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The Administration Who Couldn't Shoot Straight

Feb 25, 2013|

Secretary of State John Kerry is now making up countries. He invented the nation of 'Kyrzakhstan'. The State Department omitted the error in the official transcript of the speech, which Mr Kerry delivered on the eve of his first foreign trip as secretary of state. This while President Obama is blaming the republicans for the sequestration cuts coming at the week's end which he put in place himself. Howie wondered is this administration like the gang who could not shoot straight.

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Are you afraid of the sequestration. Know him but 90%. And going right. I must say you know. I can't and we're gonna we gonna talk about this for a while today I just I just can't believe that I. You don't have for the first part of last week I was I was too little sector -- I was -- ballot but I'd I would by the papers every that by the wall street journal of the New York Post -- -- -- read them very carefully and then later on in the week I that would you know our pilots don't buy them and have read. I've read the gossip sections in the sports pages in the editorials by it -- I -- given the sequestration. I mean it's just such -- for thought I mean. I cannot believe that the that the -- stream media I mean I know how had they are. But. Still now I mean even by even by mainstream media standards this is ridiculous. I mean did did does anyone in the mainstream media and I guess they I guess the only media which which it -- does anyone realize that. As of January 1 the the Social Security -- payroll tax holiday ended and that 2%. Pax was reimposed. On everybody gets picture. That's 77%. Of the American people. 2% -- Okay now the taxes also went up on the upper income groups so. I don't know what the I don't know what the than the exact percentages but say at least 20% of people didn't take just the 2% to it. 77% of the people put a 2%. Probably 20% took up 3456%. Pick. Now. I don't remember. The mainstream media going around it interviewing people and talking about what tragedies are going to occur in -- -- Because you had to take 2%. -- -- one story. In the New York Times. About how people will -- of people were hurting in people in the moderate income range -- hurting because they were taken yet here. You know if you made 50000. 2%. 2% works out to one of two -- thousand bucks a year that's twenty bucks a week I mean I gonna unit noticed. But they don't want a lot of stories about this. Mean now that now they're starting to be stories because -- the beat the quarterly reports start to come -- someone for Darden Restaurants which is. Which is olive gardens in red lobster and their their -- weight down because they say that it Wal-Mart is -- Because. They're they they cater to moderate income people all of these are some of these companies and they're getting they're getting slammed but favorably. -- -- you know every. But now to talk about twelve point 3%. 2.3 percent cut being the the budget is up 17%. In the last five years and that argue about a 2.3 percent cut. And they gonna have to lay off all these people -- about this. Overnight -- let's think about it if you. To make a million dollars a year you have to but it to clear million dollars a year you have to make two million. Actually brought it Mikell weren't two million let's just say you have to make two to -- we're just round that 50% of the money. Okay. So if you. If you make two million a year and you got a million box and you got -- that you take that 2% pay cut actually -- take more to be like 6% -- -- let's just keep but it 2% to close this west. So 2% so your your closing 22% of a million dollars after taxes. Is 20000 box correct 20000 box so. You'll be -- -- a reporter comes to you when your you know -- mr. and mrs. Joseph blow rich guys from from west or yes or from Palm Beach. And in the in the reporter says -- what kind of how horrible. Parable. Draconian cuts are you gonna have to make now that you've lost 20000 dollars of your one million dollars after tax income. And you mr. Joseph blow rich guy says well. My kids are gonna have to drop out of college. The bankers get a foreclosed home. The repo man's got a common take my BMW away. I -- my life insurance anymore you know reports concerning. What you what's take. Are you kidding me we can about. And you say well I've made it we've made a decision. That we are not going to pay for any of the important things were gonna continue to go on court be Asians. We're going to continue to watch that every night one were not going to pay authority of the important stop. That's what that's Obama's race here. He says. You know what I gonna touch any of the stuff nobody cares about growing direct touch the stuff that affects people. Like for instance air traffic controllers. -- -- that nobody. I mean