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Max Robins Monday February 25, 2013 - The Oscars

Feb 25, 2013|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube... Max and Howie dissected last night's Oscars broadcast.

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All right joining us now on the on the line is as he does every Monday at this time is Max -- He is a veteran. Journalist covering the broadcast TV industry. Any security answer any of your questions about the about the TV industry Max thanks for being with us here allowing harsh. -- -- -- -- -- Good good how -- the Oscars did well in the ratings last night. They did extremely well and they were up from last year on the although most notably that they were up a significant amount and at eight to 49 age group an -- trying to get younger. A younger audience who watched I think that they have something to do with every step McFarland to the house. And they do pretty well I mean it would also help the ratings is that you. A number of very popular films you know grossed more than a hundred billion dollars -- our opposite we're now. This this -- the first time since like kitty remember when but I actually seen the best picture. -- -- -- Well you guys who has made by directed by important boy you know and -- Now I know well I like no it's a pretty good movie to the end when -- candidate just that this Ronald Reagan but you know that's one of those things you know that but you know. It got such rotten reviews I was reading -- fake I mean I don't I'm not I don't read her a lot you know I don't -- deadline Hollywood. But damn that she called that lights marking that that -- was very funny. Very -- That. Why blogging and -- Tom Shales said this was the first Oscars he could remember where the the Oscars themselves -- worse -- the red carpet show beforehand. Yeah yeah I think that that's true and I you know opening number -- went on forever. And I mean it was just. What can I tell you I mean that. And I and I thought most of go to people who accepted awards were swept the -- the other wondered -- nice surprises I think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I hope he was great religion. And I think you're real traditional way you know -- -- -- -- And I'm not a big -- -- and good you know we have kind of what we think that the Oscars being about doing a trip. That was very. Time and I believe that dealt -- and why they have more appropriate tribute to James Bond movies. Why was there a tribute to James and what how -- Chicago had -- on ten years not to do any thing -- Fiftieth anniversaries in the the most popular franchises. Some history OK but now. With what we've seen is a lot of the reason in the you know I think you're -- and they wanted to get you know the period actors who -- show up. And basically. Most of them -- that to a the most famous short honorees. And what they've. Here's -- Padilla. They hate the -- -- apparently Campbell probably the only QB on the part of it. And I'd rather have asparagus myself. -- Yeah well. I mean yeah but you know it is spirit mean you know nobody I know I didn't. But it is where it. The. -- said the -- Roger Moore would have been Arab media I mean he was. He was right up there with with -- on which he wasn't. No I don't know I mean you know -- and I think it bit. I think that the the it is really. -- what we did exactly what it was great about the thing with Chicago I mean that was really. Calm. They had to do with the fact that the producers of the movie Chicago which won the Academy Award 2003 which was one of so one of the smallest audiences. Beckett could that was great you know we're going to war. The -- they were the producers of -- -- -- they were actually like. Do you attribute to themselves. Appreciate what. But to be expected it's. -- you know I mean what is Hollywood is not that self congratulatory always traditionally at least they truly bases there. -- -- -- That these days I mean but I think you're right -- -- -- attribute that aren't so they could have done. A bitter -- They could about a month to search. Absolutely. Absolutely. Is -- advocates be moving on moving on how to cult to do want the day. Oh yes -- -- Paul the UPS guy wants than a win is a lot cart coming. Oh Paul you and I both water -- now. I don't know let me get away you can try to create your own ala -- The week but. But it is it difficult is I mean it I don't see any any any time soon. And didn't really mean. Cable subscribers for the airport they're not sports fans I mean they're really trying to subsidize a lot of sports. You know it's just -- it's it's not -- system. Like this be an hour. Well I'm glad to subsidize Univision and -- religious channels right I mean buddy's paying to subsidize something they don't know. Ouch yeah you're you're absolutely right and and I'm getting all these yeah or. Your Brooklyn I mean there's a lot of Christian channels that are -- Hindu were Kariya and there are words that. The -- and hey that's why not you know who have those generals out there for people a lot of paper form report. I don't care I never watch shopping networks I don't you know 00. I don't question -- more -- more of the ethnic channels the -- correct I mean that's a large part of auditions popularity such as it is although they you know they had a bad quarter in the Wall Street Journal. Yeah although it seems like they're trying to get them you know what real service and it seems like people think in the official come back and I'll tell you -- have been. Ever -- This stuff hopper there'd be yards skips commercials. They've been big and advertising that beat. I -- pretty -- but both. 18774694322. If you -- got a question for Max about the -- your favorite TV shows 187746943. 22. Is torture were coming back. -- yeah. Officer Marxist new -- new show for the monkey business channel has expand not on my watch. That was the country. Carry invent that last week on his first trip. He he can be mixed up by he mixed these combine two countries over and the former Soviet Union Max. And I -- -- -- Joseph Connolly Manny Ortiz. Right let's see here what else. Do you have any numbers on the Daytona 500 how to I was led the way how is the date how it was NASCAR doing by that is a good. I think yeah apparently what matters beyond the second right. You know spectator sport in the country I would -- I mean it does just fine I don't think it's not up there with you know well. Yeah yeah you know there are so many DM a reality shows now there's going to be a reality show on T and T about Boston cops. Mean you need a scorecard to keep up with all these things you know how. It's a once and someone is not speaking of -- the so called reality shows -- says Mac should be watched -- by mistake. -- every week somebody told me to you have we what you were around how I got it. Publish all but and stay already with a tough guys. Steve your next with how we card Max -- glad Steve. They demand they -- want. They Meyer just wanted to ask you about the shall copper that coming back. I believe it is air on this whole. I can't think -- -- right now there. Okay that makes it tough force you to -- yeah. Wendy Wendy you're next with how we card Max -- go -- Wendy. That's how I -- -- -- light -- And become -- -- Milwaukee and. I don't. I don't really watch too much series TV when the let me tell me why I should become being the Walking -- And because -- better and everything else on it. And I wonder how did against the -- there. -- How it took OK I mean I think it opens up a lot of I mean the ratings are going to be as strong I'm surprised that will read an original site. Com I I people pick up a lot of well what's so a lot of -- audience when a big factor in the ratings. DVR. Do you think walking that is my kind of show. Up right. Cracks you know you're obviously. Prejudiced here with -- gimme gimme a 22 -- plot line. That a lot and I'm sick now and about -- That's a lot of zombie movies in my life windy you know I'm I think maybe it -- might might fill space. They got a lot of people obviously. You have been a bit I like the night of the living dead at dawn of the dead and that was about it for me that was about enough the zombie movies for me. Bad -- next with how we car and Max -- go ahead bad. And we. But walking get a lot more political bent previous content -- out to be a lot more than copies the you don't -- check it out but I want not about the America did that it -- Excellent series lineup that. It's going to -- with renewed for a second season and I think are expected to have another franchise show. -- -- Somebody once the what's the name of the new Boston cops showed driving the mayor. That's the -- the -- I can't remember I'm TNT I bats that's all that's all you need to know. Let's see here. Just how atrocious are piers Morgan's ratings. -- pretty pretty well he's he's got one. -- I don't know I mean I certainly trying to lake you know -- insult to the political correctness -- You know but I don't but I but you don't Jeff -- got to do something. He absolutely does and and Tucker you know -- I think -- made a couple of good hires. In in hiring. Chris Cuomo and and Jake Tapper. And I didn't do it because it. I can make. Yeah we gotta get a break Max we'll talk more polished that we're about soccer next week. Thanks sir thanks for checking -- works and how we.