time. What so. Alison it's. Big -- I don't deserve this -- I'm dying to get back. Yeah. And the way. You've been able you know. And they drink -- drink and indirect and bodily. But in Jerusalem around. -- right welcome back to right turned radio I'm woody gives me a decent and that's going to. And I'm here with caddie dean and John join him in our special guest tonight George MacDonald. You're listening to right turn radio on WR KU. Six. -- Would pay I. We I love Bill Cosby and we caught up with a caller we need to go to let's go right to our callers shall we. Joseph you're live on the air with Debian woody. I just. What are you -- jolt from -- I Jew hurry outlet for a script so we're back in 1975. At the request my copy -- 23 years almost sixty okay yeah 92 -- five listed so -- Views that I relapse is 1981 of the big issues -- my sexual orientation is here with the AA right. And when they followed -- those papers and I was really. -- -- blacklisted as it was discrimination go hard right and then it can help all the matter at all. So I don't in 1988 relapse today continued to pick -- 2008 and was talking in almost 28 yeah. And I went factored in a factors that 2008. And remain sober -- was two years I relapse again. But the problem that you see when you go to create this solar discrimination against people of the truth sexual orientation all you know twelve step program is a lot of bigotry that goes on me you know so I just desk and forty PE together. The solution to that my own situation. Well you know I mean it's interesting too because then and I appreciate. Your your arm found that your struggle here but there are meetings. That are specifically for. People's. In the gay community and have you tried those meetings. Yes I have -- one of the problems is all those meetings are based. The area and older gay man these meetings is based side uses a lot of BS that goes on an annualized. -- I think you -- run into that in a lot I mean I think that that you have to find your meeting and I do know. Older men who are gay in recovery who have found their meetings. And it might just be I mean they may just be a little harder to find one play. And you know at the -- also wanna say that you know Joe's probably gonna run into this issue in the real world I don't want it just I don't wanna stick with ties. You know in and say that -- is the one place that you get around and suggests to this issue Joseph I think that. You know we it I don't end and I think maybe you sure you know I think that you should continue on with and and and you know just. Lose focus on your treatment there and and. -- -- you one quick question you sit and do what to call made history can now I'm not getting drawn up just like every 2 great morning Tony afternoon covering her personal at magnolia -- -- -- sort of go to purpose to -- sentinel at. But I really wanna get back community you know into the into the sobriety yeah brawl you know. I mean it sounds to me it at that and it sounds like it's been a very I'd -- And I think it's our there's always going to be people in meetings who are not. We would be hanging on the outside world it just is so I mean there's always going to be somebody -- But I think you be really important. To find the people who are like Q and to find the similarities you have with people -- meanings. And Joseph I'm gonna challenge you. I think you should start your own meeting my friend I think that it's that it you know it's not it's not uncommon for people to find an area and end. A death George you know. We have -- on this show. No absolutely. Other meetings for comics only actually there are I mean if you go to hide out in Los Angeles at one of the comedy clubs they have a meeting that usually strictly comedian you're like oh yeah I ended up leading many to -- can't imagine it and -- I think they -- -- Joseph brings up a good point don't actually I think I think it's really crucial. To find your tribe no matter what your pride is no matter what you oriented or whatever it might be I think it's really important to find a group. We you feel at home and how much and it's no matter what you -- coming from because I think that's what really makes it work. Play residuals it's really I and I am glad to show up I was so important to find your find your people because it's always easy -- is always easy. The first meeting I ever saddened somebody in front of me was -- now planning and killing someone and it was slick would have been then last meeting ever sat -- 200. But every how many times I have to apologize it's. Well if that was if that is all late in that was on his -- get out of it I mean it was right it was. But it blaming you cannot hear people are in their maybe their quieter. Maybe they're asking for different held may be there. You know maybe there in therapy may be there in different kinds of groups but find your people if he can't find your people at the -- -- totally different meaning. So give us a call 6172666868. We want to hear from you and you know we have fun on the show but we know that this is a very serious topic and that is something we we we do we take it all very seriously but we also don't want people to feel embarrassed about it or ashamed. So we want people who know that. He can have fun to know recovery. You know what I noticed Serbian Woody's women like Chinese people come in to. To right turn for treatment and or their family will say well. She's got an opiate problem. -- and that's horrible you know lose that we don't doing hard drugs and meanwhile. You're one of the parents might be alcohol dependent or alcohol you know. And so people seem to accept operate these other drug problems because are not culturally acceptable way to alcohol is. And they and they demonize them but does the fact is that alcohol is by far