that -- Bob Woodward finally Bob Bob Ward. In the -- in the Washington Post finally said this is this is BS I mean this is a newspaper that body is losing 54 million a year. Mean there on the last legs in -- and they and finally the that you don't dawn breaks over marble head that that this -- -- 1877469432218774694322. All right this is. It's sequestration just another diversion on the same. Level of the war on women or perhaps fake but accurate all the -- Here's the other where -- get the phone calls and just America but. You don't. This other guy Obama he says if congress doesn't do what I do I want to do don't sweat it out is -- issue some executive orders. Right. You don't like the dream back. He couldn't get the DREAM Act through. You know letting an illegal aliens to wise yeah you know -- opening beginning to open the floodgates for an illegal aliens come and go on welfare. So we just issues an executive order to let him come and go on welfare. -- got a question for. If these cuts are so draconian -- two questions were if this -- so draconian how opposed them this is your plan. -- -- If you all this power what these executive orders why don't you just. Boots some of the money you're out anyone missed the Department of Commerce. If we abolished. Other than the people who worked at the Department of Commerce. About the Department of Energy about the Department of Education. -- -- -- -- So what did you just abolish them by executive order and -- make sure there's plenty of money for the air traffic controllers. I mean -- all witnessed this I think we -- Priest of it's produced. 1877. It's funny -- hot it's a decrease of an increase. 18774694322. You Max out Social Security taxes just over 100 K that's okay yeah that's for. -- would just say it took a 2% cut but it will just make it but it can take you don't get the cop on the idea and come packs on the people make it two million up from. 35 to 39%. So let's just round profit 2% I mean if it -- 2% of your pay. -- -- It's not the end of the world okay. It's it's a pain in the ass but it's not. Armageddon. Right. Except publisher Barack Obama. 1877469432218774694322. Oh boy. Let's say Obama says this says thousands of teachers will be laid off our teachers paid by the state. I thought -- were paid rent to a guy today a one of the -- my idea guy's gonna do business with that the post office was picked up the the -- that request he said. I thought our property taxes paid for the teachers and -- -- that light -- patents of thousands of teachers. 18774694322. It's enough to make you wish you lived in case Jack stand isn't it. 18774694322. -- your next what powered car go ahead Bob. Ali we don't speak mom Monica pier in Maine but we can bastard I've worked with the best government so we now refer to it as sea crest station. And we -- call -- step for a short. And welcome back Carter. Thank you isn't a joke it kind of joked -- -- it. And the thing is it would be one thing of the mainstream media would come -- -- -- you'll become a political speech let's make -- -- as is daily speeches you know. Global boom you know the sky is falling at -- But if they don't report should come months and this is all like I like what reported say -- how. I don't pretend that it's real. Thanks for the call Tom. 1877469. 432 no and yes I'm okay I'm in -- earnings and not about -- him a mom in good shape I'm compared to last week at this time. I was just lying just lying half that. 18774694322. But doctor gave me some coach dean and said he says that's not enough for a call back -- that's not strong enough. As a doctor. That's not strong enough. I need some little knock me out told us doing it until this rash goes down. Chicken -- -- I don't recommend it. 1877. To make sure to play always from now one have some of that it's called -- -- seek harbor something like that. And make sure always have some of that prescribe medicine around so -- ever -- or another rash on my body. I'm just gonna start pig in those pills to try to market out. Mike you're next with Howie -- go ahead Mike. Well. Ali Ali it's -- like uncle -- it. And the tar baby. -- Obama don't I don't tell that he's stuck with this thing and I don't know what to do if you want to blame everybody else but himself. -- easy you know the thing is like. You only that the that the what was -- air rabbit couldn't get the tar baby off himself right I mean keep this guy gets the tar baby himself because the media the. I don't know I don't know that exactly what's gonna happen there it is he's going to take it as I let the Republicans. Kate and I don't think that an -- You know the thing has I saw some story over the weekend about Mike and it said the he's he's very disappointed that the scare tactics aren't working. -- -- Myself and be sure but we'll talk to the little boy who cried wolf you know you only gets to the champs is the crime while right. If you are -- on who proposes this. Don't you take. Some responsibility. For. Now -- -- Obama. Did it doesn't take responsibility for. Now try to make it sound like -- at it's been done by the terrible Republican. -- the sign on his desk says the buck doesn't stop here. You know the -- just keeps right on moving it goes right to Boehner asked you know. Any time there's a problem. Thanks for the call like one this is -- bush -- this has got to be George Bush as well it must mean there's all this way this can be anybody but George Bush as well. 1877469432218774694. Mystery. 