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Brawl at a kids hockey game

Feb 25, 2013|

One parent takes offense at another father's choice of words, and then they exchanged heated words.

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Welcome back in the quarter report this is Jeff -- -- -- 61726660. You can also -- -- -- 68680. You seen something like this affect your kids supporting them. Here is the father. An aggressive father. Calling another person's kid in midget. Because that kid apparently tripped his son. On the ice and the referee didn't call it. And then. When the little person's father said don't call my kid in midget. That exam aggressive father holding a baby and named him. Says someone walked Q and smash your face and -- win again baby. Not a magic OK I'm not he's a hockey player and not -- -- and -- think it's gonna -- not everything is OK I got an -- they keep your. I got him on this. -- -- -- -- -- You guys their kids playing hockey. Can everybody just relax. They're kids playing football their kids playing basketball. Everybody relax. Let the kids have some fun supposed to be a fun game. The previous caller. Said you know when I grew up we played all the time and the parents never showed up. My dad would drop me off and games. And scooped me up to three hours later. Frankly most of the kids I played with it was the same thing. They dropped a software practiced they dropped us off at the football game or the basketball game and we played. We have fund. We knew were there really good players the mediocre players and the players of frankly sucked the life went on. But suddenly if you noticed the last twenty years. -- this phenomenon. The hockey mom. The hockey that the people yelling people screaming parents fighting a fights breaking out. I stopped taking my little Ashton to our local football field obviously Saturday mornings there was always a game and I -- -- game for good the kids can really play. 8910 year old kids it's really good football. But it's the parents Sonny yeah IE -- very. I she wearing the F word Deb. Because of a -- get kids playing football or basketball hierarchy. He conducts the set 686 AB. Do you support the father's decision. To stand up for his kid who was called the -- And what would you do if you were in that parents displace. Here's what 617 said it's freedom hockey of the kids. Would have taken care of it on their own on the ice the parents need to stay out of it amen 617. 339. All the young hockey players were called the magic it's. And it's another thing your -- so sensitive Larry called the magic Malone as a jerk. I can tell the -- comic Appel is a jerk you know life is a lot of jerks you have to ignore jerks Spartan life. Eric Europe next go. Well not a good subject matter your job but it's a lousy example I think. The situation here in the whereas the father in that -- it don't matter it's a hockey play a hockey situation. Or any situation the guys massively crops OR OK by doing that -- what do we get really -- and you know our little person it's maybe I don't know I didn't see the video. But it doesn't matter the guy didn't have a right to say that and the guy was completely pulled all of -- it's. Lot of Michigan hockey player I mean he was trying to do the right thing the other godfather was the one who's. Our -- in the situation. And the thing that I'm actually a lot of this stuff myself but I mean I think you -- you're you're completely right that this kind of stuff goes on. But the bad example -- bother crossing lines hockey game or not -- it doesn't matter what it's a little sloppy game they'll be a good example of that. I think -- he's seen video. I love people on the field and stuff like that -- hockey setting where somebody -- -- one of the key players in the elementary approach from the opposing team trips to yet. You know about the try to stop the -- No no look at Eric look I don't know if my son is playing somebody called out to my son look maybe I would flip out and get angry as well so I'm not. There are many very candid with you I don't know. What I can just tell you was. They see you imagine you've flipping out and getting mad. We don't know. -- English is promoted and -- better than what our Condo -- I remember one time -- -- any slight change. This was -- He Peewee football. We got a player named Danny and he was a really good -- defensive back and he was already -- And his. His brother his older brother was a coach on our team. And he had a younger brother who was in the stands watching the game. And one of the opposing teams fathers. Was telling -- yelling at Danny sink Danny's a dirty player because -- would it very hard he would lean with his helmet. So the brother of -- in the stands goes berserk. And they start fighting. The father and Danny's brother start fighting you can see the fight. And then remember that the coach the older brother he's an almighty god almighty god and he runs across the field. And now he's getting involved in a fight so then other people are getting involved in the fight. -- looking at each other like what the hell's going on your just a football game a caucus came. The Brothers were hauled away in handcuffs the other parents were all the way in handcuffs has -- cop cars everywhere. And -- Danny comes forward to the bench is completely dejected I'll never forget your long flowing blonde hair he was known for an Achilles is blunder or that his trademark. He takes his helmet off. I said penny. What did that father call you Penn says I don't know I could even hear him. This is my point. You may be here the guy in the stand you go oh my god don't call my son missed. Oftentimes the kids der so intense -- so intent on playing their game they don't even here they just block out all the points. -- they get the put eventually though for the kid actually -- that. It might go to prison -- are having most all of trying to -- resident jeopardy of going to present Jaffe gives all the guys coming out. Going on any other guy stars at the -- a punch you in the face someone to shatter your glasses in my kick your face and now god forbid think about it god forbid if this guy started a fight with godfather. And he's got an infant in his hand. And the infant faults. And the infant smashes as that. I mean this thing could have gotten very ugly very fast. That's why look. My philosophy take it for what it's worth. It's in one year it's out the other now if it's really egregious. -- really feel like you're threatening my son. Or my son's physical wellbeing is in jeopardy. Then I stepped in. But some moron. Was probably insulting everybody's kids. You know the type. Of jerk. We're gonna put this guy to their punch somebody's face -- over what a stupid Peewee hockey game because of a call ref didn't maker -- -- great. Matt Europe next go. -- -- -- Any idea that a quick funny story I got into about this whole sports thing. -- to blame game baseball I think that was 1213 years owed by -- ultimatum like that used to come there every game. Well what do you -- there was cute kid they came that you know we didn't get along so well. So look at this stage and the video and let me lumber on the field you know then major just got to confront. Over certain I had my back turned and at the plate -- a bad and I see it won't let him off the field. My grandma could have been the dugout grabbed the baseball and -- to -- away. So. And then load up front door but I think the government is grim month to good baseball. Imagination can -- Iraq which he -- unload equipment dugout grabbed a baseball -- I hear screaming chasing him -- away. -- they live ever seen in my entire life through the -- and that was about twenty years ago. But I drew a lead get rid of that call Matt are you can cram all. Don't you insult -- Matty. Isn't it hits -- -- baseball -- Steve Europe Mets welcomed the coroner report. Didn't -- got side of the jerk there called legitimate issue and I'll. SS father you know I'm sure he has -- sure it's there's always. This mom and dad -- and that many more talk moments that jerk he's in his life and assume that small spotlight that torture I felt spin out. -- -- you know people like that you can really do much about you just I did try to ignore. That's my advice Steve you know there's there's I see them at every sporting event -- there'll always they -- -- Just want to interject there of course got several years ago there was an excellent. Where to find others that -- good game did get a mental physical altercation. And one spot they're actually beat the other one to doubt. Could shake that culture can probably remember that you're coached. It was a little dust into -- Stanley. Who jail where it jumped a judge or the emergency. And that being -- -- to doubt it was Marshall argued on the other hand. And I suggest they had a gentleman that died unfortunately I'm. I -- now but yet happened IOS and probably about twelve years ago. And I know I mean that's I mean look people get it get out it gets out of hand people get out of control. This guy's gonna get his I'm telling you he's gonna get is one.