the biggest drug problem in the United States. Great -- and treatment is similar and the problems coming along with that are very similar as well yeah. But it drug as a drug as a drug I drug benefit them and if it's not the chemical addiction it can be some kind of a process addiction is well. Do -- bridges on the same but tonight we're talking about you know problem. Drinking and what does what does problem drinking looks like paddy you know if you have a problem well. If you drink. More than you plan on drinking when you cut to drink. And if you drink more often than you plan on drinking. He might have problem with your drinking. Well let's let's go to the key bridge yet seen a GE. Desperate for a long time we can remember that. And so the same cage stands for. Do you try to control your drop -- T try it does it take some energy from them for them. So then what and if you do try to control your drinking. Chances are on campus technically I'm only sorry I admire you and yeah that -- -- what I I think that with the thing that brings up is that I don't think socialism retirement this earlier I don't think social drinkers really think man you think it has a nonissue if you're social drinker. But if you're out of control chances are you're trying to reign again at some point or -- to keep it. Keep it under. Under wraps are or whatever it right in donations and if so does do you feel bad this agitation when people try to talk to you about. You're drinking you know which brings us the anger prior I was asked -- a friend. -- anger when your family your friends bring -- drinking. And he answered no anomaly quick you know he said tough don't secretly feel angry at got. I'll tell -- I have let there let's let's go to the phone here we're gonna come back to the caged tool. Who is this Dina Dina we're going to zero you live on the air with -- and woody. Hi guys back with our American cute show -- and you guys on the air but doesn't. There's greater helped a lot actually on recovering -- out spend a five year. Yeah. I think you're not so much alcohol but it was it was definitely had a double problem but I've been with there's been guys -- ten years and to work every day I mean he beat the crede coming out QX but he feels like our carries he's entitled true. -- -- buried a fighting bears is almost yeah yeah as -- every Saturday. Almost I mean now he actually got a slow down the last couple months but. And at that chemical substance to a -- -- -- used yeah I know of course for the two -- I can't get him into a meeting and I can't get him. I can't get -- and -- Everything bike while I worked so we get it like it's an entitlement I no. As well you're probably doing the best you can do here just my living you living by example right right. Why HBO. But he don't wake up in my head to light it up leadership and that exactly -- invited I am I army usually -- coach -- back. And it seemed tempered by I can't make him understand that it's big he binge drink and eat healthy not at every Obama -- This brings it brings up a point with me and that you know is kind of a passion here is. You know sometimes people have underlying issues you know sometimes people are. Struggling with depression and they're struggling with. With -- anxiety. Maybe there they have a hormone imbalance or maybe it's. And thyroid issue. You know maybe it's something that the that the alcohol use is just a symptom of of what's really going on and sometimes. That's the way we have to look at this you know may be where to say you're not taking care of yourself -- the alcohol I'm worried about right now looks. Maybe there's something else that kind of needs to be addressed here yeah I don't know it's just it's an interest in peace and we've. You know thank you so much and I hope that you keep listening to our show. You know and we're happy to be here are right turn -- happen to be here on John WRK you know it's it's -- and a new home for us we've been on the air for two and a half years and we'd like you to go to our FaceBook. And I'd like -- like us on our Facebook. You know this segment has been brought to you by foundations. -- recovery network today we're talking about problems drinking. We're here with the George MacDonald. I am looking into what -- once again once again since I don't it's not what I'm passing good. -- -- -- probably yeah I think we have callers lined up but we're gonna take a quick break we're gonna come right back to right -- radio will be right there with. Your calls. Yeah. 8 AM -- six WRKO. OK Boston's Caucasian. 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Welcome back to right turn the radio on WRKO's six feet. My name is what he's been on here with caddie dean -- John -- here and there are special. Very special guest today it's very very. George McDonald he's waving and I'm thinking the -- I would have. And we're talking about problem drinking today what does problem drinking look like if you have experience with this. Give us a call 6172666868. And you know I mean it's interesting have you talked about one of the Karl these that the previous caller I'm. And this that young woman who's called in with five years of recovery and you know I mean it is uninteresting that you know maybe she does need some professional help and I say that as a board registered interventionist that. You know helping is available and people can call. If they need. You know a little bit of vice professional advice right. Help getting someone to see your point of view kind of image to see the idea that you know. More than five Beers and -- sitting as a problem you know I mean so there for thirty or forty is a real problem and you know and it's dangerous for your own recovery -- Well let's admit it it can be well done this if it's done by a professional but also an -- and I say this. Until I'm blue in the face it needs to come from the right place that needs to be done in an effective. You know and loving loving kind and loving way -- and I think it's important to that she doesn't have to do it by herself that's also. What's -- intervention with the greatest threat and trying to. Figured I'll I'm wrong and so -- wondering why we had you come thing -- We ran away just Amanda book. That's definitely. Welcomed here and to have. And so that's suspicious when Keith Richards -- -- -- -- Study we we were interrupted by our break there we were talking about the cage the cage to. And the first to see is control of ours are trying to control your drinking you get angry and people talked Tina you're drinking angry. And gee do you have guilt. About it you're drinking when people talk to you about you drinking you've killed two men. So you you when you wake up the next day I guess is Williamson. Yeah or date or did you miss some playing or did you forget something any of the things that are happening that are causing guilt. Giants just at an Obama. Birdies there are yeah how -- are taking years and I think that. I -- industry cannot remember anything that Iran has millionaires who you know when you so apple to win -- oh. Wake up the next morning you're missing some -- and I think that's probably a sign of problems you get people have to tell you what you did to. -- -- I'm one of those present. And the fourth one is an eye opener have you ever had to have an eye opener. -- an eye opener or have you ever had the hair of the dog that -- you or. -- all those fun things now there's there's some. And CD. DD national move move move move it's -- -- its -- -- Yes I used to know that they where I can never remember what though these acronyms are. But they have it they have -- it if they have a reasonable. Test done mine which and it has some questions like do you drink heavily when you're disappointed under pressure are having a quarrel with someone. Anybody even known to do that. Have you ever been unable to remember something that the trees even even -- even though your friends say you didn't pass out that's like it double -- Guess that's not a good sign you didn't pass out but don't remember also -- inside. And the third one is do you -- this is one of those ones that the lawyer drinkers amongst us can travel it. Do you sometimes feeling comfortable in alcohol is not available at an event. And their lawyer people I mean we always tease anybody about being lawyers looking for loopholes. I don't sometimes -- know -- could not only smell like I always feel like central to those kinds of questions you know. Do you drink them to achieve pass out when you change and there are times you don't remember aren't -- black cats. TD things that you would never didn't -- -- would never do that you forget it. Whose car you cook who is in foods carry you came home and you forget how I got -- you forget who's with few of -- can think. If there's also lose the physiological stuff that happens to people and I think sometimes when somebody comes in and they're. They're kind of just you know I'm not really thinking about giving -- but you know they've been forced to come in for treatment. You wanna go over some of those problems -- they can be really profound. -- quality man delivered you know have. This cirrhosis of the liver and things like that that eventually come on. -- And brain problems and and and I mean my sings a lot of women I know when they first quit. You know they feeling their -- to benefit they also lose a lot of weight alcohol is incredibly fattening via. If you don't know how this is cool yeah. You know. Or uninteresting things that -- comes to mind happy and it is in the that was a brain joke is that we are free for our whole. No I thought it comes to Mariano. -- yeah. That brain dead there. Is that -- three Cincinnati then maybe you know and there. Cooper is the recent study on black out drinking and how that is very much genetic. Pre disposition. Then that blacked out drinking. No matter. How much or how little alcohol some people drink. That they have a predisposition to black out drinking and that blackouts could last anywhere from three minutes to have three hours. Where it. George I'm looking -- you again. -- -- -- actually some of my last drinking was black out drinking actually don't play and that was instrumental in making me stop drinking Priscilla political harassment. A blacking out on stage actually. Really stay in up Aaliyah beatings damn well I mean it was I don't know if you could really Colin black out because when people were told me the next day what happened. It was that didn't really do that I thought I just thought about sand static that's something I'm glad that black powder -- -- because that is aware that it happened but I thought it had happened in my imagination was asked what had happened. And so that's terrifying -- you know willow yeah and actually happened a couple of times and that's when McCain might wanna look at this -- and that's. And now it's really have what we talk among people who show that frame of reference. Is so important for. If you can tell your business must really so to try to get so in that setting. Well it. Yes because landslide but it's also link to it's tough even realized that -- problem because there's so I've been back in the eighties anyway and that's when everybody was. -- be at the end it was a whole different world and enough. -- and you know just like I guess a frame of reference is -- -- -- problem. Everybody does press you know because you living and a knee if you working in the nightclub is that you kind of living in a cocoon anyway so everybody is doing a favorite they -- them. Well and probably some of the people that you looked up to where people