22. Don't don't forget two days before Christmas Obama by executive order gable -- congressional employees are raised that's from a bar. And now I know it's. -- but. Don't people understand I mean I know -- but low information voters don't understand but. You know those of us who keep up with the news. We understand. That the that now what is it six out of the ten most prosperous counties in the United States around that the DC beltway. Mean this is like world. It this is like role in the imperial years right before the the collapse started as -- claps were starting mean everything everything in the in the empire moves to Rome you know -- say everything you know all the up. -- the olive oil luck comes from North Africa that green comes from EG. You know the the the the pottery comes from Syria everything moves to Rome and only in the case the United States everything all the money moves to DC. And they're they they were they have a building boom you know that the via. Hit the the cities the metropolitan areas that used to be the industrial heartland of America are hollowed out. And every and DC isn't having a building -- Because they're getting all this money. And everybody's getting big pay raises and there are all being taken care of and at -- we're supposed to -- to be war -- I just noticed that there was a -- there was a ever since I wouldn't well -- there's been a vacuum cleaner repair stop its its business and it's has since 1924. It's shut down. This a million million places like that in every. Now in the country you know be the recession is why is why this wouldn't hold. On the verge of going out of business because their candidates won. This is what they wanted they wanted socialism. The they wanted a government out of control so -- Them how were out of the dreaded private sector in this what they've got and guess what. There are going out of business or think why they don't go out of business they're going to be sold. And two thirds of workers are going to be totally off. They're happy hope they're happy they got what they want it. Answered prayers sometimes in your prayers at the worst the ball Robert you're next with how we cargo ahead Robert. -- -- -- so we're -- going to be sick of being blackmailed by the government. -- -- itself is sort of doing that -- the governor's. Revision in the -- a proud social oozing down. It's everybody it's it's not only that this is a hoax. And then go client Michael speaker of Estonia -- -- don't think you know. -- is repeatedly so I don't overdo. Speaker counterpunch. All of you and at least as a businessman who's going to slide them. Maybe the press at some point will be independent and situation. I mean is is it hard to explain Robert -- -- just say 77% of the American people took a 2% pay cut in January. Now the government which has gotten more races than the average American over the last five years is being asked to take a 2% pay cut how come how come via the average American was somehow able to while model -- Without too much too many problems yet the government is is about to have a nervous breakdown hours as Peggy Noonan said the Wall Street Journal. This is government by freak out you know. But they've -- they're just acting. Something that was March Madness which is probably couldn't name or. Look there's rumors are true and these days so I don't -- sides seemed to be able to put person shell and so what. -- broad general having 20000 dollars -- -- the -- -- And then and -- -- to Berlin in his car and car. I think that the talks and -- particular -- they're -- most of -- tax money here. Right so you and this was asked mr. Obama this was your idea mr. Obama used say you have this power with the executive orders if they're going to be draconian cuts made. If 2% as a draconian cut then I'd suggest that with your with your all powerful executive words you can shift the money here and now. Programs -- we have -- over one. You know. Thanks for the call Robert. 1877469432. To win. When Obama approved the sequester heat -- -- to Vito when he attempts to all the -- the amazingly prosperous District of Columbia reminds me of the capital and Hunger Games. 