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Chump Line Monday February 25, 2013 - Non-existent Country

Feb 25, 2013|

Our favorite message on today's chump line was a hit on Secretary of State John Kerry who made up a country in his address today.

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Each weekday. Pop round and round and. Maximum I'd do -- yeah. Yeah. Well motivated me. Come around the world and we do. And that. I really Eliot Spitzer were different in their late thirties I could be wrong but the one he really liked actually to pray -- -- -- columnist for the New York Post. His vice coliform column she was in her early twenties rightfully. At a competitive in the open and it. The people and and and. I want these boys who to believe jewel in Forbes the first. And I get a ticket to bout. This didn't. By the way where words -- we posted that story. -- explaining to people. What his exact and I'm unit hasn't been we're gonna if you if you don't believe me. If you think I mean the all those countries over there I mean I hate to sound like a like -- They -- it. But though all those countries over there they seem to have the same kind of names it's easy to understand why would why you I would get confused with windows but a lot of time thinking about but according to John Kerry. Mean he's the -- it is like a foreign affairs he should know he should know which countries are open -- and they shouldn't be getting them confused. Any more than he should be getting -- many -- has confused with some cheese heads. But no. -- Let me be clear. I -- The -- my problem or. Which. The Catholic. As big -- -- Well I -- -- spoke mastery. Well that's what they speak in Austria I forgot. And they speak Arabic and and in Afghanistan -- I forgot about that of those again. Those are run those are just trivia questions for the mainstream media spin Quayle had said any of that stuff do that that. The mainstream media would never forgotten it just like you know Latin while -- admire her but NATO's misspelling potatoes. But it's it's Barack Obama so dear leader. So we can't we can't you know do we can't say anything about just like just like the bowl when the New York Times in the Washington Post we can't write about the price of gasoline going up when he cents in week because. Makes your leader will. -- they've been around -- single. There and George Bush also -- Miles wanted to know why didn't think to strangle shop I'll tell you one miles I get I get it I give my annual physical should check -- From -- idea -- in December. So -- in there and I got taken get a flu shot every year so I -- give me a flu shot and give me the strangled shot in the work out a vote. So two weeks later I came back. And I got the flu shot I forgot about the change culture and believe me I won't forget again models. And I don't -- sixty now -- -- and quality you know what mileage. I don't hear it but I thought the whole -- is. There's that too you know. I mean it's like just before I mean again people in the dreaded private sector how many how many jobs have vanished under Obama. Eight million is it is that it is an eight million jobs -- -- great million fewer people in the workforce that left the workforce they just drop outs. You know I mean -- they Erisa. There are two Americas is John Edwards said and you know what it boils down to now is public sector America in private sector America and private sector American dreaded private sector America. Is in damn near depression and and in public sector America it's it's what the good times roll. But how close the Cleveland twice during the month of February from vacation. Go to Cleveland twice -- wants to what one wants two weeks ago jaded by the way JIQ at that read that text you sent me about. Well I guess I could say I'll mention part of it he was speculating on what would've happened the course of history when -- Broderick and and -- had a permit it. They include only cut back our own people both handled poorly thought that the Fed off. Both men. Was this what it was like all last week's Indy. As a kind of quiet compared classically. A newer rule -- I whoever would be amused Mike shingles. And the Academy Award for best actor an important picture. On what we've. Who plan Obama but -- that moment. Everything's okay got to go -- -- the public ultimatum get it won't be the. I don't think that's the title of the movie that Barack Obama's star and hiding them and title of the movie starring in his -- Items quality this guy is always. Latest message every day and it would be true. What the house it's -- side and I think. We talk about the shotgun. There's always talk about sandy is he referring to a shotgun talking about how women need to buy shotguns. I think better than one that Chris had any interest in the entrance and we'll be here that. No law abiding citizen of the United States of America that any. The air that their doctors right we'll read ranged in any way. Not it's zero. He's from the government and easier to help you. Now but I think I thought it was on the on target with the shotgun she told -- told women to get shot I mean what's wrong with. Yeah you didn't know he didn't say. She could take account to your local. You know your local shop shop and get it sawed off that's a that's a felony. What might make the got a little more effective when using using against rapists its earliest onslaught shotgun is certainly more effective against rapists and a dog whistle to whistle. I always. -- bingo bingo bingo rules. It's so bad bad do there is. Yes this news -- -- Hillary's seat bingo. And did they can. Do wrong. Actually by the time Tuesday Wednesday rolled around it was OK I was I was field -- right. The by the way miles thanks for a I'm glad to enjoyed my column most columns on the globe. But I didn't need to I didn't need to dictate him to was to Charlotte. A lot of -- that with paradise lost. I eight H I sat down by the pool -- wrote them myself. -- going all the way. That was your last -- line message thank you for calling Kelly Connor you shout. OK that's that with the that's it for the -- like today that Chaplin is recorded voice mail message service of our archery call leave a message via -- there including weekends. But -- number you'd like to leave such a message is 61777936961777934. 69. And I get a ticket to. -- --