who told my god you were people who Lenny Bruce Lenny Bruce are dead George here certainly guys that that. Did drugs and play him and me and also to a school particularly stand -- that was the concept that by the belief anyway the false belief thing. This'll make the really fun and very often you go to a club I want -- be doing a one night showed some -- we'll get to comedian strong -- make them really funny and that. That's what the tricks up as I don't often your boss is actually helping to get you shatter simply audience -- -- yeah it helps yeah etc. it looks really -- if that's true. But that's a common he's the right -- doesn't musician nine is usually the same thing with some the musicians that. I used to look up to I looked up for all the wrong reasons ranking that was gonna be great. Now one thing until things you know one thing is is what the guys that I looked up -- were all dead he's he's. It's -- -- more sober right. And I think towards earth right -- and a good point. -- or the other pieces that down and never can I ever say that that any type of substance use actually ever made me better. No absolutely not I would yeah and so I agree a 100% in fact what I found I was. Thousand times better doing what I was doing. What once I got so it's I was an adjustment of course because it was it was an adjustment. But also to always by getting sober it allowed me to do other things include rating and stinks that I never would've done merit and not become a silver it's just what happened -- -- Think the other thing is really interesting is a lot of people and -- for most people. At some point in their lives when they figure. I mean I think one in four people at something their lives are considered a problem drinker. And most of them. Get back. Some of them year's meeting some of them get therapy some people's you know going deal with the underlying issues as was used on humans but most people get better. And they you know and just so that the numbers so that's why is seen as the number of people who Wear. You know. Alcoholic any enemies who have really travels with his lake eight or 9% went. At any you know at some point and everything is life time one in four people are gonna have problem with it. A lot of people say oh my goodness look at this had a problem with drinking. I think I'll come back and that's often enough so -- Everyone's gonna end up than any meetings that we use a man without -- here let's turn right turn the radio on WRKO. Every evening every Sunday evening at 7 o'clock. We're gonna go away and will be right back with our special guest George MacDonald. And more abouts. Problem drinking. Choose it how it's not wanna talk about what's going on here this is okay yeah the sixty. Car. If you or family member are affected by alcoholism or drug addiction the first step to getting treatment. And be an intervention. Hi I'm what he keeps them aboard registered interventionist and founder and CEO of -- right turn and innovative substance abuse program. My kinder and gentler approach to intervention helps make the transition from addiction to treatment less stressful for the chemically dependent person. And his or her family. If you are in the situation that feels out of control with a loved one who needs help fighting addiction. 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These guys -- feeling and I. And your local food -- Telling -- can't spend my second -- -- just like me at Fenway -- -- -- -- -- -- Your champion. -- we're celebrating. Our Boston we are and AM six CD WR two days ago. It's. All right I'm -- and all I -- automotive. Okay. Its. Okay. Okay. And you went and. You wouldn't. Have you tigers June. Playing this song -- You would -- It's on the moon. -- home. I'm here I go home. Thank you so much for being cool on the side. Yeah we try. Feeling right now. -- blow. There are right welcome -- to right turn the radio with your weekly talk show on addiction and mental health. My -- -- decent then I'm here with that being. George MacDonald and our men are in the news. This junk -- him what a great clip. Close friends. If he's he's always funny he can tell us don't read. Yeah he's toast and I just love the dialogue being dry used to look like that they and then the previous clip Stewart talked up I'm having a good time yeah. -- -- -- -- a familiar ring could set up the definition of a good time now it changes and what about the halftime and our video it certainly did seem content from. We're talking about. Problem drinking today. And activists call 617. It's 2666868. We'd like to hear from you like to hear your story youths. And the other thing is if you -- here's some. Other comics talked about it that there recovery not. Only but very funny people comics very Camry has a website with clips in your on there which I -- and yes. So coming -- recovery has. All these hilarious clips John and I are Latino candidate researching for the show that's for. I don't -- I meditate actually went essentially. -- So so if you have a problem drinking around is there any hope. Is there hope what you're talking here before we went -- to celebrate happy that some people may have episodes. Where they struggle with alcohol to bring it might be because they're depressed or angry or have underlying issues or very you know. Unhappy in their match or from work here so they're using it as they're using an alcoholic -- But it when somebody pointed out to hammer when they take of these tests where they can't look at them selves they say oh I think I should stop. Well let me through this went down to the -- know what if they're just in that relationship. That's I mean. I think that's one of those causes. That people do it as a way of not being present their relationship. You know some people big you know drinking a love story