18618774694322187746943. Two to sequester sequestration as like Harvard canceling classes in order to keep the grass cut. I know it is such a good that's another good way to put 1877469432. To about what car. 1877469432. To be respected -- and says welcome back. -- wolf secretary of state -- visit to Indonesia the fictitious country in The Marx Brothers duck soup. -- all that we must put for a bogey on our plight and we're in for the moment of post war. You know I hate to say to begin a sentence so worldly upon my return with the words can you imagine but. Can you imagine if Condoleezza Rice had done something like this on her first trip. But I think it would give a pass to Colin Powell cause they never really thought he was a real Republican Condoleezza Rice I think they thought. You -- going to be like a Tea Party Republican but she's she is a I think the conservative early. So they wouldn't they -- -- -- Alter the wall for this. And kind of cricket boys I have cricket. It's no it's no it's in the London how -- That's where that's where the story he has. The the they they put a copy of the the statement that Kerry made and the correct that. 18774694322. 978 I'm working here at the federal prison and Evans as the CEO -- not have a cost of living raise over three years of -- of 3500 because of the sick sequestration. All the glitters is not gold. You know I feel act of Emporia but you your being held hostage I mean you perform. A real. Job. So they're gonna go -- they're going after the people with real jobs. You know that's. Because they can get some bad public nice picture on TV up prison. And and guards saying their pay has been cut because of this 22%. Reduction in the in the increases. As -- as somebody says here this is it this is the equivalent of the if we don't raise property taxes there will be no more high school football. Small town politics on the national stage. All of us from Massachusetts are familiar with this this is yeah this is this is two and a half small town politics you know when they always say. They they say if you don't vote for a for an override off to one half -- an increase in your property taxes. -- also we're gonna lay off you know what the selectmen -- nephew who works in the clerk's office and you know comes back drunk every afternoon they say. No all we're gonna get rid of a football team we're gonna get rid of a band. The the the -- -- Is can only be -- not who is a way. Both library is shutting down. Now this is this day that is an excellent observation it's this is small town politics. An idea on a national scale. 18774694322. At least John FJF -- did not reference Gotham city. Yes all are returning to the United Nations it's in Gotham city you know. Pat your next with how we cargo ahead pat. I pray -- that says. In the rate of role. Rate of increase in the budget -- real -- here anymore. You know and in the -- -- talking -- that are better aren't like you said it just that stated justice steer people. And you know it along -- same lines what their last person you're. It's just like this cold weather if you don't -- the school budget the kids are gonna have bark -- you know -- school -- advocates are gonna have afterschool programs. So easy -- and hope that they have the greatest impact purple plus he reasons that. Usually he's tried to scare people I thought this was you know. There they always accused the Republicans approach of you know introducing wedge issues right. It is a master of the wedge issue right now. -- -- -- -- does this -- so please be extremely divisive about that back. But I mean figured out there again like that what color and about Boehner what the hell you don't hear the speaker in there like Newt Gingrich report out prior. If you want the bill right now he'd be on that TD every night sit out disingenuous problem. It's BF. Yeah out. And endangered quietly -- same thing I mean we think it's bigger it's being you have to sit there and did not do. Well he's just afraid that he's gonna get the these going to be torn apart but you know the -- Pat even the -- don't estimate on the shows even the even the mainstream media is is beginning to you don't come out of the closet and say that and say that this is media. This this whole -- administration relies on a state I couldn't believe -- bill plant called it a state run media he's. A state run media this pot calling the cattle. So let -- this is bill calling it plant from CBS. We've gotten used vehicle -- lap dogs that Curtis for thirty years but this is not about a picture of Tiger Woods this is about access to the president. And access to the president has been cut and pushed and curtailed over every administration I've covered and here's the number of -- This administration however -- rules to reach people on their own. They don't need us as much and to an extent that they are able to do that. They're undercutting the First Amendment which guarantees of free press through many voices. If they put out their own material in state run media. -- -- And you are the state run media bill wake up you know. And let's hear it -- in the let's hear rob but I am