would it would -- book. Did you when you Malia who went with a it was high of all time -- the Martinis high balls that old generation right right and having a good time. I don't conflict -- we are -- cocktail hour yes the number that the F yes. It was it was -- my radar on the of the NRA's. -- should let people well on the. Culture supporters to if you watch your head -- I remember I mean not that far back -- The place I worked in the seventies the bosses would go out at noon and they would come back at 230. Having had 345. Martinis made that this you know five days of the week and that was the culture. Where they alcoholics. Everywhere they alcoholics. And difference between an alcoholic and a problem drinker is meeting strain says that this -- that they can. I mean the point is you can't really call someone else alcoholic it's one of those things you can call yourself. Did they have problems with alcohol elect me like they did there but that's from the outside maybe it wasn't interfering with any parts of their life. Louie CK has a whole wonderful thing -- can -- imagine drinking like it he said I just fall asleep piano in the second half for the day happy teacher kept. Let's talk to who. Well there -- always fantastic. And I always used to find a way it's -- breakfast at wake up at 2 o'clock this page who. Yeah. Yes that's that's interest thing again we're back to the frame of reference thing it's like the cocktail hour thing in Brentwood socially acceptable and I think social the people are much more aware about public awareness and concern. Of problematic nature of drinking and then and much more so I can remember even. When I get -- in the eighties even just going. It just in general people like you have a problem like if you want to relate to getting it into it and finish fifth have you been out with -- lately she's yeah. So yeah I think just people more aware now than than ever you know I'm surprised at how many young people like see in recovery now. It that's really is -- you know Fred it's fantastic you. I mean one thing is that kind of comes up. Here again for me is our genetics. We know. Greater than 60% of people who walk into my office George then give me history. Alcoholism within the family system -- to close within the family says yeah. Close yet but it may not just be alcoholism it may -- depression it may be something that could very. Likely lead to. Excessive alcohol use. Yeah I think when it I think there as there are a lot of reasons and if you have any reason to think you have a problem with drinking I think somebody else does. Lake and it as George was saying before if you're taking this test you may want to think about it and -- great but I think. But -- it there's hot it doesn't mean if you have a problem drinking now that the rest if you -- you can never have a drink again. It just means that you probably need help figuring out if you have a problem. Maybe on that spectrum ping me and if there's other things he could be doing. It -- kids get yourself together and treatment options are. -- you know go to a meeting. Talk to somebody about it but don't try to do this alone you know get some help asks -- you know even if it's just a family member I'm a little worried about it. To the don't ask the family members as they don't worry about it everybody drinks you know it's seventy Beers a night you know that's that's not to talk to. But there's always hope there's always help. And if you have any questions about your drinking. At can't touch -- professional ask them -- sure. -- can't hear you and doctor mark companies he's book. That treating addictions. -- Hypotheses of self medication if you think that they might fit you if you think that something's going on with you. And that drinking Maine to alcohol or using some substance marijuana whenever. Might be getting a little out of control maybe you need to go like -- you just said go get some professional help. Yeah it -- No I mean I think it makes a huge difference committed to I mean and know that most people. You know get over it without you know having to a quick transfer but many do have to quit forever but most -- And if -- if you have a family member who you think is struggling then geez you can reach out for professional help as well. Georgia we're getting down to the bottom of the show. -- I wanna say thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule. Ali thank you thanks haven't you guys is a pleasure you know my pleasure thanks for the nice to have you back if you think traced to be here you know -- it is -- -- so John appears sober person and you're looking for some fun to do on -- Saturday -- what would you say you know what I would -- would I would do and -- -- I -- Well I would do what would you do I would go to the right through live with a silver cafe every Saturday night to 99 Broadway in Arlington returned. There's live music. The first Saturday of every month is John -- and yeah. Yes and his -- and rulers. With a lot of great musicians lot of great music but there's always something great. Jack lynch is doing a comedy no the era in March I think there's a march and and just great stuff soon everybody's always welcomed that. Go to our website look at the information. Well that's because we think that you know sometimes therapy helps and sometimes medication helps and sometimes. Music how it's comedy -- in sometimes common hopes and most definitely. Listen thank you all we wanna say thank you to our callers we wanna say thank you to our listeners. Come again George thank you so much for showing up tonight. We're gonna wrap here will be back next week at 7 o'clock you're listening to right -- radio he saved and ask for help. Rush Limbaugh here join me weekdays noon to three this is AM six -- WRKO. Boston talk we've added yeah.