Juan Williams let's hear this of Juan Williams semi this is a guy who has experience with the state run media. We're lightly this guy from fox this guy was fired by NPR for saying he got nervous when he got behind guys with the turbans in in an airport line. BTK each. I always thought that it was the Archie bunkers in the world right wingers or. Who were more resistant or close minded back here and the other side. About allowing music well I hope I don't think that's right -- -- -- when. When in fact what I've learned is. In a very painful way and I can open certain show you this -- And then I guess is that it's big. Media institutions who identify probably more liberal. To left leaning. Who will shut you down stab you and kill you. -- If they perceive that you are not. Telling a story in the way they wanted told. Exactly. I mean that's the true EZ. He's. You know. -- -- if you only get bigger fox. A lot of grief for being fair balanced but fox heads heads people on the other side when this wind this MSNBC ever have anybody. On the other side listen that this is about the you know they MSNBC now is if they didn't have enough enough tingle up your leg. Commentators they hired David Axelrod and Robert Gibbs now this is against CNN reliable sources Howie Kurtz -- show talking about this. They resort to anything -- this beautiful relation about sort of gives the ball very Smart guys they're very Smart guys and look there is an advantage Charlie I think to having. People who were in the room and -- moment at this high level. On your cable channel network that's important. But you know I saw Axelrod and Andrea Mitchell loose piece this week and it was really interesting how hard he was. Pushing the president line he actually interrupted her she was going on -- next question he said. I'll wait I just wanna say this Andrea there's a belief among some Republicans in congress. And maybe the sequester is a good thing. Maybe this is a good way of shrinking government and dramatic way and then he said that's a dangerous idea of course and then she said. No doubt we'll let that. Not a discussion about politics that is propaganda. Now. That they did did it's that somebody put some troops arm and the in the drinking water supply in the DC yesterday. -- are next with how we cargo ahead gem. I captain welcome back thank you. You feel like pay good money to -- we'll keep either. You know Jim I I or Glenn Beck talking today about how we couldn't watch the news anymore I don't you know what I don't watch the news much anymore deal. No probably no. Yet I can't take it I mean my daughter my daughter Charlotte she likes Bill O'Reilly is like entertainment chief wanna watch as more and more news than anybody I mean every. Read the Internet I read the papers in the morning. But that's just that I can skip over the stories I mean what I'm actually like confront that Whitley you know two minute pop another two minute puff piece. With you know Barack Obama's talking about all these terrible things that are gonna happen I can't take it IQ often. Ali at this point it is well established Barack Obama he's our first affirmative action president that means no matter what other. Not ought to be accountability there at all -- action in the -- It's established appointed not for there to see or hear promote guide it to the -- showed now. I yap I don't but it's you know the thing -- see he just keeps coming back it's the same thing though he always wants. He always wants more taxes on people who work. He wants more taxes on people who work so we can give more money the people who don't work and I mean he gets it really gets tiresome after a while. Thanks for the call -- 18774694322. Settled out how we stress can cause hives that properly that that stressed out I'm just I'm just. Irritated by the way mrs. this is being put this is being portrayed by the media. 1877469432. To about car. Yeah. Yeah. 617. -- the globe panic -- Saturday outlining national park cutbacks mentioned the thousands of volunteers will be losing their jobs volunteers. So I guess this is why -- I have to read these so I have to start reading these stories or time but I'm just glad that techsters won't tell me are you or. Callers will tell me what's in the east these stories because I really don't have -- the stomach to read a much anymore or I certainly can't watch a -- the day. 18774694322. Kevin your next what powered car go ahead Kevin. There probably always so -- in just four years ago. This administration or Charlotte street machine began that this give tactics but -- this stimulus. OK eight I don't know what 700 -- it happened billion. Target date have been 62 fit but now out of the like chipped -- -- -- how many times we call by you in this theater but I know. I think I couldn't agree with you more that's exactly what they're doing and it's the thing is though it appears that it's losing its offense. Now we car.